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Chapter 479

“Unexpectedly, not only is Mr. superbly skilled, but even his medical skills are so superb. Wanshan admires him!”

Shen Wanshan respectfully said.

Sheldon shook his head slightly and said nothing.

And Shen Wanshan glanced at each other at the moment.

Then Shen Wanshan respectfully shouted: “I don’t know what Mr. wants to do in the future, can I use it for our brothers? Mr. saved our lives, and our brothers are willing to follow Mr. and do what they can do.”

Yes, the gratitude for life-saving is beyond words, and Shen Wanshan and the others are love and righteous people.

In addition, now Shen Wanshan and others have nowhere else to go. If they can follow this young but powerful person, they might have a good future.

Obviously, all the others thought so.

“Me? I’m afraid I will have to stay in this triangle in the future, I have nowhere else to go~!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Mr. didn’t go there? That’s right. Our brothers are relatively familiar with the Tiancheng triangle. Staying with your husband, maybe you can help me, sir, you just take us in?”

Shen Wanshan Road.

Sheldon thought for a while.

What he lacks most now is the manpower, that is, his own power. I don’t know when I will be able to draw up a force of my own and help me fight against Palmer.

However, Shen Wanshang has an excellent foundation and a strong sense of loyalty. If they use part of the methods of Professor Kirk to train in the future, it will be no problem to deal with people like Mo Qing Motian.

“It’s a serious matter to say that I’m taking in. I’m also a home from all over the world. If possible, we will break through together, which is also great!”

Sheldon smiled and said.

“That’s great sir!”

Shen Wanshan and they were overjoyed.

Sheldon nodded.


At this time, the clouds were covered with thunder.

Immediately afterwards, the heavy rain came.

Sheldon stayed in the cave.

A group of people, but it is also rare to look at the cave together with peace of mind.

“Sir, this is no way to go on, if we want to survive in the Tiancheng triangle, we have to have our own industry and power!”

Shen Wanshan Road.

Sheldon nodded.

Now, everyone has no place to shelter, after the heavy rain, they have to hide in caves.

In this way, it is difficult to live in Tiancheng!

“Do you have a good way?”

Sheldon turned around and asked.

“The largest city in the triangle is called Tiancheng, where the economy is prosperous and it is a place to stand, but no matter what, there are so many powers and too mixed, we just enter like this, it is difficult to stand a foot there!”

“And ten kilometers away, there is a small town outside the city of Tiancheng, called Tagou Town. It is relatively prosperous. We can start from there! Sir, I still have some money to buy some small businesses! Stand up!”

Shen Wanshan Road.

Sheldon waved his hand: “No need for small industries, I can give you a sum of money, and you can buy some large industries. By the way, what is there in Tagou Town?”

“The only thing that can be brought to the table is a medicinal material processing factory. The factory is relatively large, but if you want to take it down, you need a lot of money!”

Shen Wanshan said.

“Medicinal plant?”

When Sheldonard it, he immediately became interested. It happened that not only would I go to find the ginseng king in the future, I would also have to use medicinal materials for exercise. This is just convenient!

He said in his heart.

“I can borrow money. When the rain stops, we will rush over!”

Sheldon said.

One day later.

Inside a small hotel in Tagou Town.

“Sir, it’s done!”

Shen Wanshan opened the door.

Walk in with the third and fifth.

“So fast?”

Sheldon smiled.

“Ahem, don’t mention it. The owner of this medicinal material factory has been harassed by several local forces for a long time. I can’t sit down for a long time. I took the factory and the company over with the least price. Now our money is paid back. There is a small part left. By the way, since the bosses of the company have all changed, sir, can you choose a new name?”

Shen Wanshan Road.

“It’s called Tianlong!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Tianlong? Tianlong Company, Tianlong Group? Very good, domineering enough, I immediately started to do it, and sir, my brothers and a few of us pooled together money, and we also bought you a piece of the manor where the medicinal boss lived before! You, in the future, Got to live there!”

Shen Wanshan said with a smile.

“There is no threat, right?”

How much does Sheldon know about Shen Wanshan’s money, can he buy a piece of manor?

“No…absolutely not! The boss is completely voluntary!”

Before leaving, Sheldon ordered that buying a company should not be threatened. Although Shen Wanshan had a fiery temper, he did not reach this point.

“Then I can rest assured, and Wanshan, you should move to the manor together, so that I have a companion too!”

Sheldon said, “Go, let’s go to the manor!”

“Come on!”

Shen Wanshan and they were overjoyed.

When I walked down from the hotel, there were already two Black Big Ben waiting. I don’t know where Shen Wanshan got it.

However, during the past two days, Sheldon also discovered that Shen Wanshan not only has some skills, but he is also close to Chapman’s thoughts.

Soon, he arrived at the manor.

Although Tagou Town is a town, it is definitely not small.

Top two Pingan county towns.

And the town is more prosperous, bars and restaurants have everything.

However, it is worthy of being a mixed Tiancheng district.

On the street, people with dragon tattoos and paintings can be seen everywhere.

Just because the gang smashed the shop, Sheldon saw several places along the way.

What a mess!

Sheldon shook his head slightly.

Soon, he arrived at the manor bought by Shen Wanshan.

The place is really not small.

However, before Sheldon walked in, he heard bursts of crying in the manor’s main villa.

“You are so honest, cry or cry, and when the new master comes, you have to laugh at me. If you make the new master unhappy, I will kill you!”

A middle-aged man’s voice came, reprimanding others.

Shen Wanshan opened the door.

“Yeah! Mr. Shen, here you are, this…”

“Could this be our new master? With such a bearing, it must be the case. In Xia Liangsan, see master!”

The middle-aged man named Liang San, but with wicked eyebrows, bowed deeply to Sheldon at this moment.

“Old… sir!”

Behind Liang San, there were more than twenty maids, large and small, all of whom looked pretty, but at the moment they all said that Zhan Zhan Nimra.

“Sir, these are all the maids of the previous medicinal materials boss. This Liang San is a housekeeper. I see that they are all pretty good, and they are all left for you!”

Shen Wanshan Road.

“Yes, sir, don’t worry, these maids are all trained by me. If you let them go east, they will never go west!”

Liang San smiled.

“They…were you kidnapped?”

Sheldon walked slowly to a girl.

Pulling up her arm and lifting her sleeves, it was already black and purple, and she was obviously whipped.

“Hey, I bought it at the beginning. It’s very cheap. A maid is not as expensive as the pack of cigarettes I smoked. The key is that they are all handsome. Don’t worry, Lord, the more than twenty I left are all I just bought it and haven’t opened the package yet. I have driven off the one who opened it! Master, are you satisfied?”

Sheldon frowned, and when he saw Liang San, he felt sick.

Then he said coldly: “I don’t need it, Wanshan, ask them about their home addresses, think of a way, and send them home…”

Chapter 480

The Young Man Who Was Dying

“Send…send them home?”

Liang San was surprised.

“Can’t hear what your husband said?”

Shen Wanshan shouted coldly.

“Yes yes yes, send it right away, send it to the master right away!”

Liang San nodded repeatedly.

And the girls nodded gratefully to Sheldon: “Thank you, master, thank you, master!”

“Well, go home quickly!”

Sheldon smiled slightly and said.

Sheldon itself is not a domineering person, let alone the feeling of leaving home Sheldon has also experienced, that kind of sadness is not something ordinary people can experience.

What’s more, they were bought as servants and suffered humiliation.

All the girls in the brigade are gone.

However, in the end, there were two remaining, standing still, crying.

“Why don’t you leave?”

Sheldon asked.

“I… my parents were killed by the gangsters here, I… I have no home, master!”

A girl said softly.

“Master, leave us here, we must take care of the master, as long as the master gives us food!”

The girl said again.

“Well, since you are willing to stay here, I will not drive you away, but you can rest assured that no one will bully you from now on!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

“Yu’er, thank you, master!”

“Lan Er, thank you, lord!”

The two thanked.

Especially the girl named Yu’er, at this moment, raised her head slightly and glanced at Sheldon.

Sheldon’s handsome face was also a joke, and his heart jumped wildly.

Yu’er has seen too many evil-hearted and insignificant people here, but this new master is different, not the same at all.

He has a good heart.

In this way, Sheldon settled down here.

Moreover, the remaining money was used by Shen Wanshan to recruit more than a hundred young people with excellent physical quality and loyal character.

Act as the bodyguard of Tianlong Group.

In the early stage, Shen Wanshan personally trained.

In the next two weeks, Sheldon personally trained them.

In less than a month, the strength and quality of this group of people has increased significantly.

No longer lose to those bodyguard teams of the Cooper Family.

this day.

Inside the manor.

“Yeah, you have been picking white fungus for so long, are you tired?”

Lan’er lay on the bed and couldn’t help but smiled bitterly at Yu’er who had been carefully selected.

Less than a month later, Yuer Lan’er’s complexion didn’t seem to be much better than before.

Especially Yu’er, now that her complexion has improved, she has become a sweet and pleasant-looking handsome appearance, which makes people feel pity at first glance.

“Not tired, sir, he has been training those bodyguards too hard these days, and he has to manage the company. I will make him a bowl of white fungus soup and give it to him!”

Yuer smiled sweetly.

“Yes, sir, others are really nice, but you, a close-fitting girl, are better. Almost everything can be done for him! Hehe!”

Lan’er smiled.

During this period of time, Yu’er was following Sheldon.

Yuer takes care of everything from eating and living to dressing and traveling.

“By the way, Yuer!”

Lan’er sat up as if thinking of something and said:

“A month ago, my husband said to let us go and give us a sum of money. Didn’t you always want to go back to your country, your hometown? Even if your uncle and aunt passed away, do you have other relatives? Why do you Don’t go?”

“Couldn’t you, do you like our husband?”

Lan’er covered her mouth and smiled.

“Lan’er, you are talking nonsense again, I…Where do I have family relatives, but when I see my husband, I feel safe, so if I want to stay, how can I be qualified to like him! “

Yuer Qiao blushed and said hurriedly.

“It’s you Lan’er, you want to go back home more than I do, why didn’t you leave?”

Yuer asked rhetorically.

“I, there are two reasons. The first point is that your husband is a good person and will not abuse us like other masters. He respects us very much, stays with him and is at ease! As for the second point, it is also the most important thing. , That’s Brother Hu promised me that he would come and pick me up within a month. I don’t want to run around. I want to wait for Brother Tiger to pick me up. Brother Tiger will rescue his brother, he said , As soon as I leave here, we will get married!”

Laner’s happy respect.

“But Lan’er, do you really believe what those men said? Yes, Brother Tiger did save us, but I still don’t believe that he will come and take you away! You have to be mentally prepared! Of course, save us Brother Tiger, I believe him, but…”

Yu’er wanted to persuade Lan’er not to return hope so as not to be hurt.

“I know what you want to say, Yu’er, but I believe Brother Hu. He saved his brother and will definitely come to me. We have all made a marriage contract. In short, I can’t wait for a day. I will wait for a year. If I can’t wait for one year, I’ll wait for a lifetime, and I’ll wait for him!”

Lan’er held her cheek in both hands and smiled.

“Well, it’s rare that you are so infatuated, let’s go, let’s make the soup, and then send it to the husband!”

The two talked and left with a smile.

At this moment, Tianlong Group is in the north.

Leaning on a big mountain.

Above the mountain.

There is a team of people walking through the jungle.

More than one hundred people, divided into five teams, led by five brothers Shen Wanshan.

Yu’er and Lan’er walked over with the insulation box on their backs.

From a distance, I saw the husband sitting on the sun lounger drinking tea.

Behind him are two bodyguards in suits and leather shoes, wearing sunglasses.

One of them stood with his hands on his back.

The other one is to hold an umbrella for the husband.

“Sir, I made you white fungus soup! Try it!”

“Next time, don’t have to be so troublesome!”

Sheldon put down the tea and smiled slightly.

Looking at Sheldon, Yuer smiled sweetly.

I don’t know what’s going on, my husband’s physique seems to change every day.

Take the front end time as an example, the muscles on the husband’s body are not that huge yet.

But a few days ago, it suddenly skyrocketed.

During this time, his figure returned to its original shape.

In this situation, Yu’er has seen it twice with his own eyes.

And at this moment.

Suddenly there was a rapid sound of footsteps.

I saw Shen Wanshan running towards this side with his team.

There are a few people behind, and one person is still carrying.

“Sir, we were on the mountain and found this man. It seems that he has been in a coma for a few days, and his body is seriously injured. With a breath left, I will take him back!”

Shen Wanshan Road.

With that, a few of his men put the dying young man on the ground.

And see this young man.

Sheldon frowned tightly, and his heart jumped even more.


Lan’er, who was holding the tray, suddenly shook his whole body, and the tray fell to the ground.

“Earth Tiger?”

“Brother Tiger!”

Sheldon stood up abruptly.

Lan’er ran over crying.

This dying young man was not someone else, but the earth tiger of the two brothers, Tianlong and Earthhu.

And Sheldon hurried to the ground tiger…

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