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Chapter 475:

The Horror Mo Jian Feels

“Really not!”

The girl couldn’t help but frowned.

“Forget chubby, it’s only three dollar, I’m also a beautiful woman, so I will give three dollar!”

Someone in the car laughed.

“Oh, really, there are girls like this who want to eat and don’t want to give them three dollars!”

The little fat man pouted.

The girls frowned more severely.

There was a strong fierceness flashing in the beautiful eyes.

“Well, if you want money, you will get off with me later. Don’t say three dollar. I will give you three thousand dollar, dare you?”

The girl said coldly.

“Hmph, who wouldn’t dare, you said, give me three thousand!”

The little fat man snorted coldly.

“it is good!”

The girl took a deep breath.

The man in black glanced at the girl, his eyelids lifted slightly, and his gaze was withdrawn.

“Driver, stop!”

Not long after, the girl suddenly said.

“Stop here? Beauty, here is not the shop in front of the village?”

The driver kindly reminded.

“busy body!”

The girl said coldly.

The driver had no choice but to stop the car.

After the girl gave Chubby a white look, she carried a white box and went down.

“Huh, you told me three thousand!”

The little fat man also walked down holding the biscuit.

But what made the driver strange was that behind them, a man in a black windbreaker and two pale youths also got out of the car.

In addition, there were four or five sturdy men who got out of the car with their luggage.

“What’s the matter? All get off halfway?”

But the driver was also an old driver, and drove away without asking more.

Several people all came to a wasteland flat ground.

“Hey, give me money!”

The little fat man said to the girl.

The girl stopped, and then smiled: “Did you see, your money is behind you!”

“Behind you? That’s a human being. How can there be money?”

The little fat man asked.

“Brother, this beauty is still waiting for us, this time some are cool, hahaha!”

Said one of the big guys.

Afterwards, four or five people threw their luggage and walked quickly towards the stopped girl in black.

“How beautiful? The journey is lonely? Or how many brothers will accompany you?”

The sturdy man said.

The little fat man was dumbfounded.

“Brothers, are you guys robbery?”

“Don’t want to go away!”

The sturdy man pushed the little fat man away.

And the man in black also came with two thin young men.

Stand aside and watch.

“Be with me? How do you want to be with me?”

The beauty smiled charmingly.

“Hey hey! How do you want us to accompany you, just accompany us!”

After speaking, a few people wanted to rush over.

“Your eldest brother is called Li Hu?”

The girl suddenly asked.

“Huh? You…how do you know?”

Several big men looked at each other.

“Of course I know, because it won’t be long before he will die on my hands, just like you pickled scorpions!”

The girl sneered.


But at this moment, the girl suddenly moved, very fast, with a flash of white light, and a short blade in her hand.

Huh! ! !

The light and shadow flashed, and the throats of the four were directly cut.


The little fat man shuddered with fright and screamed.

The man in the black windbreaker also picked up his eyelids slightly.

Then he retracted his gaze.

“You, if you don’t want to die, carry me the suitcase and go to a place with me. Afterwards, I will give you one hundred thousand dollar!”

The girl glanced at the little fat man.

Then, he looked at the three people who were slowly walking toward the other side.

The brow frowned fiercely.

The man in the black trench coat is so strange!

The girl thought.

But she obviously had something to do.

When he squatted down and took off the communication devices from the four people, he also left with the chilling chubby.

“Master, senior, you… Where are you going to take me? If you want money, I can give it. My family has money. Whatever you want, our Palmer Family will give it to you. Please let me go. Hungry and thirsty!”

And one of the two young men was not someone else, but Mo Jian and one of his men.

He dared not speak along the way.

Now that he reached a deep valley, he dared to speak.

“It’s the front!”

The man in black said.

“This?” Mo Jian was surprised.

“Now that the Palmer Family is looking for you, it should have been looking crazy, and the overwhelming people are chasing in this direction. If you disappear, I am afraid that the entire America will be turned upside down soon!”

The man in black said again.

Mo Jian nodded fiercely: “Senior, you can understand it best. My father loved me most during his lifetime. He must do everything possible to find me and use all the masters of the Palmer Family. Senior, you don’t need to offend the Palmer Family. Discuss well, everyone, make friends!”

“He can’t find you for a day, and he won’t stop for a day!”

Humane in black.

“Yes, senior! Why are you…”


At this time, the man in black suddenly shot.

It directly locked the throat under his hand.

Then gently break.


A bloody arrow spurted out of his subordinate’s mouth, killing him directly.

“Huh? Senior, you!”

Mo Jian was shocked.

“Your subordinate is very smart, and you’re making marks all the way!”

The man in black sneered.

“Mo Jian Third Young Master, do you want to know who I am?”

Humane in black.

“Senior…you…who are you?”

Mo Jian asked in surprise.

The man in black took off his hat, and then took off the voice changer on his neck.

Then he took off the mask.

What was exposed was a handsome face.

And it was this face that made Mo Jian’s eyes shocked.

“You… are you Sheldon?”

Mo Jian was shocked.

Searching for Sheldon everywhere, Mo Jian naturally saw all the information about Sheldon.

When I recognized it, I was naturally frightened.

“Yeah, you father and son, chasing me for half a year, didn’t you expect it? You will fall into my hands?”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

It was just this smile that made Mo Jian feel terrified.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, I didn’t expect you to be the owner of the bloodline. It’s really disrespectful. The past may be a misunderstanding!”

Mo Jian said in fear.

Because Sheldon’s skill is too strong.

“Misunderstanding, my former friends were all planted in your hands, and the Cooper Family has been overwhelmed by you in the past six months, not to mention that I was chased by your father and son like a dog in the family. Is it a misunderstanding?”

Sheldon sneered.

“You catch me without killing me? Then what do you want to do?”

Mo Jian swallowed and took two steps back.

“I just want to find a suitable time and place to kill you.”

Sheldon said.

“I see, you want to divert my father’s attention and give you the Cooper Family a chance to breathe! But Sheldon, do you think you can really escape if you catch me? You are strong, but don’t forget, you face It’s the entire Palmer Family, it’s my father!”

Mo Jian sat in the last hideous: “My father quickly chased me here. You killed me. You have to consider the consequences. You have no bargaining chips!”

Sheldon nodded, “So, I thought about how to make you die for a long time. If I set you on fire, it will leave a trace more or less. I finally thought of this method!”

“The deep valley in front is called the Wild Miasma Valley, and it is also called the Poisonous Mosquito Valley. There are hundreds of millions of highly poisonous mosquitoes in it. If you throw you in, I am afraid that you will not even have any fur left. In this way, your father will look for it. Your whereabouts will take a long time! So let the mosquitoes bite you to death!”

“Sheldon! You…you are so vicious! Asshole, my father will kill you a thousand times!”

Mo Jian’s face was scared with fright, and his eyes were red and roared…

Chapter 476

One hour later.

Sheldon walked out of the valley and quickly changed into ordinary people’s clothes.

This windbreaker is specially designed to enter the mosquito valley.

Thinking of the miserable situation when Mo Jian died just now.

Sheldon felt a sense of revenge in his heart, so even if Palmer’s people tracked down here.

For a while, I also felt that Mo Jian’s whereabouts were unexpected.

Just as Sheldon thought, Palmer would definitely continue to search like crazy.

In this way, whether it was for the Cooper Family or for himself, he was given a chance to breathe.

As for America, Sheldon may not be able to go back for the time being.

You have to find a place to stay for yourself.

With his backpack on his back, Sheldon felt like a fresh graduate.

The face also restored the unpretentious expression of the past.


Suddenly this time.

Suddenly, there was a violent motor noise in this deserted area.

Afterwards, Sheldon saw that an off-road vehicle was quickly chasing the exhausted two.

It’s a man and a woman.

He was running towards him.

And Sheldon also recognized at once that they were not others, but the little fat man who sold cookies on the bus and the beauty in black leather jacket and leather pants.

“It’s them?”

Sheldon put on his hat and lowered the brim.

“Help, help! Someone wants to kill us!”

The little fat man shouted.

And the girl in black seemed to have suffered a serious injury at this moment, with blood on her leg.

As for her white box, it has been changed to black at the moment.

“Brother, save us! They… they have *!”

The little fat man cried.

The girl was pale at the moment.

Seeing that the off-road vehicle is about to catch up.

In addition, the girl just killed four robbers in one go.

It looks like it doesn’t look like that kind of treacherous generation.

However, the few people who were driving in the distance, stick out their heads, all with bald heads, tattooed with dragons and phoenixes.

“You follow me into the valley!”

Sheldon said.

After that, he took the two and rushed directly into the valley.

It is also at this time.


A violent sound followed, and the rocks around the valley flew randomly.


The buggy stopped.

Five guys with bald heads jumped out of the car.

“Damn, she ran very fast, don’t be afraid, the girl was hit by me, she can’t run far, brothers, check guys, let’s chase in!”

The head bald coldly said.

“Big brother, don’t. This valley is called the poisonous mosquito valley. Once it is attacked by poisonous mosquitoes, it can be wiped out in a flash, and there is no fur left. Don’t go in!”

Said a little brother.

“But, that whole box of money…”

The head bald hesitated.

“Well, even if they rush in, I believe they will run out by themselves in a short time, call more brothers over, surround all Taniguchi, and bring all the guys!”

Bald ordered.

“yes, Sir!”

“I wipe it, why are there so many mosquitoes? Brother, what place is this?”

Besides, in the valley, the little fat man carried the girl in black who was about to coma, nervously.

“This is the mosquito valley, there are naturally many mosquitoes!”

“Poison… Venomous mosquito valley? Is the deadly mosquito valley?”

The little fat man was very knowledgeable and surprised.


Sheldon nodded.

“I’m going, brother, let’s not go, it is better to go out and let them kill them with *! It is said that once they are besieged by poisonous mosquitoes, there will be no fur left!”

The little fat man was scared.

“Then why are you running towards me? Doesn’t this also cause me to die?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

If it is close, Sheldon ignores it and can sub*.

But at such a long distance, Sheldon would have to be injured even if a row of bombs came over!

Look at the little fat man to death.

Sheldon smiled and said, “Come with me, there is a cave in the valley, you can hide for a while! She has lost too much blood, otherwise she will easily die!”


Little fat man was surprised.

Sheldon shook his head and walked forward.

Take them to a cave.

There are a lot fewer mosquitoes around here.

“What a miracle, the poisonous mosquitoes are gone here?”

The little fat man put down the unconscious girl and said.

“The green plants outside the cave are designed to fight against poisonous mosquitoes. With them, they dare not approach!”

Sheldon is familiar with the knowledge of medicine and American medicine, so he also knows it.

“Who are you? How do you know so much?”

And Sheldon came over and checked the girl’s injuries.

At this moment, the girl frowned and asked.

“Who am I? Don’t worry about it. If you don’t treat your injury, you will soon become a dead person! What happened to you? Why did they hunt you down?”

Sheldon seemed to hear that the woman was going to assassinate someone.

It now appears that the mission has clearly failed.

“Yeah, I knew it was such a thing. I won’t follow you when I killed me. You cheated me to death, do you know?”

The little fat man asked the girl bitterly.

“Hehe, we shouldn’t be able to live long anyway, it doesn’t hurt to tell you something!”

The girl said:

“What I want to kill is a boss on the southwest border. He cheated my friend. Only I escaped!”

“It looks like you, from Lian’s family background, have you received this kind of murder training from a young age?”

Sheldon asked as she tore the gauze to bandage her.

And this question made the girl look different again.

She kept staring at Sheldon.

“Hey, hey, I don’t want to hear your grievances with those people, why do you say we can’t live long?”

The little fat man said anxiously.

“Hehe, according to Li Hu’s method, they must be surrounded by people outside now. If we hide here, even if we are not bitten to death by poisonous mosquitoes, we will be starved to death! But everyone died together, and I was on the road. The province is lonely!”

Said the girl.

“I’m going, you…you are too cruel! You want to take us to cushion you!”

The little fat man opened his eyes wide.

“You have suffered such a serious injury, don’t forget to scare him, haha, as you said, since everyone is going to die, I don’t think he has ever enjoyed a woman anyway, we can be a romantic ghost!”

Sheldon shook his head and smiled.

“You…do you dare!”

The girl glared.

Then Sheldon looked at Xiao Pang: “Little Pang, you go inside to get some water. There is an undercurrent creek inside. I want to clean her up!”


Little Fatty nodded and took a kettle and went.

“Your arm is only slightly injured, but your thigh is severely injured, and it is easy to get infected. I need to suck out the blood on the surface of your skin!”

Sheldon said after Xiaopang left.

“How to suck?”

The girl asked.

“Of course it’s the mouth!”

Sheldon’s face also blushed slightly, “Are you taking it off?”


Unexpectedly, the girl slapped over.

“Asshole, don’t think about it!”

She said with a pretty face and a shy face.

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