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Chapter 481

“Brother Tiger!”

Laner cried.

“Sir? Do you know him?”

Shen Wanshan asked.

“Well, of course I know, not a brother, better than a brother!”

Cooper Family.

“Ah! Sir, you must save Brother Tiger, your medical skills are strong, you must save Brother Tiger!”

Laner cried.

Unexpectedly, the tiger brother Lan’er spoke of was originally Earth Tiger.

Knowing that, I had already sent someone to look for it.

What’s the point.

“Lan’er, get out of the way first. You didn’t hear your husband say that he and Brother Hu are brothers!”

Yuer pulled Lan’er away.

And Sheldon quickly checked the ground tiger’s injuries.

The injury was very serious, and if it was discovered after a few more hours’ delay, it would be difficult for Kirk to come back.

“Quickly, take the ground tiger back to the manor first!”

Cooper Family.

After two full hours.

Earth Tiger’s fingers moved slightly.

Then his eyelids lifted slightly.

Into the eye.

Lan’er was holding his hand tightly.

“Lan’er? I…I’m not dreaming, am I already dead?”

Earth Tiger’s weak way.

“No! No! Brother Tiger, you are not dreaming, it’s your husband, it’s your husband who cured you!”

Laner cried.


Earth Tiger was surprised, “I know my injury, even if the master from the Southwest Left is here, I can’t return to heaven. I insisted on running over, just to see you for the last time, how can I heal me?”

“Brother Tiger, my husband is very capable, he really healed you!”

“By the way, I forgot when I was happy, Mr. said, when you wake up, let me notify him as soon as possible!”

Lan’er wiped away tears.

Ran out in a hurry.

“Earth Tiger, are you awake?”

And Sheldon ran in quickly.

And heard this voice.

The ground tiger, who was still lying on the hospital bed, suddenly shook his whole body.

Looking up, the corners of his mouth twitched: “Chen… Sheldon???”

The earth tiger looked surprised and happy, and suddenly wanted to sit up.

“Don’t move, you are just right!”

Sheldon came to support him.

And Earth Tiger held Sheldon’s hand tightly: “Sheldon, it’s great to see you. Others have said that you…that you are dead. I didn’t expect to see you here, great. Up!”

Earth Tiger was full of tears with excitement.

And Sheldon didn’t expect to be unfamiliar with his life here, and unexpectedly ran into a ground tiger.

“I’m not dead, I’m fine!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Brother Tiger, the husband tried his best to save you!”

Laner said.

“Chen… Sheldon? Did you save me?”

Earth Tiger was surprised, “When did you learn medical skills?”

“More than half a year ago, don’t ask so much. I will tell you later. You should tell me what happened to you? You almost lost your life, and what about your brother?”

Sheldon asked.

A bit of bitterness flashed across Earth Tiger’s face, and then he recounted what happened to their brothers during this time.


After desperately escorting Sheldon away that night.

The two returned to Chen’s house.

However, the Cooper Family was afraid that it would be exposed, so they gave the brothers a sum of money and asked them to leave the Cooper Family.

Originally, the Dragon and Earth Tiger wanted to return to the overseas mercenary base.

But on the way, I heard that Sheldon and Chapman had an accident in Qingcheng that night.

And Sheldon is still missing.

So I went to the southwest and investigated secretly, but there was no result for three months.

It also made the Delia Family aware that they had no choice but to leave the southwest and came to the Tiancheng triangle area.

I wanted to build a foothold here, use the money to form a force, and go back to find Situ’s house to settle the account.

However, the brothers underestimated the power of Sky City.

In the annexation war again, he was defeated by the powerful overlord of the city, Vincent.

It even captured Tianlong.

The earth tiger was also hunted and killed everywhere.

Had to hide everywhere.

Also in hiding, I saw a housekeeper named Liang Er whipping dozens of girls.

So the Earth Tiger was angry and killed Liang Er.

During those few days, I met Lan’er.

Soon, sentiment was established.

He agreed to get married after he rescued his eldest brother.

Unexpectedly, the rescue operation failed three days ago. He was defeated by Vincent and almost died, and escaped here all the way!

This is the scene of today.


Sheldon frowned.

And the brothers Shen Wanshan on the side were also a little jealous: “Sir, Vincent is a great overlord of Heaven. Not only is he powerful, but he himself claims to be an evil dragon and is powerful, even after more than ten years of hard training. The strong are not his opponents. The Earth Tiger brothers seem to be practicing family, and their strength is certainly not bad, but it is not uncommon to lose to Vincent!”

“so smart!?”

Sheldon asked.

Sheldon knows the strength of the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger brothers, possessing superb physique and talent.

It is indeed rare for the two brothers who were beaten to have no fighting power.

And Shen Wanshan’s strength is no worse than Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, and his jealous look at this moment is enough to explain the horror of this Heavenly City Overlord Vincent.

“Yes, but sir, our brother’s life is yours, and we are not afraid of death. If you say something, we will do it with Vincent!”

Shen Wanshan said harshly.

“Yes, sir, we are not afraid of death!”

The other brothers expressed their opinions.

Sheldon raised his hand: “This matter needs to be discussed slowly, Wanshan, I need all the information of the Vincent forces, you can find it for me immediately!”

Sheldon is not afraid of being alone, but if it is as powerful as they say.

Don’t you let these brothers die in vain!

However, the relationship between the two brothers, Tianlong and Earthhu, is extraordinary.

Tianlong is in trouble, Sheldon will definitely give up his life to save him.

Soon, it was evening.

“Sheldon, go to Tiancheng, you must take me!”

The Earth Tiger walked weakly into the yard, facing Cooper Family, who was standing with his hand in his hand.

“Earth Tiger, why did you get out of bed? Also, I didn’t tell you anymore, I am not Young Master Sheldon now! Don’t call me that!” Sheldon laughed.

“Well, I know Sheldon.”

“Ahem, besides, my brothers left Chen’s house, and they are not the dragon and earth tiger that the eldest lady gave, you call me Zhang Hu!”

Earth Tiger also gave a wry smile.

Sheldon patted him on the shoulder: “I will act immediately to save Tianlong in the past few days, and you will cultivate well! Rest assured, I will bring Tianlong to you!”

“But Sheldon…”

“Stop talking!”

Sheldon raised his hand to interrupt Zhang Hu.

At this moment, Shen Wanshan walked in from outside.

“Sir, the five forces in Tagou Town have sent invitations, asking your husband to attend their rally tonight, and the person who sent the invitation said that he must go!”

Shen Wanshan sneered.

“What’s this? Hongmen Banquet? Still threatening?”

Sheldon asked coldly.

“Hehe, I understand what these five forces are thinking. It’s nothing more than watching us stand up here and want to give us a good start. From now on, we should pay them protection fees! Sir, don’t pay attention to them, I directly refused. They go!”

Shen Wanshan Road.

“Don’t refuse, let’s leave for Tiancheng tomorrow. I don’t want to have any worries. Since they are so fully prepared, wouldn’t it be too shameful to not go? Tell them, let’s go over tonight!

Chapter 482

“Sir, I still think this shirt is not suitable for you. Otherwise, park the car in front and I will buy you another one?”

On the way to the convoy.

Yuer sat next to Sheldon and asked with a smile.

“No, I think this one is quite suitable!”

Sheldon looked at it and said with a wry smile.

However, Sheldon glanced at the front of the commercial building at this moment, but suddenly raised his head to look there.

Because there was a young man who walked into the commercial building at this moment.

“What’s wrong, sir?”

Yuer asked.

“I seem to have seen my classmates, they really look alike, okay, park the car in front, let’s go to the commercial building!”

Sheldon said immediately.

The car stopped directly in the middle of the road.

And even if the road was blocked, the general forces in Tagou Town saw that it was a motorcade and knew that this was a trip by a big man, and no one dared to provoke them, and they drove around from both sides.

Brother Sheldon took Yu’er directly into the commercial building.


At this moment, a young man was choosing a suit, but he was slapped on the shoulder suddenly.

He was startled and turned around now.

First was a startled, then a happy.

“fu*k!!! Sheldon?”

“Vern, it’s really you!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Sheldon, you… are you okay? They said that you were missing and had an accident. It turns out that you came to Tiancheng District! What I said, I can’t find out your whereabouts no matter how you inquire!”

Vern said excitedly.

He patted Sheldon’s shoulder heavily, “It’s great to see you here!”

“By the way, Vern, why are you here?”

After a short greeting, Sheldon couldn’t help but wonder.

This area is quite chaotic, except for the local indigenous people, no normal people come here to develop.

“Ahem, don’t mention it, I am now running a business in a large company in America, and there is no way. I got here on a business trip, alas! It’s very messy here, there are people walking on the street, out of ten, nine have guys on them!”

Vern said helplessly.

Sheldon smiled.

“How about you Sheldon? You haven’t heard from you for half a year, and you’ve been mixing here? Let me see, don’t you lack arms or legs?”

Vern joked.

How should I put it, the old brothers met, the intimacy of all kinds is not enough, it seems that it doesn’t hurt you a few words, the previous friendship is for nothing.

“No, I’m still a perfect person anyway, besides, I have just arrived here not long after, because of some things, I lost contact with everyone for half a year!”

Sheldon said.

“Oh, I also heard that you have left the family, but there is nothing old about it. Anyway, a year ago, you enjoyed everything you should enjoy. If you don’t have it, it’s gone, and it’s worth your life.”

Vern patted Sheldon on the shoulder again.

When the old meet again, there is always more to say.

“Vern, this is my contact information. When I finish these two days, let’s get together!”

Sheldon told Vern the new phone number.

“Hey, what about this one? Is it your girlfriend?”

Vern took note, then looked at Yu’er and smiled.

Yu’er Qiao blushed.

“When I have a chance in the future, I will explain it to you again!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Well, you are busy Sheldon, I have to buy a dress, and see an important customer tomorrow!”

The two gave a hug and were about to separate.

“Huh? Isn’t this Manager Yang? What a coincidence!”

At this moment, a female voice sounded.

Vern looked sideways and smiled suddenly: “It turns out that it was President Qin and President Chapman that you are here. What a coincidence!”

Obviously, Vern met his client.

And Sheldon also signaled Vern to be busy.

Is about to turn around and go.

After seeing a man and a woman next to him, he was surprised.

It turns out that this man and woman are not others.

It was six months ago when Sheldon was in despair, working on a construction site and humiliating his Qin Nuan and Qin Nuan’s boyfriend.

“I’m going, Sheldon?”

Qin Nuan was still holding his shoulders. Seeing Sheldon at this moment, he couldn’t help but sneer.

“What? Sheldon, you know President Qin and President Chapman. Haha, President Chapman’s uncle is the person in charge of a large company here. I am talking to them about the project!”

Vern said.

Sheldon nodded faintly: “Get to know!”

“Hehe, Sheldon, what are you pretending to be? You know me, Qin Nuan, can you forget? By the way, don’t you work part-time at a construction site? Why don’t you remember it? How did I pay you back? ?forget?”

Qin Nuan sneered immediately.

And Sheldon just glanced at her.

In fact, at the beginning, according to Xiaopang’s description, Qin Nuan was not like this, but I don’t know when it started, this girl has completely changed her personality.

“Huh, I guess I can’t hang around in the country anymore. I came here. Tell you, it’s the same everywhere you go. Here, at best, do a shit work for people!”

Qin Nuan said.

“President Qin, this is my buddy, I wonder if you have any misunderstandings? My buddies are very nice!”

Vern saw Qin Nuan’s unceremonious mockery of Sheldon.

Defended now.

“Your buddy? O’ao, I’m sorry Manager Yang. I think the negotiation and cooperation between you and my husband and uncle should be terminated. This project will be invalidated. How about you, husband?”

Qin Nuan shook her boyfriend’s arm.

“of course can!”

“President Qin, you…”

Vern was speechless for a moment.

I have stayed here for more than a week. If I say cancel the negotiation, then cancel the negotiation?

And at this moment.

A staff member from outside a commercial building came in.

He yelled unceremoniously: “Whose Shu* car outside belongs to? Drive me quickly, who owns the Shu* car? Drive away, if it is late Yes, I just let someone drag it away!”

He yelled a few times.

Here, naturally there is no domestic etiquette at all.

The main style here is to do it if you don’t agree.

“My! My car is parked well, what’s wrong?”

Qin Nuan’s boyfriend said coldly at the moment.

“What’s the matter? The road is blocked, so move away quickly, or else I’ll just drag it for you!”

The staff is brutal.

And Qin Nuan’s boyfriend, one is in front of Qin Nuan, and the other is in front of Sheldon and Vern, not wanting to lose face.

Right now he sneered: “Brother, my uncle’s name is Wu Gang! His nickname is Wu Fatty!”

“Go to your mother, Fatty Wu, Skinny Wu, please drive me away!”

The staff scolded.

Qin Nuan’s boyfriend looked embarrassed at the moment.

“Okay, I’m just about to see, whose way I am blocking!”

Qin Nuan’s boyfriend is not to be outdone.

He took Qin Nuan’s hand and walked out.

“Yes, I’m calling Uncle right now. Someone would dare not sell his face!”

“Sir, I bought you the shirt!”

At this moment, Yuer ran over with his shirt.

“Vern, it’s okay, don’t worry, in a few days, wait for me to contact you!”

After Sheldon spoke to Vern, he went out with Yuer…

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