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Chapter 483

By the way, Qin Nuan and the others came out.

Originally, his car was heard by the side of the road.

However, now a line of convoys stopped directly in the middle of the road.

In this way, the vehicles that want to bypass the convoy will obviously be unable to pass.

My own car blocked the car behind.

“Look, it’s not our car at all. It’s the convoy blocking the road. Why should we move the car?”

Qin Nuan was not convinced at the moment.

I was so humiliated by this staff member just now.

“What kind of car can you compare with this kind of convoy? Come from outside. I don’t understand the rules. It’s better to listen to my persuasion and move the car away. Thin people can afford it!”

The staff sneered.

“It is said that those who can use the convoy to travel are all forces based in Tagou Town!?”

Qin Nuan’s boyfriend said.

“As long as you know!”

The staff left after speaking.

“Xiao Nuan, let’s move the car. If you offend the local tycoons, even your uncle will be choking!”


Qin Nuan stuck out his tongue.

At the same time looking at a row of luxury cars.


In fact, it’s not just Qin Nuan, even the passers-by around him look envious.

Yes, who doesn’t want such a beautiful scenery, who doesn’t want the streets to be rampant.

Park a row of cars in the middle of the road, no one dares to control.

How domineering.

And Qin Nuan really saw it.

At this moment, the car door opened.

I saw rows of solemn bodyguards in black, standing one after another.

It was as solemn as to welcome the king in their hearts respectfully.

The momentum is extraordinary.

“Is this the power of our Tagou Town?”

“It doesn’t look like it, Tagou Town, even if it is the forces of the Celestial City, I have never seen such a powerful subordinate team!”

“Could it be our new power here?”

“It feels so strong!”

When the bodyguards stood up, everyone was amazed.

The leading figures, leading people, walked towards the crowd.

And Qin Nuan and her boyfriend were so scared that they didn’t dare to say a word, and didn’t dare to drive.

Can not help but swallow saliva.

“Sir, please get in the car!”

The leaders came to a young man and shouted in unison at the moment.

The door of the car has been opened by several men.

“Sir? What? Their boss is here?”

“Yes, the boss of this group is so young!”

Everyone said in astonishment.

And Qin Nuan was also stunned.

Because they are not waiting for others, it is Sheldon?

“Well, let’s go!”

Sheldon nodded.

When passing in front of Qin Nuan.

Sheldon glanced at Qin Nuan lightly.

Qin Nuan’s expression of shock and shock was beyond words, and her boyfriend let go of Qin Nuan’s hand.

Because of Qin Nuan, he has targeted Sheldon more than once.

And he is actually the strongest in this area? Have so many people?

It’s just that Sheldon didn’t care about Qin Nuan. Now, Sheldon doesn’t bother to care about a weak female stream.

After getting in the car, the car started all the way and galloped away.

Only Qin Nuan, who was in a complicated mood and mixed with panic, was left in a daze, at a loss!

at the same time.

Among the largest hotel estates in Tagou Town.

At this moment it is another large gathering.

The leaders of the five forces, plus the younger brothers they brought, make up nearly a thousand people.

The manor was flooded.

The voice is full of voices.

On the manor, there is a high platform.

There are several seats on the high platform.

The bosses are all sitting on their seats.

“Brother Jin is really resourceful. He wants to use this civil and military meeting to give the new Tianlong Group a predicament. Haha, kill two birds with one stone!”

“Yes, the medicinal material factory itself is our main source of income. It is now acquired by Tianlong Group. It is said that Tianlong’s boss is a hairy boy? Just rely on him? Want to stand a stick in Tagou Town? Looking for death!”

“But from my point of view, it’s just a yellow-haired boy. I thought he would not come for this invitation. To be honest, if he doesn’t come, I would take a high look at him. Looking at it now, it’s just a wine bag and rice bag!”

The elders laughed greatly.

The so-called Golden Brother, named Golden Eagle, is in his forties and has a pair of big golden teeth. He is a big man in Tagou Town.

He is the strongest.

At this moment: “But you, in addition to this little Tianlong Group issue at this year’s Civil and Martial Arts Conference, there is another issue, which is the re-division of our five forces in Tagou Town… Once this is reached, I don’t want to, four What happened years ago will repeat itself again!”

The so-called civil and military conference is nothing more than a resounding name. In fact, it is a conference where several of their forces divide the territory.

The division standard is even simpler. Whoever has the strongest strength will have more territory.

It is carried out every four years.

The strength competition, that is, their five big brothers, each sent their own men to compete.

The winner is king.

After the meeting, the five will make an agreement.

Once signed, you can’t go back.

Four years ago, some forces fought because they were deprived of their own territory.

You know, although Tagou Town is called a town, it has arrived in several Pingan county towns.

It is equivalent to a city in northern America.

at this time.

“Mr. Tianlong Chen is here…”

Outside the door, someone shouted.

It also made the whole noisy venue quiet down.

Obviously, everyone wants to see, who is the boss of the newly founded Tianlong Group?

Sheldon walked in with his bodyguard.

There are only more than sixty bodyguards.

But all of them are solemn and have a strong momentum.

Many of the boys at the scene felt a little chill in their back.

Sheldon came directly to Gaotai.

“How are you bosses!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

“Hello, Mr. Sheldon, please sit down!”

The bosses looked at each other.

Especially pay attention to the bodyguard behind Sheldon.

It seems that this kid surnamed Chen has a not simple background.

After a simple greeting.

The golden eagle’s eyes squinted and said, “I believe President Chen of the Civil and Martial Arts Association in Tagou Town must have heard of it. The competition will start soon. I see President Chen’s subordinates have the power of tigers. I know if Mr. Sheldon is interested in joining, so let us know about it!?”

The meaning of the Golden Eagle is obvious. This Tianlong Group is no better than the boss of the last medicinal material group.

It’s not easy just to appear.

Therefore, the golden eagle wants to try the depth of the Tianlong.

“Forget it, my subordinates are all unsuccessful, how can they be the opponents of several bosses?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Mr. Sheldon, you are too humble! How can you know?”

The golden eagle laughed.

“Well, since several bosses have this meaning, then okay, Wanshan, you guys will let the bosses and teach you the rules later!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Okay sir, we brothers, just want to learn the rules!”

Shen Wanshan moved his shoulders and smiled faintly.

Chapter 484

But the Golden Eagle and others did not expect that the people of the Tianlong Group were really welcome.

It seems that they are very confident.

If you don’t give them a good start this time, they will be domesticated in the future, but it will be even more difficult!

Soon, the civil and military meeting began.

In the center, a large venue is arranged.

And the five forces also sent all the strong under their hands to fight.

On Sheldon’s side, Shen Wanshan and his brothers.

Sheldon gave Shen Wanshan a special training.

The strength is stronger than before, I don’t know how much stronger.

At the beginning of the fight, when he shot, it was amazing.

The opposite side of the fight was scattered and there was no way to shoot.


The five people including the Golden Eagle jumped fiercely.

I just thought that Tianlong Group was similar to the previous owner of the medicinal material factory.

At best, there are a few subordinates who came from special forces to dress up.

But now, it’s not as simple as pretending.

But these people are so strong.

“It seems that Brother Sheldon does not show the mountains or leaks. There are such powerful subordinates. It seems that this time the civil and martial arts meeting, the power division of the entire Tagou town, Mr. Sheldon is going to take the big head!”

Jin Diaopi smiled and said without a smile.

After all, five people divide the cake, which is different from six people divide the cake.

Moreover, Sheldon’s men have the momentum to crush everyone.

This is not a good sign.

Sheldon remained silent about this.

But the five of them watched the Golden Eagle.

But it’s getting more and more unable to sit still.

Because of the battles, before the man named Shen Wanshan shot, all of their men were actually defeated.

Over the entire banquet, there was a moment of silence, and the needle drop could be heard.

“Boss Kim, thank you for your humility. This time, I am so polite to our five brothers. Thank you!”

Shen Wanshan came over and said at this moment.

The golden eagle smiled awkwardly: “Where is it, I just can’t think of how strong a few people are, but it’s us.

“Mr. Kim’s words are wrong. The real strong is not us, but our husband. We are all trained with him!”

Shen Wanshan shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Oh? So, Brother Sheldon, your strength is stronger? We are really miserable!”

Jin Diao laughed.

At this moment, I was indeed a little confused.

After all, Sheldon led people to sweep their five forces, which is obvious to all.

I wanted to eat the Tianlong Group today, but I didn’t expect it to be eaten by the Tianlong Group.

“Then President Jin, I don’t know what you said just now. The winner can divide the forces. Doesn’t it count?”

Shen Wanshan asked again.

The Golden Eagle coughed dryly and laughed: “It counts, it counts naturally, OK, then we can discuss the division of power after the banquet!”

Immediately, the golden eagle did not dare to say much.

You can’t speak without words.

“Come here, take down the plaque that says Wufang Wenwu Hall, and immediately replace it with Six Fang Wenwu Hall.”

The golden eagle ordered his subordinates at this moment.

Regarding these, the other four bigwigs did not speak.

They have their own thoughts at this moment.

Some have a grudge against Tianlong Group, while others have the mentality of watching the excitement.

After all, the weak forces hope that someone can break the original balance. In this way, once chaos, they can take advantage.

While talking, there were several men carrying ladders trying to remove the plaque.

“Don’t be so troublesome!”

Sheldon sneered.

Picking up a chopstick, his wrist shook suddenly.


With a sound, the chopsticks flew out directly, piercing the center of the plaque fiercely.

Snapped! With a sound, the plaque split open and fell to the ground.


The hearts of the five tycoons were shocked.

The cigarettes in his hands fell directly to the ground.

“This person? Who is it?”

“This… how is it possible? Just use manpower to break the plaque directly?”

The five were horrified. Obviously, they have never seen such a method. If the chopsticks were not hit on the plaque, but on their heads, or at such a distance, what would be the consequences?

The brothers Shen Wanshan looked at each other.

Xindao, huh, sir, this time it won’t scare you guys stupid.

Obviously, Sheldon made such a move.

I’m telling the five people that they are not in the mood to divide power with the five of you. If the five of you are not honest, they will be like the end of this plaque, and they will be swept away in one breath!

Sheldon sat down with a faint smile.

“President Jin, President Zhu, you guys sit down!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Okay Chen… Mr. Sheldon!”

At this moment, although the Golden Eagle tried to pretend to be calm, the sweat on his forehead still betrayed him.

If Sheldon wanted to kill someone, wouldn’t the chopsticks on the table be the strongest weapon in his hand?

The current titles have changed.

“Unexpectedly, Mr. Sheldon has such strength. I didn’t say Zhang Tao. If the husband is willing, my original site is owned by the husband. I am willing to become a horseman of the husband!”

At this moment, one of the five big bosses.

After a little thought, he said immediately.

And when he spoke, someone immediately promised.

Sheldon and Shen Wanshan glanced at each other, except for the Golden Eagle.

Although the others were not convinced, at least their face was weakened.

But this time, I believe they should know the five forces in Tagou Town.

And this is Sheldon’s purpose tonight.

The entire civil and military society ended with a different mood.

After going back.

Shen Wanshan excitedly told Sheldon that many wealthy businessmen in Tagou Town had come to take refuge.

And several big guys also offered flattery after the meeting, and many people wanted to join the Tianlong Group.

Just the gift money, I collected a lot this night.

Sheldon had no mental understanding of these matters, and directly handed them to Shen Wanshan to handle them in detail.

But today, Tianlong Group, which he founded, is truly based in Tagou Town.

Tianlong Group has finally begun to have a territory of its own.

When the next day came, Sheldon’s next thing was to rescue Tianlong.

Heavenly City has many forces, and no one can be underestimated.

This is what Zhang Hu, the earth tiger told Sheldon.

Because the two brothers, Zhang Long and Zhang Hu, in order to find themselves in the southwest, they also used money to establish a force in Tiancheng, but soon, the local powerhouse Vincent was defeated.

And Tiancheng, I don’t know how much bigger it is than this Tagou town.

It is all-encompassing and has a lot of power.

I don’t know how many other big forces like Vincent.

But Sheldon can’t manage so much now, because one more day, Zhang Long will be more dangerous.

I can’t wait for everything to be ready.

“Wanshan, order to go down, let’s set off today to go to Heaven!”

Cooper Family.

“It’s Mr. Sheldon! I’m going to prepare now!”

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