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Chapter 49

Sheldon hung up the phone and went directly to Subject Two without returning to the dorm.

Of course, Sheldon still held the newly bought dress for Lilla.

The packaging is very delicate.

Sheldon thought about finding a suitable excuse to give to Lilla later.

If you directly say that you like to give away things from others, people like Marcella and Zheng Qianqian will definitely get involved.

But if it was Lilla, Sheldon thought, then forget it.

It might be self-defeating.

Besides, Sheldon would like to see what friends Lilla would introduce to himself?

Only when Sheldon came to the outside of the venue.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Sheldon couldn’t help but startled.

Lilla was indeed there, and at the moment he was sitting in front of a long stage outside the venue, with his back facing Sheldon.

What made Sheldon stunned was that beside Lilla, there was a boy sitting next to her.

Lilla’s hands were intimately holding the boy’s arm.

Two people leaned together, talking and laughing.


Sheldon felt a muffled thunder in his mind.

Very urgent, very sudden.

The whole mind is about to be shaken!

“Does Lilla have a boyfriend?”

Sheldon said coldly in his heart.

He finally mustered up his courage, ready to chase a girl he likes, and a girl with a good heart.

Even on the road just now, Sheldon was imagining that when he gave out gifts later, would Lilla be a surprise, or would Lilla be surprised when he noticed what he meant and declined himself?

If you really reject yourself, what should you do?

However, Sheldon felt that Lilla would accept it 80%.

But Sheldon never expected that there would be a scene before him.

“Hi! Sheldon, we are here!”

At the empty stall in Sheldon’s mind, Lilla beckoned to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, why don’t you say a word when you come, what are you doing there?”

After Sheldon walked over, Lilla still took the boy’s hand and said to Sheldon with a smile.

“No…nothing!” Sheldon looked embarrassed.

I looked at the boy next to Lilla, his peers, dressed very bright and handsome.

And it’s quite white.

Standing with this boy, Sheldon felt a little inferior, because what he was wearing was indeed a bit shabby.

Think about it, too, how could such a beautiful girl like Lilla be chased by boys.

“Sheldon, let me introduce to you, this is my cousin Su Qi, Su Qi, this is Sheldon I told you!”

Lilla took Su Qi’s hand and walked off the stage.

Sheldon was startled again.

Damn, it turned out to be Lilla’s cousin?

Sheldon’s current mood is like the feeling of being born again after a disaster.

“O’ao, you are Sheldon that my cousin said. I heard that buddy, you were lucky and won the lottery!”

Su Qi smiled faintly.

However, he couldn’t hide the trace of contempt in his eyes.

You think.

I came to discuss things with my cousin, but my cousin said to introduce a good friend to him.

I heard from my cousin that this person is pretty good.

And also won the lottery.

Su Qi thought that he should have some money too, and it doesn’t matter if he meets.

But I didn’t expect that it would be enough to see Sheldon dressed up.

Damn, this is from the urban-rural fringe, right?

It looks like a rich man.

Su Qi was extremely disappointed.

“My name is Sheldon!”

Sheldon nodded and stretched out his hand to shake Su Qi.

“Cousin, I’ve seen your friend, too. I have to go back to school first. Grandma will have her birthday next month. So it’s decided what gift to prepare. I’m leaving!”

Su Qi directly ignored Sheldon, then put his hands in his pockets, lazily said to Lilla and left.

He came today mainly to discuss with his cousin about grandma’s birthday gifts next month.

“Su Qi, you brat!”

Seeing that the cousin who had been with him best since childhood was so rude to Sheldon, Lilla was also slightly angry.

“Sheldon, I’m sorry, my brother has this virtue, I will scold him when I look back!”

Lilla said apologetically.

Sheldon angrily retracted his hand: “It’s okay!”

To be honest, even though he was ignored by this Su Qi, Sheldon was only slightly angry in his heart, which could even be ignored.


Because Sheldon had just regarded Su Qi as Lilla’s boyfriend, he felt that everything was dead, but then he learned that it was not.

This contrast of emotions has made Sheldon unable to generate anger.

“By the way, Sheldon!”

Lilla’s beautiful eyes flowed slightly, and he looked at Sheldon with some interest: “Just now, I thought you looked pretty ugly, what’s the matter?”

Although Lilla had been very generous in introducing Su Qi just now, her eyes were aware of Sheldon’s emotional changes.

“It’s okay, just now I thought your boyfriend was here!” Sheldon said with a wry smile.

“Puff, what! You treat my brother as my boyfriend! Haha!”

Lilla laughed.

“How is it possible? Actually, I haven’t been in a relationship yet. Maybe it’s because I have a higher standard for my boyfriend!”

Lilla sat down on the long platform.

These words made Sheldon interested.

“What standards do you have for your boyfriend?”

Sheldon asked tentatively.

“Being my boyfriend. First, it must be temperament. He can have money or not much money, but the temperament must be better here! Second, it doesn’t look too ugly. Third, that’s He has a good heart, he has to be loyal to his significant other, the fourth…”

“There is a fourth?”

Sheldon felt his head was a little bigger.

Just these three points, one and a half are occupied by himself.

It’s not too ugly, besides, Sheldon still feels very good about himself.

As for the temperament.

To be honest, Sheldon himself feels very Dysi.

Obviously he is now a top rich second generation, but he does not have the confidence and temperament of other rich second generations.

This is really flawed!

It seems that I really can’t keep a low profile in the future!

Sheldon thought secretly in his heart.

At the same time, Sheldon originally planned to give a gift, but after thinking about it, he didn’t send it.

These few requests of Lilla sound casual, but they are actually what she wants in her heart.

I haven’t fully achieved it yet, it is probably difficult to chase her.

Why don’t you start slowly with your friends?

So in the next few days of practice subject two, Sheldon lost the purpose of being with Lilla and wanting her to be his girlfriend.

It’s all about getting along with friends.

Very harmonious, Lilla also began to talk about Sheldon.

Even Sheldon wondered whether the standard Lilla put forward that day was that he deliberately told himself not to chase her, it would be good for two people to be friends!

Is this a rejection of yourself?

Until this day, the two of them took the second test of subject together, and something happened…

Originally, the two agreed to go back to school after the exam.

However, after Sheldon finished the exam, he couldn’t wait for Lilla no matter what.

Sheldon called, but Lilla shut down!

Two chances, even if Lilla really took the exam twice, he should have come out in so long.

At this time, Sheldon happened to see a boy who was in the group with Lilla walking out in frustration.

I walked over and asked.

“Ah! You said that beauty, she didn’t take the exam, it seems that when she was about to take the exam, she received a call and left in a hurry!”

A beauty like Lilla will be eye-catching wherever she goes.

Sheldon didn’t feel strange to be stared at by this boy.

However, Sheldon thought, what happened to Lilla? He left in a hurry without saying a word, and turned it off?

Will something happen?

Sheldon, who was thinking about going, decided to call Nimra to ask.

“Oh, Sheldon, what do you care about Lilla for? Do you really think you can pursue Lilla if you win the lottery? Tell you, don’t even think about it, toad wants to eat swan meat!”

Obviously, Nimra still remembers her own hatred of not giving her face in the home kitchen.

As soon as the call was made, Sheldon was directed at Sheldon.

“Do you know where she went? Tell me, I will repay you in the future, Pinweiduo’s clothes, I will give you one!”

Sheldon said lightly, the dress Danna gave last time, he didn’t dare to give it to Lilla, now it just happened to be given to Nimra.

The main reason was that Lilla left silently like this, Sheldon was indeed worried about what happened to her…

It was not to chase her, as long as it was Sheldon’s friend, he would not even ask.

“Are you serious? Can you afford Pinweiduo? The clothes there cost tens of thousands!” Nimra said in surprise.

“Hmm, I’ll send it to you later!”

“Well, because you finally know how to honor me, I’ll tell you, oh… I also just learned that something happened to Lilla’s family, and her family business failed. It seems to be bankrupt. The family needs her to go back. One trip!”

Chapter 50-Sheldon’s Dirty Things

“We are going to see Lilla at her house. If you are willing to go, follow along…”

After Nimra said something, she hung up the phone.

Sheldon’s financial resources were first revealed, and Nimra can’t figure out how much money Sheldon has won.

Therefore, in speaking, there is no sense of domineering as before.

But contempt is contemptible, even if Sheldon won more lottery tickets, even if it was two million.

He is just a nouveau riche, can he compare with Storen’s out-and-out rich second generation?

Sheldon finally did not choose to go with Nimra and the others. Storen said that his car was full.

Nimra just gave Sheldon an address.

Sheldon bought some fruits and so on, so he took a taxi.

In fact, Lilla now has been acquainted with each other for almost a week, and the relationship between the two is pretty good. They are similar to Kristine, both of whom are Sheldon’s few female friends.

What’s more, Sheldon still has some thoughts about Lilla.

There was an accident in her family, so Sheldon naturally wanted to help.

The taxi stopped outside Yungui Community.

Sheldon has also learned that Lilla’s family situation is quite superior. His parents run a profitable company, and their Su family can be regarded as a family, among which family members also involve all walks of life.

After arriving at the place.

A lot of people have come to Lilla’s family, except for some of their elders, but also some of Lilla’s classmates and friends.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

Lilla’s eyes were red, and she was sitting on the sofa, Nimra was talking to her.

And Nimra’s parents were also a little troublesome to entertain Lilla’s classmates.

After all, the company is about to go bankrupt now because of capital constraints.

Even Lilla couldn’t be happy.

Especially Lilla’s parents, these days can be regarded as seeing what is called human feelings.

No one asks the poor in the downtown, and the rich has distant relatives in the mountains!

They used to live in the Su family, now besides these classmates of Lilla, who is coming to visit?


Sheldon didn’t know how to persuade, so he put down the fruit.

He also greeted Lilla’s parents.

“Why is this guy here?”

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded.

A handsome young boy walked over holding a beautiful girl.

He sneered at Sheldon, somewhat contemptuous.

Naturally, these words were also addressed to Sheldon.

Sheldon turned his head and saw that this boy was Lilla’s cousin Su Qi.

This kind of arrogant guy.

Su Qi’s family is also in business, so naturally they also gave a large part of the funds to his uncle’s family, but it was useless.

It has dragged down my family.

So Su Qi’s anger is a bit uncomfortable. Today, it seems that so many rich and young daughters are classmates and friends of her cousin.

This made Su Qi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Maybe, the relationship between these people is one piece, not only can the economic crisis of the cousin’s family be resolved, but even the money that my own family can use can also be recovered.

In a bad mood at the moment, as soon as I saw that I met that day and just won a lottery ticket, I went around to install 13 Sheldon, naturally, I was in a bad mood.

This product, you don’t need much money, and you don’t have any contacts, so come to make up the number?

“Su Qi, this is Lilla’s friend, how do you talk?”

Lilla’s mother couldn’t help but say.

“Auntie, who do you think Sheldon is, but my cousin is a well-known figure from Roston University. He used to be a very poor person. Then he won the lottery ticket and started all kinds of waves! I still listen to people. Said that after being dumped by his ex-girlfriend, he gave her ex-girlfriend a condom. This person is simply amazing. He is so close to his cousin, I really don’t know what the purpose is!”

Su Qi said contemptuously.

Many Lilla students present all looked at the ridiculous Sheldon.

“I’ll go, there are such ugly people! Do you think that winning the lottery will be great?”

“Yes, at best, he is an ignorant nouveau riche. Everyone looks at his clothes and looks like a hillbilly!”

Inside the house, several girls covered their mouths and smiled.

“Su Qi, you shut up~!”

Lilla angrily took the pillow on the sofa and smashed it towards Su Qi.

“What are you talking nonsense, Sheldon just won the lottery, why, are you still jealous?”

Lilla heard Su Qi uttering so much ridicule of Sheldon, and even said that Sheldon was going to give his ex-girlfriend that kind of disgusting thing. Didn’t this deliberately slander Sheldon?

Lilla naturally took Sheldon as a good friend.

“What cousin, do you say I am talking nonsense?”

Su Qi smiled: “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Storen, the vice chairman of the student union of Sheldon. Even Nimra knows about this. He really gave his ex-girlfriend a condom just to make ten dollars. !”

Lilla frowned.

The eyes of Lilla’s parents and classmates looking at Sheldon also changed.

“This person looks quite honest, I didn’t expect to be so unbearable for money!”

“I’m going, it’s so disgusting!”

Many people whispered.

Sheldon took a deep breath and glanced at Storen who was silent.

Of course he knew that these things were probably what Storen told Su Qi.

To say who Storen sees most in school is not pleasing to his eyes, I am afraid he is himself now.

And watching Lilla cast a questioning look toward him.

Sheldon nodded, “Well, I did do this before!”

At that time, Sheldon had no money. He just made some living expenses by running errands for people. Is this wrong?

Sheldon didn’t think it was shameful.

That night, due to Dawson’s calculations, he did send the condom to Marcella.

This is a fact.

He never thought about hiding.

“Sheldon, you…”

Lilla’s eyes widened in disbelief.

To be honest, Lilla has never experienced the embarrassment of no money. She just subconsciously feels that even if a person has no money, dignity is also important.

She never expected that Sheldon would do something like this…

In addition, Lilla had been arguing for Sheldon just now.

Now that Sheldon himself admitted, Lilla was really surprised.

At the same time, Lilla’s parents’ faces are also a bit unsightly, especially Su Qi just said that this kid actually has ideas about his daughter.

Isn’t this messing up!

At the moment, Lilla’s mother’s face looked at Sheldon, already a little impatient.


At this time someone knocked on the door, and then another young man came in.

And seeing this young man, Sheldon’s originally indifferent face couldn’t help but show a sneer.

“Young Master!”

“Yeah! Charlton is here!”

Su Qi was surprised at first.

Then there were Lilla’s parents. When they saw Charlton, it was like a fish saw the water, and their eyes suddenly became bright.

“Huh? It’s him, isn’t he the one who stunned his stepmother the other day?”

“Yes, this man is quite nasty, but he is so rich, he is now in Roston Business District! Taste Point has been contracted by their family!”

“Hmph, so what? Who hasn’t done anything nasty yet? I heard that since that time, Shao Zhuang has changed his mistakes. It’s hard to buy a daughter and look back!”

Many of Lilla’s female classmates looked towards Charlton together.

The brilliance of this young man in front of him clearly covered his nasty things.

Many beauties are very popular.

Charlton walked in with a bag of things, his face was filled with the embarrassment of the previous few days.

It’s just that when he passed by someone, he suddenly retreated back.

I looked at this person very unexpectedly:

“Sheldon, why are you here?”

Charlton’s face suddenly whitened.

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