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Chapter 51-Chad Was Captured by the Police

“Charlton, how did you guys know? Ah, look at these things you brought, sit down and sit down!”

Lilla’s mother is Greer.

Is the vice president of the company.

It is also a good player on the social field.

Of course she knows the strength of the Charlton family. Although Charlton was rumored a few days ago that his character was corrupt and committed nasty things, young people, who hasn’t made a mistake yet!

What’s more, Charlton’s family has now gone to Roston Business District to occupy the site.

Strength climbed very quickly.

If this time the company can get heavy support from Charltonjia, wouldn’t the crisis be resolved?

And listening to Greer’s words.

Charlton glanced at Sheldon coldly: “Yes, of course I know this person! He is a celebrity from Lilla University!”

Thinking of his embarrassment several times, this Sheldon was present, and Charlton’s heart was filled with unfounded hatred.

After speaking coldly, he sat down on the main seat of the sofa.

Storen naturally heard of Charlton and nodded with a smile.

Nimra also smiled politely at Charlton, hoping that she could attract Charlton’s attention.

After all, no matter how unbearable he is, he is definitely the rich second generation who deserves a reputation in Roston!

However, Charlton’s entire gaze was on Lilla.

Since the last time the incident happened, Charlton and Shelly had completely said goodbye.

However, his father’s contacts in the business field are very wide.

And precisely, Lilla’s father’s company has business dealings with his father’s company.

I also tried to ask Lilla to have a meal to increase the relationship, but Lilla directly refused. Lilla is definitely a cold goddess in the eyes of Charlton.

I have been ignoring myself.

But now it’s different. As soon as he heard that the Su family was in trouble, Charlton was able to fight his own little nine.

No matter how bad, should I pretend to be a good person?

“This is Uncle Su, Aunt Su, my dad heard about your company, so he asked me to ask about the situation. I will call later and respond to my dad to see if he can help. Besides, the friends that Lilla came to today are not simple, everyone works together and thinks of a way, maybe they can get through this crisis!”

Charlton said with a smile.

“Yes, look at what Charlton said, how beautiful it is. Aunt Wang is begging everyone here too. If you have a relationship, can you help me clear it up!”

The more Greer saw Charlton, the more he liked it.

As for those nasty things, they have been ignored. At the moment, what I think is, if Charlton was his son-in-law, it would be great!

After hearing this, Storen and the others nodded naturally.

“Shao Zhuang is right. Although we are not as good as Shao Zhuang, we should do our best if we can. After all, the strength of Lilla’s company lies in this, but the capital is difficult to turn over!”

“Yes, one of my mother’s sisters is a deputy governor in a bank, maybe she can borrow some funds!”

At the moment, people dredge money, dredge money, dredge connections, dredge connections.

Greer saw it in his eyes and was happy in his heart.

She knew that few of Lilla’s classmates had simple life experiences, and they were very capable.


When Greer looked at the man named Sheldon.

I only saw him holding the phone, looking for something pretentiously there, scribbling to and fro.

It made Greer disgusted.

When did Lilla know this kind of person?

And this person is also interesting to his daughter, which is more terrifying than a horror movie!

“Student Sheldon, do you have no class in school? Auntie, thank you for your kindness, and it is not easy to delay your class, or you should go back to class first…”

Greer looked at Shao Zhuang as if he was hostile to him.

The eviction order was coldly placed at the moment.

This surprised Sheldon, who had just found Chapman’s mobile phone number.

But after thinking about it, I understand that people think that they are superfluous here, and it is obvious that they are on Charlton’s side.

Sheldon was also very bitter in his heart.

I may have done some bad things before. This Charlton is even more excessive, but because Charlton is a well-known rich second generation, and his family has money, those nasty things he did can be ignored.

But I can’t do it myself, it makes people see it disgusting!

what reason? In their eyes, Charlton had strength and money, but he had no strength and no money.

“I’m going, he still swipes around with his mobile phone. People who don’t know really think he can find a relationship!”

Su Qi sneered on the side.

“That’s right, maybe it’s not enough to take out his lottery ticket!”

“Who is this guy, see you for the first time!”

Hearing ridicules.

Sheldon really wanted to speak out his identity out of his head, and then show off directly.

However, Sheldon quickly calmed down again.

Because in that way, his identity was completely exposed.

After the exposure, it is naturally impossible to go to school quietly as before, but to leave.

At least Dad wouldn’t worry about being alone in school.

The rhythm of life was completely disrupted.

That kind of life is not what Sheldon wants.

He just wants to improve himself quietly, just not short of money.

Sheldon sighed and said, “Well, it seems that there are still classes in my school, so I will go back first!”

Sheldon stood up and walked outside.


Lilla chased it all the way out.

She felt quite uncomfortable in her heart, especially when she remembered that she had heard about Sheldon just now, she looked down on Sheldon a bit.

She regretted it.

Yes, why didn’t I think about it from Sheldon’s perspective? If it wasn’t because of poverty, who would want to do that?

Moreover, how did Sheldon treat himself during this time? Now I heard that I was in an accident, and I brought things to see myself.

Lilla felt that Sheldon was wrong.

“Sheldon, you are mad at me, right? They said you just now, I didn’t help you!”

Lilla bit her lip.

“Not angry, but I want to know, do you think of me like them, thinking that I am a person who has no lower limit for money?”

Sheldon smiled and looked at Lilla.

“I did it just now, but I don’t have it now, Sheldon, anyway, we are good friends!”

Lilla walked to Sheldon.

“it is good!”

Sheldon didn’t say anything, and after nodding, he left.

Outside the complex.

Sheldon let out a long sigh. To be honest, Sheldon was really sad just now, and Lilla would think of himself like others.

But now, Sheldon’s heart is a little unspeakable, in short, it is not too mixed.

But he still took out his cell phone and dialed Chapman.

“Sheldon, what do you want?”

“Brother Zhenguo, I want you to do me a favor. There is a Feiyang Technology Co., Ltd., which seems to be in some economic situation. I wonder if I can invest?”

“Investment?” Chapman was taken aback for a moment, and then overjoyed: “Of course you can invest. Mr. Sheldon is eager for you to do this, no problem, no problem at all! I will handle it for you immediately!”

“Well, don’t use your name, just use the name of Roston Commercial Group, Brother Zhenguo~!” Sheldon said.

“Well, within an hour, I will finish this thing!” Chapman said overjoyed. Sheldon has made a big improvement now!

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon was ready to go back to school, and he was ready to take the exam for subject three, and then go to practice subject three.

But as soon as he arrived at school, Vern called.

“Hahaha, Sheldon, good news, great news!”

Vern laughed.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Sheldon was frightened by the shocked attitude of the head.

“It’s Marcella. Marcella started fighting with Chad, and the police came and said they were going to catch Chad. Anyway, it was very lively! We are all going to take a look downstairs in the girls’ dorm!”

Marcella fought with Chad?

And the police came?

Sheldon’s forehead is muddled, can a fight between two people cause trouble?

Go check it out!

After Sheldon, who didn’t understand, hung up the phone, he went to the girls’ dorm too!

Chapter 52

“Sheldon, here!”

When Sheldon went to the female dorm where Marcella was staying, it was surrounded by many people.

Both boys and girls.

There are also the police, even the guide Tenner, and Chad and his guides are all there.

It can be said to be really lively.

In the crowd, Vern waved to Sheldon.

Sheldon walked over.

Only then did I see Marcella and Chad.

It seems that the two have been fighting each other, Marcella has slap marks on her face, her hair is messed up, and she is crying and cursing.

Chad was being held by the police at this time, and he was all handcuffed.

Frightened his face pale.

One of the policemen is clarifying the situation with two guides.

“This…what’s wrong?”

Sheldon asked startledly.

“What’s the matter, my damn, Sheldon, don’t you always wonder why this Chad has become rich since that day? Guess what, this Chad is really bold enough, he first followed the Internet The loan company borrowed one hundred thousand, and then borrowed it for seven days. Then, maybe it was because of the black box operation. After only seven days, it has already rolled into a huge profit of 500,000. This Chad seems to have secretly put his dad in the factory. The shares have been pledged!”

“Anyway, it’s very troublesome now, this policeman, his father reported it!”

“Now that Chad is desperate, he asked Marcella to pay him back, as if he had spent 100,000 on Marcella’s body. If Marcella didn’t pay it back, he beat Marcella!”

“Damn, some black net loan companies are too ruthless. I used to read the news and borrowed 10,000 dollar. A week later, it turned into 100,000 black operations. Ten times, I think it is fake. Now I am I really believe it, it’s so scary!”

Sheldon finished listening.

Look at Marcella who is crying.

He looked at Chad who was escorted into the police car again, and he was still cursing, “I told you a bitch, I paid you 100,000, but I didn’t even get the bed. Why would you wait for me without paying back? I will let my dad find someone to kill you!”

“Give me in!”

Before Chad finished cursing, he was stuffed in by the police!

“You fu*king care about me asking for money, is my old lady your girlfriend for nothing!”

Marcellaqi jumped.

“You big liar, you deserve it!”

Although Marcella cursed, she was really scared in her heart. Chad’s house was not simple, at least better than herself.

Seeing Chad being taken away by the police, Marcella’s heart was beating.

Suddenly, with a glance, she saw Sheldon in the crowd.

Right now, Marcella’s eyes were red.

She ran directly at Sheldon, raised her hand and gave Sheldon two mouths, which were quite loud!

“You bastard, when you see me being beaten, are you watching? Bastard, you can drag him out and beat him!”

Marcella was mad, tearing Sheldon’s clothes, shouting and screaming.

In her mind, Sheldon wanted to do anything for herself.

Not to mention now, just to say that before, when he had a mild cold, Sheldon had to go to the infirmary behind his back.

He said he was hungry, even in the middle of the night, Sheldon would run out of the school gate to buy food and deliver it to his dorm.

Want to buy a mobile phone, Sheldon is exhausted from working part-time, and will buy it for himself.

Therefore, Marcella was beaten now, and she subconsciously felt that Sheldon would definitely work hard for herself.

As a result, Sheldon stood there looking stupidly!

Marcella’s anger was rushing, and she was going crazy.

“Marcella, I am not your boyfriend anymore!”

After two mouthfuls, Sheldon really wanted to withdraw.

But as soon as he saw Marcella’s face, Chad had a palm print.

Sheldon couldn’t do anything.

Can only push her away!

Sheldon used to have real affection for Marcella.

“Okay, it’s not my boyfriend anymore, don’t you want to make up!”

Marcella cried.

She is not crazy now.

However, Sheldon now feels so strange to her.

Could it be that even this poor dick doesn’t love herself?

how come?

I, Marcella, even if it doesn’t help, this Sheldon should kneel and lick me.

“I don’t want to!”

Sheldon shook his head, turned around and left. In fact, Sheldon felt a little pain in his heart.

“Bad son! If you are not with me, how can I pay back the money? If it weren’t for Chad to fight for wealth, could I be like this now?”

Marcella is hysterical!

This Sheldon doesn’t love himself at all.

However, now that he still has 100,000 dollar in foreign accounts, that Chad family is not easy to mess with.

How to do? What should I do now?

One hundred thousand dollar, even if you sell yourself, you can’t make that much at once!

Marcella squatted on the ground, crying.

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

He went back to the dorm in disarray, wanting to sleep, but couldn’t sleep anymore.

Seeing the slap print on Marcella’s face, Sheldon was really distressed.

If Marcella still followed her safely as before, now she really wants what she wants.

She was bullied, of course Sheldon would not hesitate.

Ironically, she betrayed herself.

She lied to herself that a person wanted to be quiet, but she got better with others in three days.

Sheldon didn’t mention this matter much, but he would never forget it in his heart!

Lying on the bed, I thought about how Marcella was doing before, and then I thought about the scenes of Marcella satirizing himself. That’s it, more than half an hour passed.

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang again.

When I picked it up, Lilla was calling.

“Sheldon, where are you? Come to my house, we have already prepared the food, ready to entertain you!”

Lilla’s voice was very excited.

“I went back to the dorm, what’s wrong?”

Sheldon has roughly guessed what happened, but still pretended not to know.

“Hey, the economic crisis in our family has passed, and did you know that the company has also received an investment from Roston Commercial Group, one hundred million! Sheldon, come, come and eat together!”

Lilla was happy now, and Sheldon was also very happy and surprised.

Brother Zhenguo is very efficient, what Sheldon did not expect is that he actually invested 100 million, so much money! Gee…

If Lilla said to let herself go back before, Sheldon might really go over and have fun.

But now, Sheldon was very confused when he was involved in Marcella’s affairs.

“Forget it, eat it, I won’t go, I am a little tired now and want to sleep for a while!”

“Ah! Sheldon, what are you doing? Why don’t you come! Are you afraid that they will ridicule you? Don’t worry, they won’t be able to do it with me!”

“No, I’m really tired!”

“Well, wait for the evening. I will go back to school in the evening, and I will invite you alone. Speaking of which, I have always wanted to invite you to dinner. I haven’t invited you yet!”

“it is good!”

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon thought to see if he could find an opportunity in the evening and told Lilla that he helped her this time.

Tell her your identity by the way?

But I wonder how to start.

Could it be too sudden!

Ah yeah, Sheldon felt that his head was about to explode!

at the same time.

Lilla’s home.

“Why? You poor classmate are not coming? You are still holding up!”

Greer looked at Lilla, who looked lonely after putting down the phone, couldn’t help but said.

She really didn’t understand, her daughter cared so much about what that guy was doing.

“It’s just right if you don’t come, cousin, I think you will not pay attention to this kid in the future, you know, you and him are not in the same world now, our Su family’s industry this time has the investment of Roston Commercial Group, it must be a higher level Lou, break off that kid’s desire to eat swan meat as early as possible!”

“Yeah! What do you contact with that person!”

A group of young people murmured non-stop.

“By the way, Charlton, was it your father’s relationship that allowed Roston Commercial Group to invest? This is the Roston First Group. How could it suddenly invest in us?”

At this time, Greer brought the topic to the Roston Commercial Group.

This is also the biggest doubt in her heart.

But Charlton shook his head:

“It won’t be my father. Roston Commercial Group can invest in it. In fact, only two people nod their heads. Even President Chapman and Li can’t be a home! That is the two bosses of the group, the biggest President Chen, now Not in America, so I guessed that this time the investment was initiated by the extremely mysterious Young Master Sheldon!”

“Sheldon? Why haven’t you heard of it?”

As soon as this remark came out, the whole audience fell silent.

You know, Chapman is a big rich person in Roston. Now, there are two big backers on his head, and one of them is Sheldon.

Does that mean that Roston Business District is also owned by others.

How rich is this?

Charlton looked very respectful: “This Sheldon’s identity and life experience are so mysterious, and the family property is not what everyone can imagine… Sheldon has just come to Roston now, and he must show his fists, so I suspect, Aunt Wang , Did your company just catch up?”

“It should be!”

Greer nodded in surprise.

And a group of girls, including Nimra, couldn’t help it:

“Young Master Zhuang, please tell me how mysterious is that Young Master Sheldon? Did you mean that the entire Roston Business District belongs to him? My mother!”

Charlton sneered: “What is it? Roston Business District? Haha, let me tell you this. I also listened to my father’s description. Roston’s money printing machine Roston Business District, in the eyes of Sheldon’s family, is a fart. It’s not even counted!”


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