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Chapter 47

Marcella has been aggrieved by the incident last time.

Especially when Sheldon bought the bag, she and Chad were embarrassed to death!

Pointing at Sheldon’s nose and cursing.

Just to stimulate him!

“Hello fellow students, this is a public place, please don’t make a loud noise!”

A waitress came over and smiled politely at Marcella.

Marcella talked so loudly that it interrupted other customers shopping.

“What do you mean! Do you want to drive me away? You don’t have to open your eyes and see, how many things I bought, it is them you want to drive away!”

Marcella reluctantly said: “You call your manager to come over! Is it to drive away the guests who buy things, or these people who have no money to hang out here and pretend to be 13!”

At this moment, the waiter was terrified.

The manager was hired, and it seemed that this girl was too uncomfortable, she really had to lose her job.

The waitress is very embarrassed at the moment.

Chad, on the other hand, held his shoulders and looked at everything in front of him with a smile.

Especially when being watched by so many people, my face is too dignified.

Vern originally picked a piece of more than a thousand clothes, but when Marcella ridiculed Sheldon, he put the clothes down again and pulled Sheldon and said:

“Sheldon, let’s go and see elsewhere!”

He had already picked it up, but if he had to pay, Marcella wouldn’t taunt him, but he would definitely prevent Sheldon from coming to the stage, so he didn’t buy it at all.

After all, Sheldon bought clothes by himself.


Sheldon smiled faintly.

“Why are we leaving? We are here to buy clothes!”

Sheldon glanced at Marcella and Chad.

This Chad has always made Sheldon very strange. During this time, Sheldon had also heard that Chad’s shots were more generous than before, which means he was rich.

But although the conditions in his family are wealthy, he shouldn’t be so crazy to spend money.

Now the standard for Marcella has been raised to tens of thousands of clothes.

However, when he meets Marcella, his ex-girlfriend, Sheldon’s self-esteem is always aroused.

Because Chen Xue was a girl he loved deeply and was hurt deeply by her.

Then, he turned his head to look at the waiter: “By the way, take out the most expensive clothes in your store and let us choose!”

“Huh?” The waiter was taken aback for a moment, but since the customer had said, she could only do it.

“Hehe, Sheldon, do you still have money? The 200,000 lottery ticket has been spent. What are you going to buy?”

“That’s right, don’t be ashamed here!”

Marcella said to Chad together.

Marcella said in his heart, you still compare with me, can you compare to you?

Sheldon shook his head wryly, can afford it?

Add up all the clothes in this store, and I can afford it myself.

Marcella, Marcella, if you don’t break up with yourself, even if you ask him to buy something, Sheldon is willing to buy it for you!

At this time, the waiter just came over with a few precious clothes.

Seeing one of the number plates, Marcella was stunned. Only one of them was worth more than 80,000.

I go!

The waiter listened to Sheldon and took it out.

In fact, he has his own careful thinking.

Obviously, looking at Sheldon’s clothes, he must be unable to afford the clothes here.

However, there are many people in the store at this moment. Taking out these few best domestic orphan costumes can definitely have a good advertising effect.

There are five items in total, one in each category, which adds up to more than 200,000.

Marcella looked at the fifteen thousand pieces of clothing she was holding again, and instantly felt that she was overshadowed.

Looking at Chad eagerly.

Chad felt hot on his face. Among the five clothes, the cheapest one cost more than 70,000.

Too expensive!

“Help me install one! Brother Vern, you also pick one, as I give you!”

Sheldon smiled.

Vern was unwilling at first. After all, the clothes were too expensive. He didn’t dare to let Sheldon spend so much money.

And Vern guessed in his heart that the money in Sheldon should have been spent almost.

But in the end, Vern saw Sheldon gave himself a certain look, and knew that Sheldon would not be joking at this time.

This was the answer.

In a blink of an eye, Sheldon and Vern had already taken the two most expensive items.

“Huh, can you afford it?”

Marcella was not convinced.

Then he looked at Chad, “Mr. Chad, I want me too!”

“This poor Sheldon must not be able to afford it, see how shame he is! Marcella, I don’t have much money this month!”

Chad suddenly felt anxious when he saw that the money he had finally obtained was about the same.

Hastily enlightened Marcella.

The waiter obviously didn’t expect Sheldon to buy it. After Sheldon chose the style, he took the bank card to pay.

Two clothes, hundreds of thousands, are the most expensive!

“Damn, you really bought this product?”

“I thought it was the ex-boyfriend who met the current boyfriend. The two are grudges. Damn it is hundreds of thousands. Can this kid afford it?”

“Haha, the current boyfriend is already sluggish, it depends on whether this ex-boyfriend can afford it!”

The crowd watching the excitement are all watching Chad and Sheldon.

Chad lost face again.

But this time it was much calmer.

He didn’t intend to leave, he wanted to stay and watch to see how ashamed Sheldon was today.

Hundreds of thousands…If he can take it out, he will eat shit.

“Sir, you have thought about it, really want to buy?”

The waiter was holding the POSS machine and had to remind.

“Well, just these two…” Sheldon said.

Immediately swiped his bank card.

Under everyone’s eyes, they heard the sound of the POSS machine.

The waiter’s glance was surprised at first, and then, with the sound of these drops, she was instantly disappointed.

“Um! Sir, your credit card is not enough!”

Haha, the waiter knows now, this is the one who came to pack 13.

He just didn’t expect that he would really take out such an expensive dress for him to buy.

That’s why I kept clamoring to buy the most expensive one. As a result, there was no money at all.

Yeah, why is he so stupid? Looking at this person’s clothes, he doesn’t look like he is rich at all. Why do I waste so much time with him?


And Marcella laughed directly: “Sheldon, you are dreaming! I tell you, before, I just despised you for being poor and broke up with you, I actually still miss you a bit better, now, I found you It’s just a hypocritical guy, breaking up with you is really my wise choice!”

Chad also smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“This buddy is awesome!”

“I thought it was a rich person!”

Many of the girls present covered their mouths and smiled, looking at Sheldon’s gaze like a fool.

Not to mention others, Vern’s face blushed.

Sheldon scratched his head.

He just remembered that his bank card limit was 200,000.

He only knows that his black gold shopping card now has more than one million credits, and the minimum consumption starts with 300,000.

But I ignored the fact that my bank card was also tricked by my sister.

Today Sheldon really wanted to be in front of Marcella and let her know that Sheldon was not useless.

But now, it’s really embarrassing…

At this moment, a clear and beautiful voice sounded:

“He must be able to afford it. How could Sheldon couldn’t afford the things in our store…”

Chapter 48-Introducing a Friend to You

At this moment, a voice rang from the shop.

This mid-range gift shop is somewhat similar to a big mall like Ginza.

And this clothing store is just one of them.

At this moment, a young and beautiful girl was walking towards this side.

And with her arrival, many waiters bowed deeply to her.

“I’m going, it’s so beautiful!”

“This is simply a fairy level, and it’s so beautiful!”

“Is she the owner of this shop? Why are people so kind to her?”

Many boys at the scene have become idiots.

But Sheldon turned to look at the girl, but his eyebrows raised slightly.


Sheldon was still a little surprised.

Sheldon was deeply impressed by her. The violent woman almost disfigured herself at the last meeting in the dust, and finally hit her ass.

In particular, this woman’s beautiful legs made Sheldon completely remember.

White and long.

He looks very beautiful.

Danna came over at this time.

In fact, she has been here for a while, but as soon as she came up, she saw Sheldon who was surrounded and pointed.

Danna’s face of Sheldon will probably never be forgotten in this lifetime.

After all, this dude was the first time I was humiliated!

And his father ordered himself many times, he must please Sheldon, definitely!

“Hello Sheldon, let’s meet again!”

Danna bowed slightly.

The whole audience was stunned.

“I’m going, what did the beauty call her? Sheldon? What’s the situation?”

“This person who brags 13 actually knows the goddess?”

Marcella even blinked.

This girl who is definitely a hundred times stronger than herself, being close to Sheldon made Marcella feel uncomfortable.

Don’t say that this girl is a hundred times more beautiful than herself.

Even if Sheldon was favored by an ugly girl, Marcella would feel uncomfortable.

“What did you call him? Did you admit the wrong person? What kind of master he is, just a D wire!”

Marcella pointed to Sheldon and said to Danna.

Chad was even more jealous.

This girl is so punctual, why is she so respectful to Sheldon?

If you can do this to yourself, it would be awesome!

“Yeah, Miss Lin, meet again! Uh, I originally wanted to buy a piece of clothing, but my money was less than 200,000 dollar and it was not enough!”

Sheldonlplessly spread his hands.

“What? This kid is less than 200,000 dollar to make up enough?”

If it wasn’t for the goddess who was respected by all the waiters standing here, they wouldn’t believe it if they were killed.

Marcella even widened her eyes: “Sheldon, you are talking nonsense, you have won a total of 200,000. How could there be another 200,000? Who are you lying here!”

“Who told you I only won two hundred thousand!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Danna’s face was always smiling, but when he saw that Sheldon wanted to buy a girl’s clothes, Danna actually flashed some bitterness in his heart.

That’s right, Danna’s eyes are indeed very high.

And the requirements for a person’s race are higher.

However, when a person is glorious to a certain extent, all his shortcomings will be covered up.

Others don’t know, but Danna is very clear.

Sheldon is the first heir to an ancient family with half the wealth of the earth!

Therefore, it is impossible to say that for a person of Sheldon’s worth, there will be no waves in his heart.

“Young Master Sheldon, if you like it, how about giving you these clothes?”

Danna took a breath and said calmly.

Hundreds of thousands, for Sheldon, it’s not even a dime.

“That’s OK, it’s not convenient to withdraw money today. I will take the clothes first and return the money to you!”

At this time, more and more people gathered.

Sheldon was not polite.

He didn’t want to be stared at by so many eyes.

“Then Young Master Sheldon, I’ll take you down…”

After Danna finished speaking, she actually took Sheldon’s arm gently, and the two of them went downstairs together in the horrified eyes of the crowd.

“This, this…”

Marcella was anxious.

What did this woman call him?


And Sheldon just said that he can’t spend less than 200,000 dollar, which shows that Sheldon still has money!

This is certain.

Sheldon is more than 200,000, definitely more!

Those two clothes alone cost more than 100,000!

Marcella suddenly felt that Sheldon was so strange now.

It was even more embarrassing for Chad to stand here, and he wanted to pull Marcella away.

“Sir, the two clothes you ordered have already been wrapped for you, totaling thirty-six thousand. Would you like to use your card or cash?”

The waiter stood in front of Chad quickly with eyesight.

In the current situation, it will definitely not work if you don’t buy it.

To be honest, today Chad was willing to spend such a large amount of money, just to impress Marcella, and then the two of them went to open the house.

But now, the atmosphere is not right!

Even if I bought it for thirty-six thousand and six, I bought it in a shameful state.

But in the presence of so many people, they have to buy it.

He gritted his teeth and paid thirty-six thousand and then left with Marcella dingy.

The gift shop is downstairs.

Vern consciously had already waited for Sheldon at the school gate.

But Danna still took Sheldon’s arm lightly and came to the roadside.

“Sheldon, can I know, is this dress you picked for your girlfriend? Who is the beauty who would be so lucky?”

Danna said with a little jealousy in her heart.

Danna’s observation of Sheldon through the last opening of Taste Point.

She knew that Sheldon was not the rich second generation she imagined, but rather calm, simple, and sincere to people.

If Sheldon decides on his girlfriend this time, it will be as irritating as other rich second generations.

Married to Sheldon, that would be the wife of the Cooper Family in the future.

“This is what I plan to give to a friend of mine, not my girlfriend!”

Sheldon smiled. Today, Danna helped himself out of the siege and gave himself a lot of face.

At the same time, Sheldon was also very confused:

“It looks like this shop belongs to your Lin family?”

Danna was a little pleased to hear that Sheldon had no girlfriend.

At the moment he smiled and said, “Yes, gift shops like this. Our Lin family has opened almost all the universities around the entire State. This is only one of them. Today I have nothing to do so I just came to stroll around!”

What Danna didn’t say is that even if you are shopping, you have to focus on whether it is good or not. If it weren’t for you, Sheldon, and Sheldon, who was studying at Roston University, who would be shopping here!

Sheldon thanked Danna and wanted to leave.

After all, standing with this big beauty is too eye-catching.

“Wait for Sheldon!” Danna yelled to Sheldon, “There will be a carnival party next week, Bren and the others will go to play, Sheldon, are you free? If you have time, let’s go out and play together. ?”

Danna bit her lip lightly and actively invited.

Because she knows that 80% of them are unplayable. What’s Sheldon?

However, Sheldon nodded, “Okay, I have time next week, so I’ll go around, let’s get one at that time!”

It’s not just Danna who helped him a lot today.

The most important thing is that Sheldon really wants to change himself.

You can’t be so conscientious, or even a little embarrassed, the only way is to get to know more people!

“Then it’s settled!” Danna waved to Sheldon excitedly.

Sheldon and Vern went back to the dorm.

Vern naturally embraced the beauty and returned home.

But Sheldon wanted to start chasing Lilla, but he couldn’t find his way.

After all, there are still very few interactions with Lilla, and if she speaks rashly, will she feel that she is unreliable?

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone just rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Sheldon was slightly happy.

It was Lilla who called.

“Sheldon, are you busy in class? If you are not busy, do you go to practice subject two?”

“Not busy.” Sheldon said with a smile.

“Okay, I’m in the subject two venue now, come here, and introduce a friend to you by the way!”

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