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Chapter 493

Thus, there is the present scene.

Sheldon’s thoughts were flying wild.

Of course, it was not because I was about to marry a beautiful woman unexpectedly.

But Sheldon was thinking about the feasibility of this matter for himself.

Undoubtedly, this is a god assist from Tulip. Once he can get into the Yu family, get the king of ginseng, and end this wandering life, it will be just around the corner.

But, just married a strange woman like this?

Can he be worthy of Lilla?

“How is it? Hey, but don’t be too happy too early. Your married life only lasts for one year. After one year, you will have to divorce. However, our Yu family will give you a lot of money, I It feels good, just like that, you have turned into the Yu family’s son-in-law!”

Tulip Road.

“I promise!”

Sheldon raised his head and said.

Only by becoming stronger can he rescue Lilla and deal with Palmer.

If not, everything is empty talk.

Therefore, Sheldon did not hesitate.

“Ah? I haven’t said the conditions yet? You agreed?”

Tulip pouted, and his eyes flashed with contempt.

Hmph, I thought you were some kind of gentleman, but in the end, it was also a good guy who saw money.

“There are still conditions?”

Sheldon asked in surprise.

“Of course, it’s actually nothing. You just have to understand that your marriage to my sister is similar to that kind of employment relationship. Don’t even think about some things! This is the most important thing!”

“Hehe, I see, you mean, there is no name but no reality, right?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

This is exactly what I wanted.

“Bingo, that’s it. If there is no problem, then sign the contract. You will have the wedding in these two days, before my mother comes back from abroad, because my dad can’t say anything, but my mom, She definitely disagrees, so she is in a hurry!”

Sheldon didn’t know what the hell the two sisters were doing.

But he was not interested in knowing.

At the moment, the employment contract was signed.

In a blink of an eye, seven days later.

“My classmates from abroad came back today and organized this gathering. They are all people who have seen the world. When you get there, stop talking. Do you understand what I mean?”

Early this morning, Sheldon just got into the co-pilot.

A cold woman driving the car opened the mouth.

Her voice was cold, as if there was no trace of emotion.

And this woman, not someone else, is Tulip’s sister Yu Jinfei.

Yes, as of today, Sheldon has been married to her for three days.

And he moved into the Yu family and became the son-in-law of the Yu family.

It’s just that, except when necessary, Concubine Yu Jin almost never said a word to Sheldon, let alone see Sheldon directly.

Sheldon understands.

In her heart, she is just a tool.

But what can this be?

“I know!”

Sheldon nodded.

Soon, Yu Jinfei drove to the place.

It is a high-end restaurant in Tiancheng.

“Golden Concubine, are you here?”

After entering the box.

Several men and women stood up.

Among them, a young man wearing a American dress and a gold watch walked in front of Concubine Yu Jin.


“Golden Concubine, after I returned to America, I heard that you were married, and what kind of teacher did you find, right?”

The young man showed a bit of resentment and pointed to Sheldon and said.

“Yes, this is my husband, Sheldon!”

Concubine Yu Jin took Sheldon’s arm and then introduced: “Sheldon, this is my college classmate, Yin Chao!”

“Hello there!”

According to the etiquette taught by Concubine Yu Jin in advance, Sheldon stretched out his hand and wanted to shake hands with Yin Chao.

“Golden Concubine, I really don’t know what you think, even if you broke up with him, but you still have other people…”

Yin Chao Qidao.

But after seeing Concubine Yu Jin’s warning gaze, he didn’t go on.

It can be seen that this Yin Chao seems to be a suitor of Concubine Yu Jin.

And he naturally ignored Sheldon.

Similarly, Yu Jinfei students at the scene seemed to be full of hostility towards Sheldon.

Almost no one said a word to Sheldon.

At the same time, several girls showed a look of contempt at Sheldon from time to time.

It seems to be expressing the emotion of how a flower is inserted on the cow dung.

“Brother Chao, look at that kid, you can’t think that Concubine Jin married this kind of person. It is said that she is a teacher from Tiancheng University. She is really drunk. I really don’t know what Concubine Jin thinks!”

The bathroom outside.

Several boys said dissatisfied.

After all, Concubine Yu Jin is so beautiful, which boy has never liked her before, especially Yin Chao, who has always liked Concubine Yu Jin.

But Concubine Yu Jin has always had someone else in her heart, and everyone has no chance.

It’s alright now. I finally waited for the opportunity. I didn’t expect Concubine Yu Jin to marry directly, and to such a useless person.

After all, they are distinguished, and Sheldon’s identity as a university teacher naturally looks down upon them.

“Hmph, that is, we want to say something to Concubine Jin, it is not convenient to say, he is here, it is really an eye!”

Another boy said.

“In that case, let him go! Let him know that our party is not something people like him can attend!”

Yin Chao sneered.

At the moment, he whispered a few words to several boys.

Afterwards, everyone returned to the box.

“Oh, speaking of it, after the concubine Jin got married, we haven’t had a good drink with the bridegroom officer. Brother Sheldon, you have snatched all our goddesses away. Whatever happened, we have to have a drink too!”

Yin Chao had an abnormal attitude and smiled at Sheldon.

The other boys even glanced at each other and looked at Sheldon with a cold smile.

“Okay! I do have a drink, how are you going to drink it?”

Sheldon smiled.

“Well, I happened to bring a box of good wine from home today. I have already sent someone to pick it up. Let’s drink it directly!”

Yin Chao didn’t expect that this Sheldon was so real.

“Okay, white is good, I like to drink white!” Sheldon laughed.

Concubine Yu Jin obviously saw what Yin Chao was going to do.

Originally, I wanted to remind Sheldon to prevent him from gloomy.

But seeing him so mindless, Yu Jinfei was also drunk in her heart.

Just let him drink it, drink it to death!

Concubine Yu Jin turned her head aside.

And there was already a little brother who came over with two boxes of liquor.

“Hehe, Brother Sheldon, let’s tell you that, my brother runs a winery at home. He grew up in a wine tank. He is the master and we are the assistant. He will have a good drink with you. It’s okay, right?”

Yin Chao smiled.


Sheldon continued to smile and nodded.

However, no one noticed that a dark look flashed through Sheldon’s eyes. Since practicing Professor Kirk’s internal skills, Sheldon has long been immune to alcohol and the like.

Even the general poisonous, Sheldon is fine.

Not to mention these drinks…

The main reason is that Sheldon sees Yin Chao and they are very pertinent. If they swallow their anger, they are not Sheldon’s current temperament. If you want to play, then play…

Chapter 494:

The Man in Black Appears
Yin Chao couldn’t help but shook his head with a bitter smile in his heart.

This one is called Sheldon, I’m afraid it’s just a few kilos.

His classmate and brother indeed opened a winery at home, and their father and son have one characteristic, that is, they have a lot of alcohol enzymes in their bodies.

He has seen it with his own eyes, a high-level liquor, and his brother drank a full seven bottles before he got the amount.

Qijin, that’s it.

Therefore, his brother alone can cause Sheldon to have stomach bleeding, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Several people took turns to persuade the wine to drink whole cups one by one.

In the blink of an eye, Sheldon and his brother each went down with three bottles.

Brother Yin Chao’s face was white and scary, but his consciousness was very clear. It seemed that three more bottles would be no problem.

But this scene has already scared Yu Jinfei and the other girls.

This is too much to drink.

Concubine Yu Jin looked at Sheldon even more, but his expression remained the same as if he hadn’t drunk at all!

“Brother Sheldon is really massive, if so, three more bottles, dare you?”

While Yin Chao was surprised, he was also extremely unconvinced.

“No problem, but you have to accompany you to drink. This brother and I have each drunk three bottles, should you start?”

Sheldon smiled and said.

“Well, since Brother Sheldon is still willing to continue, then we will die with the gentleman!”

Yin Chao whispered to the person again: “It’s nothing, Taozi?”


Tao Zi, the son of the winery, waved his hand.

With that said, several people started a new round.

Concubine Yu Jin stared at them even more.

Among them, Tao Zi and Sheldon are drinking together.

Yin Chao and the other two drank half a cup.

In a blink of an eye, Sheldon and Taozi each had three bottles of wine.

And Yin Chao and the others drank a catty and a half each.

The boys on the scene, except Tao Zi and Yin Chao, were a little conscious, the other three had already got down.

“Brother Tao, you really can drink, three more bottles, dare you?”

At this time, Sheldon glanced at Tao Zi, whose face was already sallow, and said to Yin Chao, whose face was pale.

“Still drinking? You are all six catties each!”

Concubine Yu Jin stood up and said.

“Drink! Must drink! Taozi drink with him, vomit!”

Before Yin Chao finished speaking, he ran out and vomited.

Yin Chao never dreamed that this Sheldon could drink so much.

When he ran to the bathroom, he felt like the sky was spinning.

My stomach is very uncomfortable.

At the end of the vomiting, it was all blood.

But the alcohol is getting stronger, no matter what.

After vomiting for a long time, Yin Chao walked towards the box.


At this time, I heard a scream from the box.

Yin Chao opened the door of the box and took a look.

I saw Taozi lying on the ground, spraying blood from his mouth and turning his eyes white.

“Quick! Call an ambulance!”

Yin Chao opened his eyes wide and shouted.

The sound of the ambulance went from far to near.

After the treatment, Concubine Yu Jin and Sheldon returned to their car.

“You… nothing at all?”

Concubine Yu Jin was astonished when she glanced at Sheldon, who had no waves on her face.

“No, tell you a secret, I am naturally immune to alcohol, but I drink too much and urinate and want to pee!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

“I didn’t see it, you are not honest at all!”

Concubine Yu Jin couldn’t help but glanced at Sheldon.

At this moment, Concubine Yu Jin received a call.

After the fight, she hung up with a faint um.

At this moment, he looked worried.

“It was my mother who came back from abroad, she knew that I had secretly married this matter from her!”

Concubine Yu Jin frowned.

“It doesn’t matter, what’s the matter with her love?”

At the moment, Concubine Yu Jin drove home.

“He is Sheldon? Why did he enter our Yu family?”

After returning home, a glamorous woman sitting on the sofa mountain stood up immediately and said insulting Sheldon.

Su Hong had just returned from abroad and she heard the heavy news abroad.

When she heard that her daughter had made an opinion and had married a wimpy man, Su Hong passed out on the spot.

He hurried back from abroad without stopping.

“My business, don’t worry about it, what about me is my business!”

Concubine Yu Jin shot back unceremoniously.

“Don’t care about me? But Concubine Jin, what on earth do you think, how many princes come to ask for a kiss, are rejected by me, even if you want to marry, I don’t care, you don’t need to put my mother in your eyes. But you can’t marry this kind of person, let our Yu family follow you to shame, right?”


At the end, Su Hong smashed a teacup directly.

And fell at the feet of Sheldon.

From beginning to end, Sheldon didn’t say a word.

“And you Jinxiang, it’s said that you were ignoring this matter. See how I will deal with you in the future. While I was looking for a buyer in Country M, you two girls are simply turned upside down!”

In the end, Su Hong walked directly to Sheldon.


Raising his hand is just a slap in the face, “I don’t want to look at your virtues, and I am worthy to come to my Yu’s house, tell you, you two are divorced, you! Forever disappear in front of me!”

After speaking, Su Hong directly went up the stairs in anger.

All the flower pots on the stairs were knocked down.

Sheldon got a mouth on his face.

He could obviously avoid it, but just now it was because of a sentence from Su Hong that caused his distraction.

It turned out that Su Hong was looking for a buyer in Country M.

The Yu family is not a trader.

Besides, there is no need for her Mrs. Kuo to find any buyers.

The only possibility is that it is the king of participation.

As Wei Qingshu said, the Yu family now wants to find a buyer, but they don’t know who to sell to.

Only export is the best choice.

In other words, King Ginseng is in Su Hong’s hands?

Sheldon was in a trance because of thinking about this.

“My mother slapped you. When we terminate the contract a year later, I will compensate you with an extra 100,000 dollar!”

When she returned to the room, she looked at Sheldon in a daze, Yu Jinfei said.

“Do you think money is everything?”

Sheldon suddenly raised his head and asked.

“Isn’t it? Hehe, you promised me, isn’t it just for the money?”

Concubine Yu Jin could not help but contempt.

Sheldon did not respond.

She went to the bathroom outside to wash her face instead.


As he was washing his face, a black shadow suddenly flashed outside the bathroom window.

the speed is very fast.

But now Sheldon’s alertness has greatly improved.


Sheldon wiped his face without going to the door, but jumped out from the bathroom window.

Follow the shadows and chase them all the way.

The speed of getting the shadow is very fast, not under Sheldon.

Even surpassed oneself.

Because Sheldon found that no matter how he accelerated, he always kept a safe distance from himself.

The reason for saying the safety distance.

Refers to the effective killing range of one’s own hidden weapon.

After running to the bank of a moat, the shadow stopped.

Sheldon chased him, and Sheldon could see clearly through the moonlight.

He was just a man in black with a black robe and a weird dress, with only one pair of eyes out.

“who are you?”

Sheldon frowned and asked.

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