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Chapter 495

Sheldon stared at this person coldly.

Just perceiving the breath, he already felt that this person was extraordinary.

Huh huh!

At this moment, a few lights and shadows flashed, and they were already standing behind Sheldon.

Those were four men in black who also wore black robes.

Like the person in front of him, looking at their skills, it seems to be far above him.

Palmer Family?

Sheldon couldn’t help but secretly said.

“Sheldon, I came out with you today. There are two things!”

At this moment, the man in black spoke up.

Listening to the voice is an old man.

“what’s up?”

“The Cooper Family has been inherited for hundreds of years. It is a wealthy and distinguished family. You are the youngest of the Cooper Family. You actually came here to be humiliated and ruined! The first thing is to teach you a vicious lesson!”

The man in black said lightly.

“Do you know who I am? It seems that I am not from the Palmer Family?”

Sheldon questioned.

The man in black did not answer.

Suddenly, his figure flickered and went straight to Sheldon.

Without waiting for Sheldon to react, bang! Two loud slaps are already on the face.

In an instant, the man in black returned to his original position.

The speed is extremely fast, as if it happened in the blink of an eye.

Sheldon had no strength to fight back.

“Who are you… on earth?”

Sheldon was surprised again.

“The second thing is that I came to meet him on the order of the Lord, but this king of ginseng is of great benefit to you. I will leave the four guards of the south, east, north and west to stay with you. The time comes. , They will take you away!”

“Southeast, Northwest?”

“Subordinates are here!”

“During this period of time, stay with Sheldon, listen to his orders in everything, and wait until he gets the king, then take him back to see the Lord!”

The man in black ordered.


After the black man nodded, he was ready to leave.

“Wait, who is your lord?”

Sheldon asked, covering his face.

Two slaps have caused Sheldon’s mouth to bleed.

“When you meet, you naturally know!”

The man in black left this sentence and left.


This group of people in black is truly unprecedented in strength. Compared with them, the people of the Palmer Family are simply too far behind.

Is it possible that besides Palmer Family, there are even stronger masters in this world?

Sheldon thought.

If Uncle Qin is by his side, he must know what kind of power these people are!

And the four major guards from southeast, northwest and northwest, except for nodding and shaking their heads, the rest would not say anything to Sheldon.

Sheldon was extremely surprised and helpless.

It seems that only when you see their master, you will know who this group is.

However, the current situation is not very convenient to bring them, so Sheldon asked the southeast and northwest to return to the manor and wait.

And he had to stay at Yu’s house.

Yu family at the moment.

“It’s just right that he isn’t here, maybe he’s going to die, don’t let me see him, I will be annoyed when I see him, all right, I will call you over to say something business!”

Su Hong, called all the members of the family to the hall.

Concubine Yu Jin did not know where Sheldon had gone.

Su Hong said, “I have been in contact with the forces of many countries during this time. They are very eager for the king of ginseng, and they have offered us sky-high prices!”

“But mom, isn’t it that the price is not a problem? This thing is a scourge in our Yu family. If you can deal with it, you can deal with it as soon as possible. The current situation is that too many forces have been watching, why have you contacted so many buyers? ?”

Tulip couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Hmph, silly daughter, don’t you understand this? The more buyers you contact, the stronger it will be to our Yu family. Let them fight. Anyway, they are strong and fight to the end. On the contrary, these forces in Tiancheng are fundamentally It’s not enough. In this way, our Yu family can not only clear the siege, but also establish the supremacy of the city in the future! Kill two birds with one stone!”

“I will understand this. In this way, the small forces in the city will definitely retreat in the face of difficulties!”

Tulip nodded.

“Yeah, Mom has already chosen a date. Just three days later, our Yu family will openly hold the King’s auction ceremony. When that happens, let them call. Our Yu family will only make a profit!”

Su Hong smiled faintly.

Although the head of the Yu family is Tulip’s father.

But how to put it, Su Hong’s position in Yu’s family is a bit like Cixi’s. She has the final say on major and minor matters.

For example, in this case of participating in the king, Su Hong has been arresting again.

And being able to come up with such a detrimental method also shows the woman’s plan.

“A lot of forces will gather here tomorrow, so for these three days, your two sisters are not allowed to go anywhere. You will stay to help your mother receive guests. Do you understand?”

Su Hong said.

Angrily glanced at the eldest daughter Yu Jinfei.

But the two sisters both nodded.

“Ah, brother-in-law, when did you come back?”

At this time, Tulip shouted loudly.

Sheldon opened the door and had already entered.

“Huh, useless things, after finishing this ceremony, let me disappear!”

Su Hong glanced at Sheldon in disgust and turned upstairs again.

As for what Su Hong just said, Sheldon had already heard clearly outside.

It just secretly said in his heart the viciousness of this old woman.

Let so many forces kill.

In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

Just as Su Hong said, once the news of the publicity of the participating king auction meeting was released, it caused a huge turmoil throughout Tiancheng District.

After all, the economic value brought by the king of ginseng is needless to say.

Unexpectedly, King Ginseng was actually in the hands of the Yu family.

Many forces, large and small, all received invitations.

The whole city seemed to be agitated.

At the same time, foreign underground forces have also come one after another.

For a time, all the hotels large and small in Tiancheng District were fully occupied.

Tiancheng District is very lively.

Of course, Sheldon was right.

Su Hong’s strategy would really cause bloody disputes.

Just this morning, the two factions in Tiancheng District fought each other, and both suffered losses. They announced their withdrawal from the auction on the same day.

Now, there are two most representative places in Tiancheng District.

That is the two power camps of the Vincent Group and the Tianlong Group.

As for the boss of the Vincent Group, Vincent has not appeared so far, and people have been speculating constantly, and even asserted that Vincent has encountered a bad hand and died as a guest.

As a result, many of the affiliated forces of the original Wensen Group were attached to the strongest dark horse Tianlong Group.

And Yu Jia is the organizer.

Naturally very busy.

The Longquan Villa, a large scenic spot in Tiancheng District, was specially placed as the venue.

Su Hong and his two daughters naturally began to receive distinguished guests from all over Longquan Villa from the first day.

And many locals in Longcheng have also come to join in the fun, come to watch the super-powerful ceremony that has not been seen in Tiancheng for decades.

“Mom, there are too many people, it’s impossible to arrange them all in Longquan Villa, right? It’s crowded!”

Tulip complained.

Today, Tulip called his classmates to help.

“You Nizi, how did you tell you that the dozens of forces that came this time, I’ll forget, only 18 forces need special arrangements, and the rest, don’t care about them, by the way, you must avoid it, let us The Tianlong Group and the Wensen Group in Tiancheng District, the two great forces in Tiancheng, need special arrangements, because after the incident of our Yu family, we still need to deal with these two groups, remember that neither party can offend!”

Su Hong reminded him of something, so he warned.

Chapter 496:


“I know my mother, but it’s really strange. The boss of the Tianlong Group seems to be particularly mysterious. He won’t participate in some occasions. I don’t know if this mysterious boss will come to our Yu family’s ceremony! “

“Being able to quickly rise in Tiancheng District in such a short period of time, it would be extraordinary to come to this boss!”

Tulip said.

“I have indeed heard about the Tianlong Group when I returned to America this time. I just heard that the boss of the Tianlong Group is very young and his subordinates are fierce. As for his origin, I don’t know. I don’t know if you know your mother?”

Yu Jinfei was also a little curious.

Especially, when I heard that Tianlong’s boss was the same age as her, Yu Jinfei was even more curious about what this young man was like when he grew up, and how could he have such great abilities that so many people would follow him willingly. What?

Undoubtedly, most girls admire such heroic characters very much.

Even Yu Jinfei is no exception.

“I don’t know this, it’s just that on the day their group opened, our Yu family also sent someone to congratulate him. However, the Tianlong boss did not attend!”

Su Hong said.

“But, this time I believe he will definitely come. After all, few people can resist the temptation of the king. When the people of Tianlong come, you two sisters will have to perform well. In case, he sees Which of the two of your sisters in the middle, then our Yu family will really be the overlord of the Heavenly City from now on, let’s get out of the Wei family!”

Su Hong hugged his shoulders and smiled.

“Mom, I’m married!”

Concubine Yu Jin frowned slightly.

“Nonsense, what kind of marriage, don’t think that I don’t know what you want to do with that wimpy marriage. It’s useless. Once this event is over, you will leave immediately. It’s a shame!”

Su Hongqi’s face turned pale.

“Aunt Su, our teacher is very good, and I saved Sister Xiang!”

The glasses naturally came to help.

Road beside him now.

“Go, go, what do you know, kindness and love, these are two different things!”

Su Hong said.

“Teacher, you are here!”

As for Sheldon, following Yu Jin’s instructions, he went to arrange a guest room early in the morning.

Only then came over.


Sheldon smiled and nodded: “It just happens that school is off these days, so you can come over and have fun!”

“Yes, teacher!”

They smiled with glasses.

“Huh, a waste, what kind of big-tailed wolf is installed here, and you don’t look at your virtue. If it’s not for my little concubine, can you see this kind of occasion?”

Su Hong said while poking Sheldon in the chest.

To put it bluntly, according to Su Hong’s heart request, his son-in-law, at least a number one, turned out to be such a thing.

Of course I am not upset.

“Ms. Su, hello!”

At this moment, a group of people had already walked over.

The leader is a woman with shawl hair and wearing a professional suit. The woman looks beautiful.

With her arrival, she also attracted a lot of attention.

However, her American is obviously not standard.

“It turns out to be Takenamiko-san, I’m so sorry that I didn’t see you coming!”

Su Hong’s expression changed immediately and smiled.

“It’s okay, Ms. Su, I saw you just now, as if you were busy, I didn’t dare to disturb you!

Miko smiled.

At the same time, he glanced at Sheldon, who was under training, and nodded slightly to Sheldon.

It is undeniable that this Japanese woman laughs beautifully.

Especially when I laughed, my two lovely eyes were bent into crescents, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

“O’ao, I’m training a naive servant, don’t get in the way! Miss Miko, you are coming from the country of Japan, and the journey is hard, I will arrange a guest room for you to rest!”

Su Hong said awkwardly.

“Subordinate? But what did I hear you say about son-in-law?”

Takenami asked, wiping her hair.

“You may have heard it wrong, how is it possible!”

Su Hong smiled at Miko and the five or six young Japanese men with indifferent expressions standing behind Miko.

As for Sheldon, he also looked at these five or six subordinates. The auras were all good, and they seemed to be masters.

This Japanese girl is not easy!

And at this moment.

Just below the villa, another large group of people came up.

There are also many forces going up along the mountain road.

But seeing them, they all stopped and stood aside, giving way to the middle road.

“Madam, it is from the Tianlong Group that is here!”

Aside, a housekeeper said to Su Hong.

Su Hong’s attitude immediately became respectful.

“Tianlong Group!”

And Yu Jinfei sisters couldn’t help but look at this team.

I want to see what the young boss of Tianlong Group looks like.

On the other hand, Takenamiko and the others were about to leave.

I couldn’t help but stop.

“Miss Miko, what’s the matter?”


“Before I came, I had heard of the Tianlong Group in Tiancheng District. They are very powerful. They conquered half a Tiancheng in less than a month. I think if I can get acquainted with their boss on this trip, maybe they are right. We will be of great help in the future!”

Miko smiled.

It stopped right now.

“Hello, Madam Su, here is Zhang Long, this is Shen Wanshan, we are here on behalf of Tianlong Group!”

With the help of Sheldon, Zhang Long’s injury has healed 30%. Although he can’t fight, at least it is no problem to attend some activities normally.

“Tianlong Group is able to come, giving us the Yu family’s face, thank you, I will let someone arrange a guest room! But, Tianlong…?”

Su Hong smiled and looked around.

I want to ask their boss.

“We, President Chen, will come, but it’s a little inconvenient right now!”

Zhang Long said.

“O’ao, the original boss’s surname is Chen, I see, always Chen can come, the best!”

Su Hong hurriedly said.

After speaking, with a face, he shouted at Sheldon: “What are you doing here, why don’t you go and arrange rooms for the VIPs of the Tianlong Group and the Takena Family?”

“it is good!”

Sheldon nodded lightly.

Turning his head and winking with Zhang Long and Shen Wanshan, he led them away.

“Oh, the more you look at it, the more anxious you are. Why are other people so good? It happens that people like him can still live! The same surname is Chen, why is the gap so big?”

Su Hong said.

Concubine Yu Jin didn’t say anything, after all, she was deliberately looking for such a useless man.

First, they settled Zhang Long and their accommodation, and told them something. After all, the power coming now is beyond Sheldon’s imagination, and there are many masters, so Zhang Long, Shen Wanshan and the others are safe and not irritable.

At the same time, he hurried to arrange for Takenamiko and the others.

“Miss Miko, this is your guest room. There are dedicated service staff outside. If you have any needs, you can find them!”

Sheldon smiled.

After speaking, he retired.

“Sir, please wait!”

Suddenly Takenami called to Sheldon.

“What else?”

“Sir, can you do Miko a favor?”

Takenami stood up and bowed slightly to Sheldon.

“Help you?”

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