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Chapter 491

“This…Ou, I jumped to the bottom of the hillside while he was catching you, and then rounded around!”

Sheldon explained.

“I’ll go, I can’t tell, you are quite smart!”

Tulip was surprised.

Sheldon shook his head and said nothing.

And when I came to the bottom of the mountain.

Sheldon discovered that it was another luxury car, rushing towards this side.

Enclosed the entire scene.

“God, this is my dad’s car, it must be Ning Ning, tell my dad, I’m done!”

Tulip said in fear.

“Second Miss, you… are you okay?”

A middle-aged man got out of the car, anxious at the moment.

“Hmph, if you come one step later, you won’t see me!”

Be afraid of the tulip.

“It was Ningning who told me that you might be in danger, so I hurried to bring someone over! It would be great to see you all right!”

It turned out that a few boys just came to talk to Li Ningning, and they revealed that the afro is not a frequent visitor here. It is also the first time I have seen him. He is quite rich, and today he took over the entire arena.

It was this sentence that made Li Ningning vigilant.

Because he really wants to be so rich, he would never drive such an ordinary car.

Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

So Li Ningning immediately told her father.

“It seems that it really made me guess, Jinxiang, are you in any danger? Where is your car?”

Li Ningning asked worriedly.

So Tulip said the matter.

But the version was that she used her as a bait to attract the attention of the two, and then Sheldon had a chance to smash the two.

Without saying anything, Li Bo immediately sent someone up.

At the same time, the entire Babuling was surrounded and investigated.

“This is Teacher Chen. This time, you are the benefactor of the Yu family. Thank you for saving the second lady! After I brought the second lady to see the master, I will thank you again!”

Li Bo nodded and smiled at Sheldon.

“No, Jin Xiang is also my student!”

“It’s too polite, so Teacher Chen, I will send you a car to take you back to school!”

“it is good!”

So Li Bo sent a motorcade to send Sheldon back to the school with his students.

After getting out of the car, Sheldon asked the students to go back to the classroom, preparing to go back to the office first.

“problem occurs!”

I didn’t expect to hear such a news as soon as I went back.

People in the office are running out.

“what’s up?”

Sheldon stopped a teacher casually.

“Don’t mention it, Shen Meng and Teacher Yu Jiang may be in trouble. Isn’t that the two classes happen to be in the same class? In Teacher Shen Meng’s class, there is a boy who likes to bluff. Just now he went out of the bathroom when the class was empty. Smoking ended up fighting with a few boys in other classes. I don’t know who is not pleasing to the eye.”

“The student from Teacher Shen Meng’s class is not lightly beaten!”

“This was originally the case, waiting for the school to deal with it, but in order to vent the student in Ms. Shen Meng’s class, Mr. Yu Jiang took the boys in his class to find the beater theory in the next class. No, Teacher Yu Jiang also had a bad temper and directly beat the boy!”

Said the teacher.

“It turned out to be like this. It’s really not good to hit the students!”

Sheldon shook his head and smiled bitterly.

It can be seen that Yu Jiang seems to be very interesting to Shen Meng.

“Hey, if it’s just that, it’s really good, Teacher Chen, do you know who the student Yu Jiang beat is?”

“who is it?”

“He is the son of a rich man in Tiancheng, and this rich man is closely related to the underground forces in Tiancheng. Obviously, the student called someone over. This is a big deal!”

After speaking, the female teacher ran over to take a look.

Seeing the teacher all ran towards there.

Sheldon thought that he would just be back to the classroom, so he walked over.

Sure enough, at this moment, the entire biology department corridor is almost overcrowded.

Encircled full.

“Teacher, you are here!”

When Sheldon came, he also saw the glasses and the others, the corridor was blocked, and the glasses and the others couldn’t go back to class.

“How’s it going?”

Sheldon asked.

“The Yu Jiang who robbed you of the laboratory was beaten. I wiped it. He got into a big trouble. It was the son of the Liu family, the son of the Liu family, who was offended by the underground forces!”

Said the glasses.

Sheldon looked forward.

Surrounded by a group of people in black, it was Yu Jiang, some frightened Shen Meng, and her female teachers.

“This thing is endless!”

A boy is shouting.

The school is struggling to persuade.

Yu Jiang should have been slapped a few times, with slap marks on his face.

At this moment, he shook the blood on his glasses.

Sneered, “It’s okay, principal, let me make a call!”

“Hehe, you call someone, let me see who you can call!”

The boy angered.

Yu Jiang shook his head, then took out his phone and dialed out.

And Shen Meng, looking at Yu Jiang in his eyes, finally felt a sense of peace in his heart at this moment.

He called someone too!

The atmosphere was lifted up at once.

“It is said that Teacher Yu Jiang is from Tagou Town!”

“Yeah, Tagou Town, that’s a place where many people are born!”

“Besides, I heard from my dad that there is a very powerful force in Tagou Town now, and they also have their territory in Tiancheng. Teacher Yu Jiang, shouldn’t it be the person calling Tagou Town?”

“It should be!”

Some informed students on the side were talking a lot at this moment.

And waited for twenty minutes.

“I’m going! Look at you!”

A student pointed downstairs through the window.

I saw a lot of neatly black luxury cars, nearly a hundred cars, directly surrounding the building.

And from the car, a lot of bodyguards in black came down.

Soon, I came to the corridor.

The momentum is extraordinary.

A crowd of students gave way.

Shen Meng and the other female teachers bit their lips gently, unable to hide the excitement in their hearts.

“Get out! Get out!!!”

The popularity is huge.

Pushed away the onlookers.

Sheldon stood aside, and was pushed aside by a black bodyguard.

As for the people on Bowenu’s side, seeing their aura, they were also a little wilted and came to negotiate.

“Master Yu Jiang, are you okay?”

The headed bodyguard said.

“Everyone, are all friends from Tagou Town? I don’t know which force it is!”

The person opposite asked.

“We are from the family of Tagou Town*, but the one who brought us here this time is the Tianlong Group!”

The person headed by Yu Jiang respectfully let out a man in black.

“You belong to the Tianlong Group?”

The person opposite was taken aback at the moment.

In Tiancheng District, Tianlong Group can be said to be a too strong dark horse. In one day, the five forces in Tagou Town have been swept away, and even in Tiancheng District, it has dominated a street, which is simply too cruel!

The general Tiancheng small forces really dare not touch the Tianlong Group.

“Yes, Yu Shao’s father is a friend of our Tianlong Group. We Tianlong has taken care of this matter. I don’t know which of you is on. Can you give me some face?”

The man in sunglasses said coldly.

“Of course, of course I have to!”

The person opposite nodded and smiled.

“Mynah, just forget about this?”

And the boy was not convinced.

“Bowenu, bear it, Tianlong Group is now looking for a target. The boss has explained that don’t mess with them!”

Myna whispered.

Chapter 492

Liu Shao wasn’t a fool either. Hearing what he said at the moment, he instantly knew the stakes.

There is not much to say at the moment.

As for Sheldon’s Tianlong Group.

Indeed, during this period of time the development was very rapid, especially after the annexation of the five forces in Tagou Town, and the two brothers who were broken up by Vincent before Zhang Long and Zhang Hu have returned a lot during this period.

Now, Tianlong Group has developed from the original Tagou town to the Tiancheng area. Of course, the Wei family’s help is indispensable.

“Tianlong Group deserves to be the dark horse among the dark horses, it’s amazing!”

At this moment, the glasses beside Sheldon said.

“Why is the Tianlong Group so powerful in our Tiancheng in a short time?”

Some girls asked curiously.

“It’s not because of the boss of Tianlong. It is said to be very powerful. The leader of the five forces directly surrendered in just one round. Now, no one in Tiancheng dare to stop them, except for Vincent who has not yet returned!”

The glasses seem to understand.

He explained to everyone at the moment.

With the help of Tianlong, this matter would naturally not be a problem.

Yu Jiang is triumphant and energetic.

Go to the principal’s office with Shen Meng and the others.

When passing by Sheldon, Shen Meng glanced at Sheldon, but only shook his head faintly.

He left without saying hello.

Before, I really had a good impression of Sheldon.

After all, I’m also employed now, it’s time to find someone.

From junior high school to university, Shen Meng has always belonged to that kind of goddess.

She is looking for someone, naturally she chooses carefully.

At the beginning, I felt that Sheldon was handsome and temperamental.

So Shen Meng has a very good impression.

Compared with Sheldon at that time, Yu Jiang was simply overshadowed.

However, Shen Meng found out that Yu Jiang was the most suitable candidate in his mind after some careful getting along.

Sheldon is dispensable instead.

But for Shen Meng’s attitude towards himself changed.

Sheldon just smiled wryly and said nothing.

Strictly speaking, it was themselves who resolved their crisis today.

Obviously the credit was completely taken away by Yu Jiang.

Ha ha!

This kind of thing has happened countless times.

At first, he didn’t expose himself. For example, Shelly before, felt a little regretful and unwilling.

But now, Sheldon has no mood at all.

In the afternoon, I returned to the office.

When Sheldon got off work and was about to leave.

Just received a call.

To Sheldon’s surprise, the call was actually made by the girl Tulip.

“Ms. Chen, I’m at the Starbucks coffee shop in the city center. Are you off work? Come here! I have something to tell you! Important!”

Tulip mysteriously said.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t it to thank me for saving my life, invite me to have coffee?”

Cooper Family.

“It’s not just that, anyway, you come, here we talk!”

After speaking, Tulip hung up.

Sheldon frowned slightly, but he still had to go if he didn’t go. After all, he mainly wanted to maintain a good relationship with Tulip.

When they arrived, Tulip had already ordered coffee and was sitting by the window waiting for Sheldon.

What surprised Sheldon a little.

Next to Tulip, there was a girl who was about twenty-four years old.

Looks the same age as yourself.

Like the tulip, they are very handsome, and the two are similar to each other.

Compared with the purity of tulips, this woman has a more mature charm.

“Sister, it’s him!”

Tulip pointed at Sheldon and said softly.

And the woman looked Sheldon up and down for a while and nodded gently.

Then he stood up and left with his bag.

Sheldon wanted to say hello to her, and she ignored it.

“This is my elder sister Yu Jin, how about? Isn’t she pretty? Huh, your eyes are straight!”

Tulip said proudly.

Sheldon nodded, “Speak, what are you looking for?”

“Of course it’s a good thing, and it’s a great thing. Toads want to eat swan meat, and they can eat it in one bite!”

“Oh, to be honest, I have been looking for it for too long, but in the end I found out that only you are the most suitable!”

Tulips lined up.

“what’s up?”

“Hey, listen, what I’m going to say next may be too shocking for you, don’t blame me for not reminding you, don’t just die with excitement!”

“That’s… my sister is looking for a door-to-door son-in-law, and the most suitable candidate, I want to go, is you!”


Sheldon’s eyes widened, and he stood up directly: “Me? My son-in-law?”

“Hahaha, isn’t it a surprise? My sister has already taken a look just now and she has agreed!

Seeing Sheldon’s surprised expression, Tulip thought it was Sheldon’s excitement and stupid, and immediately said happily.

“Your sister is so beautiful, there must be a lot of chasing after her, what kind of son-in-law are you looking for?”

Sheldon said helplessly.

“Hey, this matter is a long story!”

Tulip sighed.

To make a long story short, Sheldon had to save her and Tulip went home to be trained.

Recently, Tulip is in a very bad mood.

Today, Sheldon’s frustration caused the class to fail. This was just a small point that made Tulip upset. The most important thing was the sister’s business.

Tulip has a very deep relationship with her sister.

However, after Yu Jinfei returned to America this time, she encountered emotional problems, which caused her to feel unhappy every day, as if she had changed herself, and even thought about suicide.

But let the tulips worry about it.

Before, Concubine Yu Jin had been studying in M ​​country. At that time, she talked with a boyfriend and dated for many years.

But it turned out that the scumbag had a marriage contract.

His sister offered to marry, but he hesitated.

Concubine Yu Jin couldn’t think about it, and returned to Tiancheng in a fit of anger.

Moreover, Concubine Yu Jin said angrily to the scumbag:

“If you choose me, you will be so hesitant. Okay, don’t you have a high self-esteem? Then I just want to find the most useless and useless person in the world to be my husband! I will make you regret it for a lifetime!”

Concubine Yu Jin returned home after saying this.

And let the tulip help find it.

The first important point is that this person can be useless or useless, but he must be honest.

Tulip has been looking for a long time.

Finally, after my father’s training today.

She had a flash of inspiration, and said to her sister who was sitting on the windowsill happily: “Sister, I found the kind of person you want to find!”


Concubine Yu Jin asked.

“It’s one of our new teachers, and we all call him “worry teacher”. Of course, that’s the one who saved me today. He is really honest! But he looks pretty good, or after he gets off work, I will help you. Ask him out, see you, if you can, you can marry him, and then piss off the scumbag. After all, our teacher can be said to have no advantage at all, haha!”

Tulip Road.

“Then…well, you ask him out at night, I see him, if possible, sign a contract, pretend to be a husband and wife for a year with me, afterwards, I will pay him enough to make him worry-free forever !”

Concubine Yu Jin said.

“Bingo, no problem, look at me…”

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