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Chapter 499

In the moonlight, the man in black accelerated to flee.

The speed is extremely fast, and the two feet are rustling on the surrounding grass.

The whole body is already volley.

Sheldon chased after him.

Although the man in black did a light job, it was obvious that there was still a gap with Sheldon.

“Still running?”

Sheldon stopped and sneered.

With a little tiptoe, a branch flew up in the air, and Sheldon flicked his finger.


With a sound, the tree branch was like a fierce arrow from the string, with the sound of breaking through the air, it shot away quickly.


When the shot hit the man in black, the man in black rolled a few times and rolled directly down the hillside.

But what surprised Sheldon was that when he walked over, the man in black who had been injured by himself was gone.

And there is no trace around.

“It’s weird, can it be lost among adults?”

Sheldon frowned.


He searched the surroundings for a while, and then left quietly after he found nothing.


The door of the hotel opened.

A figure staggered in and fell into the bathroom.

Blood was flowing on the whole arm.

Gently took off the headgear, revealing a beautiful face, matched with the black hair on the top, it seems that this face is even more pale at this moment.


The woman gasped and cried out in her heart.

Just take out the gauze and wrap it up personally.

Three days passed quickly.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the auction conference.

These three days, although on the surface it looked calm and quiet.

But it is an undercurrent.

Various forces have conducted secret rivalries.

Besieged, intercepted and kidnapped secretly.

In short, anyone who feels they are their own competitors will encounter a certain impact.

The power of the major groups can be said to have red eyes.

Marie and the others, because of their special courtesy, would naturally be stared at by many people. However, with Sheldon’s secret protection, several times when someone wanted to do kidnapping, they were all destroyed by Sheldon.

But today.

It seems that nothing has happened, and the major forces are smiling and bringing their own men to participate in the auction ceremony.

Among them, apart from Marie’s mysterious forces, the Wu Nai family and the Thunder Dragon Company from North M were the most popular.

The layout of the site is in the open-air front yard of the villa.

A large stage is set up, and under the stage are rows of seats.

Although the Yu family is the organizer, they are not qualified to sit on the high platform. The Yu family members are sitting on the rows of seats under the stage.

Eighteen forces, sitting at the forefront.

The rest of the forces are sitting behind.

Around, there were tens of thousands of onlookers standing, crowded and bustling, it was so lively.

Su Hong wore a formal dress and delivered the speech of the auction meeting on stage.

“Glasses, Ning Ning, come soon, I have reserved some places for you!”

At this moment, Tulip shouted to his classmates.

A few of them came over with their glasses condensed.

I also greeted my teacher Sheldon.

As a member of the Yu family, Sheldon naturally appeared on the stage, but just sat in the corner.

And Yu Jinfei’s friends all came over.

“Golden Concubine, you won’t live with this guy forever?”

Several girls sat beside Concubine Yu Jin, glanced at Sheldon in the corner, and couldn’t help but say.

“That’s right, Concubine Jin, if you divide it with him, it will be divided. There is no need to wrong yourself so much. Look at the big people who came today. I have seen several young and handsome elders and young men who expressed some meaning to you. Up!”

“Why don’t you take this opportunity to kick him and find your true happiness?”

The girls persuaded.

Concubine Yu Jin was listening at the moment, if it were before, Concubine Yu Jin would have no fluctuation in her heart, after all, she and Sheldon were only fake marriage.

But now, especially today, I have seen many rich and young people from all over the world.

Their temperament is incomparable even by their predecessors.

The circle of people determines your horizons.

Concubine Yu Jin used to think that her circle was big enough, but today, she is still a frog at the bottom of the well.

At the moment, she gripped her skirt tightly with both palms.

She regretted, regretted her waywardness, regretted being with Sheldon, even if it was fake, she regretted it too.

“I think that Bowen is pretty good. Look at his speech and manners. Moreover, he secretly looked at you many times. It seems that he really likes you. Hahaha, Concubine Jin. You have to seize the opportunity, as soon as possible. Divorce Sheldon and find your own happiness!”

The best friends persuaded.

“Oh, Concubine Jin, if you are embarrassed to tell him, I will tell him, tomorrow, you will divorce your marriage!”

Said a girlfriend.

Concubine Yu Jin did not speak at the moment.

It is equivalent to the default.

“Okay, let me talk about it!”

My best friends were very happy when they saw it.

Then he came to the corner beside Sheldon: “Hey, the surname is Chen, tell you something?”

The girlfriend said.

“what’s up?”

Sheldon asked.

“Do you think you can be worthy of our Golden Concubine? Hmph, don’t look at your virtues, how can you compare with Malcolm, tell you that the Golden Concubine has regretted it, and she let me tell You, you will get divorced tomorrow! How about? Don’t you still want to pester the concubine Jin?

The best friend said bluntly.


Sheldon frowned, then smiled: “Okay, I just promised!”

Sheldon and Concubine Yu Jin had the idea of ​​marrying the king of ginseng. If the king of ginseng can be successfully obtained today, it doesn’t matter whether this marriage is there or not.

“It’s so fun? Haha, you still know yourself well, okay!”

The girlfriend smiled contemptuously, then came to Yu Jinfei and said something to her.

Concubine Yu Jin just gently trimmed her hair.

He couldn’t help but look towards the back of Bowen sitting in the front row.

This Bowen, she also knows something.

He is the son of a wealthy businessman from nearby Myanmar.

The popularity is extraordinary.

Moreover, it has established a cooperative alliance relationship with Tianlong Group in Tiancheng.

If the two can really be combined, it can be said to be the best choice for myself or the Yu family in Tiancheng in the future.

“Huh, why are they here? I feel sick when I see it!”

At this moment, the tulip on the side didn’t know how to get angry again.

Everyone turned to look.

It turned out that it was a young man who was bringing several women to the meeting.

And this young man was not someone else, it was Yu Jiang from Tagou Town, that Shen Meng, and two female teachers from the biology group.

It is because of them that Tulip is angry.

“Be quiet, Yu Jiang seems to have come with his father. His father is from the Tianlong Group. Be careful to let them hear!”

Li Ningning said.

Tulip was silent this time.

“Teacher Shen Meng seems to be with Teacher Yu Jiang already, right?”

There are girls saying.

“Yes, someone saw them walking hand in hand on campus, and I also heard an interesting story, haha! It’s about our teacher Sheldon and teacher Shen Meng!”

Li Ningning suddenly lowered her voice.

“Huh? What’s funny?”

Tulip and the others became interested in a few moments.

Chapter 500:

The Winner Is King

“That was when Teacher Yu Jiang and Teacher Sheldon first came, Teacher Shen Meng seemed to be very interested in Sheldon, but there was no result. After learning about Yu Jiang’s background, Shen Meng and Yu Jiang The teacher is fighting fiercely! By now, I am a stranger to Teacher Sheldon!”

Li Ning said.

“Huh, female fairy, what’s so good!”

Tulip dissatisfied.

Shen Meng and Yu Jiang are holding hands and have already walked over at this time.

Of course, Yu Jiang did not say hello to Tulip. They are here today as guests.

It was Shen Meng who saw Sheldon sitting in the corner at a glance.

I heard about the marriage of Sheldon and Miss Yu’s family before.

It really made Shen Meng feel nervous.

But after hearing about Chen’s status and treatment, Shen Meng could only shake his head with a wry smile.

Just looking at Sheldon in the corner, Shen Meng withdrew his gaze.

On an occasion like today, she couldn’t make it out to greet a dog from the Yu family.

After all are seated.

The conference is also proceeding in an orderly manner.

And with the appearance of the king of ginseng, the atmosphere of the audience led to a small climax.

Looking at King Ginseng in the glass cabinet.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Even Sheldon couldn’t help but look at the ginseng king a few more times.

“Not thanks to the miraculous effect of washing the marrow and renewing the bones, the king’s aura is compelling!”

Sheldon sighed inwardly.

At the same time, my heart is also itchy.

Like most people present, I wish I could go up and take it away right now.

“Gam King, a priceless gem, but no matter how expensive it is, today, my Thai capital, Mahone, will be ordered. Whoever dares to snatch me will just not give me face!”

A middle-aged man with a dark complexion stood up and said loudly.

“What a coincidence, this ginseng king, I am sure to win today!”

Another force clamored.

“Do you dare to fight with me? Believe it or not that I will keep you alive and unable to leave the city?”

“I really don’t believe it!”

Seeing both sides, we must start.

At this moment, a young man from country M faintly stepped onto the high platform: “Two, why bother to be anxious. To be honest, none of the people who can sit in the front position today lack this money, but since there is no shortage of this money, then we No matter how much you bid, it won’t help you. It’s useless for you to argue!”

He preached in English.

And beside him, following his translator.

“Huh, blue-eyed boy, what kind of green onion are you, then what do you do?”

Taidu boss Ma Hongdao.

“Let me say, let’s all fight against each other. Since money is not a standard, then we should fight fiercely. The winner is king!”

The young man smiled.

“Fighting? Your kid is worthy. If you are fighting, who would dare to fight with me, Ma Hong, Countryman M, get out!”

Ma Hong drank coldly.

“what did you say?”

The young man’s gaze condensed, a pair of eagle-eyed gazes, locked towards Ma Hong.

Those blue eyes turned bright blue meaning.

The next moment, Ma Hong suddenly paled, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

His eyes became even more dull.

There was a puff.

Kneel down directly.


All the men behind him were stunned.

But Ma Hong kept his expression unchanged, just like a demon.


And this scene instantly caused a huge sensation throughout the scene.

“What? Taidu Mahon, who has always been known for his fierceness, knelt on the ground when he was stared at by this man?”

“No, right, have you noticed that this countryman M is very evil, you look at his eyes just now, it seems to be breathtaking!”

“Could it be that this person can be magical, is this too evil?”

Everyone talked a lot.

“Everyone, how do you feel about my proposal? The best things in the world always belong to the strong, right?”

The young man glanced down.

Many big bosses were too scared to speak.

“Lei Mulong of Thunder Dragon, Shao Lei, is really extraordinary. No wonder Thunder Dragon has dominated a lot of underground forces! What an evil!”

Someone whispered.

“Okay, I agree, victory will always belong to the strong!”

In the end, everyone agreed.

It is now agreed that whoever wants to win the king must send someone to compete and withdraw automatically if it loses.

“How can you do this!”

And Marie was also sitting in front, and couldn’t help but nervously said at the moment.

During this trip, Marie did not bring a decent family master.

When I heard about fighting, what did she fight with?

These people are not general.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, let’s just pay for it. Later, someone will help. Let’s help the Tianlong Group take photos of the King of Ginseng!

Beckham smiled slightly.

“Tianlong Group? Perl, since today you have told me how the Tianlong Group is. You have contacted their people. Why do you always think about helping them?”

Marie couldn’t help but wonder.

“Oh, don’t ask, anyway, sister-in-law, you will also help, and you will not help in vain, believe me, really!”

Perl held Marie’s hand tightly, slightly excited.

“You girl, is there something to hide from me?”

Marie felt that Beckham was so strange today.

“Hey, I can’t tell you now, anyway, it’s a great thing!”

Beckham said.

Marie shook her head helplessly, not knowing what Perl was talking about.

While talking, the battle on the stage had already begun.

Lei Long Company, Lei Shao directly acted as a representative and stood on stage.

This move alone made many people who took the stage to compete, instantly lose their confidence.

And this Lei Shao is really a master, no one can walk three rounds in his hands.

Many forces retreated and gave up bidding for the king.

“This time participating in the king must belong to Thunder Dragon Company, right?”

Tulip and the others discussed.

Because most of the forces were defeated, and the lesser ones gave up.


At this moment, Lei Shao on the stage threw a whip leg, and instantly kicked a five-big and three-thick man off the high platform, lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth, no intuition.

“Oh, another one! After the Vincent Group lost Vincent, the general trend really has gone! This is already the last power?”


“Fart, neither the Tianlong Group nor the Takena family have sent anyone yet!”

“Sister Miko, we…?”

At this moment, beside Takenamiko, a young man with a cold expression was asking.

And Takenamiko glanced at the Tianlong Group next to her with a Shujing look.

Seeing them has no intention of action.

Then he nodded.

“One shot, after taking the stage, try to constrain as much as possible. We don’t have to work hard, we just need to repel the Thunder Dragon Company!”

Takenamiko said with a smile.

He glanced at Tianlong Group again.

Takenami has been waiting for the Tianlong Group to make a move, wanting to see what strength is the biggest power that jumps up in the short term in the Tiancheng site, but have they already given up?

This couldn’t help but disappoint Takenamiko.


Takena nodded with a knife.

Then stood up.

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