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Chapter 497

“Well, I would like to ask you to tell the Tianlong Group for me. I don’t know if the Takena family has the opportunity to have dinner with Chen Sang of Tianlong Group. This is Miko’s business card, and I hope to convey it!”

Takenamiko bowed slightly again.

Sheldon took the business card and looked at it.

Xindao, even though Takenamiko looked quiet, she looked like a knowledgeable little girl.

But, this is due to the Japanese culture, and it is not easy to come to Takenami.

The main reason is that Sheldon has never understood what kind of family the Takena family is.

After thinking about it, Sheldon nodded:

“Okay, I’ll tell you Miss Miko, goodbye!”

Sheldon smiled and nodded, then walked out.

When Sheldon went out, he found that Su Hong, an old woman, was still waiting in front of the mountain.

Now, the representatives of the eighteen powers have all come, and they are all settled. Who is she waiting for!

“Mom, everyone is here, shall we go too?”

At this time, Tulip said.

“What’s coming, don’t worry, there is still one of the most mysterious guest who hasn’t arrived. I will personally receive this guest!”

Su Hong smiled and looked down the mountain from time to time.

“Ah? So there is, I said, one of the most luxurious villas in the villa, I thought it was for us to live in? Wouldn’t it be for this mysterious guest?”

Tulip said again.

“Of course, you are a smart girl!”

Su Hong smiled triumphantly.

“Mom, the people who came today are either rich or expensive. They are all famous and powerful everywhere. Are there any better than those people?”

Concubine Yu Jin asked at the moment.

“Of course, there are people outside the world, and there are days outside the sky. The strength of this noble family is not comparable to those of people who come today!”

She continued: “I met by chance when I was in country M. She is elegant and gentle, and she is a standard oriental woman. Although she is a few dozen years younger than me and about the same age as Jin Fei you, but speaking, you and Compared with her temperament, it is a world of difference. If it were not for her identity, I would have liked to worship Sister Jinlan with her!”

“Is it!”

Concubine Yu Jin said sourly.

“Don’t be really convinced. By chance, I mentioned King Ginseng to her. She immediately expressed interest and wanted to buy it! She should be here soon!”

Su Hong said.

At the same time, I talked to my two daughters about this mysterious guest.

In the end, she didn’t know where the mysterious guest came from, but she knew that she was very rich.

This is also the main reason why Su Hong has the confidence to start such a big event.

The mother and daughter were communicating while Sheldon was listening.

The more I listened, the more I felt that Su Hong’s snobbery was too heavy.

At this moment, under the mountain, a row of luxury cars that no one had seen before stopped.

A group of solemn bodyguards cleared the way, and from the car, two women walked down.

The headed woman, about twenty-five years old, has a really good temperament.

And the smaller one, twenty-two.

The younger girl, holding the arm of the leading woman, walked towards the mountain.

“She is coming!”

And Su Hong laughed excitedly.

As for the Tulip sisters, they also looked towards the people.

Sheldon stood up and looked at the people coming.

Su Hong’s excitement was beyond words.

Concubine Yu Jin, looking from a distance, was also attracted by the elegant appearance of the leading woman.

Because she definitely has a face that even girls are jealous of.

As for Sheldon, his eyelids jumped fiercely when he saw the visitor.

“Sister Lan? Beckham?”

Sheldon almost shouted in surprise.

Yes, it’s not his fiancée Marie or cousin Beckham.

And those people are also from the Cooper Family.

It’s been more than half a year, and it’s been more than half a year in a blink of an eye.

Ever since I left the Cooper Family, I missed them all the time.

But I didn’t expect that he could see his relatives so soon.

Sheldon was excited.

However, Sheldon soon calmed down.

The incident of his disappearance, Jean’s family, has gained a great respite.

If it is rushed to recognize each other at this moment, once it is stabbed out.

All the hard work of the past six months was wasted.

The foundation that has been established now will soon be wiped out by the Palmer Family.

No, I can’t recognize each other temporarily!

Sheldon glanced at Perl and Marie.

Then he turned his head away, and left.

“Sister Qin, finally waiting for you!”

Su Hong said excitedly.

“Have you waited so long!”

Marie responded with a smile.

Taking a closer look at this moment, Concubine Yu Jin was instantly overshadowed.

Greeting Su Hong.

But also at this moment, Marie glanced at her.

Seeing a figure, he was moving to a room elsewhere.


I don’t know why, when Marie saw that figure, her heart jumped suddenly.

“What’s wrong with sister-in-law?”

Perl asked.


Marie shook her head hastily.

When Marie came on this trip, he heard about the importance of the king of ginseng, and also heard that his father, Donald, said about the king of ginseng, saying that this is a treasure that is hard to find. The Cooper Family has also inquired about the king of ginseng before. But there is no news.

Now, when I was going to manage the assets of Country M with Perl, and when I was attending an economic management class with Perl, I happened to know Su Hong, and she actually owns the king.

Marie immediately reported to Donald.

No matter what, no matter how much it costs, you have to buy it.

In a blink of an eye, night fell.

Except for the most noble villa in Longquan Villa.

The rest of the place has been singing and dancing.

Drinking noises are endless.

Because the people who come today have three teachings.

“This Su Hong is also true. For any auction, she has already given a check and asked her to fill in as much as she wants!”

In the villa, Perl, who had just finished taking a bath, came to Marie’s room.

And Marie, wearing a light-colored nightgown, was blowing her hair.

Hearing Perl’s complaint, she smiled slightly and said, “You, the more you do this, the easier it will be to scare others. Let Mrs. Su fill in casually. She might still be afraid of what we will try!”

Marie said.

“makes sense!”

Marie glanced out the window, holding her cheek with one hand, but stopped talking.

Neither of them noticed. At this moment, outside the window of the villa, a figure was eavesdropping…

“Why are you sighing, sister-in-law? Are you worried?”

Beckham asked.

“Today when we went up the mountain, I saw a figure that looked very much like your brother, so…”

Marie’s eyes were full of tears.

“So, you miss your cousin again, right?”

Beckham was also a bit sad.

“It’s been more than half a year, Sheldon has no news at all, and I don’t know if it’s life or death…”

While choking, Marie covered her eyes and cried directly.

Perl also cried: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, his cousin, who is a lucky man, will be fine. He can’t be fine. If he is arrested, the Palmer Family will definitely not be so quiet!”

Belle caught Marie’s arm.

The two sisters hugged each other.

Outside the window, the figure is also clenching his fists tightly…

Chapter 498

Sheldon is clear about the purpose of Su Hong’s bidding conference.

It is nothing more than letting more and more big forces participate.

Fight to death and death.

Finally, their Yu family reaped the benefits of the fisherman.

Marie and Perl obviously thought this was a simple auction.

Unexpectedly, the more mysterious they are, the easier they are to be targeted.

“You two girls, what are you doing in this muddy water!”

Yes, the person outside the window is Sheldon.

At this moment, Sheldon looked at the two corpses lying underneath his feet, and couldn’t help but feel worried secretly.

This time, Marie obviously made a low-key trip and did not bring many people.

This also made Sheldon uneasy.

Protect them secretly.

These two corpses, I don’t know who sent them to investigate. Sheldon ran into them and solved them directly.

Although the mysterious man in black sent four major guards in the south, east, north and west to himself.

Sheldon can use them to protect Marie.

But for them, Sheldon was really worried.

In this way, listening to the conversation between Sister Lan and Beckham.

Sheldon sat outside the window.

“Oh, I disappeared for more than half a year, and it really broke many people’s hearts, but there is no way, I can’t go back.”

“Moreover, I’m sorry in my life, it should be Sister Lan, it’s been so long, she still regards herself as her fiancee, but it is impossible for herself to be with her!”

Sheldon always emphasized this in his heart.

Gradually, it was late at night.

Beckham went back to rest.

And Marie, crying, fell asleep slowly.

Sheldon slowly walked into the room.

With a touch of moonlight, Sheldon looked at sister Lan’s cheek, still with a trace of tears.

Raising her hand and gently wipe it off for her.

She helped Sister Lan cover her quilt again.

“Sheldon, since I was very young, I have determined that I am your wife. Don’t hide, will you go home?”

Sister Lan muttered dreamily.

“Home? I don’t know when I can go back?”

Sheldon sat down by the bed and said with a wry smile.

“Sister Lan, I know your love for me, and Sheldon also swears that I will never let you suffer any harm!”

Sheldon secretly said in his heart.

Touched her tired face, Sister Lan’s forehead.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened.

It was a girl who walked in directly.


When the girl saw a man sitting next to Sister Lan’s bed, she couldn’t help being startled, and she started to exclaim.

But he saw that figure flashed directly and came to him.

Blocked his mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, Beckham, it’s me!”

Sheldon approached Beckham and said softly.

When Perl heard the sound, his eyes widened.

“Stop talking, let’s go out and talk!”

Sheldon took Beckham’s arm and went directly to Beckham’s room.


Beckham cried and shouted, shock, excitement, and excitement were not enough to express Beckham’s current emotions.

He threw directly into Sheldon’s arms.

“Brother! It’s really you? Am I dreaming?”

Beckham cried.

Holding Sheldon tightly, for fear that this is a dream.

“It’s not a dream, I’m here, I’m fine!”

Sheldon smiled and wiped tears to Beckham.

“Brother, you are strong, and it seems to have turned black, bro, where have you been in the past six months, I feel like I am dreaming, I actually saw you again!”

Beckham cried.

“This is a long story, I will tell you later, anyway, you just need to remember, I’ll be fine!”

Sheldon smiled, his eyes flushed.

“By the way, how are my parents now?”

Sheldon asked.

“My aunt is crying all day, and my uncle is getting older now, they worry about you all day long!”

“Where is my sister?”

Sheldon asked again.

“My sister now has a bad temper. She used to be very good at her opponents. Now, she beats her men at every turn. She doesn’t seem to be pleasing to her eyes. She lets her hands go down to you every day!”

Beckham said.

Sheldon shed two tears.

“But brother, it’s great that you are back now. I think this news, if you tell the aunt, uncle, and cousin, yes, and sister Lan, they will definitely be happy!”

“Especially Sister Lan, she misses you all day long. Now almost all family affairs are on Sister Lan’s body. I know she is very tired, but she said that she should take care of her home and wait for you. She will definitely be happy when she comes back, and I will call her over! By the way, let’s call my uncle!”

Beckham was excited and didn’t know what to do.

“Wait for Perl. Actually, I couldn’t hold back today. I just met you. Perl, you have to promise me one thing. Tonight’s thing, don’t tell anyone or anyone, okay?”

Sheldon wiped his tears.

“Huh? Brother, why?”

Beckham did not understand.

“Because, I killed Palmer’s third son, and destroyed his power in the southwest. It is now a critical moment with Palmer. Once my news is exposed, the Cooper Family will be hit hard and I will not survive. Do you understand?”

Cooper Family.

“What? Mo… Mo Jian is the brother you can kill?”

Beckham covered her mouth and stood up in shock.

“But I heard that Mo Jian was taken away by a mysterious master, and he is still missing! The people of the Palmer Family are looking for him, they are almost looking crazy, and there is no clue now!”

Beckham was surprised.

“Well, Mo Jian didn’t even have any hair left. He was completely dead. It’s too early for the Palmer Family to find him!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Then how did you kill him? Even the top master in the family is not a powerful under Mo Jian, let alone Mo Jian!”

“Little Mojian, I still don’t take it seriously. In short, Beckham promised me that you’ve seen things about me, don’t say it, and this auction is dangerous. You must be careful about everything. You have to notify me as soon as possible, and my cousin will secretly protect and assist you!”

Sheldon hugged Beckham’s shoulder and said.

Beckham nodded heavily: “I see, I won’t tell anyone, anyway, cousin, you’re okay, I’m so happy!”

“Stupid boy, by the way, I am now the chairman of the Tianlong Group. In this auction, Perl, you have to help me get the king of ginseng! Anyway, this thing is useless if you bring it back to the Cooper Family!”

Cooper Family.

“No problem, brother! But cousin, I can keep your business secret, but can I tell Sister Lan? I have to be with Sister Lan every day. I can’t bear seeing her thinking of you sad every day. !”

“When the time is right, I will come out to meet you, don’t talk about it!”

Sheldon exhorted again.

“I know……”


And suddenly at this moment, Sheldon made a silent gesture to Beckham.

“Someone is coming, don’t say anything!”

Sheldon frowned and said softly.

Beckham was so scared that he couldn’t speak immediately.

As for Sheldon, light and shadow flashed, and under Perl’s surprised gaze, he left the room directly.

At this moment, outside the villa, a masked man in black was slowly approaching.

And Sheldon, looking at the branches under his feet, deliberately stepped on it.



The man in black was instantly alert, and immediately evacuated with a stride, extremely fast.

“Satisfaction is so good! It seems that the people who came this time are not the general ones!”

Sheldon took out his mask and put on it, and hurriedly chased him…

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