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Chapter 505


“Higher than you?”

Sheldon was surprised.

Swans smiled and nodded.

“It doesn’t matter if he is an enemy or a friend, but he saved you, taught you, and laid a solid foundation for you, otherwise, Grandpa wouldn’t meet you so soon!”

“Because grandpa wants to lay this foundation for you and give you the opportunity to enter purgatory reformation. I am afraid it will take three years. But now, your basic physical skills are solid, and with the assistance of this king, you can nourish your muscles for a month. Qi and blood, you already have the strength to resist purgatory transformation!”

Chen Dian Cangdao.

“Purgatory Transformation?”

Sheldon was puzzled again.

“Well, this is what I learned from our Cooper Family’s sun map. Grandpa also gained the strength that ordinary people don’t have, and entered the realm of grandmaster! Speaking of, your conditions are much better than grandpa. !”

“The realm of grandmaster? I heard Uncle Qin told me that a martial artist who has reached a certain level of body will become a realm of internal strength martial artist. Above that of internal strength martial artist, he is in the realm of grandmaster. No one, the realm of the grandmaster is even more a mysterious realm, grandpa, are you already a realm of the grandmaster?”

Sheldon was surprised.

He has been nourished by many secret methods of Uncle Qin, and now that he has completely melted the King of Ginseng, he can be regarded as a true inner strength warrior.

But grandpa is actually a mysterious martial arts master?

“Well, twenty years ago, Grandpa arrived! He also transformed the people here, after a small part of purgatory, into an intermediate or top-level inner strength warrior. Your current strength is just a junior inner strength warrior!”

Swans smiled.

“No wonder, Grandpa’s subordinates are unpredictable in their strengths. It turns out that they are already internal martial artists!

“Hehe, here, grandpa, pick one at random and you can beat you ten! But rest assured, I will use all the purgatory reforms on you and teach you the method, Sheldon, from now on, you will be our Cooper Family the future of!”

“So Grandpa, your intention is here!”

Sheldon understood.


Swans’s expression condensed, and he hesitated.

“What’s the matter, grandpa?”

“It’s just that after purgatory transformation, your strength will skyrocket. With the power of the dragon elephant, your body will no longer be an ordinary human body. But what follows is a side effect, that is, your xinxing will follow you now. There was a big deviation. After Grandpa reformed, it took decades to stabilize his character!”

“It’s still grandpa’s great concentration and can control it, but grandpa is worried that once you can’t control the power of the dragon formed in your body, you will become…”

Swans paused and said, “You will become a bloodthirsty monster! At that time, you will ignore life!”

“But you don’t have to be afraid. Grandpa observed you when you were very young. You are naturally kind in heart, and follow your mother. You will not fight hard. I’m sure that you can control this force well! “

Swans patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

Now, what Sheldon needs is strength, stronger strength.

He already understands that money alone cannot protect his loved ones and loved ones. Only power can crush everything.

“Originally, your second uncle is safe, and he is also a suitable candidate for purgatory, but unfortunately…”

Swans said sadly.

“But fortunately, now that the Cooper Family has a small song for you, we have a new hope for the Cooper Family. You will be familiar with it for a week on Kongming Island. After a week, you will begin a half-year purgatory transformation. This week, grandpa will also set up a remodeling site for you. Sheldon…Although you have to endure a lot of pain, this…is not something you can escape if you want to escape. As a descendant of the Cooper Family, you have this responsibility Are you afraid?”

“Not afraid!”

The conversation between the two of them lasted till late at night.

Seven days later, the lord of the Soul Palace went to Swans and took his grandson Sheldon into the secret realm.

The master issued an order that this retreat will last for half a year, and no one can disturb.

half year later.

Tiancheng triangle area.

Rows of convoys stopped at an intersection.

There are hundreds of people.

Everyone looked forward to it, as if welcoming the return of their hero.


Not long after, a helicopter, from far to near.

Stopped in front of everyone.

Then the cabin opened.

A big man with a bald head, surrounded by a group of people, walked down.

This bald man had an obvious scar on his head, which was extremely hideous.

“President Wen, you are finally back!”

Someone moved.

“Vincent! Vincent!”

The crowd shouted, and the long suppressed emotions seemed to have been vented. Their king, the king of Heaven, finally returned after half a year.

“President Wen, you went out to study art with the master for half a year, but now Tiancheng has changed! Your eldest brother…”

And this person, who else could not be Vincent.

He raised his hand coldly, indicating that everyone needn’t say more: “I know everything. Wenlin was killed, the site was robbed, and the king was seized. I know all of them!”

“Tianlong Group? Do you really deceive me from the Tiancheng Wen Family?”

Vincent’s eyes flashed coldly.

Tianlong Group.

“Where did the sir go? No news yet?”

“I just know that I’m going north, but in America, even in Russia, people are sent to inquire. There is no news at all?”

“Look again!”

Zhang Long said angrily.

Zhang Long, Zhang Hu and Shen Wanshan paced back and forth in the office anxiously.

After half a year, Tianlong Group has become the largest force in the triangle area, with a huge territory and one of the best.

However, the disappearance of the husband, after all, could not contain the fire, and gradually spread.

Let many forces look forward to it.

“Mr Zhang, Mr. Shen, it’s not good!”

Some subordinates ran in, horrified.

“What’s so flustered?”

“It’s Vincent. Vincent came back and took his men directly to the entrance of the manor!”

This man said.


The three looked at each other.

Hurried out.

At the door, both parties have already started.

Many people from Tianlong lay on the ground.

It happened to see that there were two subordinates, holding machetes in hand, and slashing directly at the head of Vincent.

Vincent didn’t dodge or hide.

With a bang.

The knife slashed on Vincent’s body and was directly shattered.

The two men were instantly repelled.

“What is the difference between Tianlong Group and I now look at it, these are these subordinates, just a little bit of mercy!”

Vincent shook his head coldly.

“Oh? There are two other defeated players. I think you may be tired of living!”

Vincent was indifferent.

Zhang Long roared: “Go together!”

The three rushed towards Vincent.

Bang bang bang!

Just three punches.

All three of them lay on the ground.

Vincent wiped the blood from his hands and smiled lightly, “Take them away, take back all the sites…”

Everything seems to be an understatement.

The three of them were taken away, dragging long blood marks on the ground…

Chapter 506

Kongming island.

Although it has passed winter.

But here is a bitter cold, and the heavy snow lasted three days and three nights before it stopped.

The cold weather has put a silver coat on the whole island.

On the island, in front of a stone cave.

But there are many people in black, standing respectfully.

And they are all high-level figures in the Soul Palace.

“Calculating the time, it’s almost time!”

Wimber exchanged words with several leaders.

During the conversation.

A touch of snowflakes agitated and fell on the faces of everyone.


Boom boom boom!

The heavy stone gate slowly opened.

Everyone looked around.

Just saw that one old and one young came out.

“Welcome the Lord, the Young Master, to leave!”

Everyone stood solemnly and shouted in unison.

Swans laughed: “Okay, let’s prepare some banquets. Today, I will not be drunk or return!”

Obviously, he was in a great mood.

Wimber, while nodding his head, also stopped his gaze on Sheldon.

Sheldon today is no longer the same as half a year ago.

His clothes were torn, and his upper body was naked.

The entire upper body is full of explosive muscles.

And his hair is unkempt, and his face is full of beards.

But Wimber’s eyes were harsh, because he found that if snowflakes fell on their skin, they would melt quickly.

However, it fell on Sheldon without any change.

Wimber’s eyelids twitched fiercely.

He is the Cooper Family and followed Swans very early.

He remembered Swans’s escape from purgatory.

But this time Sheldon gave Wimber a different feeling.

It feels… he is stronger than the Lord.

Especially those eyes, not anger or prestige, with a strong and cold killing intent.

It actually made Wimber feel a chill in his back.

“Sheldon, after you wash it, come here!”

Swans patted Sheldon on the shoulder.


Sheldon nodded, then left.

Wherever he went, the head of the soul hall bowed his head.

In the room’s large bathroom, steam is steaming.

On the side, a dozen girls, large and small, were busy chatting around.

Sheldon closed his eyes slightly and placed his arms horizontally.

Several girls are pinching Sheldon’s shoulders, cutting hair and shaving!

The beard was shaved clean.

A few girls discovered that this young palace master was so beautiful, and the masculine aura exuded from his body made a few girls blush.

After washing, the girls brought hair dryers to dry Sheldon’s body and wrapped them in bathrobes.

“Young Master, the clothes are ready, it’s the suit you want!”

A girl said shyly.

“Okay, go down!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Sheldon changed clothes and let out a long sigh.

The pain of six months, the suffering of six months, today, finally passed.

When fixing a tie.

“Young Master, I will help you!”

A soft voice suddenly sounded in the ear.

A white jade hand stretched out gently.

Wei Wei stroked Sheldon.

And Sheldon turned around and glanced at this charming woman.

Gently pinched her chin.

As for the woman, she was eager to wait for something, once she was favored by the young palace master, then her status in the soul palace would be unprecedentedly improved.

Stand out among the beauties.


What she didn’t expect was that the Young Master was colder than she thought.

In particular, a scroll made the woman tremble all over like a lightning strike.

“Yes! Young Master!”

The woman retreats embarrassedly…

The soul hall banquet was held for three days.

Early this morning.

All the staff of the soul hall gathered in the square on the island.

“Sheldon, now you have successfully completed purgatory, and the effect you got is much higher than what grandpa expected. It’s just that although your mind can still be self-controlled at present, it is extremely unstable. If you want to use the power of the dragon elephant to the fullest Ultimately, unless you drink the spirit blood of the spirit fox, it can help you control your character. When I go back, I will let Wimbert stay by your side to assist you!

“I know Grandpa, when will you go back, Grandpa, actually, my dad misses you too!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Swans nodded: “When the time is right, I will naturally go back!”

He patted Sheldon on the shoulder again.

Swans had high hopes for Sheldon.

More than 30 large black helicopters have been launched at the base.

“Grandpa take care, let’s go!”

Sheldon looked at Grandpa deeply.

Then turned around.

Wimber and the three hundred masters on the island followed Sheldon.


The helicopter took off and flew straight from the north to the south.

The night is getting deeper.

At this moment, the outskirts of the Tiancheng triangle.

An embarrassed girl was running desperately holding a file bag.

She was pale with scars on her body.

But obviously the file bag is very important, more important than her life.

Behind her, there were more than a dozen cars chasing her slowly.

Those people poked their heads out of the car window and shone their flashlights at the woman.

“Haha, run, run, I’m going to chase you soon!”

Those people shouted loudly, very excited.

The woman ran and fell down.

She gritted her teeth, got up and continued running.

“Catch up, catch up!”

A car drove in front of her and said with a flashlight in her eyes.

“Tell you, you run fast, if we Wen Tao catches you, you will be finished, hahaha!”

“Yes, our young master is very beastly!”

Everyone laughed into a ball.

Obviously, they were playing around with the little girl.

Finally, after falling down again, the girl couldn’t get up anymore.

She tore open the folder desperately, trying to eat some of the files inside with her mouth.

“Damn, dead woman, we should not kill you!”

And Wen Tao jumped out of the car with someone, and hurriedly blocked it, and a big mouth beat the girl in a big way.

Pick up the file bag.

Wen Tao sneered coldly: “Tsk tusk, so beautiful, it’s a shame to die like this, brothers, take her back, this young man is going to eat meat tonight! When I’m done, I’ll give it to you!”

“Hahaha, so few letters!”

As for the woman, she looked at Wen Tao sternly, and took out a short blade from her arms.

Want to commit suicide.

But was knocked out by Wen Tao.

“Want to die? Haha, I just won’t let you die, I want to torture you alive, haha!”

Wen Tao smiled grimly.

Just when the woman left tears of despair.


Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter came from the horizon.

There were more than 30 frames, slowly falling, surrounding Wen Tao and others.

“what’s the situation?”

Wen Tao was shocked.

Wait until the helicopter drops.

Many people in black came off the car, looking at them indifferently.

“My friend, where are you from? I haven’t seen it before. My father is Amagi Vincent!”

Wen Tao saw the extraordinary popularity of this group, and immediately said in a hurry.

At this time, the door of the middle helicopter was opened by one of his men.

Wen Tao only saw it.

Inside the cabin, a man in a suit was sitting on it, tasting wine.

After the woman saw it clearly, she cried with excitement:

“Sir, you are finally back!”

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