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Chapter 507

The young man is Sheldon.

And this woman is not Yu’er who is following Sheldon.

Right now, Yu’er cried and ran towards Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, looking at Yu’er, who had suffered so much, a touch of distress flashed in his heart.

“Jade, you have suffered, don’t be afraid, I’m back!”

Sheldon said, pulling her into the cabin.

Yuer took Sheldon’s arm and refused to let go.

But I don’t know why, I haven’t seen it for half a year, Yuer thought about it, but seeing her husband this time gave her a strange feeling.

But now she has no time to think about it.

“Sir, Vincent is back. They captured Zhang Long, Zhang Hu, President Shen and them today, and also took our assets away. Lan Er and the others were also taken away. These are our final industry documents!”

Yuer was holding the file bag, and she desperately tried to keep Sheldon’s assets.

“Just now I asked Wimber to check, and the matter has already been known. It’s my fault, and it disappeared for half a year!”

Sheldon wiped away his tears.

“Damn, it turned out to be the boss of Tianlong, don’t chirp me and me there anymore, just in time, you come back, clean up with you, and the provincial Wen Zong will do it!”

At this moment, a big man said coldly.

But his voice did not fall.


The men next to Sheldon have been dispatched.

And this big man suddenly opened his eyes.

Then his head suddenly fell down.


Yuer looked at it, and hurriedly covered her mouth in fright.

But Wen Tao panicked.

This group of people feels horrible and extremely skilled.

And Wen Tao is not an opponent at all.

“Chen… President Chen, there are some misunderstandings. I think I still call my father, and you will talk to him personally!”

Wen Tao responded extremely quickly.

“After all, I am just doing things for my father. It is useless for you to kill me. I can inform on my behalf and ask my father to talk to you personally!”

He said again.

However, Sheldon did not answer.

He became more and more frightened.

Knelt down with a thump.

“Mr. Sheldon, spare me!”

At this moment, Wen Tao panicked completely and swallowed wildly.

Sheldon slowly poured a glass of red wine, “I was thinking just now, seeing your father, am I going to prepare a meeting gift for him? I think how many of your subordinates also bring cameras, and suddenly they have inspiration!”

Cooper Family.

“Chen, what… what inspiration?”

Originally, these cameras were specially used to shoot those videos. Wen Tao, who has such a perverted hobby, would take a video as a souvenir every time he finishes it.

So my men are used to carrying cameras.

“I want you to cooperate with me to make a video for your father to see as a meeting ceremony!”

Cooper Family.

“Of course I am willing to cooperate, Mr. Sheldon, yes!”

Wen Tao said in a hurry.

Sheldon winked at one of his men.

Subsequently, the fuel was taken out from the cabin.

Wen Tao seemed to know what they were going to do.

“Don’t kill me President Chen!”

He got up and wanted to run.


A stone hit his chest, and a blood arrow was already shot out.

Wen Tao lay on the ground, convulsing all over.

And his subordinates stood beside him, not daring to move.

Just watched him being doused all over.

“Yu’er close your eyes!”

Sheldon covered Yu’er’s eyes, and at the same time said to his hand: “Take him!”


The tragic cry immediately resounded through the entire wilderness…

“Where is Vincent?”

First returned to the manor, let Yuer lie down and rest.

Sheldon asked Wimber.

“I just found out that he is currently hosting a banquet in the Tiancheng Restaurant, and he has invited many people in Tiancheng District to take care of him! Zhang Long, Zhanghu and Shen Wanshan, although they have been tortured, are currently not in danger of life. .”

“I also learned that this Vincent, who went to a certain country in Southeast Asia to study art in the past six months, has practiced a good skill!”

As Wimber spoke, he smiled helplessly.

“Well, it’s time to solve it, otherwise, there may be something wrong in the future.”

“Wimble, you stay and help me take care of Yu’er, I will save them!”

Cooper Family.

“But Young Master, you have not taken spiritual blood now, and your heart is unstable…I’m afraid…”

Wimber worried.

If he was bloodthirsty right out of the mountain, I worried that Sheldon would become even more indifferent.

“I can control it!”

It was night, Sheldon took more than 30 people out.

At this moment, Tiancheng Restaurant.

The night is getting deeper and deeper.

The weather was suddenly cold and bitter.

“You girl, what are you running around? Mom can’t find you everywhere. Mr. Wen is back today, and there is such a big thing in Tiancheng. You have to be careful!”

The entrance of the restaurant.

The two women are arguing.

Little one, in his early twenties, exquisite and beautiful.

The older one is about twenty-four, mature and s*xy, with a bit of intellectual beauty.

At this moment, the older woman straightened her hair: “Go, come back with me!”

“Oh, well, I just go back by myself! You go in first, and I will go back after I come out and breathe out!”

Said the girl.

“Okay, don’t lie to me, go back soon!”

The woman left without worry.

The girl was obviously not in a high mood. She grabbed a handful of stones from the ground and smashed them around from time to time.

Maybe he was bored, so he pouted and walked in again.

When entering the hall, she saw a group of people coming by the door through the mirror on the wall.

And the leader surprised the girl instantly.

“Huh? Isn’t that…?”

I haven’t seen each other for half a year, and she looked back in surprise and was about to say hello.

“What do you do?”

There were many bodyguards of the Vincent Group at the door. At this moment, seeing that they were not good, they all surrounded them.

However, this group of people did it directly.

Cleanly and directly broke the sons of the bodyguards of the Vincent Group.


The service staff in the lobby screamed with fright.

The girl also paled and rushed upstairs in fright.

After going up, I was still in shock.

“Come on, sit down!”

When she came to her family, she was also extremely frightened.

“Oh, when Mr. Wen comes back, Tiancheng is about to change again. Our Yu family has to seize the opportunity. You two sisters follow me, and both of you are born so beautiful. When Wen Xiao comes back, you have to behave well! Shao Wen favors it, and our Yu family can soar!”

Yes, the mother and daughter are Su Hong, sisters Yu Jinfei.

For more than half a year, Concubine Yu Jin looks more mature and stable than before.

She is looking at her sister in a bad mood now.

Some worried asked: “Jinxiang, what’s the matter with you? Why is your face pale?”

Tulip swallowed, “I was downstairs just now, downstairs…like I saw him!”

“who is he?”

Su Hong asked.

Concubine Yu Jin, however, was very sensitive, and her little heart was pounding, as if she had guessed something.

“Jinxiang, who did you see?”

Tulip suddenly cried, obviously scared: “He! He’s back!”

Chapter 508


Concubine Yu Jin was nervous.

“I saw Sheldon!”

Tulip said.


Su Hong and Yu Jin Concubine stared at the same time.

“Then what are you afraid of?”

Su Hong asked.


Not waiting for Tulips to speak.

At this moment, on the high platform, Vincent, as the host of tonight’s event, has already stepped up.

“Everyone, be quiet!”

He raised his hand to signal.

The entire hotel auditorium was silent for an instant.

“Today is the day when I come back from Vincent. First of all, thank you for your support. I have left for the past six months. A lot of things have happened. Fortunately, as of tonight, all the things have passed, and I am the site of the Vincent Group. It’s more than half of that in half a year, and I will count on everyone’s support in the future!”

Vincent was on stage, though his language was kind.

However, his venomous eyes scanned in front of everyone one by one.

In the hall, no one dared to look at him.

And this is the effect Vincent wants tonight.

Starting today, there is only one group in Tiancheng, and that is the Vincent Group.

He wants everyone to submit to him.

See the effect achieved.

He smiled faintly, then patted his palms, and saw a few men from the side hall, escorting a dozen or so beautiful women out.

“Hehe, they are all personal servants of Mr. Sheldon from the Tianlong Group. Tsk tsk tsk tsk, look very attractive, hahaha, but Vincent is not a person who doesn’t know how to share. Through this dinner, I will hold an auction. Ceremony, which one did everyone fancy, it is actually possible to bid!”

Vincent laughed.

“This Vincent is too ruthless. I don’t want to talk about the Tianlong Group. It is really vicious to put President Chen’s maid out for auction!”

“Yes, the Tianlong Group is the boss and pays attention to morality, but this Vincent is an inhuman animal. This is good, and then we have to be ready to be exploited by him again!”

In the audience, some wealthy businessmen saw that Vincent was doing too much, and could not help but discuss in a low voice.

“It is said that the Wei family who had been close to Mr. Sheldon was directly occupied by Vincent, and the Wei family was driven out. It is too insecure to follow such a person!”

There is also humanity.

But they dare not speak up.

“Hehe, let’s start the auction now…”

Vincent snapped his fingers.

But suddenly, the lights in the auditorium were turned off in an instant.


Then, a video appeared directly on the big screen of the auditorium.

“What’s the situation? What did the staff do? Do you want to die?”

The butler suddenly cursed.

The audience looked at each other.

“Spare me, don’t kill me…”

Just when everyone was a little puzzled, the video on the stage suddenly began to play.

Seeing the picture clearly, everyone was quiet.

Because everyone can recognize that in the video, it is Wen Shao who is kneeling and crying.

“This matter, you can tell my father in detail, it’s none of my business!”

Wen Shao cried in the picture.

“Little Tao!”

Vincent’s eyes widened instantly.

Fists clenched.

Wen Tao in the picture didn’t know what he saw at the moment, so scared to get up, he wanted to run.

But it seemed that he had been hit by something, and the blood spurted wildly, lying on the ground all over.

But still struggling hard.

Until someone approached, he was filled with sex.

A little spark approached and burst into flames with a bang.

The surrounding speakers were all Wen Tao’s screams.


At the scene, someone was so scared that their legs trembled and vomited directly.


Even more women screamed hysterically, clutching their heads.

The picture stopped abruptly.

And the lights are bright again.

“Who! Who is it?”

Vincent roared and slapped him with a palm. The table in front of him shattered instantly, and the muscles on his face twitched.

But there are still many wealthy businessmen, seeing this situation, secretly happy, thinking that people are watching the sky, not not reporting, the time has not come, Vincent’s retribution has come.

The mother and daughter of the Yu family are also dependent on each other.

I was really scared to death just now.

“I didn’t expect it to be so lively!”

At this moment, the door of the auditorium opened and a sound rang.

Then I saw Sheldon walking out with a group of people.

“Mr. Sheldon!”

Many forces in the lobby are already attached to Sheldon.

All stood up at this moment in astonishment.


Concubine Yu Jin’s little heart was beating, and she looked at Sheldon with a bit of astonishment.

It has been gone for half a year, and I still remember that half a year ago, Sheldon revealed his identity as the head of the Tianlong Group.

I was indeed beaten in the face at the time.

I really hated Sheldon, hated him for not caring about him, and didn’t even end his voice.

Later, after hearing the news of Sheldon’s disappearance, Concubine Yu Jin was overjoyed.

I thought, finally, the person who made himself a shadow is gone.

But just now when my sister said that he was back, Concubine Yu Jin became nervous. Until now, seeing Sheldon, who was very different from half a year ago, felt a touch of complexity in her heart.

“You are Tianlong’s surname Chen? It seems that you are really a yellow-haired boy, my son, you killed him?”

Vincent gritted his teeth, his eyes were completely red, bloodthirsty red.

“Not bad!”

Sheldon nodded, his momentum rose sharply.

“Then you dare to come to the door, okay, today we will settle the old and new enemies together. Today, I want you to survive and die!”

Vincent roared.

His arms were startled, crashing.

The jacket I was wearing was actually shattered.

Showing violent muscles, like a fleshy tank.

Wen Tao is his only son. He usually loves him more and prepares to train to be his successor.

But witnessing his son being burned alive, Vincent has gone crazy and completely turned into a lunatic.

During the conversation, he was already flying towards Sheldon.

“Hurry and hide away!”

“Vincent is completely crazy, be careful of accidentally hurting!”

Everyone smashed like insects.

Stepped aside.

next moment.

Vincent’s iron fist had reached Sheldon.


There was a sound.

Then everyone was shocked.

Because, with such a fierce punch, Mr. Sheldon was caught by him even lightly.

Vincent wanted to struggle, but he couldn’t.

“You are wrong again and again!” Sheldon said lightly, and suddenly a hint of red appeared in his eyes.

It looks like a demon.

Sheldon’s subordinates all looked at each other and walked back one after another.

And it was this strong killing intent that actually made Vincent’s back chill, and his momentum went down for the most part.

It’s as if you have to shiver and bow your head in front of a mad demon.

“First, you shouldn’t hit my group’s ideas!”

“Secondly, I shouldn’t touch my brother!”

With that, Sheldon put both hands on the shivering Vincent’s shoulders.

“Third, people who insult me ​​shouldn’t be in front of me!”

Sheldon concentrated on the last word.

Suddenly, both hands suddenly exerted strength, grabbing Vinson’s shoulders, and pulling directly out.


Then there was a disgusting tearing sound.


And seeing the scene at the scene, most of the people were strongly stimulated and collapsed, and the screams of horror seemed to have shattered all the surrounding wine glasses.

Many more women were faint on the spot…

cruel! devil! ! !

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