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Chapter 509

The scene has been extremely chaotic

Everyone shuddered in the corner.

Some people spit out foam, obviously frightened.

Concubine Yu Jin also cried in fright.

Dare not speak.

On the other hand, Sheldon took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

After a few moments of silence, he opened his eyes again, and in his eyes, the red in his eyes had already retreated at this moment.

Sheldon slowly walked to the butler’s side:

“Where are you detaining my friend?”


When the butler was asked, all of a sudden shaking.

He vomited blood, convulsed on the ground, and soon stopped moving.

Because of the extreme fear, blood surged up, directly bursting through his brain!

“Go find someone!”

Sheldon instructed his men behind him.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Subsequently, everyone evacuated.

And when Sheldon was leaving, he glanced at the mother and daughter of the Yu family who were leaning against each other, and then withdrew their gazes and strode out!

silence! The scene was as silent as death, until one hour after Sheldon left, no one dared to move!

I am afraid that from now on, in the Tiancheng triangle area, as long as you hear the four characters of Tianlong Group, you will be frightened.

Three days later.

In the manor.

“Young Hall Master, the haunt of the spirit fox that the Lord asked me to check for you has been found. It turned out to be in the dense forest west of Nesbania. A year ago, someone encountered a spirit fox there!”

Wimber preached.

“Oh, the Lord’s subordinates also understand that if you can’t be nourished by spiritual blood, it may not be long before your character will be affected by hatred. At that time, it will be difficult to find the original you!”

Wimber sighed.

Sheldon frowned.

Indeed, these words have already reached Sheldon’s heart.

Originally, Sheldon felt that he could completely control himself.

But with his own hands, Sheldon discovered that once a little bit of hatred is like a spark of fire, once it is lit, he cannot control it.

Solve things with extremely cruel means.

Moreover, in the past three days, Sheldon has an unbearable itch in his heart, he is actually thinking about *people!

“I know Wimber, and I don’t want to become a killing machine. Okay, you order to go down. Let’s leave today and go to the north of Nesbania to find the spirit fox!” Sheldon ordered.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Sheldon stood up from the room: “If I remember correctly, the Palmer Family roots founded by Palmer should be in Nesbania.

Then, by the way, ask them for justice.

Sheldon stroked a pot of flowers in front of him.

Thinking of Palmer Family, his palms condensed slightly.

Suddenly, a pot of flowers withered instantly.

Wimber watched this scene, his eyelids twitched fiercely.

Sure enough, the Lord is worried about the young hall master, and it’s not bad to worry.

The young palace master has undergone purgatory reform this time, and now his strength has skyrocketed to a very terrifying level, even more powerful than after the Lord’s reformation.

If it weren’t for fear that the Young Master would fall into the sidewalk.

The Lord would not be afraid that Wimber would follow so painstakingly.

“Young Master, there is something, I don’t know whether to say it or not!”

“Wimble, you say!”

“It takes some time to find the spirit fox. I am worried that during this period of time, if you can’t control yourself well, you will be controlled by the heart demon. At the beginning, the power of the lord to become a dragon image, there is a way to solve it. Young Hallmaster try?”

Wimber Road.

“what way?”

“Back then, the Lord was also troubled by the demons of the heart. He asked for a solution and wanted to control his own character, because only with the power to control the dragon and elephant can he enter the realm of the master!”

“He once went to visit monks, religions, and came to America to find famous teachers secretly, but at first, a word was wrong, Lord… Hey, the Lord killed them directly, and later gave up this method until, One day the Lord was enlightened. He closed off his strength and went back to the life and life of ordinary people. It seemed that he was a lonely old man, who had settled for a period of time. When he turned on his strength, he had reached the point of perfection. , Stepped into the master!”

“This method is not suitable for everyone, but Young Master, you have lived a poor life, and you have always buried love in your heart. I think this method can be tried!”

Wimber said.

Sheldon nodded.

“My grandfather also taught me the method of sealing, but it’s okay. Now I don’t get spiritual blood. During this period, I stay away from fighting and seal up my strength. Maybe, I can use my strength as quickly as possible. Enter the realm of the mysterious master!”

Sheldon laughed, “Thank you, Wimbert!”

At this time, the door knocked!

It was Yu’er who broke in in a hurry.


“What’s wrong, Yuer?”

“I heard them say, you…you are leaving again, right?”

Yuer said.


Sheldon smiled.

“You…Where are you going?”

Yuer’s eyes were wet and red.

Since the first time I saw her husband, and the moment he agreed to let them go, Yu’er’s heart seemed to have been given to Sheldon.

For six months, she missed every day.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Hope finally returned, but he hurried away.


Cooper Family.

“Dragon… Long Jiang?”

After Yu’er heard the two words, her eyes suddenly dodged, and she scratched and scratched with both hands, and she didn’t know how these two words touched her.

Finally, Yuer took a deep breath and said, “Mr., let Yuer follow you? Yuer doesn’t want to leave her husband!”

“No, Yuer, sir, you will be separated from us along the way. You, a beautiful woman, stay with your husband. If you invite bad guys, wouldn’t it be necessary for your husband to make an exception for you, and you will lose your merits? No!”

Wimber shook his head.

“Yes… But when you meet, once you meet, there will always be someone by your side to take care of him, Grandpa Wen, can you have a caring girl?”

Yuer said.

Wimbert was speechless, and he couldn’t help shaking his head with a wry smile.

“What you said is really reasonable! But Yu’er, since you are going, you have to follow us all the way, and don’t disturb Mr. meditation. If you don’t agree, you can’t take you!”

“I… I just promise!”

Yuer smiled happily.

This matter is agreed upon.

In the afternoon, Sheldon returned to Figora Nor and boarded the green train to Nesbania.

In the early morning two days later, the train arrived at the exit of Nesbania State.

At the exit, in a small restaurant.

“Sister, order whatever you want, I will treat you today!”

One man and two women sat down in one seat.

The boy smiled at the moment.

“As long as you have money, I tell you, it’s enough to come out and play, we should go back to the family, or we will be punished if we are careful!”

One of the beautiful girls blamed.

The boys are naturally handsome, and the two girls are also beautiful.

The handsome men and beautiful women, with the three of them in the store, naturally attracted the attention of many people.

“Alright, alright, it’s almost time to play, isn’t this coming back!”

Another girl smiled.

“Huh? Look, sister, it’s the little brother sitting next to us on the train…”

The girl suddenly pointed to the door.

Chapter 510

“Hey, brother!”

Lu Han waved his hand and smiled at the incoming youth.

“It’s you…”

The young man who came in smiled and put down his duffel bag.

There was an empty table next to Lu Han, and the young man sat down.

“Fate, I was very speculative when talking on the train. I wanted to ask you for a Instagram account!”

Lu Han said.

“Okay, Xiaohan, people are here for dinner, don’t bother them!”

Lu Han’s sister Lu Xue gently stepped on Lu Han’s feet and reminded.

“It’s Xiaohan, what kind of Instagram ID do you want!”

Lu Chao also said.

And Sheldon looked at the scene before him, only slightly shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

On the train just now, Sheldon ran into the third brother of the Perkin family.

Speaking of which there is still a small accident.

Those were the two sisters of the Perkin family, who happened to sit opposite to them.

Next to him, there was an old man in his seventies or eighties who leaned on the window to sleep all the way.

So the one named Lu Chao wanted to come and change seats with Sheldon.

Originally it was nothing.

However, Lu Chao directly threw a thousand dollar to Sheldon and told Sheldon to sit down.

Of course Sheldon will change if he speaks well.

At the moment, Lu Chao was ignored.

Had it not been for Lu Han’s persuasion, the two would almost have a conflict or something.

In the back, Lu Han chatted with Sheldon. For more than a year, Sheldon went north and south, and he was no longer the only Sheldon who only knew Ping’an County and Roston City.

Lu Han was fascinated by the fact that when we talked.

On the other hand, Lu Xue, the eldest of the three, was somewhat cold.

Never said a word to Sheldon.

Therefore, there is a scene at hand.

“Where are you going? Come to our Nesbania to study or work?”

Lu Han asked again.


Sheldon smiled.

“O’ao, then I recommend a place for you. There is a place in Nesbania called Baina Mountain Villa. There is so much fun in it. You can play golf and race horses!”

Lu Han said.

“Is that place that ordinary people can go to? Don’t worry about it and eat quickly!”

Lu Xue didn’t like Sheldon at all, she said at the moment.

Obviously, the three background identities are unusual.

Lu Xue, he was born with a noble heart, belonging to the most unearthed kind of the three.

Lu Xue, who is accustomed to high-end people, naturally dislikes ordinary people like Sheldon, and is not even qualified to be friends.


Lu Han didn’t speak either.

Sheldon ordered an egg fried rice and ate slowly beside him.

The three people from the Perkin family nearby had few bites.

I packed my things and got ready to go.

“Hey, I live in Nesbania Lujia Manor. If I have the opportunity to play with me, my name is Lu Han!”

Before leaving, Lu Han whispered to Sheldon again.

Then Lu Xue was taken away.

“This little girl is so innocent!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

He definitely had no intention of going to the Perkin family to find this Lu Han.

It is rare that Sheldon can avoid the atmosphere of grudges and grievances these days, and Sheldon cannot be relaxed and relaxed.

Taking this opportunity, Sheldon really visited several tourist attractions in Nesbania.

That evening, when the sky gradually darkened, Sheldon remembered that it was time to find a place to live.

“What are you doing?”

An alley entrance.

Several drunk youths, pulling a woman, are heading into a dead end.

“Why? Of course it’s fun, come on!”

The three young men dragged the woman into the alley.

The woman struggled desperately.

Suddenly looked up and saw a young man coming.

She jerked away the bastard.

Ran over and took the young man’s arm.

“Husband, they did something to me!”

The woman cried.

She also squeezed the young man’s arm to signal him to cooperate.


And the three little gangsters immediately glanced at each other, and looked at the passing youth with hostility.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not her husband!”

The young man waved his hand in fear.

The woman rolled her eyes suddenly.

I’m going, is there anyone so persuaded?

And the three little gangsters laughed: “Hahaha, little beauty, she’s very smart, I will teach you a lesson later!”

The three gangsters said they were about to pounce.


The youth suddenly pointed to the back and shouted.

“Never dare again next time!”

The three gangsters hugged their heads and squatted on the ground and looked back.

Take advantage of this effort, “Run!”

The young man turned the girl around and left.

Three gangsters chased after him.

At the moment, the girl almost can’t run.

The young man happened to see a manhole cover.

Pulling the girl and running over, with a little force on her feet, she tilted the manhole cover up, and then lightly kicked it back.


With a sound, the manhole cover rotated at a high speed and flew out, knocking down all the three gangsters.

The girl did not see this scene at all.

“Just here, I can’t run anymore!”

Came to a park.

The girl was panting heavily at the moment, holding her knees with her hands.

The young man is not Sheldon.

Sheldon mentioned his shoulder bag, and then glanced at the beauty.

Because she was bending over and wearing a short skirt uniform, at this moment, the large snow-white Sheldon in front of her was almost completely visible.

In an instant, there was a feeling that the eyes didn’t know where to put it.

The woman just noticed that she hurriedly tightened her neckline.

Qiao’s face is also blush.

She smiled awkwardly, “Thank you, brother, if it wasn’t for you, maybe what happened tonight!”

“You’re welcome!”

Sheldon said lightly.

After speaking, I wanted to leave.

As for the woman, it seemed a little unwilling.

“Wait a minute, brother, I haven’t finished talking yet. I said you are my husband. You can act with me for a while. Why do you wave your hand and say no?”

The woman asked rather irritably.

Girls, especially girls with superior appearance, value the opinions of others about themselves most.

The feeling Sheldon gave her just now was that she was afraid of becoming her wife.

Make girls feel a little unhappy.

“I have a girlfriend! Besides, if you don’t pretend to be your husband, you can still save you!”

“Hmph, you thought I would…ah!”

The girl pouted, trying to find some face for herself.

I felt a pain in my ankle when I walked.

“His… my foot seems to be sprained!”

Sheldon shook his head and knelt down and said, “Where is the sprain? I’ll take a look for you!”

“Don’t look at it, don’t you have a girlfriend, lest your girlfriend misunderstand!”

Woman Road.

“Then you go back by yourself!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he left with the bag.

“fu*k, hey hey, you guy, do you know how to Lianxiangxiyu! At least you have to take me to the hospital!”

Sheldon took a long breath.

Turn back, and gently knock the woman down.

Then lifted her ankle.

Find the position, twist it gently.

With a click.

The girl was panicking what he was going to do.

Suddenly I felt that my sprain was healed.

“Is that all right? It’s getting dark, I advise you to go home quickly!”

“Wait a minute!”

The girl called Sheldon again.

“what happened again?”

“You are so helpful to me, I haven’t thanked you well yet, let’s go, how about I treat you to dinner?”

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