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Chapter 511

Please eat?

Sheldon was going to eat.

Someone asks, naturally it is better than spending money yourself.


Sheldon agreed.


Zhang Min was about to be speechless to the little brother in front of him.

However, girls all worship heroes. Although Sheldon is not a hero, he really helped himself.

Coupled with Sheldon’s delicate appearance, people want to get close unconsciously.

So Zhang Min took Sheldon to a restaurant.

After talking with each other, they gradually became acquainted.

“You came here to travel, and it’s a coincidence!”

Zhang Min said.

“What a coincidence?”

“I don’t know, starting tomorrow, the Perkin family in Nesbania State will hold a three-day treasure exchange conference! It is one month earlier than the previous one, but it just happened to let you catch up!”

“The annual treasure exchange conference, from the north to the south, and even abroad, there are too many people coming, and it can be dazzling!”

Zhang Mindao.

“O’ao, I have only heard of the antique exchange conference, and I have never heard of the treasure exchange conference!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“What is the antique exchange conference? This exchange conference is all-encompassing. It not only covers antiques, but also various forms of treasures. As long as you have treasures, you can bring them out for exhibition. For example, like a jade bracelet. Usually you have to sell it yourself, you can sell it for 100,000 dollar, but once the appraisal process of the exchange conference is passed, at the conference, you can sell it for one million, or even higher!”

“I understand, but it’s all played by rich people. If I want to go, it’s just a fun! Besides, those antique treasures, not just like that, I don’t have much research on these!”

Sheldon smiled.

“I bah! You are quite clever, you can actually say this kind of thing, I will tell you a secret, this matter is not an insider, I don’t know at all!”

Zhang Min suddenly lowered his voice.

Sheldon put a sip of boiled fish in his mouth, drank a drink, and motioned to Zhang Min to talk.

“Four years ago at the exchange conference, there was a magical tool, and it was an ancient magical tool that was opened and engraved with inscriptions!”

Zhang Mindao.


Sheldon almost squirted out a drink.

“Are you real?”

Zhang Min was angry again by Sheldon’s attitude:

“What I lied to you, it’s just that you don’t have any knowledge. It is a piece of dust. It was used by a Taoist priest a long time ago. Anyway, it can be kept at home, so it can be invaded by evil. It’s just that it was bought by a Japanese man at a high price. It’s been less than half a year since I bought it home. The wealthy Japanese businessman, the seriously ill old mother, miraculously recovered. You must know that his mother was 98 years old four years ago and is now one hundred and two. Still healthy!”

“Also, in the last session, an ancient knife was also auctioned off. It is said that it is also a magic weapon. In short, there are too many things like this. On the surface, it is antique treasures. In fact, these are the inside stories. The main event, those foreigners, are all for these!”

Zhang Min said.

Sheldon put down the wine glass, frowning involuntarily.

Seeing what Zhang Min said was true, it didn’t seem to be fake.

Indeed, although Sheldon didn’t say anything just now, there are real artifacts, and he just wants Zhang Min to say more information.

Grandpa’s sun map, to put it bluntly, is a kind of very ancient motif.

From ancient times to the present, the rise of every big family must rely on some mysterious force.

I also heard from Grandpa that I learned that the Fang family and the Cooper Family were fighting for half a piece of jade.

And that jade pendant is a magic weapon of the Cooper Family and the Fang family, representing the luck of the two.

If it weren’t for sneaking into the Fang’s house to find the half piece of jade pendant, second uncle Chen Ping’an would not happen later.

“How do you know so clearly, these are not spread to the outside world?”

Sheldon pretended to be surprised and said, “I found that you can fool people, isn’t it a sales job? Haha!”

“You… fart, let me tell you, I’m an accountant for a company under the Perkin family. Our company is the organizer of the annual exchange conference. You say, can I say something false!”

“In addition, I also told you so much because you saved me because you saved me. Don’t spread it, but even if it is, no one will believe it!”

Zhang Min took a drink.

“Hmph, it looks like you are interested, do you want to see it?”

Zhang Min asked.

“It’s like I can go if I want to. It’s not easy to get a ticket, right?”

Sheldon smiled.

“That is, but also look at who I am. I, Zhang Min, is a person who never likes to owe favors to others. You have helped me so much. This lady can consider giving you an admission ticket! But, let’s Even if they are both clean! Okay?”

Zhang Min smiled.

Then, he carefully took out an admission ticket from his bag and handed it to Sheldon.

“Tell you, don’t underestimate people in the future, especially beautiful girls like me! Look at you as if you haven’t experienced a big occasion, so let’s take a few of my friends from other places to play tomorrow, and take you with you. , Take you around together!”

Zhang Min said.

“Okay, thank you! By the way, which Perkin family you are talking about?”

Sheldon collected the admission ticket and asked again.

“Of course it is the Perkin family of Nesbania, there is only one Perkin family in Nesbania!”

Keke, the three siblings, the clothes on their bodies, at first glance, are ordinary goods, but they are actually more than 100,000 pieces.

Sheldon had already seen that the three siblings were unusual.

Nesbania Lujia? Isn’t it that Lu Han’s Perkin family?

Sheldon thought.

Regardless, Sheldon was obviously interested in this exchange meeting.

If you really have a magic weapon, you really have to look at it. If someone else takes away this thing, there will be one less thing.

That night, Sheldon stayed in a hotel.

By the early morning of the next day, Sheldon set off early and rushed to the location of the exchange meeting.

Nothing else, the location of the event happened to be in Baina Manor.

Sheldon thought it was early enough.

But when I didn’t expect to go, there was a huge crowd.

Luxury cars are everywhere.

According to the agreement, he will wait for Zhang Min at the door.

Waiting time.

I saw luxury cars coming by.

From the car, came a group of gorgeously dressed men and women.

The surrounding security guards all bowed respectfully.

Sheldon stood in a side corner and could see clearly.

Among this group of men and women, three Sheldon knew each other.

Isn’t that the third sibling of yesterday.

Sure enough, the three of them are really well-known families.

At the moment, Sheldon put on his hat and lowered the brim.

I’m not afraid of Lu Han’s girl, but I’m afraid that once Lu Xue and Lu Chao recognize themselves and drive them out, it won’t be good to hurt Zhang Min.

Sheldon breathed a sigh of relief after seeing them talking and laughing in.

“Sheldon, come here early!”

Just then, Zhang Min came, smiled and patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

And behind her, several young men and women followed…

Chapter 512

Sheldon smiled and greeted Zhang Min.

“Let me introduce to you. This is Sheldon. We just met yesterday. He is very nice and saved me!”

Zhang Min smiled.

“Hehe, it’s him, but why did he dress like this to participate in the exchange meeting?”

One of the girls hugged her shoulders and couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted.

The exchange meeting is known as another gathering of the upper class.

At this kind of occasion, there is no one without a face and a face.

All of them were in suits and leather shoes, but Sheldon wore them as if they were traveling.

This is too cheap.

In fact, several people think so in their hearts.

“It’s okay, let’s play together!”

Zhang Min didn’t see the other people’s dislike of staying with Sheldon.

Just like that, a few people went in.

The manor is really too big.

And listening to Zhang Min’s introduction, this exchange conference is divided into outer and inner walls.

The periphery is ordinary antiques, and some treasures.

If you really want something good, you have to visit the inner wall.

“Jia Ming, did you just buy this watch? I just paid attention!”

Several people strolled around.

The girl named Julie said to one of the boys.

“Yes, I just bought it!”

“how much?”

Julie asked again.

“It’s not expensive, it’s more than 20,000. It’s mainly because of this style. It just matches my suit!”

Wang Jiaming said.

“Tsk tusk, really rich man!”

Zhang Min said enviously. She didn’t have any thoughts, she felt that everyone was together, very happy.

“What about the suit? How much is the suit?”

“It’s more than 50,000 suits. It’s the front-end days. I went to Italy to play and bought it there!”

Wang Jiaming said again.

“It’s great!” Julie said.

I discussed their clothes and life with the other two boys and a few girls.

Obviously, Julie’s is quite familiar with this routine of beating without hands.

She said this deliberately just to embarrass Sheldon.

I thought it should be Prince Charming, rich son, etc., to save Minmin.

Unexpectedly, it was just a D wire.

Looks like it looks pretty good, but it’s too LOW to be dressed for this kind of occasion.

And it lowered their worth, Julie wanted to run him away.

Understand your gap.

“Just your broken thing, dare to stand next to us, shameful, rolling!”

At this moment, an old man was also preparing to set up a stall to show off his treasure.

Obviously, he has passed the Baojian process and has the qualifications to settle in.

But, most of the exhibition locations here are families. How can there be a booth like this?

So it was squeezed out.

The old man sighed, and had to put away his iron ticket, and walked inside, ready to find a stall.

But Sheldon glanced at the iron coupon, but his eyelids twitched slightly.


This iron coupon, on the surface, was an iron lump, but it made Sheldon a feeling of palpitations.

This kind of feeling has rarely appeared since he became an inner strength warrior.

“something wrong!”

Sheldon secretly said in his heart.

“Go Sheldon, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Min came over and shouted.

“O’ao, why don’t you go first, I want to go around by myself!”

Sheldon smiled.

His eyes were looking at the direction the old man was leaving.

“That’s all right, when it’s almost noon, I will call you and let’s find a place to eat!”

Zhang Min also noticed that some of his friends had pushed Sheldon out.

Said now.

After it was settled, Sheldon went after the old man.

“Huh, Minmin, what do you say you know such a person for? It’s all shameful?”

“That’s right, it’s just one D thread, it’s enough. With him, I won’t be in the mood to play!”

“Don’t take him to dinner at noon. Look at what we wear and what he wears. Besides, he is your benefactor. Do you have the heart to make him feel inferior in front of us?”

A few girls suddenly started talking.

“Okay, okay, I want to remind you that Sheldon is very nice. Although he only has a short contact, you believe me. He is a very nice person. At noon, I will call him to eat, and you are right. He is better, okay?”

Zhang Min said something vaguely uncomfortable.


Everyone agreed embarrassingly.

Besides, Sheldon went straight to the old man.

As for the old man, his expression declined and he kept shaking his head. Finally, he found a very remote place and set up his small stall.

Because here, no one runs on him as a countryman.

“Old man, is this just one thing?”

And Sheldon chased him, came to the booth, squatted down and smiled with him.

“It’s not just this one. I didn’t want to come. The organizer asked me. They had to let me come and say that my iron lump can sell a lot of money. , Do you have a cigarette? Root with me, let me go after smoking! I have to cook for my granddaughter at noon!”

The old man sighed.


Sheldon handed over a cigarette: “You said the organizer asked you to come, so they have seen you this iron coupon?”

Sheldon glanced at it. There is nothing special about this iron coupon. At best, it has a simple atmosphere on it, which looks like an antique.

“They see it on TV. Isn’t there a show that sells antiques? My thing, ancestral, I went on that TV, but the experts said that I’m not bad antiques, but I don’t have much art and Archaeological value!”

“Later, the organizer found me and said that this thing of mine can be sold to foreign devils, maybe it can be sold at a high price, so let me try it!”

“Moreover, the organizer said, let me find them first and give them the things, but I don’t understand. When I heard about selling money, I came early in the morning and wandered outside for a long time. When I meet someone, I come in and sell it myself!”

“Young man, these merchants can’t believe them. They will sell you one hundred thousand, maybe they will give you fifty thousand, or we should come in and sell it ourselves!”

While talking, the old man had already smoked a cigarette.

Sheldon hurriedly handed another one.

Picking up the iron ticket, Sheldon carefully weighed it, and he was already concerned.

“Old man, how much is your iron ticket? I want it. You can make a price, whatever you want!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Yeah, boy, this thing has no archaeological or artistic value. It’s fooling foreign devils. It’s just an iron bump!” Xu smoked a cigarette and was embarrassed, and the old man hurriedly persuaded it.

“It’s okay, this thing is of great use to me, don’t worry!”


“of course it’s true!”

“Then I will pay at the price of killing the devil!”

“open it……”

“Five hundred thousand!”

The old man blushed, because he had heard that as long as it was antique, foreigners would buy it at any price.

Sheldon smiled bitterly: “Don’t let me have half a million, I will give you five million directly. With the money, you can live a comfortable life, otherwise you can keep this thing, and you are useless…”

Sheldon did not finish, because the next half sentence is:

Maybe you will be destroyed…

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