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Chapter 513

“Boy, you… are you serious?”

The old man’s eyes widened at the moment.

Sheldon smiled and shook his head, and asked his old man for his bank card number, a phone call, less than five minutes, five million directly into the account.

“This, this…thank you boy!”

The old man smiled openly.

After all, his iron lump, never dreamed that he would sell for 5 million.

The reason why Sheldon would spend more money to buy it was because he felt a different kind of breath from it.

It’s almost the same as when I first saw the sun chart half a year ago.

Therefore, Sheldon believes that this thing is extraordinary.

“I wonder if this friend can show me the iron coupons in his hand?”

At this time, behind Sheldon, a group of people came.

There are foreigners and American people in this group, and they are well-dressed.

Among them, an old man in a Tang suit smiled and said.

And this old man, who got so much money, didn’t dare to stay too much for fear of being snatched by others and left immediately.


Sheldon did not refuse, and handed him the ticket.

And the old man in Tang suit started to touch it.

His face suddenly changed wildly.

“Shen, what did you see?”

Asked the foreigner headed.

“This iron ticket is not simple. There is a spirit lingering on it. It is definitely not a common product!”

Old Shen was horrified, and his hands trembled.

When the foreigner was happy, he turned to Sheldon and said, “How much do you buy, I can pay fifty times the price!”

Sheldon glanced at this old Shen, but he didn’t expect that this old guy was also a good person.

However, let alone fifty times, even if it was five thousand times the money, Sheldon didn’t care about it.

“Thanks, but I am not going to sell it!”

Sheldon took back the iron coupons from Old Shen.

The foreigner frowned and looked aside, a young man in gorgeous clothes.

The young man was around twenty-six years old, and now he shook his head and smiled:

“This brother, in Wallace, he is the organizer of this event and the young owner of the Perkin family. My suggestion is that you sell as much as possible. With the money, you don’t have to worry for a few lifetimes!”

Wallace smiled lightly.

“Thanks, but I won’t sell it!”

Sheldon put away the ticket, nodded, and then wanted to leave directly.


And a white-haired old man who had been following Wallace suddenly stood up and blocked Sheldon’s path.

He has a pair of triangular eyes, his eyes narrowed slightly, like the eyes of a viper.

Sheldon also looked at him.

This old man has an extraordinary aura and he has inner strength!

It seems that the Perkin family, who has been based in Nesbania State for so many years, is not a simple background.

“Sophie? What does this mean?”

Sheldon turned to look at Wallace.

As for Wallace, he turned his head aside.


The old man grabbed Sheldon’s wrist at this moment, and his hands were full of energy.

Coldly said: “Fifty times the price, is the little friend still not satisfied?”

Before the words fell, a secret energy had poured into Sheldon’s body.

“I can’t help myself!”

Sheldon sneered in his heart.

An understatement waved his hand, directly interrupting the old man’s inner strength.

The old man staggered and went back a few steps directly.

Both eyes looked at Sheldon in horror.

“I said I won’t sell it, why bother with it!”

After that, I left in a big stride.

“Shen, you are sure this thing is a treasure, but I can’t see anything at all!”

The foreigner frowned.

Old Shen took out a compass, “According to the compass’s instructions, what brought us here is that this iron ticket is not bad. Now, the pointer is still pointing in the direction of the compass, I’m more sure!”

“As Old Shen said, we have to get this thing anyway!”

Wallace carried his hands on his back.

Only then did he notice that the old man in shock:

“Comber, what’s wrong with you?”


Robert looked at his hands, suddenly surprised.

“what why?”

“Just now, I clamped his wrist with my inner strength, but why did my inner strength suddenly disappear?”

Robert thought about the feeling just now, puzzled.

“Did you worry too much!?” Robert, the mysterious VIP invited by the family father, naturally admired Wallace.

“No… this young man has a problem!”

Robert turned his head, looking coldly at Sheldon’s back.

Besides Sheldon, he just left.

I came directly to the bank of a moat outside.

Take out the dark iron coupons.

Sheldon uses internal force.


The iron coupons were broken directly from it.

Inside, a simple short blade appeared in front of Sheldon.

“Sure enough, I guessed well, there is a hidden secret inside!”

This short blade showed a jet-black glow all over.

The blade line is sharp.

There are also strange lines carved on it.

Dharma implements are naturally spiritual.

Once he started, Sheldon was affected by this blade.

There was a slight touch in his heart.

A hundred meters away by the river, there is a big rock.

Sheldon’s wrist shook suddenly, and the blade flew out quickly.


With a very weird wind groan.

Hit the rock.


Smoke and dust billowed, rocks shattered, stone chips flying wildly.

The black short blade flew back to Sheldon at a very fast speed.

Look at the blade again, unscathed.

Sheldon was overjoyed: “This time, I really found a big treasure!”

About to get up and leave.


The grass creaked nearby, and eight figures approached at this moment.

They gathered around and looked at Sheldon coldly, “fu*ky boy, where’s the ticket? If you don’t want to die, take it out!”

One of the bald heads stood up.

“I said, I can’t sell it. Why do you want to be tough, everyone is kind, not very good!”

Sheldon advised.

“Smelly boy, are you dreaming? Master Shen has already determined that this thing is extraordinary, don’t you understand the reason that everyone is innocent and guilty? Just gave you money, hehe, but now, you don’t have such good luck. Up!”

Shaved coldly.

“It’s best not to do it, I don’t want to kill anymore during this time!”

Sheldon was very tangled.

In the past few days, Sheldon has been living an ordinary life, and his xinxing is quickly recovering.

He finally lived back the life he wanted before, plain and carefree.

Even if he knew it was short-lived, Sheldon was very rare.


Unexpectedly, the eight people laughed together.

“This man is a fool, he doesn’t want to kill anymore!”

“I live such a big life. I have seen someone who is going to die and was scared to pee, but I have never seen anyone who is not scared!”

“At the time when we were mercenaries, the eight of us have performed so many tasks. It’s really a long time to see you today!”

Eight people burst into laughter.

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious, let me go, everyone is fine, it’s good!”

Sheldon took a deep breath and begged.

“Hahaha, all right, don’t talk nonsense with him, kill him, take the iron ticket, let’s make a deal!”

With a wave of his bald head, his face suddenly became hideous.

Obviously, these eight people did not kill less, and the murderous look in their eyes filled Sheldon…

Chapter 514

“Boy, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, there is no way to hell, you break in and take your life!”

While speaking, one of his men pulled out a short blade and pierced Sheldon’s chest.


The short blade pierced Sheldon’s chest, but it was difficult to make a profit.


The man was dumbfounded for an instant.

“You forced me!”

Sheldon was angry and hit the man’s head with a palm.


His head deformed, and his eyes were beaten with blood.

It flew out several tens of meters and fell to the ground, and it became a puddle of mud.

“I’m a practitioner!”

The bald head was also shocked, and immediately waved his hand: “Go on together and solve him!”

The remaining six people rushed forward together.

But how could they be Sheldon’s opponent.

After three hits and five divided by two, Sheldon made a move and called for death.

In just a few seconds, all six people fell to the ground, and their deaths were terrible.


Only the bald head stood in place, with cold sweat on his face.

Already scared silly.

Especially looking at Sheldon walking towards him, his eyes were scarlet, like a demon.

The bald head and legs were like lead, and he couldn’t move.

“Everyone is in peace and harmony, how good is it, why have to force me!?”

Sheldon walked to the bald head.

“Yes… yes, dare not, misunderstanding… all misunderstandings!”

“I’m begging each other, why are you still letting your men do it, deceiving people too much!”

Sheldon gently flicked away a scrap of grass on his shoulder.

“Thank you, I dare not, I don’t know…Ah!!!”

The bald head trembled, thinking Sheldon would let him go.

But the next moment, his limbs separated.

Only a scream was left, echoing on the shore.

And Sheldon glanced behind a tree at this moment.

“Hidden for so long, come out!!!”

Sheldon roared.

The vegetation trembled, and a white-haired old man walked out slowly.

It’s that Robert.

At this moment, Robert’s face was a little pale.

“Unexpectedly, my gentleman is young, but he has reached this point. It is me, Osborne, who knows nothing about Ross! But sir, I am not a group with these people!”

Osborne followed Sheldon all the way, from Sheldon breaking the iron coupon with his bare hands to breaking the rocks with a flying knife.

He saw it all.

My heart was already shocked.

No wonder I easily cut off my inner strength.

It turns out that his cultivation is so powerful.

In fact, Osborne came after him, first for Wallace to grab the iron coupons, and secondly, just to find out the strength of this young man.

After seeing his stunt, Osborne hid behind the tree, neither dared to walk nor move.

Because this young man is so scary.

Moreover, he was discovered long ago.

“You also came to win the iron ticket?”

Sheldon asked coldly.

“Don’t dare to hide your husband, that’s right, but after seeing the strength of your husband, I don’t dare to have any more ideas!”

A ninety-year-old old man bowed and nodded in front of Sheldon.

Because of his strength, he can be compared with Sheldon six months ago. Sheldon knows his depth, that is, it is not long before he has developed his inner strength!

It can be regarded as an inner strength warrior.

And watching the scarlet in Sheldon’s eyes gradually dissipated, the majesty on his body suddenly dropped a bit.

Osborne couldn’t help letting out a long breath.

“It took you so many years to develop your inner strength. It’s not easy. I don’t want to kill you. Let’s go. Go back and warn those people. Don’t make any more ideas!”

Sheldon closed his mind and said.

“Mr.’s orders, Osborne naturally obeyed, Mr. Xie’s grace not to kill. But Osborne is puzzled!”

Osborne had long-lost excitement and anticipation in his eyes.

“Just ask……”

Cooper Family.

“I spent my whole life studying martial arts. Seven years ago, I finally stepped into the ranks of internal strength. I think that one day I can enter the Figora Nor Summer Ranking and the Everbright Ancient Martial Arts School. However, it is too difficult to enter the ranking list. What is the list?”

“Hua Tiantian list? I don’t know what Hua Tiantian list…”

Sheldon’s character recovered, and asked lightly.

“As long as the inner strength martial artist will enter the ranks of the sky list, this is a ranking list, controlled by the four major hermits of America. If you are so cultivated, you don’t know? Isn’t the gentleman from the four major hermits?”

Osborne said in astonishment.

“The four great hermits?”

“Yes, they are the Yuwen family, the Nangong family, the Palmer Family, and the Fang family! I originally thought that you are a master of the four great hermits!”

“I only heard of the Palmer Family!”

Sheldon raised his brows.

The hermits are extremely mysterious and rarely deal with secular people, and they think that they have blood that ordinary people do not have, and they look down on secular people at all.

Although this group of people does not have a field of vision, the family members are widely distributed in all walks of the world.

It usually has a history of more than a thousand years.

And the appearance of the Palmer Family a year ago really allowed Sheldon to see the power of these hidden forces.

“The people on the top list are all strong, but the four major hermits account for almost 80%! And since the death of our ancestor, we have never seen an inner strength martial artist. In my generation! Ashamed to say!”

Osborne smiled brightly.

“The four big families, what is the most powerful one?”

Sheldon asked again.

“This is not clear, but according to rumors, the four major clans all have masters in charge, but whether it is true or not, I am afraid that even the people of the four major hermits don’t know at all, it’s just a rumor!”

“I don’t know if your husband is respected by his surname, I think his strength is at least in the top fifty!”

Osborne reverently said.

As he said, he carefully took out a simple scroll from his arms.

And above, it records the one hundred strongest.

“I don’t even know what the top ranking is, how can I have my name!”

Sheldon glanced, couldn’t help but say.

“Wait a minute!”

Sheldon pointed to the first place on the scroll.

“Why the first place is empty, as if it was deliberately scratched off!?”

“Oh, sir, I don’t know, because this first person is very mysterious. I also heard from my father that he was invincible when he was young. Later, he used his own power to deal with many of the four great hermits. Masters, none of them are opponents of this person!”

“It’s just that this person’s whereabouts are hidden. Countless people want to investigate his background, but they are not available. Hehe, my father said back then that as long as he is in one day, no one in the world dares to be number one. Therefore, Tianbang has this tradition. , The first place is always empty!”

Osborne is obviously obsessed with these.

Explain to Sheldon.

“That’s it!”

Sheldon nodded.

“It is the blessing of my Meng family to get acquainted with my husband today. It is almost noon. I don’t know if my husband can appreciate his face. I will host a banquet for him!”

Osborne started to make friends.


Sheldon also felt that Osborne knew a lot about some things, and he wanted to know more clearly, so he nodded now.

“I’ll go talk to my friend first, and I’ll be there later!”

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