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Chapter 53

The huge Business District was not even a fart in the eyes of this young man.

How powerful is this Cooper Family?

Nimra and many other girls are almost obsessed. If anyone becomes Sheldon’s girlfriend, that would be great.

“But Young Master Zhuang, would you say the Cooper Family too much!?”

“If it is a big family, we should all be able to see it online!”

Some girls don’t believe it too much.

Charlton smiled: “Those that everyone sees often are not the most powerful. You can think about the big groups that are very popular on the Internet. What kind of existence is behind this big group? Therefore, every large industry is supported by a consortium behind it, and this kind of support is what I am talking about as a big family that you don’t usually hear!”

“Hi…makes sense!”

All the girls were convinced.

Ding Ding Ding!

At this time, the phone rang.

When Greer went to look at the number, he was shocked: “It was actually a call from the ZF Chamber of Commerce!”

Greer suddenly became anxious.

It is true that the company almost went bankrupt due to improper funds, but just now, Roston Commercial Group has announced that it has financed the company.

At this time, the Chamber of Commerce and Administration called. Wouldn’t it be to check the company’s assets?

You must know that banks whose debts are turned over are unsympathetic, and they cannot make their own turnover. They will notify the commercial management as soon as possible.

Obviously, everyone understands this truth.

I stopped talking at the moment and waited quietly.

“Thank you Huang Ju, yes yes yes, thank you for your encouragement and support! Good, goodbye!”

Then, Greer finished speaking with a little excitement and excitement.

Let everyone be confused.

“This is the yellow game?”

Lilla’s father was surprised.

These second- and third-tier companies are extremely afraid of the Commercial Management Bureau.

Listening to Greer’s tone, I knew that this incident should be joy rather than worry.


Greer was excited and immediately said all the blessings from the Huang Ju.

“It seems that Sheldon really made the shot, otherwise it wouldn’t be the case!”

“This Young Master Sheldon really has great energy!”

Su Qi and others worship Tao.

This incident can be said to have aroused many people’s doubts. Who is this mysterious Master Sheldon?

But he said that in the next few days, Sheldon was quiet a lot, of course, he also spent the remaining one million dollar of the elder sister’s 20 million shopping card.

Buy yourself some expensive clothes, plus some supplies, watches and the like.


Once Marcella called and borrowed money from Sheldon, but Sheldon refused.

Of course it was not that Sheldon was cruel, but that he wanted to teach Marcella a lesson.

It’s useless to just blindly pursue money, sometimes when you look at it, you actually lose it.

He really didn’t want Marcella to continue like this.

Sooner or later, she would lose herself.

After Marcella was rejected by Sheldon, there was no news in the past few days.

Sheldon concentrated on preparing for his subject three exam.

“What are you doing, brother?”

This Saturday, Sheldon was lying in bed reading.

Vern went out to play.

When I was bored, my sister Alicia called suddenly.

“Reading sister! What’s the matter?”

Sheldon feels a little headache for his arrogant and domineering sister now.

I remember that my family was very poor when I was young, and I had to be beaten by my sister because I wanted to buy a piece of ice cream.

Scolded myself for being ignorant.

It’s not bad now, the poor education is over, no money can be spent, and I have to be scolded by my sister!

When Sheldon thinks of this, life feels very dramatic.

It still feels like dreaming.

“Yeah, I checked your shopping card and it was all spent. Haha, not bad. I heard Zhenguo said that you have made a lot of progress. You actually learned to mobilize resources at home and invested in a small company!”

“I checked, you helped that small company, is it a girl who fell in love with others? Are you going to find me a sister-in-law? Hey!”

Alicia said with a smile.

Sheldon has been in contact with Lilla these days, and the relationship is rather ambiguous. Lilla talks to Sheldon almost everything.

Sheldon is also happy to chat with her.

But the more you talk, the less Sheldon doesn’t want to take that step and pursue Lilla.

Unexpectedly, this information was already known by my sister.


Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Ahem, I won’t make you anymore. I just remembered one thing after seeing you try to invest. It happened that I was planning to invest in some more schools, shopping malls and the like in Roston, but I thought it would be better to let Give it a try, go and help me with these things!”

Alicia is heartless.

“Huh? But old lady, I don’t know how to invest?”

“You don’t understand it before you learn it. It’s okay. Chapman arranges special personnel to invest for you, and they have extraordinary ability. It happens that you also take this opportunity to learn how to use assets, so as not to wait, the most important thing. If you can’t pass a level, Dad can’t help either…”

“What is the last level?”

Sheldon only realized now that her sister spoke very strangely.

Moreover, from the beginning of my sister’s money, to the regulation of the business, let me spend a minimum of 200,000, 20 million and so on.

It doesn’t seem that my sister has the money to burn.

As if it had some purpose.

Now it seems that it is so!

“Nothing is nothing, something you shouldn’t know, don’t ask now, just do as I say, for some time to come, focus on investment, business, education, entertainment, anyway you think you can make money You can do it. As for the name, use the Roston Commercial Group, and the money is also from the group!

After Alicia finished speaking, he exhorted Sheldon a few more words and asked him to hung up the phone.

Sheldon scratched his head helplessly.

He really doesn’t understand this.

At this moment, the phone rang again just after being put down.

When I picked it up, it was Chapman who called me very well.

“Master Sheldon, are you busy? If you are not busy, can you come to the villa, the Yellow Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce, the Li Bureau of Education*, and many celebrities, all are here and I want to meet you !”

“It’s not busy, okay, I’ll go right now!”

Rejecting Chapman’s request to send a car to pick him up, Sheldon took a taxi and passed by.

Knowing more people and dealing with more people is exactly what Sheldon wants to improve.

While sitting in the car, Sheldon thought about getting his driver’s license right away. When he thought of getting his driver’s license, he could drive by himself. Sheldon was quite expecting it.

Soon, the Hot Spring Mountain Villa arrived.

Sheldon walked into the hall in a familiar way.

“Mr., wait a minute, do you have an appointment?”

But unexpectedly, as soon as Sheldon entered, he was stopped by a waiter.

It’s mainly what the waiter thinks about him, and why it doesn’t look like he can be consumed here.

The voice of the waitress made Sheldon almost shocked his whole body and turned his head abruptly.

Four eyes face each other.

The waiter also opened his mouth in surprise.



“why you!”

“why you!”


Chapter 54: I’m Really Rich Second Generation

Sheldon was really surprised when he saw Marcella actually work as a waiter in the villa.

No wonder she disappeared these few days, the feelings are here.

But more, Sheldon is happy for Marcella.

How should I put it, although Marcella’s attitude is now very hostile to herself, but after this incident, Marcella did not degenerate, but found a job.

Work well to make money.

Compared with other results, Sheldon hopes it is now.

“Sheldon, why are you here! Is this the place where you can come? Get out for me!”

Marcella said coldly.

“Ah! Sheldon, do you know this person?”

Standing with Marcella, two or three female waiters who were about the age of Sheldon came over.

Obviously, they are almost the same as Marcella. They are in their junior year, and when facing internship, they want to come to the villa to make a fortune.

Mainly I heard that here, I can meet a lot of big people.

At the moment, when they saw Sheldon, they all looked confused.

This person was dressed, not at all like those rich second-generation brothers, so they suspected that this person wanted to come and see the world for the first time.

Now there are regulations in the villa that all idlers and others are not allowed to enter!

“Hmph, of course I know this person, he is the ex-boyfriend I was talking about!”

Marcella stared at Sheldon with a grimace.

“Huh? Marcella, he was the scumbag who dumped you after winning the lottery, and he didn’t know his surname?”

“I’ll go, look like this, do you just plant a lottery ticket? In this world, I don’t know how many rich second generations are richer and stronger than him. Gone, it’s really scum!”

“How can this person compare with Shao Osborne, Marcella, fortunately you recognized this scumbag early and didn’t give him your virgin body, otherwise you will regret it…”

Two or three beautiful girls scorned Sheldon unceremoniously.

Their identities may not be noble, but now they work at the Heaven Brick Residencia, and during this time, they have met many big people.

The vision is very high, and the heart is also high.

Of course, they don’t have to worry about this Sheldon who is like a dick!

Sheldon sighed helplessly.

He was about to ask why the previous Carla was not there.

Did you leave?

But at the moment, several girls were sprayed and speechless.

Marcella would really throw the pot at herself, isn’t she the one she betrayed now?

But Sheldon was too lazy to argue with Marcella on this issue.

No matter what Marcella said, the two have now broken up.

Although Sheldon had some complicated feelings for Marcella, he definitely had no idea of ​​recombining with her.

In this way, it doesn’t matter what she says!

“Sheldon, let me tell you, don’t think it’s great to win the prize. I was wrong. I was really wrong. At the beginning of my freshman year, I hadn’t seen the world before. If you treated me hypocritically, I was I am moved and promised you! Hehe, afterwards, I was with that Chad again. I think he is better than you and can make me a happy girl, but what?”

“I used to be a frog from the bottom of a well, Marcella, my eyesight was so short-sighted, until now I came to the Heaven Brick Residencia, you know, it’s like opening a brand new world, don’t you say Sheldon won a million, now it is Five million, ten million, in my heart, you are just a nouveau riche terrapin!”

“So, don’t think you are great, in my eyes, Marcella, you are a scum!”

Marcella said emotionally.

A few days ago, she, who owed Chad 100,000 dollar, asked Sheldon for help on the condition that she reunited with Sheldon, and that she was his own.

However, Sheldon refused.

In addition, Sheldon, who was dumped by herself, suddenly became rich.

Let Marcella be ashamed and angry.

Now, taking this opportunity, she vented all her inner resentment like a peasant.

You Sheldon is a fart! What’s so great!

“Huh, scumbag, get out, don’t get out again, call the security guard to kill you!”

Several girls said coldly, “Why is this place…Ah! Marcella, look at it, Young Master Osborne is here!”

While mocking Sheldon, they suddenly pointed out the door with excitement.

I saw a luxury car stopped.

From inside came down a handsome young man in a small blue suit.

With one hand in his pocket, he walked in heroically.

“Sao Osborne!”

Several female waiters bouncingly waved.

Marcella, on the other hand, was very restrained and very reserved.

“Marcella, you guys are busy…”

Shao Osborne came over and smiled.

“I’m not busy Young Master Du Osborne, we are blocking a dick, lest he get in and disturb your father and their meetings inside!”

As Marcella spoke, she stood slightly beside Du Osborne.

And Du Osborne hugged Marcella’s waist slightly, and now he looked at Sheldon who was standing aside.

“Where are you guys, can you come here? Get out of here!”

Du Osborne pointed at Sheldon sharply.

And Sheldon was stunned.

Of course not being scared by DuOsborne.

But was surprised by Marcella.

It seems that I blamed her wrongly. I originally thought Marcella would become less snobby after this incident.

But I didn’t expect to get worse.

She came to the villa because she wanted to catch a beetle-in-law.

To be honest, Sheldon actually heard Marcella’s ridicule and did not intend to reveal his identity.

In this way, Marcella can leave some leeway.

But in this case, Sheldon decided not to keep a low profile.

“Marcella! One thing, I’ve kept it from you for a long time, today I decided to have a formal showdown with you!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

“Heh, showdown? Sheldon, what cards do you have to show? You don’t want to tell me that you are actually a rich second generation, a hidden rich second generation, right? Hahaha, if that’s the case, Sheldon, I really regret it!”

Marcella gently rubbed the young Osborne who was aside with her body, and said sarcastically.

“Yes, I am actually a rich second generation. I only learned about this news three days after you broke up with me. I turned out to be a rich second generation. I was quite rich, hehe…”


Marcella laughed directly.

“Sheldon, I really convinced you. I know you have a strong self-esteem and are most afraid that others will look down on you, but I didn’t expect you to be so hypocritical now. You are a rich second generation? Then I will tell you that Marcella is still a rich man. Where’s the daughter!”

“This scumbag really doesn’t have a lot of face for the sake of face. Just him, I am embarrassed to call himself a rich second generation, didn’t he just win the lottery?”

“Don’t you know, this scumbag may be because Marcella is so beautiful now, and he is also favored by Young Master Osborne, so he was jealous, and said that he is also a rich second generation. That’s why he said that, and wanted to make Marcella change her mind. I’ve gotten Marcella’s revenge again. I have seen more of this kind of scumbag!”

“I’m really a rich second generation, Marcella, I don’t want to lie to you now, not only do I have some money, but 70% of the entire Business District is in my name!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Tell the truth, why don’t they believe it?

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