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Chapter 55

“Isn’t this person sick? Roston Business District is yours? Why don’t you go to heaven?”

Several girls looked at Sheldon like a fool.

And Du Osborne was even more stunned by Sheldon’s remarks. The word belly laughter fits him.

Roston Business District, what is this place? This guy actually said it belongs to his family.

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Chapman calling.

“Sheldon, are you here yet?”

“Brother Zhen Guo is here, now in the lobby of the villa!” Sheldon said lightly.

“Ah! Well, let’s go over to meet you right away! There is also the Yellow Bureau, and the Song Bureau of the Education Bureau. When I heard that you are going to invest in some public welfare projects, there are a lot of commercial projects, I have long wanted to see you!”

“Um… alright!”

Sheldon didn’t expect the directors to come so soon.

While talking, Sheldon hung up the phone.

And Shao Osborne looked at Sheldon in surprise.

“This scumbag pretends to be quite alike, my mother, he also has a mouthful of Brother Zhen Guo, I don’t know, I really think he has something to do with Mr. Chapman!”

Several girls contemptuously.

“Sheldon, I didn’t expect you to become like this now. To be honest, I am very happy that you have become like this. After leaving me, Marcella, look at your virtues! Haha!”

But Marcella had a different kind of pleasure.

She liked the scene where Sheldon was embarrassed and ridiculed.

Even, the more unbearable Sheldon is, the more excited Marcella feels.

In this way, it shows that my vision is correct, and it is right to leave this Sheldon.

And after you Sheldon got dumped by me, you have to get worse and worse!

Just when Marcella was about to call a few security guards in and throw Sheldon out, she was ready to make a video.

A girl beside her suddenly exclaimed:

“Marcella, Shao Osborne, look at it, why are so many people trotting over at the villa? The leader, it seems to be Mr. Chapman, right?”

“Yeah, not only Mr. Chapman, but also Huang Ju and Song Ju. They are all people with a face and a face in Roston. What are they doing in a hurry to come to the front hall? fu*k, isn’t that my dad in the end? Why did he trot over?”

Li Osborne’s face suddenly became pale.

His family does the international trade.

In the early days, it started with the investment of Roston Commercial Group, and is now one of the most famous rich in Roston City.

The status is naturally noble.

Although my father is very respectful to Chapman, he has never been so respectful and has to trot.

What’s more, the leader at this time is Chapman, a Business District boss.

“What’s the situation?”

Li Osborne was frightened.

And Marcella was stunned when he saw them running to the front hall.

Including a few girls, they all hurriedly stepped aside with great confusion.

Only Sheldon calmly stood still in the middle of the lobby.

“Sheldon, you are looking for something deliberately, Mr. Chapman is here, don’t you leave soon! In this situation, there must be a big man, go away!”

Marcella shouted in a hurry.

Sheldon was unmoved.

It was too late to move, Chapman and a group of people had already appeared in the hall.

“Mr. Chapman, hello…”

Marcella and other girls hurriedly bent over with a dark face, and when it was over, they would definitely be scolded.

However, it was directly ignored by Chapman and others.

Chapman came directly to Sheldon and smiled respectfully:

“Sheldon, you have been waiting for a long time, I’ll introduce you…”

One sentence from Sheldon.

The atmosphere of the audience instantly solidified.

Especially Marcella’s face almost froze.

“Mr. Chapman! What do you call him? Sheldon?”

Marcellaru was struck by lightning and hit 10,000 points!

The famous Chapman is so respectful to Sheldon.

Is it possible that what Sheldon said just now is true, he is really a hidden rich second generation?


As for the other girls, their mouths are almost swallowing eggs at this moment.

Not to mention Li Osborne who swallowed his saliva.

“Yes, he is the boss behind Roston Business District, Sheldon, Sheldon, eh? You still don’t want to retreat, who told you to talk? Where is Carla?”

Chapman saw his waiter so impolite.

Immediately shouted Carla behind him.

After all, these people were recruited by Carla.

Carla and the experienced waiters were busy with Chapman just now.

That’s why it came.

After hearing this, Carla slapped Marcella with a cold face.

“Stand back for me!”

Although it is glorious to do things in the villa, you must understand the rules!

And Marcella was stunned by this slap.


Until she felt the slap really hurt.

She knew that she was not dreaming.

All this is true!

Sheldon is a rich second generation, absolutely rich second generation, which is not comparable to Osborne Shao Steven!

He is the boss of the Business District.

That said, he is the richest man in Roston, or even the country’s richest man.

Marcella’s heart is about to hurt, that is to say, if she breaks up with Sheldon three days later.

So now I am Mrs. Kuo?

With Sheldon loving yourself so much, absolutely!

“Sheldon, entered the box, I will introduce you one by one…”

Chapman made a please gesture.

Sheldon nodded.

Then he glanced at the dumbfounded Marcella.

To say that he retaliated against Marcella, would he feel good, but Sheldon didn’t feel much now.

That’s it.

“Well, let’s go in!”

Sheldon retracted his gaze.

Ready to go in.

“You stop me!”

At this moment, Marcella suddenly shouted.

Sheldon was habitually shocked.

Then I saw Marcella rushing over.

But not to myself, but to Carla.


Marcella raised her hand and gave Carla a mouth, and it was quite cruel.

“You…Marcella, you dare to hit me? Security, security!” Carla was also a little lost, and she was slapped for the first time.

Marcella blushed and said with a face full of dissatisfaction: “I hit you, why don’t you dare to hit you!

It was too late, and the security guard had heard Carla’s words and ran in.

Prepare to catch Marcella.

“I see who dares to touch me, do you know who I am?!”

Marcella suddenly shouted.

“Tell you, I’m Sheldon’s girlfriend, that is, your Sheldon’s girlfriend, please try to move me!”

Marcella clenched her fist.

I talked with my boyfriend for more than two years and broke up, only to realize that he is a top rich second-generation.

Marcella is not reconciled, she won’t get anything!

Also beaten! How can she be willing!

“What? Girlfriend?”

Upon hearing this, the security guard slammed the brakes and dared not move.

Chapman also frowned.

Everyone looked at Sheldon together.

To be honest, Sheldon was scared by Marcella, this girl is really crazy.

Sheldon said indifferently: “It used to be, but now it is not!”

Now that he had broken his identity to Marcella, Sheldon was determined to have a complete cut with Marcella!

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Chapman understood what Sheldon meant, and waved to the bodyguards to drive Marcella out.

“Sheldon, you bastard, you have no conscience! You forgot that when you had no money, who spent two years with you, you always feel that you have been paying for me, I am sorry that I broke up with you You, but you, have you ever thought about me, in those two years, when I was with you, did you force you to buy me expensive things? You voluntarily bought them for me!”

“Also, at that time, which girl was willing to take care of you, Marcella, I was the only one who walked with you at school. We ate together and held hands. When we first came out, you felt inferior and did not dare to hold my hand. I took the initiative to hold your hand, and you treat me like this now???”

Marcella was held up by several bodyguards and cried.

And Sheldon is about to enter the villa.

Listening to Marcella’s words, he stopped unconsciously.

Why does Sheldon always love and hate Marcella?

It is because the past scenes are at work, no matter how Marcella Sheldon treats him, Sheldon hopes Marcella will do it well.

Right now, Sheldon’s weakness was pricked by Marcella’s words, Sheldon slowly turned around…

Chapter 56

Sheldon turned around and looked at Marcella indifferently at this moment:

“Marcella, of course I haven’t forgotten what you said. It is precisely because you did not dislike it before that makes me feel that there is hope in life. Do you know? Many times I think, for you, I am willing to give me All of, you broke up with me some time ago. To be honest, I haven’t completely eliminated the pain, including this moment, I hope you can always be well!”

“It will be the same in the future, you will live your life well!”

Having experienced some things these days, it is no longer possible to reconcile with Marcella!

But these words are not perfunctory, but Sheldon’s sincerity.

Marcella wasn’t crazy after hearing these words.

Only his face flushed.

Yes, once, there was a boy who loved her so much and was willing to sacrifice everything for her.

But myself, what I pursue is just a kind of comfort.

Marcella didn’t dare to say now that she used to love Sheldon completely and completely.

At that time, I just wanted to find a boy who was willing to like him.

But later, I saw many girls, even girls who were not as beautiful as myself, and found very handsome and rich boyfriends.

So Marcella was moved.

She had only heard of Chad before, but didn’t know him.

But when he drove the BMW and stopped in front of him to make an appointment, Marcella was really moved.

Compared to Chad, Sheldon is nothing.

When I broke up, I felt distressed, but when I received an Apple mobile phone from Chad, the pain disappeared.

Now, Sheldon is the rich second generation, a top rich second generation.

Marcella really regretted it.

She missed the most important person!

And now Sheldon’s words are already very clear, and they won’t get back together!

She felt that she was stripped naked and thrown on the street, full of humiliation.

“Okay, I get it!”

Marcella red eyes, clenched fists, and said every word:

“But Sheldon, remember for me that I, Marcella, will not let you look down on it forever. One day, I will let you Sheldon look at my neck in the same way! I will take back all the humiliation today! “

Marcella wiped away her tears, gave Sheldon a fierce look, and immediately tore off her work clothes, and fell to Sheldon’s feet and left!

Sheldon looked at her background, especially when Marcella looked ruthless in the end, it was quite uncomfortable in his heart.

Alas, the same sentence: I hope you do it well!

This incident can be said to be very unexpected. Carla, who had a mouthful of his mouth, dare not say anything at this moment.

Even an ex-girlfriend, she used to be Sheldon’s girlfriend.

It can only be unwilling to swallow this breath.

Several people came to the box.

The Yellow Bureau of Business Administration, and the Song Bureau of the Education Bureau, today’s appointment with Sheldon was actually purposeful.

Investment in some regions, and the preparation of Hope Primary Schools for some labor children from other places, and so on.

They hope to get help from Roston Commercial Group.

These were ordered by my sister Alicia.

Now, leave it to himself, Sheldon also understands what the old sister means, just wanting to earn this favor.

Sheldon happily signed it.

Huang Weimin and Song Qiusheng are naturally very grateful.

You know, each of these signed by Sheldon is not a simple project.

For example, Hope Primary School, which will be built in Roston, has a total of more than 20 schools.

It is a smooth meal to eat a meal.

Sheldon also met many other merchants in Roston.

“Sheldon, this is my business card. If it is useful in the future, you can say a word!”

Before leaving, Huang Weimin and Sheldon shook hands.

He never expected that Sheldon, who is definitely a huge American wealthy man, would be so low-key in his life.

It’s very different from what he imagined!

Moreover, Sheldon was a great help this time.

But Sheldon himself knows that he is still a little weak in social terms, but he is not in a hurry, take his time!


After the guests have left, Sheldon is also preparing to leave. Tomorrow is the subject three exam. Go back and practice again!

But at this time, Carla walked over with a blushing face.

After all, she was also beaten just now, and it was somewhat embarrassing to let her stand in front of Sheldon.

Not embarrassed is Sheldon.

This beautiful elder sister, but she has always been very hooked. Last time, she almost surrendered!

“what’s up?”

Sheldon asked.

“That’s how Sheldon, I am out of class in the afternoon. If you go back to school and I go home, it will be so easy. Can I send you back?”

Carla deliberately got close to Sheldon.

Knowing that Sheldon is very low-key and introverted, apart from the respect in his heart, Carla is also bolder towards Sheldon.

After all, if you have a good relationship with Sheldon, and even if you have a chance to be with Sheldon*, even if you let yourself be a tool for venting, Carla is still willing.


Sheldon agreed without thinking.

After all, Carla slapped Marcella just now, but he didn’t dare to have it. To put it bluntly, it had something to do with him.

Carla was overjoyed when he heard the words and hurried to drive.

What Sheldon didn’t expect was that Carla’s car was driving well and he ran.

It seems that Carla is quite mixed in the villa.

The two chatted without a word in the car.

At this time, Carla’s cell phone rang.

But she picked it up and took a look, then hung up impatiently.

And soon, the phone rang again.

Carla picked it up and hung it.

“Come on, afraid I might hear it?”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Carla blushed: “How come, in front of Sheldon, I have no secrets. No matter what Sheldon wants to hear or see, Xiao Yue will satisfy Sheldon…”

Gentle words, plus Carla deliberately lifted his legs, revealing a pair of white thighs.

Sheldon was full of blood.

I really want to squeeze, but Sheldon is a little embarrassed.

And the phone rang again.

Carla didn’t hang up this time, but instead called to answer: “Xu Chao, are you sick? Why do you keep calling me? I said, it’s not because you have money or not, but It’s impossible for the two of us! I already have someone in my heart, so go find someone else as soon as possible! You are so rich, you certainly don’t lack women!”

After speaking, Carla hung up the phone again fiercely.

She deliberately spoke very loudly. First, she wanted to explain to Sheldon that she was chased by a rich second generation, but she did not dislike the poor and love the rich.

Secondly, it implies that Sheldon is single, if Sheldon wants, you can do whatever you want!

It’s a pity that Sheldon hasn’t stretched out his hand to him yet. Doesn’t he have to take the initiative?

And just as the two of them were waiting in the car, and when the other was embarrassed, the car had slowly arrived at the gate of Roston University.

This is a 700,000-dollar Big Ben, which naturally attracted the attention of many people.

“Okay, let’s get down here!” Sheldon watched many students cast their gazes. If they went further in, they would definitely be stared at by more people, and blamed the uncomfortable feeling.

But at this moment, Carla didn’t speak anymore. She curled her brows, looked at the men and women standing at the school gate extremely shyly, and whispered:

“Sheldon, can you go in or out, don’t go here anyway?”

“Huh? Why?”

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