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Chapter 57

Sheldon glanced at Carla’s expression, there was something wrong.

Right now, he followed Carla’s eyes and looked at the men and women.

Suddenly, there was some accident.

There were two men and one woman. One of them was more social. He stopped in front of him to listen to Maserati.

Looks quite rich.

Talking with that man and woman.

To Sheldon’s surprise, he knew both the man and the woman.

Dawson in the same class, Zyra with Shelly’s roommate.

I rely on! Why are they a couple?

Sheldon was surprised.

And it seemed that Carla knew them.

Because of the social man, he had already moved his gaze at this moment, and ran towards Carla’s car with a little excitement.

“Damn, damn! Ah! Young Master Sheldon, I am not scolding you, I am scolding Xu Chao. I didn’t expect that he was here. It’s really lingering!”

Carla was upset.

It was originally planned well, but perseveringly, I really ran into this Xu Chao.

Sheldon did understand.

It seems that he should be a suitor of Carla.

But Carla obviously didn’t like him.

Sheldon didn’t know it was, on the contrary, before meeting Sheldon, Carla still felt a little bit about Xu Chao.

But anyway, Sheldon in particular saw Dawson and Zyra walking towards this side with a smile.

I was a little embarrassed to get out of the car.

“Well, you can go to the party, I will wait for you in the car, and after the party, I will be taken directly to the door of the dorm!”

Sheldon scratched his head helplessly.

“Yes, Sheldon!”

Carla responded and got out of the car.

“Xu Chao, why are you here? Also, what did you keep calling me just now, are you annoying?”

Carlaqi jumped.

“Yueyue, I didn’t expect to be able to meet you here. I came to send my brother and my younger siblings back to school. You make a call and ask you to come around!”

Xu Chao smiled and said, “Yueyue, let me introduce you. This is my cousin Dawson, this year’s junior. This is my younger brother Zyra, who is in the Mass Communication department, and is also a junior!”

“Hey, sister-in-law, sister-in-law is so beautiful!”

To be honest, Dawson’s eyes straightened when he saw the s*xy and beautiful Carla.

Smiled now.

“Who is your sister-in-law! I am not Xu Chao’s girlfriend!”

Carla wanted to leave Xu Chao perfunctorily at this moment, of course his face was not good.

Dawson was startled.

In fact, when his cousin called Carla just now, he heard it out, and Carla’s tone was too cold.

It’s like the cousin said, women are like this, they need to coax.

Now this attitude, this look, the smell is not right, coax!

Xu Chao naturally couldn’t come to Ontario.

At the moment he hurriedly laughed and said, “After you go, Yueyue, stop making trouble, go, you park the car aside, and the four of us will go shopping!”

“Who made trouble for you, Xu Chao, I have already said it very clearly, it is impossible for us, and there is someone in my heart, you are so rich, hurry up and find a beautiful girl, don’t waste it on me Time and energy!”

Carla said mercilessly.

At this moment, many students who have come out to play are attracted by this scene.

Think about it, two luxury cars, men and women are arguing, it’s hard not to be noticed.

Especially now that Carla’s words are so loud that Xu Chao can hardly get off the stage.

“Yueyue, tell me, who is in your heart? Don’t tell me, it is your godfather who gave you this Mercedes? He is almost sixty!”

Suddenly Xu Chao’s expression was cruel.

“fu*k, Xu Chao, can you pay attention to your words?”

Carla gritted his teeth with hatred.

Zyra was at the side, holding Dawson’s arm affectionately, and at this moment, she also looked up and down Carla.

To be honest, Zyra was very jealous when she saw the beautiful and gorgeous Carla getting off the luxury car.

What’s more, this Carla didn’t even look at himself just now.

Zyra was very unhappy.

Now that I understood some meaning, he whispered to Dawson and Xu Chao:

“Oh, cousin, Sister Carla is very social. It is normal for some big bosses to buy a car. But when it comes to sweethearts, it may not be those big bosses. Sister Carla might have a new little white face. Yeah!”


However, Zyra’s voice just fell.

Carla’s mouth was closed with anger: “Your mouth is clean for me. Who raised a little white face?”

“You, you…you dare to hit me?”

Zyra covered her face and almost got smacked!

Carla still wants to fight again.

But Xu Chao grabbed his wrist and said, “Xiao Yue, say, is what Zyra said is true? Do you like Xiao Bai Lian?”

Xu Chao said nervously.

“Xu Chao, let me go, I like who cares about you!”

Carla regrets it now. He had known that he would not get out of the car at all. Although Xu Chao saw him, he would just drove the car away with a kick.

It’s not a good thing now. It’s a big boss and a little white face. It’s hard to make Sheldon change the good impression of his views, and it’s all ruined!

But the more you do this, the more Xu Chao believes this is true.

Damn, how much money did he spend on this woman, and she actually took care of other little boys?

Sheldon sat in the car, listening to them quarreling.

It’s actually quite speechless.

Carla loves money, Sheldon knew it from the beginning.

Especially as a receptionist in a place like Heaven Brick Residencia, now he is a foreman again. It is impossible to say that the social relationship is not complicated.

But now, Sheldon wants Carla to drive away quickly.

Suddenly I felt black next to me.

A figure stood over.

It was Zyra.

Zyra just took a mouthful, and she hurriedly wanted to see if her face was swollen.

If it is swollen, Zyra will fight Carla desperately.

So, I just shot it against the window of the co-pilot.

I also sold myself a cuteness, and I saw that the feeling of cuteness was still there.

Well, it’s still there!

Zyra nodded with satisfaction, but then she suddenly shook her whole body.

Because, through the glass, she vaguely saw that in the co-pilot, there was still a man sitting there.


Zyra couldn’t care about it.

She looked at Carla with a sneer, and said to Xu Chao, “Cousin, she just has a little white face. Now, that little white face is sitting on her co-pilot and dare not get down!”

Zyra was as excited as she discovered a new universe.

Compared to Dawson, his cousin Xu Chao’s family is richer.

The power in this area is also great.

Today, this Carla looks good and makes you crazy! Let you stay cold!


Hearing this, Xu Chao and Dawson looked at the co-pilot together. Due to the car’s film, neither of them looked at the car carefully, and didn’t notice it at all.

Looking closely now, there is indeed a person sitting in the car.

As everyone knows, Sheldon is already flying all over the sky!

This, this… Is it burning the flames of war on yourself?

Sheldon has a bad instinct, because now there are more and more people outside the car!

Chapter 58

“What’s the situation?”

The more people gathered, the more people asked curiously.

“It’s not too clear, but at present, it seems that this beautiful woman has an affair with this rich and young man. Then, the beautiful woman betrayed him and took care of her little white face from the outside, and the two began to quarrel!”

“Yeah, that little white face is in the car at the moment, it’s a bit similar to a rape scene! It’s so exciting!”

“Tsk tusk tusk, if that little white face is me, this woman is so beautiful, and I am willing to squeeze me out, oops!”

Many boys showed envy and jealousy.

Sheldon was in the car and just wanted to hit the wall with his head.

“Dawson, what’s the matter?”

At this moment, two people came out from the crowd.

One man and one woman, they came to Dawson’s side.

“Chad, sister Nimra, do something for my cousin!”

Dawson said.

Then I talked about the general situation.

People are a little bit vanity, the more things are going on, especially in occasions where many people are onlookers, some people like to move forward and show their faces!

“fu*k! There is such a thing, it’s okay, we are all in the same department, we will deal with everything together, let the people in the car come out and talk about it!”

Storen’s face was full of contempt.

“Yes, yes, call the person in the car to talk!”

Zyra was anxious and depraved.

“No, why don’t you walk away for me!”

Carla glared at him, turned around and left. In this way, she would not tarnish Sheldon’s name, she couldn’t afford it!

But the more this happened, the more misunderstood Xu Chao was.

He was jealous and hysterical.

“Carla, you can’t go, you must give me an explanation today!”

During the conversation, Dawson and Storen had already walked over and wanted to open the passenger door.

However, they do not need to move.

Sheldon saw that things had reached this point, and he opened the car door and got down.

He sees that if it is delayed, it will be easier for people to misunderstand!





Dawsonlinjiao, StorenNimra, after seeing Sheldon, all opened their mouths in shock.

“Why are you?” Zyra exclaimed.

To be honest, Zyra has always had a lot of affection for Sheldon during this time.

But unfortunately, Sheldon has always turned a blind eye to his kindness.

Speaking of which, she was with Dawson, and she still had something to do with Sheldon.

Don’t you like me Zyra? Well, I’ll fall in love with the boys in your class, and see if you are jealous!

After all, in Zyra’s eyes, Sheldon is very likely to be the legendary and mysterious Sheldon!

For him, it is definitely worth it to make some preparations by yourself!

However, this gap is too great.

“Damn, I said why you suddenly became rich. It turns out that you are a little white face! You also used money to pretend to be in our class!”

Dawson’s expression condensed.

The discovery of Sheldon gave him a different kind of refreshment.

“Carla just sent me back to school, haha, you guys think too much!”

Sheldon smiled indifferently.

Although a little embarrassed, Sheldon did not panic at all.

“I think too much shit, don’t want to deny you, you are the little white face raised by my sister-in-law, Carla, and even the money you spend may belong to my cousin!”

Dawson cursed.

“What’s the matter? Ricky, do you know this person?”

Xu Chao looked at Sheldon, naturally with a hostile look.

“Hehe, it’s more than a acquaintance. This kid is in our class. He is forced to be a poor man. Then suddenly he has money. He lied to us that he won the lottery. Unexpectedly, he was taken care of!”

“By the way, I heard that Sheldon bought clothes in a high-end store outside our school. At that time, he couldn’t afford to pay. A girl of our age showed up and bought this dress for him. Sheldon It was given to me again! That young girl is very rich and is the owner of the entire mall. Isn’t she the one who is keeping you Sheldon?”

Nimra said.

In fact, when Sheldon gave Nimra this dress a few days ago, Nimra took it to the shop as soon as possible to see if Sheldon had lied to him.

Nimra was really stunned when she learned that this dress amounted to seventy to eighty thousand.

However, it may be that the waiter at the time blamed Sheldon for changing hands to others.

So angrily, he told the story of the day.

Nimra knew that Sheldon had no money.

Yes, she has always been weird, where did Sheldon’s money come from.

Everything seems to be understood now, Sheldon is really being kept by others, just like what was said on the Internet.

And it’s more than just a woman.

Now a big rush to send him off, last time it was Ferrari!

All this seems to make sense!

“Huh, Sheldon, looking at you so honest, I didn’t expect you to be such a person, so Lilla would actually consider your dick silk as a good friend?”

Storen smiled coldly.

The crowd also exploded.

“Tsk tusk tusk, the real duck*king!”

“This person is more handsome and not too handsome. How come so many beautiful girls are attracted to him?”

“Hmph, you don’t know that, some women are just like this one!”

Everyone talked a lot.

Xu Chao was furious and wanted to do it.


However, Carla raised his hand and slapped Xu Chao’s face with a slap.

“You don’t need to worry about my business, you just leave me alone!”

Carla was almost crazy.

Although Xu Chao was annoying, Carla didn’t hate him too much. If he beat Sheldon today, he would never know how he died!

“Xiaoyue, you actually hit me, for such a little white face, you actually hit me!”

Xu Chao was embarrassed, clenched his fists, and turned to leave.

And gave Sheldon a warning look.

He saw that others were taking pictures with their phones, and he did not dare to stay here.

By coincidence, Sheldon’s cell phone rang at this time.

At first glance, it turned out to be Danna.

What happened today!

There was a wry smile in Sheldon’s heart.


“Sheldon, I want to inform you that the carnival sorority party at the end of the month will be held on the Shengtian cruise ship. The venue is booked. You must come by then. Xiao Fei and they heard that you are coming. happy!”

Danna said softly.

“Ao, on the Shengtian cruise ship? Good!”

“Then Sheldon, shall I pick you up that day?”

“Pick me up? No, I have my own car, and I can get my driver’s license at the end of the month. Give me the location at that time and I will drive!”

“it is good!”

After speaking, Sheldon hung up the phone.

But I saw DawsonZyra Nimra Storen, looking at herself in shock.

“Shengtian Cruise? Are you going to the Shengtian Cruise Party at the end of the month?” Storen said in shock.

“You drive by yourself? Sheldon, do you have a car?”

Nimra was also shocked.

“Shengtian cruise party, this little white face is not a fool. I heard that this time the richest man in Roston, and even the son of the richest man in the south, Xu Jiashao, will also go to play. There is a lot of news on the Internet. This little white face is still pretending?”

“Haha, I guess it’s trying to save yourself, let’s see his virtue!”

Everyone smiled like a neurotic.

Listening to the sarcasm, Sheldon really wanted to fight back.

It’s very simple. Go to the park by yourself, drive the Reventon out, and drive around the school, but this is really not Sheldon’s character.

Hehe, just say what you like!

Sheldon said thank you to Carla, and then turned to leave.

“Damn, what’s the bullshit of a little white face maintained by others! I will make you look good!” Dawson said viciously while looking at Sheldon’s back.

Sheldon has been here at the driving school.


Lilla’s voice suddenly came from behind…

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