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Chapter 59

Sheldon turned his head and saw that it was Lilla.

“Are you here to train?”

Sheldon smiled.

“Yeah, I have to go to test subject two tomorrow. By the way, are you going to test subject three tomorrow?” Lilla ran away without subject two because of the incident last time.

Naturally have to re-exam.

Sheldon nodded.

“Well, we will go together tomorrow, hope we can both pass the exam!”

“No problem! Let’s go, go to the venue together!”

In front of Lilla, Sheldon gradually became active.

Unlike the previous, nervous and awkward look.

If you want to know more about big scenes, big people are definitely useful.

The insights of a person are extremely helpful.

After practicing the car for an afternoon, the two of them took their own subject exams on the next day.

Sheldon relied very smoothly, passing his skills again and again, and also passing the written test again.

The driver’s license has been a matter of these two days.

It has been agreed with Lilla that the two will gather at the entrance of the examination venue and go to lunch together.

Sheldon had to take two subjects, so naturally he was slower than Lilla.

When Sheldon came out, he saw that Lilla was already waiting.

It’s just that, standing with Lilla, there are two young men and a woman who are chatting with Lilla.

Sheldon slowly walked over, and the three of them were still chatting vigorously, not paying attention to Sheldon at all.

“Lilla, apart from seeing each other at family gatherings, we really rarely see each other. Why, come here alone?”

Although the girl on the opposite side was smiling, she didn’t smile, and there was always a hint of sarcasm in her words.

“Yes, Jasmine, we really rarely have contact, but you really admire me, why, is this your new boyfriend again?”

Lilla spoke to her in an extremely wrong tone.

It was as if two people were feuds, they were extremely jealous when they met!

Facing each other!

And these words made Jasmine and the handsome boy on the side, their faces tightened slightly.

“Lilla, how can I say that I am also a few months older than you. According to seniority, you should call me a cousin. If you talk, you are so disrespectful?”

Jasmine was a little angry.

Yes, both of them are indeed the Su family. Jasmine’s father is Lilla’s pro-uncle.

With Su Qi, the three are cousins ​​and brothers.

It’s just that if people of the same age are as good as their peers, they naturally have the embarrassment of their peers.

Since childhood, because Jasmine was at the same level as Lilla.

Therefore, two girls are often compared together.

Make comparisons since childhood.

Almost, Lilla has always held down Jasmine no matter whether he is studying or talking about being a person.

Usually dinner at home.

The old man always said, Xiaoying, you also learn from your sister!

This is almost the shadow of Jasmine’s childhood.

Therefore, Jasmine and Lilla have been hostile since they were young, and they like to compare together.

Although they are all grown up now, the shadows of childhood comparisons are still there.

As a result, the taste has changed!

“Hehe, I know, Lilla, you’ve been cold from a young age and you have a high-sightedness, but what about it. Up to now, you don’t even have a boyfriend. Do you know what it’s like to be hurt by a man?”

Jasmine hugged her shoulders and smiled: “Even if you take the driver’s license test, you have to come by yourself. It’s like our family, David, I can’t bear to leave them for a while, and I have to stay with them!”

Fringland smiled, gently hugging Jasmine’s waist.

Helping her woman deal with her cousin, maybe Jasmine was happy and gave her body to herself!

But Lilla really couldn’t stand it after hearing this.

Over the years, she has been single, and she has no feeling for anyone who shows affection in front of her.

But I didn’t expect that when I came to take the driver’s license test today, I ran into my cousin Jasmine as well.

And Jasmine led her boyfriend to various shows in front of her.

The two have been accustomed to the comparison since they were young. Don’t meet each other. Once they meet, the two are jealous of each other.

Lilla was very angry.

But there is nothing to say.


Sheldon had been watching from the side just now, only when he heard that Lilla was being pushed out.

“Ah! Sheldon!”

Seeing Sheldon, Lilla was startled.

Sheldon shouldn’t have come out of this stall. Isn’t it obvious that you see his embarrassment!

“Yeah, Lilla, who is this?”

Jasmine looked up and down Sheldon, and smiled immediately after seeing the ordinary clothes she was wearing.

My own friends are all expensive, but Lilla’s friends are actually this kind of stuff.

And what is this boy’s name Lilla?


Does this mean that two people are having trouble together?

“This is my friend Sheldon, what’s wrong?”

Lilla introduced Lilla generously.

“O’ao, Xiaoying, I thought he should be your brother-in-law!” Fringland on the side stretched out his wrist watch.

A golden Rolex, ready to show off its superiority with Sheldon.

But forget it if you hear it as a friend.

“How is it possible, David, how could Lilla find a boyfriend, she is so cold, right! And you don’t look at Lilla’s friend. What kind of clothes are they wearing? How could it be Lilla? Boyfriend!”

Jasmine said with a smile.

She targeted Lilla directly, but she didn’t even think about how Sheldon felt on the side.

Obviously, in her eyes, Sheldon has been automatically ignored as air.

“Hahaha…” However, Lilla was not angry but was overjoyed after hearing these mocking words.

“You are wrong Jasmine, Sheldon is not only my classmate, but also my boyfriend!”

After speaking, Lilla walked gently to Sheldon and took his arm.

The soft touch from his body directly caused Sheldon to shake slightly.

Is he now Lilla’s boyfriend?

This is what I have always thought about, but I didn’t expect it to be in such a way.

Sheldon’s heart was mixed.

Jasmine and Fringland, who were on the opposite side, lived together.

“Hehe, Lilla, you are deliberately mad at me, even if you really plan to find a boyfriend to compare with me, especially when grandma the day after tomorrow will compare me with me, you have to find someone who looks human. Are you the only one?”

“By the way, I don’t seem to have introduced David to you yet. He is the young owner of the Li company. Do you know what car David drives? Ferrari, just these, Lilla, you have already lost to me!”

Jasmine blushed with suffocation.

Okay, you Lilla still refuses to give up in front of me, right, then compare! Who is afraid of whom!

Lilla was naturally not to be outdone: “Hehe, what’s the matter? My boyfriend Sheldon is also a rich second-generation, but he is low-key, unlike some people’s boyfriends who know how to show off their wealth!”

Lilla held Sheldon’s hands tightly, and she really saved it.

“Hahaha, what? This Sheldon is also a rich second-generation? Or a low-key rich second-generation? Lilla, I lost, I really lost, just with this energy, I can’t beat you!”

Jasmine laughed.

And Sheldon was full of doubts at the moment.

He had been surprised just now that the shadow of childhood comparison would be so severe.

Even a goddess-level figure like Lilla couldn’t avoid it.

Said she was her boyfriend, but she used it to compare with Jasmine.

But what Sheldon did not expect was Lilla’s last words!

“Lilla, don’t you know everything?”

Sheldon has been struggling to tell these friends his identity.

But now, Lilla said, making Sheldon’s heart less pressure.

Lilla was taken aback: “What do you know?”

Sheldon: “I am a rich second generation!”

Chapter 60-You are Sheldon

“What did you say? You are the rich second generation? Hahaha!”

Jasmine is really happy now.

Lilla has always been proud of herself, but she didn’t expect to find such a wonderful boyfriend now?

Like a fool.

Fringland also sneered: “Then dare to ask Brother Sheldon, where are you now? What kind of property do you have?”

While talking, he raised his wrist and looked at his watch, for fear that others would not see that he was wearing a Rolex.

Sheldon looked at them coldly: “My family’s property, you two don’t deserve to know!”

“Puff hahaha!”

The two laughed.

Lilla tugged at Sheldon’s clothes slightly, motioning him to stop talking.

She just said it in a rush, but she didn’t expect that Sheldon would really do what she said.

Of course, Lilla knew that Sheldon was usually poor in school and was bullied, but he won some lottery tickets later.

But even if he wins the lottery, the gap with Fringland is a world away.

She was just to anger Jasmine.

But unexpectedly, Jasmine was not angry, she was laughed at instead!

Just when the four people had their own plans.


There was a sound of slamming the bottle.

“I don’t care about me! I’m going to get a driver’s license, I’m going to drive today, no matter what method you use, I have to get my driver’s license anyway!”

Sheldon took a closer look.

It is a woman in her twenties who is playing with her boyfriend.

Both of them are not ordinary.

The woman should have not passed the exam, so she got angry.

“Dean, don’t worry, I will find a way to see if I can drag you down, and try to get your driver’s license out!”

“Huh, it’s pretty much the same. Why do other girls take it so fast? It’s obviously that my car is not easy to drive, otherwise I won’t be able to get in because of the library~ Ahhhhh! I must do it as soon as possible Drive your Lamborghini Gallardo, and then go back to my alma mater!”

Dean was furious!

The man was there to persuade.

Sheldon said lightly. He seemed to have seen these two people from somewhere, but where he had seen them, Sheldon didn’t remember for a while.

“Shao Jiang, Miss Dean?”

Fringland suddenly cried out in surprise.

“Huh? David, do you know this big guy who drives Rambo?”

Jasmine cut her haircut and asked.

“Yes, Jiang Shao was the elder brother of our Carolina University at that time. The family was in the dairy industry. He was already rich. Some time ago I saw his circle of friends and just bought a Lamborghini Gallardo. I rely on it for more than 3.8 million! “

Fringland gave a somewhat proud introduction.

I am proud of knowing such a great young man.

“Wow! The 3.8 million Rambo sports car is so handsome!”

Jasmine said with surprise on her face.

The Ferrari of Fringland is only 750,000.

Jasmine feels very awesome!

Fringland tidied his clothes.

Immediately went over to say hello.

“David, it’s you!”

When Young Master Jiang saw Fringland coming, the crying Dean stopped making trouble.

Several people communicated.

“I didn’t expect such a coincidence. Speaking of it, we haven’t seen each other for a few years since graduation…? Yeah, let me see, Ferrari is all driven, not bad!”

Young Master Jiang smiled bitterly.

“How can I compare with you, you are a Rambo sports car. By the way, Shao Jiang, where is your car? I want to see it with my own eyes!”

Jasmine took Fringland’s arm and smiled at Jiang Shao now.

It can be regarded as saying hello.

“Aoao, you are David’s girlfriend Jasmine, the car is over there, haha, you can take a look at it. A broken car is just a few million dollars, and it’s not worth much! After watching it, let’s Let’s have a meal together!”

After all, Young Master Jiang was very hearty and led them there.

“Hmph, Lilla, don’t you plan to come and see it? Oh, yes, don’t watch it. Even if you see your boyfriend, you can’t afford it. Unlike David, they bought a Ferrari. Well, there is also Lilla, do you have any change, you know, if Jiang Shao does not invite you to dinner, I will let David drive you back, but now, we will have dinner with Jiang Shao later Go, take the car without change, I can give you two!”

Jasmine hugged her shoulders and smiled.

All show superiority.

Lilla can ignore other people’s words, but the words of Jasmine, who was crushed by herself everywhere, stimulated Lilla’s heart.

“It’s up to you, we don’t watch it if we don’t!”

Lilla suffocated her stomach and wanted to leave with Sheldon right now.

“Let’s see!”

At this time, Sheldon touched his nose and smiled.

At first, Sheldon wanted to see Lilla and wanted to see this Rambo sports car, but didn’t want Jasmine to hold his belly and go away like this.

Secondly, Sheldon himself wants to see, what is the difference between this Rambo sports car and his own Rambo sports car!

Mainly, Sheldon felt familiar with those two people.

“Okay, okay, you guys go see it too, but Shao Jiang and David know each other, so I won’t take you to dinner!”

Jasmine smiled faintly.

Sheldon also came here with Lilla.

When he saw this Gallardo, Sheldon remembered it!

No wonder they feel familiar.

Isn’t this the man and woman who helped the salesman fix himself when buying a car?

The woman had very heavy makeup at the time, but she has an exam today.

Women’s painted light makeup.

Sheldon didn’t recognize it directly.

Sheldon clearly remembered that Dean was still sitting in his car and refused to get out!

Haha, this world is so small!

“I’m going, the 3.8 million sports car is different, it’s high-end and high-end!”

“Young Master Jiang, shall we sit in your car to eat later?” Jasmine envied.

“Okay! Huh? David, these two, are your friends?”

Only then did Young Master Jiang notice the two of Sheldon.

However, it is not Sheldon that pays attention, but Lilla, who is fresh and refined, with extraordinary beauty.

This girl is so beautiful, she is even better than Fringland’s girlfriend Jasmine.

“Hehe, she is my sister, and the dick next to her is her boyfriend!”

Jasmine said sourly.

Especially the three words for boyfriend, she bit very hard and gave key tips.

“That’s it!”

Young Master Jiang smiled, and when he walked to Lilla’s side, he was about to shake hands.

Lilla was obviously bored when he saw his squinting look, so he took a step back.

Sheldon shook his hand at once, “Hello Shao Jiang!”


Young Master Jiang frowned, his hand was actually held by a broken cock.

At the moment, he glanced at Sheldon with disappointment: “Hello…I rely on, why are you?”

After seeing Sheldon’s face clearly.

Young Master Jiang stopped all over.

Even the whole body shook wildly, incredible.

Sheldon, although he doesn’t look ugly, he belongs to the passerby level that is not recognized in the crowd. In addition, Sheldon has always been low-key in his clothes, and it is difficult to be spotted at first glance.

I was naturally surprised when I was only seen by Young Master Jiang now.

This, but the 18 million Sheldon who bought Rambo without blinking his eyes!

“Sheldon, it’s you, it’s nice to see you again!” Young Master Jiang shook hands excitedly.

“What what?” Jasmine was shocked.

“Young Master Jiang, what do you call him?”

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