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Chapter 61: Sheldon, You Must Go

“Sheldon, are you here to accompany your girlfriend to take the driver’s license test?”

Jiang Cheng knew that Sheldon was extraordinary since that day.

Think about it, 18 million, without blinking your eyes.

Absolute rich person.

And Jiang Cheng also inquired afterwards. Although he didn’t inquire about the mysterious Sheldon’s information, he knew that the Lamborghini manager was considered to be a person with a good face in Roston.

Even he was so respectful to Sheldon.

Naturally, you can guess that Sheldon is extraordinary!

“No, we both came here for the test!”

Although the two people had offended Sheldon before, now Sheldon saw him being so polite, and he responded politely.

Jasmine and Fringland on the side were already dumbfounded.

This is Young Master Jiang, who is so respectful to such a poor cock like Sheldon?

How could they not be surprised.

“In this case, Sheldon happened to be on the way to Roston University. Would you like me to take you there?”

Jiang Cheng smiled.

People like Sheldon must make friends because it will be of great benefit to him in the future.

Hitchhiking, this was nothing to Sheldon, and Lilla agreed.

In this way, the two of them left directly under the surprised eyes of Jasmine and Fringland!

“Is this Sheldon, as Lilla said, a low-key rich second-generation? Otherwise, why would Jiang Shao be like him?”

Jasmine’s face was extremely ugly.

I wanted to take this opportunity to beat Lilla, his long-time opponent.

Let her lose to herself once.

In front of myself, I can no longer look up.

Even if it is vulgar to show off your boyfriend’s wealth, but as long as you have it and Lilla doesn’t have it, that’s enough!

Jasmine stomped straight.

“Hmph, Xiaoying, don’t make a conclusion so early. I am not without friends at Roston University. Wait, I will investigate this Sheldon and see what his background is!”

Fringland said bitterly.

After all, this time, not only Jasmine was embarrassed, but Sheldon also slapped her in the face.

But then said that after Jiang Cheng sent Sheldon back.

The dead-skinned person asked for a Instagram ID with Sheldon again.

This guy will also get into the camp.

Sheldon took his car, but he was embarrassed to refuse.

Forget it, one more friend is better than one more enemy!

After refusing his request to invite dinner again, Sheldon and Lilla walked towards the campus side by side.

To be honest, Sheldon also walked with Lilla before.

But definitely not this strange feeling now.

Because Lilla actually said that she was her boyfriend just now.

Sheldon hasn’t been so cheap as to be a fake boyfriend. The strange thing here is that Sheldon has a little affection for her and became her fake boyfriend for a while.

The two are very contradictory. It is the feeling of being happy and unhappy, but not being used or unhappy.

In short, Sheldon is in this mood now.

“Sheldon, I’m sorry, just now…because I was in a hurry, so I said you were my boyfriend, and I never asked you!”

Lilla was also a little embarrassed.

“It’s okay, isn’t this good? Your face is saved, and I have been a boyfriend for such a big beauty for nearly an hour!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Lilla’s eyes raised: “Sheldon, when did you learn to be as glib as those boys? I hate those boys who are glib!”

“So you hate me with my glib tongue now?” During this period of time, Sheldon has become more and more bold in his speech, and he no longer has that kind of restraint.

“Hmph, although I hate those guys, I don’t hate you with your glib tongue. I can’t hate you if I hate it!”

With these words, Sheldon said with joy in his heart.

“But Sheldon, I think you have something to hide from me. That Jiang Cheng is so worthy at first glance. Why is he so respectful to you, no, not respectful, even to the point of flattering?”

Lilla couldn’t help it anymore, she felt that Sheldon was getting more and more invisible.

In fact, this is exactly why Sheldon will eventually add Jiangcheng friends.

During the entire chat, as long as he didn’t mention it, he would never say that he bought Reventon.

Let Sheldon think that he will come. Sheldon learned this.

At the moment he just smiled and said: “I have already said it in front of my face just now. I am actually a top rich second-generation, because I don’t want to abandon my current life and friends, so I have always lived a low-key life like this. Of course Jiang Cheng is very polite to me!”

“Puff!” Lilla smiled directly, “Sheldon, I find that what you are learning is getting worse and worse. There is no truth in your mouth, but you don’t want to tell the truth. I won’t force you. Okay, I will go back to the dorm. Now, Sheldon, you have learned your driver’s license now. I hope you hurry up to buy a luxury car and take me for a drive!”

Lilla blinked, pretending to admire her.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely take you for a drive!”

Although he knew that Lilla didn’t believe it, Sheldon nodded his head. To be honest, he really hoped that his driver’s license would come now, and he would have a good time driving.

After bidding farewell to Lilla, Sheldon returned to the dorm.

“Damn, Sheldon, what did you do? Call and shut down! I can’t get in touch all the time!”

When he came back, Vern complained directly.

All of them are very busy at the moment, busy changing clothes, and packing up as if going to a blind date.

“When I went out in the morning, my mobile phone almost ran out of power. The test was turned off. I turned it on and added Instagram just now, and it turned off automatically after a while!

Sheldon charged his phone and said helplessly with a smile: “I said Brother Vern Liyan, what are you doing?”

“If we weren’t waiting for you, we would have left. Hurry up, Sheldon, change clothes, let’s go downstairs and wait for you!”

Liyan spat, rubbed his hair against the mirror and said.

“What’s wrong? So mysterious?”

Sheldon came interested.

“Hey, today is Elma’s birthday, she said, she wants to introduce the person to us, including you, hurry up, today is about our brother’s departure from the order!”

Liyan smiled like a flower, obviously beautiful.

“Haha, congratulations, but I…”

“If you don’t go, I’ll kill you!”

Before Sheldon was finished, a group of wolf friends pounced on Sheldon.

“Go go, I didn’t say I won’t go!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

He wanted to take a break.

At the moment, I had to follow Vern to the place where Elma celebrated her birthday.

The location was chosen in a place called Merlin Manor.

Farm style.

It’s like a picnic, group eating, drinking and watching the scenery, it’s a good place to eat.

Although this place is simple, there are many luxury cars parked at the foot of the mountain.

Obviously many people with big identities like to come to this kind of place, the first one is quiet, the second one is feeling!

The feeling of returning to the countryside.

“Vern, Sheldon, here!”

As soon as Sheldon and the others got out of the car, Elma and the others were already waiting at the door, waving at Vern and the others.

Elma and their dorm are almost all there, and there are a few young and beautiful girls who should be students in Elma’s class who have a better relationship with her.

They all looked towards Sheldon.

After all, before Elma’s birthday, she had already told them that Vern’s roommates in the entire dorm had come.

And they are all single.

It just so happens that Elma’s friends are also single.

So boys and girls have a very clear purpose, that is, I hope to meet a TA worth entrusting today!

“Sheldon, you are here!”

Next to Elma, Shelly straightened out her hair and said softly to Sheldon…

Chapter 62

Shelly is always a bit awkward seeing Sheldon now.

After all, who was the person who looked down on Sheldon the most before? It is Shelly.

Now, the poor dick who was once despised by him is likely to be a young man.

Networking is extremely difficult.

In short, Sheldon may be an incredible figure.

Shelly felt close to him.

“Well, today is Elma’s birthday!” Sheldon smiled.

He is not a grudge, let alone stretch out his hand not to hit the smiley.

Elma and Vern looked at the two of them, each winking at each other, and they seemed to be matched intentionally.

At the moment, they greeted everyone into a box in the villa.

When allocating the seats, Vern and Elma had obviously negotiated and deliberately arranged Shelly and Sheldon together.

As for Liyan and the others, they are also next to a group of girls to facilitate communication.

“By the way, why didn’t you see Zyra?”

Liyan looked around, only to realize that Zyra wasn’t there, and asked immediately.

“Zyra went out to play with her boyfriend. This is one day and one night. Alas, she said, we don’t have to wait for them, she will come soon, and she said she would give us a big surprise!”

Elma smiled.

She deliberately said that Zyra had a boyfriend, and Liyan had feelings about Zyra. Vern had already told Elma.

But Zyra, what to say and how to say, some are too powerful.

Besides, she already has a boyfriend, and she happened to be vaccinated with Liyan.

Liyan let out a languid cry.

The atmosphere is a bit awkward.

Shelly smiled and said, “After Zyra followed that Dawson, she has become more and more mysterious. Since yesterday, she said she must give us a big surprise, and it is still selling!”

After speaking, Sheldon said, “By the way, Sheldon, do you know that Zyra and Dawson in your class are good?”

“I know!”

Of course Sheldon knew that there was almost a conflict that day.

However, this Dawson could be regarded as his own enemy. There were too many people that day, and Sheldon was not embarrassed to deal with him.

But after thinking about it, I have to step on this Dawson severely.

Otherwise he buzzed in front of him like a fly.

Just step on it to death!

Soon, all the food and wine were served.

Today, Shelly is extraordinarily gentle and temperamental. He can’t help but pick dishes for Sheldon, specifically picking what Sheldon likes.

To be honest, Sheldon was really moved.

I have been despised for a long time before, even if Shelly looked down on herself more than once, but now she treats herself so well, Sheldon really can’t hate it.

Everyone is also looking at me and I see you. It seems that at least they have to be a pair today, that is, Shelly and Sheldon.

And Shelly is a goddess level, which is a bit of an active pursuit!

“My dear, sorry, we are late!”

Suddenly at this moment, the door of the box opened, Zyra and Dawson, followed by a young man about 25 years old, came in together.

Zyrameng yelled.

“Zyra, I’m just waiting for you, how come you? Dawson, sit down too, eh? This is?”

Elma looked at the handsome young man behind them.

“O’ao, this is Dawson’s cousin Xu Chao, who is in business at home. The three of us were out to play. Knowing that we were in a hurry, we drove us here!”

Zyra said with a smile.

“Hello everyone, I used to study at Carolina University. I just graduated for two years. I am considered a peer. Haha, OK, I sent my brother and sister-in-law here. Have fun with you, I will go back first. Useful to get me, just squeak!”

Xu Chao smiled and shook the Maserati key in his hand.

“Since you are Zyra’s cousin, Brother Xu Chao, don’t leave, you have a seat anyway!”

Elma said something politely.

After all, let him go directly, Zyra’s face is not good, after all, living in a dorm is not bad for this seat anyway.


“It’s okay, cousin, just sit down, after all, the big surprise we are going to announce today, if you are not here, I really can’t announce it!”

Zyra smiled, her eyes suddenly cold, and she glanced at Sheldon in the box.

A face of pride and pride.

“Zyra, what the hell is this big surprise? You’ve been selling it for so long, so hurry up!”

“Yeah, what is it about?”

The roommates were impatient.

Sheldon saw Zyra’s gaze, and suddenly understood something.

by! The so-called big surprise, isn’t it about yourself?

“Of course, I will tell everyone now!”

Zyra smiled triumphantly, and Dawson glanced at Sheldon coldly.

“You drive me!”

With a snap, Zyra went straight to Sheldon’s head.

Paralyzed, this woman is really dying to clean up!

Sheldon stood up and stared at Zyra.

fu*k, without saying a word, just pump yourself?

“Look? Little white face, poor dick, scumbag! What are you looking at?”

Zyra hugged her shoulders.

You Sheldon is awesome, right?

You Sheldon used to make us lose face in front of you, right?

Also, I, Zyra, used to think you Sheldon was really awesome. I flattered you all the way, but in the end you were cold, you look down on me, right?

Ha ha……

For this, Zyra was still depressed for a while.

Until some time ago, in order to be angry with Sheldon, he specifically picked Sheldon’s dead opponent to hook up, and found Dawson.

The day before yesterday, I discovered that Sheldon was not a rich second-generation Sheldon at all, but a little white face, a duck!

Dawson even consulted Storen and Nimra who also broke the situation at the time.

It was discovered that Sheldon was not only the little white face of Carla, the red man in Heaven Brick Residencia, but also the little white face of a young lady!

Nowadays, there are too many handsome guys who are rich and pretend to be forced. It is not surprising that many rich women like Sheldon, a handsome and honest boy.

It’s just that you Sheldon used these pretends to force you to be wrong!

“Zyra, what are you doing?”

Before Elma could speak, Shelly stood up very puzzled.

“Oh, Sister Shelly, you still speak for him. The reason why I beat Sheldon and who didn’t do anything is for you! You are the worst one of us who was deceived by Sheldon in public!!!”

Zyra stomped anxiously.

“What are you talking about?”

“He, he, Sheldon, not what we imagined, Sheldon, but a little white face. He was taken care of by other women. Those women not only drove him, but also gave him money and bought things for him!”

“And some women are the celebrities of the Heaven Brick Residencia. Otherwise, how could we be taken to the Heaven Brick Residencia by him?”

Zyra said all the things she had seen with her own eyes and what she had guessed in one breath.

After listening, everyone was stunned and looked at Sheldon in disbelief.

“I can testify that the Carla I chased after was very social in Roston, and I knew many big guys. I am not afraid of everyone laughing. The reason why I am so anxious to chase Carla is actually because of her resources. , Can help my career!”

“Unexpectedly, Sheldon was taken care of by Carla, and Storen, the vice chairman of the student union of Dawson and his department, said that in addition to Carla, there is also a young woman from a large commercial chain who once gave Sheldon a gift. Something or something!”

Xu Chao stood up and said with a sneer.

“How is this possible? How is it possible?”

Shelly couldn’t believe it.

All the girls were also stunned, not knowing what to do.

After all, they all think Sheldon is a very mysterious young man. To be honest, although they know that they are no better than Shelly, they are fighting each other secretly.

As a result, there is an embarrassing atmosphere where all the pants are taken off, just show me this.

“I can testify about buying clothes!”

At this time, another girl stood up.

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