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Chapter 63

The person who stood up was Elma.

At the moment, her heart is very complicated.

She only knew that Sheldon was Vern’s good brother.

However, she never expected Sheldon to hide so deeply, or deceive them for so long.

Therefore, she felt it necessary to tell one thing she knew.

And Vern told her about this.

“There was a woman who bought clothes for Sheldon and spent more than 100,000 dollar. The woman I wore today gave Sheldon to Sheldon, and Sheldon gave it to Vern!”

“Elma, what are you talking about!”

Vern was anxious.

To be honest, Vern once made such a joke with Elma.

I said that my brother Sheldon really has a love for women, and he doesn’t blink his eyes when he wants to buy what he wants, hum, shouldn’t Sheldonbe nurtured? I want to be nurtured.

Do you dare, if a girl treats you so nicely, I will castrate you!

Elma was so angry that she cursed.

This is all a joke, no one takes it seriously.

But now, combined with the past, and now Zyra has seen some things with her own eyes, Elma really believed it.

Sheldon has been taken care of!

Vern was also afraid that Sheldon would become the target of the public, so he hurriedly stopped Elma, don’t talk nonsense!

“Hmph, Shelly, I didn’t lie to you, hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention that Sheldon used to buy shopping cards and the like, 360,000 bags, I don’t know which woman gave it to his!”

“And what did Sheldon do with the money? That is to get you Shelly. He wants you to chase after him with Shelly Goddess! Finally let you give yourself out willingly!”

Zyra said coldly.

If it hadn’t been for seeing Carla being so kind to him that day, and still being so protective and caring, Zyra wouldn’t believe that Chen was taken care of.

But now, she believed it!

Sheldon is too scheming.


Shelly was shocked by these words and paled.

The other girls also looked sideways.

“I’ll go, it turns out that Sheldon still has contacts with so many girls behind him. I really can’t believe it. I know he is very honest and low-key!”

“Yeah, but think about what we really are. If Sheldon is really a rich second generation, can he still be like this? What girl does he want and can’t get it?”

“Well, if it’s a little white face, everything makes sense. This is the style of Sheldon being kept by others. It makes people feel that he is innocent and pitiful. In fact, his heart is very dirty, bah, scumbag!”

The eyes of a group of girls changed instantly.

Ha ha.

And Sheldon smiled bitterly inside.

He was surprised.

Surprised at two points.

One is that he didn’t expect that he would let Zyra, Shelly and the others were so worried, and Zyra was also investigating herself everywhere.

It seems that it is because they are despised by them, but get rich overnight, which makes it difficult for them to accept.

The second one is that Sheldon was really surprised by Zyra’s reasoning ability.

Some very simple things can be combined by Zyra.

Sheldon also wanted to explain.

Carla is just a staff member of a villa, and Danna is also the daughter of his subordinates. As for the purchase of packages for his supreme card, it is his own sister.

But these explanations come out.

Zyra would definitely not believe it.

And also insulted, even his sister insulted.

If someone dared to insult his sister, Sheldon would definitely not be able to bear it.

But this is the birthday banquet of my good Chad Hui’s female ticket, so I can’t say what to do!

So Sheldon is very tangled now.

After thinking about it, forget it for the time being. Tomorrow, your driver’s license will come. By that time, everything will be fine!

Because Brother Sheldon has decided, showdown!

“What do you think of me Sheldon, whatever you think, anyway, Sheldon has a clear conscience!”

Sheldon just replied faintly.

But this sentence is the default in the eyes of everyone.


Shelly kicked angrily to the stool behind him.

Yes, today her Shelly has undoubtedly become the funniest joke on the scene!

She does have a good impression of Sheldon, because Sheldon is a really good person, very practical, and his background is not simple.

Becoming a boyfriend and girlfriend seems to be a step that can be tried.

For this, Shelly took the initiative without hesitation.

Want to draw Sheldon’s attention to himself again.

But it turned out to be… Oh, I don’t want to say it!

“Elma, I’ll go to the bathroom!”

She was dumbfounded and found an excuse to go straight out.

And Zyra also followed in anxiously. After all, Shelly is now like this, she also has some responsibilities.

In the box, no one spoke.

There was silence for ten minutes.

In the end, Vern broke the silence: “No matter what everyone thinks, I believe in my heart that Sheldonis not like that!”

What he said to Elma before was really joking between lovers.

The Jedi didn’t expect Elma to say it seriously.

“Well, we believe it too!” Liyan and the others nodded towards Sheldon.

“Come on, everyone, let’s have a drink!”

Vern suggested.

As a result, no one toasted except Sheldon’s roommate.

Sheldon was also embarrassed and ran away from Shelly in anger, and now he has reached this point again.

A good birthday party became like this.

Speaking of it, it was all because of me. If I stay here, I’m afraid it will embarrass Vern and Elma.

If I knew this, it would be nice not to come!

Sheldon was about to say that he would also leave.

But at this time, the door of the box suddenly opened, and it was Zyra, who was in a hurry and also covering her face:

“Tongzi, I was beaten, they are pulling Shelly now, let Shelly accompany them to drink!”


Dawson was taken aback when his girlfriend was beaten. This was a shame.

Hastily looked at Xu Chao.

Xu Chao said coldly: “This land, you have to see who dares to be so bold and doesn’t want to live anymore!”

At the moment, the two cousins ​​stood up and walked outside with one hand in their pockets.

Vern, Sheldon and they hurried out when they heard that something was wrong.

Sheldon knew the ins and outs of the matter after hearing Zyra’s yelling.

It turned out that Shelly went to the bathroom just now, and Zyra followed. Kung Fu is washing hands.

A few young men walked in and saw that Zyra and Shelly were both beauties.

Especially Zyra, she wears very s*xy.

A man who obviously drank too much wanted Instagram, and he did so.

Shelly slapped the man in the mouth.

And Zyra drew her head!

After that, the man smoked Zyra, and he was probably beaten in a hurry.

A few people were called, and Shelly was blocked again, and Shelly had to drink with them.

Zyra yelled and shouted, and then ran back.

When Sheldon rushed over.

The two parties have already confronted each other.

There are four people pulling Shelly drinking, they are quite young, and they should all be students of the same age.

Xu Chao kept calling there, probably calling someone.

Zyra pointed at the four students there and kept scolding.

Although Shelly was not beaten, what happened today made her feel extremely depressed.

“Today, one of them counts as one. If you dare to beat my sister-in-law, no one wants to run!”

Xu Chao yelled arrogantly after finishing the call.

He was too familiar with this film, and he knew everything from the owner of this villa.

The clothes of those four people were extraordinary, and they were not convinced at the moment, wanting to see how Xu Chaoneng was.


Not long after, several vans stopped at the door.

From the car, more than a dozen big men with short heads came down, and the villa was suddenly crowded with people…

Chapter 64 Sheldon is distressed

Xu Chao is still very influential.

A dozen people were called out.

This frightened the four students.

Say nothing.


Zyra went up, raised her hand and shook each of the four people’s mouth.

The four dared not speak.

“What do you look at? Let you hit me! I will teach you how good my old lady is today!”

“Do you dare to hit me? If you hit me today, you will wait for me!”

The leader, the man who took the initiative to molested Zyra and Shelly, said aggrieved with his face.

He was frightened, but he was very angry.

He rarely fails to make a girl, but he didn’t expect that he was first slapped by this big beauty, and then beaten by this little girl.

Such insults have not been seen in a thousand years!

“Damn, it’s so stiff! Give me a shot!”

Xu Chao was full of pride at the moment, and as soon as he waved his hand, a crowd surrounded the four and went up.

One pass.

Dawson followed inside, kicking the man several times.

The four people who beat him held their heads and scurried, but the boss finally pulled them away, letting the four go away.

Fighting again will kill you!

“Wow, Brother Chao is amazing!”

“Unexpectedly, I just think Brother Chao is very stable and mature. I didn’t expect to have such a side!”

“Awesome, so handsome!”

A group of girls instantly became little fans.

The kind of chaos, the better the chaos, the more they can give these beautiful students a sense of security.

Now they have this mentality.

“Brother Chao, thank you for what happened today!”

Shelly is actually quite refreshed now.

The feeling of depression before was wiped out.

To be honest, she likes the kind of mature and stable, which she has always felt before.

But now, she thinks that arrogant and domineering people are better, because only such people can give her the greatest sense of security.

And like Sheldon?

Oh my god, why did you think of him again? It looks like a waste at the moment!

“It’s okay, Sister Shelly, I will add a Instagram account later, and keep in touch if you have anything!”

Xu Chao smiled. He looked at Shelly. From a moment ago, he felt that this girl was pretty and indispensable.

Looking at it now, the more beautiful it gets.

In fact, a beautiful woman like Shelly, as long as a normal man looks at it at first sight, will be a little moved.

“Okay, it’s okay, let’s go back and continue and continue!”

Xu Chao smiled heartily.

“Ah? Keep going, Brother Chao, shouldn’t we leave?”

“Yeah, what if someone over there comes to seek revenge?”

Some girls worried.

“Hmph, who are you super brothers, what if you come to seek revenge?”

Zyra said proudly, while she was applying makeup in the mirror. She was beaten and crying just now, and all her makeup was spent.

“That’s right, what are we afraid of having Brother Chao here?”

“Go on, go back to celebrate Elma’s birthday!”

The girls were relieved.

“That Elma, I’ll go back first, I wish you a happy birthday!”

Sheldon would be dull any longer.

“Yeah, thank you Sheldon, I’ll call you a car to take you back!”

Alas, Elma is also powerless.

Because of Vern, Elma is very close to Vern’s entire dorm, including Sheldon.

However, if something like this happened, Sheldon was staying, and I am afraid it would be very difficult for him.

In fact, Elma was also a little angry just now that Sheldon actually came out to talk about Sheldon when Xiaobaiface cheated them.

Now her anger disappeared, and she felt a little sympathy for Sheldon.

Maybe if you have been poor for too long, good people will be driven crazy!

“No, I’ll take a taxi and go home by myself!”

Sheldon nodded with a wry smile.

“Get out, get out! I’m sick when I see you!”

Zyra cursed unceremoniously.

Shelly didn’t say a word about this, and turned around and returned to the box. The person who made her sick was gone, so naturally she didn’t have to leave again.

Sheldon walked alone on the campus.

Just thinking about these recent events.

It is Sheldon’s nature to be low-key. Even if he is rich, Sheldon will be arrogant and domineering like Bren and others. Sheldon can never do all kinds of luxury.

But low-key is not necessarily completely good.

Just like this time, Sheldon doesn’t know how much wronged he has suffered.

Do you have to be relatively public?

Sheldon smiled bitterly in his heart.

At this moment, a message suddenly sounded in the class group.

It was an announcement from the instructor Tenner.

“Classmates, Marcella has dropped out of school because of some things!”

“What? Marcella dropped out?”

“I’m going, when did it happen?”

“It should be because of Chad, you think, Chad’s incident has had such a big impact, Marcella will definitely feel ashamed to stay in school, so dropping out is her best choice!”

“Yes, Marcella loves face the most, first with the poor…”


“Yeah, Marcella loves face the most. First, I talked to Sheldon, and then he found Chad. As a result, Chad was not as good as Sheldon. He had no money to borrow, and Sheldon had won the lottery now!”

“Hmm, if I were Marcella, I would have no face to read on, alas!”

News exploded in the class group and discussed.

It seems that this result was unexpected and unexpected.

Sheldon was stunned with his mobile phone.

Sheldon was heartbroken when he saw that Marcella had dropped out of school.

After all, the two have gone through three years of college together.

The beauty of that period of time seems to be vivid.

Even Sheldon is a little self-blaming now.

Only she knows why Marcella dropped out of school.

If not in the villa that day stimulated Marcella, she might continue to read.

After all, they are about to graduate.

If she didn’t say those unfeeling words that day, Marcella would not be discouraged.

Thinking about the desperate look in Marcella’s eyes that day, Sheldon’s heart was aching.

Is the insult to her too serious?

Sheldon blamed himself and regretted it a little.

Especially when Sheldon walked unknowingly, he came to the small lake on the campus.

This is where he and Marcella first dated.

Sheldonqiong couldn’t even go to the coffee shop for a date.

He still remembered that he came late that day, and Marcella waited here for ten minutes.

Marcella didn’t blame herself either. The two people held hands like this, walking around the small lake, one circle, another circle.

More often than not chatting, but two people are silent like this, without saying a word, sometimes he looks at her, she looks at him again.

It’s not the same as love on TV.

But Sheldon has tasted love.

Marcella clearly remembers that when they graduated, the two got married and then came to this small lake to take wedding photos!

Think about it at that time, how beautiful it was!

But now, in some subsequent experiences, Marcella has changed, and in fact Sheldon has also changed.

Sheldon didn’t know whether he felt sorry for Marcella before or Marcella now.

In short, I feel very sad.

Finally, Sheldon called Marcella and wanted to persuade her. As a result, the number was empty and the phone number had been cancelled by Marcella.

No QQ Instagram can be reached.

“Really gone!”

Sheldon sat down by the lake and lost his senses.

At this moment, the mobile phone came to the QQ call.

Sheldon immediately picked up his mobile phone and saw that it was Marcella’s roommate Elsa calling.

“where are you?”

Elsa’s tone was cold, and she always did this to Sheldon.

“The small lake…” Sheldon said.

“Oao, you are waiting there, before Sheldon leaves, let me give you a word and tell you in person!”

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