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Chapter 65-You’re going to be a live broadcast assistant

Elsa quickly came to the small lake.

Wearing a short skirt, long hair cape, and bright white skin, she really looks like a beautiful net red.

But unlike some Internet celebrities, Elsa’s beauty is really natural.

Sheldon has naturally seen her without makeup, and she is definitely regarded as the beauty of the beauties.

Hey, when it comes to this, it’s a little shameful. When the freshman year just started, Elsa was sitting in front of Sheldon.

Sheldon secretly liked Elsa too!

Unfortunately, compared to other girls, Elsa’s gaze cannot be higher.

Chad is rich and wealthy, and Storen, who once pursued Elsa, turned out to be ignored!

Not to mention Sheldon.

“Hehe, sitting by the lake is quite leisurely! Marcella asked me to give you a word!”

Elsa said coldly, holding her shoulders.

“what did she say?”

Sheldon asked.

“She said that she will come back sooner or later, and will make you feel embarrassed by Sheldon, let you wait and see!”

Sheldon lowered his head, this time it really irritated Marcella.

She should hate herself to death.

But then think about it, this is okay, Marcella shouldn’t do some bad things again in the future, in short, she just needs to be good!


Sheldon responded.

“Heh! It seems that you drove Marcella away, why did you embarrass her?”

Elsa scanned Sheldon up and down.

Even if Sheldon won the lottery, Elsa would not look down upon it.

“nothing much!”

Sheldon’s heart is in a mess now, and besides, it’s hard to tell all the things that day, let alone Elsa.

This guy will definitely put his own affairs in the live broadcast.

She didn’t do this less.

“You love to say nothing, anyway, I brought what Marcella asked me to tell you!”

With a cold snort, Elsa turned and left.

Although her relationship with Marcella is a roommate, in general, it’s just so-so.

Because Marcella is also very beautiful, it’s like a mountain that cannot tolerate two tigers.

But now that Marcella is gone, Elsa feels a lot more relaxed.

Elsa also took care of her own affairs.

Sheldon continued to stay on the shore, and he felt so tired now, so he lay down with his hands on his head.

This moment of silence can really calm Sheldon’s heart.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps.

Immediately following his eyes, it was black.

A figure appeared before his eyes.

Standing just one meter away in front of him.

Sheldon lay down, looked up, and was stunned.

“Hehe, Sheldon, seeing you are so idle, I happen to have one thing for you to do for me!”

The person who came back was naturally Elsa.

The reason why Sheldon was stunned was that.

At this moment, Sheldon was lying, and Elsa in a short skirt was standing.

Sheldon has seen everything that should or shouldn’t be seen.


“I go!”

Sheldon blushed and hurriedly stood up.

“what did you say?”

“Hehe, what a dick. I won the lottery and I have a bit of money, and I don’t have any money. I haven’t seen a girl! Why? After talking to Marcella for so long, nothing happened? Looks like you are tender. Son! Needless to say, I know there is no more!”

Elsa said contemptuously.

She knew why Sheldon blushed, but Elsa was very open and didn’t care about it.

Just look down on Sheldon’s depravity.

“I said I asked you to do me a favor. Later, some female anchors from our guild will come to the campus. We will engage in outdoor activities together. I am missing one to record the live broadcast for me. Go and record the live broadcast for me!”

Elsa said, she gave Sheldonr crazy phone.

The mobile phone is fully equipped, specially equipped with additional cameras, radios and other necessary equipment for outdoor live broadcasting.

This whole Sheldon didn’t go, nor did it go.

After all, Elsa can be regarded as helping her ex-girlfriend, and now she has given her the equipment again. If she refuses it again, she will feel a little sorry.

The ghost knew what to do with Sheldon to help his ex-girlfriend, Sheldon did not refuse in the end anyway.

Followed Elsa and went.

As for Elsa’s attitude to look down on her, let it go.

Sheldon didn’t feel much about Elsa now, what did he do with her too much.

On the way, Elsa walked in front and Sheldon walked in the back.

“Elsa, when did you sign the guild?”

Sheldon chatted without a word, mainly because he is now bold in chatting with girls.

“Some time ago, why, didn’t you watch my live broadcast?”

Elsa said coldly.

“Which scene?”

“Trash! It was the rich person in my room where the ordinary brother gave me 20,000 dollar. After the income of that day, I broke 10,000 and I was also on the public screen, so a guild came to me to sign. It’s still a strong guild!”

“Oao, that’s so! Congratulations!”

Sheldon didn’t know how to broadcast these things.

But I can understand, the feeling that she signed with the guild has something to do with her being in the Elsa live broadcast room that night.

Sheldon just remembered that that night, he charged 100,000 dollar to the live broadcast software.

Just to confuse Chad and Dawson.

As a result, they paid 20,000, and the two of them burped, and they rushed 100,000 for nothing!

Not far from the school is a park. Their outdoor live broadcast venue is this. Men and women, in pairs, love to come here to play.

“Marcella, we are here!”

Three or four young and live broadcast beauties dressed up by Internet celebrities waved to Elsa.

Naturally, they also brought assistants.

Came in an off-road vehicle.

Sheldon is very familiar with this side.

Why is it familiar?

Because Sheldon’s Lamborghini stopped here.

Unbiased, next to their off-road vehicle is their Lamborghini.

However, the parking spaces on both sides of the car were all vacant, and obviously no one was willing to be next to Rambo.

A lot of people gathered here, but I didn’t expect that after so many days, many girls would come to take photos with Lamborghini.

“You guys are here so early!” Elsa said with a smile instead of being serious.

At the same time, he glanced at Rambo with a different color.

The luxury of this luxury car brings to every girl, the impact of boys is too great.

It’s a pity that after so many days, I don’t know who this car belongs to.

But a lot of girls are so anxious!

“Yes, Marcella, we came here early, by the way, who owns this sports car?”

The anchors also walked over and asked in surprise.

“I don’t know. To be honest, people in our school still don’t know who owns this 2000 Marriott car! Why, are you still interested in the owner? I heard that the owner is a rich man. The second generation young master!”

Elsa smiled.

“Wow! I really want to get to know if I have a chance. If I can get to know such a rich person, I don’t need to broadcast a live broadcast. I just need to ride a car to travel around the mountains and water every day!”

“Hmph, nympho, if I can be the girlfriend of this rich person, I have to open a live broadcast guild, and then various kinds of tyrants, no longer have to ask the tyrant like this!”

“Look at your talent!” Elsa smiled bitterly.

Although joking, Elsa had never imagined that she was the scene of this rich person and big girl friend!

“Haha, don’t be a nymphomaniac, let’s go back to reality, by the way, Marcella, we will broadcast it later. If you need an assistant, why didn’t you bring an assistant?”

A beauty anchor asked curiously.

“Why didn’t you bring it! Sheldon, come here for me!”

Elsa pointed at Sheldon who was holding the phone holder!

Chapter 66

“Ah? Marcella, is he the assistant you’re looking for?”

The three female anchors were suddenly a little surprised.

This Sheldon, even though he looks quite pretty, but how he looks like an old hat when he is dressed.

Look at the assistant I brought.

The clothes are bright and beautiful, all of the level of Alexandranrou.

One of the suitors was also one of the female anchors, and he had driven the off-road vehicle.

This contrast is too sharp.

After all, outdoor live broadcasts, look at your face, look at your lips, now, a few people actually want to go around with such an old hat, isn’t this lowering everyone’s grade!

“Yes, didn’t I have time to find an assistant? I just dragged a student from our class to go!”

Elsa’s face is also hot.

It feels ashamed.

“Hehe, let me see, let him follow by and bring us things, big deal, I just need two mobile phones!”

At this time, a boy looked at Sheldon and shook his head with a wry smile.

The disgust in words is self-evident.

“I think Huang Yan is right. That’s fine, let him follow along with them!”

Said a beauty anchor.

“En, Sheldon, don’t give Huang Yan your cell phone. You can carry our things and follow from a distance!”

Elsa said hurriedly.

The anger in Sheldon’s heart, damn it, I’m here to help you, isn’t the little worker you hired, OK?

But on another thought, it’s all here, and it’s not that way to go back.

Alas, if you dislike it, just dislike it, I’m also free while carrying things.

“La la la, fans, good afternoon everyone!”

“Good afternoon, babies!”

“I am your sweetie, I want you to die!”

The live broadcast soon began, and several beautiful anchors also started their own opening remarks.

“Huangyan Huangyan, hurry up, help me move the camera to this luxury car!”

The beautiful yellow-haired anchor named Wang Xiaoti exclaimed excitedly.

Elsa also took advantage of the trend and came to the side of Lamborghini.

Talking and laughing.

Sheldon watched from the sidelines, and was a little bored, so he took out his mobile phone and entered Elsa’s live broadcast room.

Unexpectedly, the live broadcast room is still very popular.

The comment area is exploded.

“fu*k, what kind of car is this?”

“Lamborghini Reventon, more than 18 million, all luxurious configuration!”

“Yeah, the interior design of this car is absolutely world-class, can you take a look at the interior!”

“fu*k, ask for a panoramic view of the car, look at the panoramic view of the car!”

“Who drives this car? rich person!”

“What a handsome sports car, roar roar!”


The live broadcast rooms of the four beauty anchors were all enthusiastic.

At the moment, no one looks at the beauties anymore, and their attention is all in the car. Elsa and the others are struggling to ask for gifts while satisfying the fans’ requests. From far and near, let everyone see the appearance of the car.

The gift brushed loudly.

There is a rich person in Elsa’s live broadcast room, and he even spent 6,000 dollar.

Brings the atmosphere of the live broadcast room to a small climax.

“Thank you, Brother Jiujiang, how much does Brother Jiujiang love you!”


Soon, more than an hour passed like this.

The four of them didn’t go out to walk outdoors.

It was broadcast live next to Rambo.

Each has attracted a lot of popularity.

“Oh, you really don’t know how to hurt people, my baby is going to take a rest!”

More and more new fans came in and asked to watch cars and the like.

After shouting, Elsa and the others were also tired.

“Baby be good, I will show you live after drinking some water!”

“Little mention, do you have any water Olympics?”

“We didn’t bring it, ahem, go buy a pack! My throat is dry!”

“Yeah, I’m thirsty too, I still want to eat watermelon!”

Several female anchors said playfully.

“Well, Sheldon, you go buy water, buy another watermelon, and go!”

Elsa pointed at Sheldon and ordered.

Sheldon is going crazy.

This is really taking one’s own improper food.

Alas, but speaking of it, following a few of their anchors here, I am a little thirsty and want to eat watermelon.

In desperation, Sheldon went to buy it.

I bought a pack of mineral water, plus a big watermelon, and a watermelon knife.

Sheldon came back with a bag of things, tired enough.

Elsa and the others are still broadcasting, live broadcasting the vision of the car.

“Sheldon, go and cut the watermelon! Damn, why did you bring a whole back, stupid pig, you won’t let people cut it and buy it again, speechless!”

Wang Xiaoti also took Sheldon quite inappropriately as an outsider, and said unceremoniously at the moment.

Damn, if you weren’t eager to eat watermelon, you would have been there waiting to cut the melon.


Sheldon cursed secretly.

Only cut melons.

Where should I cut it?

It can’t be on the ground.


Yes, go to the front of the car and cut it, and use it as a fruit table! Anyway, the paint of this Reventon car is not easy to rub off.

Thinking of this, Sheldon walked over.

With a bang.

Throw a bag of mineral water directly on the front cover of the Lamborghini car.

Then put the watermelon and cut it with a knife.

And this scene.

Elsa, who was live broadcast, were all stunned.

The live broadcast was interrupted.

Many beauties who came to take pictures with the car on the side also opened their mouths in surprise!

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!

The words came up in everyone’s hearts tacitly!

This person actually uses the front cover of a luxury Lamborghini car to cut watermelon?

“Sheldon, are you fu*king crazy!”

“Ah! Take it away quickly!”

Elsa turned pale with fright.

She was the first to speak out.

Sheldon definitely has a brain disease, absolutely!

If you cut it down and give Lamborghini a big hole, then the fu*k can’t afford it for a lifetime.

“This bastard, did you come here on purpose to find something?”

Wang Xiaoti and Huang Yan were also stunned.

Fans in the live broadcast room are even more booing.

Say something like one million, two million.

“Why are you stunned? You don’t have to quickly take it down and wipe it clean. If someone finds out, you won’t be able to eat!

Elsa regrets it. If she can’t find an assistant and spends her own money to hire one, why should she bring Sheldon?

why? ! ! !

“O’ao, it’s okay, if you scratch it, it will be scratched!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

If you really shave, you will shave it yourself, and you don’t need to be compensated by others. What are you nervous about!

“What does it mean to scrape, it will be scraped, quickly take it off!”

Elsa stomped angrily.

Sheldon had no choice but to take down the watermelon and mineral water. He wanted to eat it like this, so everyone didn’t have to squat. How comfortable.

It seems I am thinking too much!

Elsa came over and pushed Sheldon away, and carefully wiped the car clean with her wet wipes. After finding that there were no traces of scratches, she was completely relieved.

“Marcella, are you in your class? Can’t let him go, it was so dangerous just now!”

Huang Yan said contemptuously.

The off-road next to Huangyan is from Huangyan, and I have some money at home.

He didn’t look down on Sheldon as soon as he came up. Now Sheldon, a fool, almost shaved a luxury car. His hair was almost standing up just now!

Not angry at the moment.

“Yeah, Sheldon, you go, I was wrong! My Elsa was really wrong, let you come and be my assistant!”

Elsa said directly and unceremoniously.

“O’ao, then I will get a bottle of water!”

Sheldon left after smoking a bottle of mineral water.

Face slap, Sheldon thought about it just now, just take out the car key and just press it. It’s so easy!

But well, in front of a group of netizens who broadcast live in the same city, Sheldon feels like a show.

Besides, I didn’t want to buy such an expensive car originally, because my sister forced it.

Therefore, Sheldon left happily.

Anyway, I don’t want to have too much intersection with Elsa.

Sheldon didn’t go anywhere this time.

He went straight back to the dorm and filled a bottle of water.

He just lay in bed and rested.

It didn’t take long before Vern and the others came back.

“I came back so soon. How did you play today with Elma and the others?” Sheldon asked with a smile.

“Sheldon, if you are in the dorm, that’s fine, let’s go to Elma’s dorm together!”

After they came back, Vern and Liyan flipped through their wallets and made phone calls, making them nervous.

“Ah? What’s wrong?”

“Damn, don’t mention it, something happened to Shelly!”

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