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Chapter 67 Sheldon, do you have a face

What can happen to Shelly?

Sheldon was surprised.

But Vern is now asking himself to take a look at Elma’s dorm. It would be nice not to go.

It happened that Sheldon wanted to see what happened to Shelly?

Although this girl moved herself a little bit before, after she was slandered by Zyra, her attitude took a 180-degree turn.

But after all, it’s barely a friend!

In fact, Sheldon found a reason for himself. What he said did not matter to Shelly. In fact, as a normal man, how could he be completely indifferent to such a beauty.

Shelly’s dorm.

The six of Sheldon and Vern signed their names downstairs and came in.

After coming in.

I saw Shelly sitting on the bed and crying, as well as Zyra, who also cried very much.

Zyra’s face turned pale, and she seemed to be frightened.

“Shelly Zyra, we have come to see you!”

Vern said.

On the road, after Sheldon inquired, Sheldon knew the ins and outs of the matter.

It turned out that the identities of the four people who were beaten on the villa were indeed extraordinary.

One of them, the family industry, is not an exaggeration to say that it is a giant crocodile in Roston.

Almost except for the Roston Commercial Group, that is the young man’s family business is king.

Who is that person?

His name is Xu Wei, and his father’s name is Xu Haishan. He is a real estate manager, and he is a Roston boss.

It happened that day, Xu Wei, although he was a rich second-generation, was usually quite low-key.

Then I went to the villa to accompany a few friends to drink.

After drinking on a whim, I looked at Zyra, especially Shelly, who looked beautiful.

Only then used Jiujin to molest the two.

Unexpectedly, he was beaten twice.

The beating was bloodied.

After returning home, Xu Wei called someone.

The whole family was also shocked.

Although the parties did not seek revenge, the homes of Dawson, Xu Chao, Zyra and Shelly were all warned to varying degrees.

Xu Chao opened a company at home, and today all the supplies have been cut off.

Shelly’s family also opened a company, and the situation was similar to that of Xu Chao’s.

As for Zyra and Dawson, their parents were also warned and threatened.

This is a bit of the dragon’s inverse scales, meaning that if you touch it, you will die.

In short, Shelly and the others are terrified now.

Because Xu Wei has threatened to ruin them within a month!

“What should I do? What should I do? My dad has found a lot of relationships, all of which are useless!”

Shelly cried very much.

Not to mention Zyra, whose parents were laid off directly.

“Shelly, can’t Dawson and Xu Chao have any choice?”

Vern watched from the sidelines, it could be said that he couldn’t help with a little bit of help, so he could only chat like this.

“Oh, what can they do? I heard that Xu Chao and Dawson went to someone’s company to find someone. They knelt down and apologized, but they were blasted out by the security guard.”

“This time the trouble is really too great. I heard that Dawson slapped himself wildly in front of others! It’s all useless!”

A girl in the same dorm also worried.

Shelly cried harder.

Including Zyra, there is still a bit of air before.

“Or call the police!”

Liyan scratched his head.

Xu’s family, who goes to school in Roston doesn’t know, it’s awesome.

Most people can’t afford it.

Shelly shook his head: “No, let’s say it’s the one we beat. They didn’t fight back. We were the one who called the police and arrested us!”

When everyone heard it, it was indeed like this.

“Don’t be too sad, you two, there will always be a solution!”

Sheldon, who had not spoken all the time, spoke now.

He didn’t know how to persuade.

But, for Vern and Elma, after all, it was Elma’s birthday party.

Sheldon intends to ask Chapman to see if he has any good solutions.

“Huh? You’re here too? I fu*k! I am! I am! Who gave you the courage, why do you have a face?”

When Zyra heard Sheldon’s words, she became furious.

Even scolding and mocking.

The whole thing, what is the source of it?

Isn’t it because you are a poor dick?

If it wasn’t for you, would Shelly feel ashamed to go to the bathroom?

Shelly goes to the bathroom without getting angry, can he go with him?

If neither of them go, how can one provoke a guy with Xu Wei’s background.

The culprit is Sheldon.

You actually have a face?

Zyra jumped off the bed and waved her palm to Sheldon. She really hated this scumbag!


The expected slap in the face did not come.

When she waved her hand halfway, she was caught by Sheldon.

“Zyra, you have enough!”

Sheldon smashed her to the ground fiercely.

Sheldon has a good temper, very good, but not nothing.

I was belittled by this girl and slapped myself several times.

Marcella is her ex-girlfriend, so she can’t help but fight back.

What are you Zyra doing?

Therefore, the fire that Sheldon in his stomach started directly.

“Ahhhhh! You dare to hit me?”

Zyra was crazy, sitting on the ground and crying with red eyes.

“Alright, alright!” Elma and the others hurried to persuade Zyra.

Shelly glanced up at Sheldon and sneered: “Sheldon, are you here to watch us jokes?”

Shelly now hates going to Sheldon again.

But not like Zyra.

“Shelly Zyra, Sheldon, he heard that you were in an accident, so he came to see you, how could he be watching your jokes!”

Vern couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but say.

“Hehe, what are you looking for if you are not looking at a joke? I found out that he was a little white face. This person must have a grudge. I know him too well. To be honest, I wanted to chase him before!”

Zyra jumped and scolded.

She did understand Sheldon’s past carefully and wanted to follow Sheldon.

Seeing that Zyra was about to fight Sheldon again.

Just then, Shelly’s cell phone rang.

“Dad, how’s it going? What did the big man you hired say?”

Shelly asked nervously.

And this time, Zyra calmed down completely, listening attentively.

Now, only rely on the relationship between Shelly’s family.

“Dad, don’t be sad, he is so busy, maybe it’s really busy, don’t think too much about it. Hmm, I’m still in the dorm now, some classmates came to see me. I’m not hungry, I haven’t eaten, I have a little appetite No. Ah? Okay, let me ask them…”

With that, Shelly hung up the phone.

Somewhat disappointed, he said: “My dad wanted to ask someone to help me say something in the restaurant, but when he said he was too busy, he pushed it off. My dad now calls me to the restaurant, because he ordered a lot of dishes. I can’t retreat. Let’s go together. Everyone stayed with me all afternoon.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Vern and the others: “Vern, you all go together, alas, I also want to understand. Even if you continue to worry about it, it will be useless. The big deal, I will personally beg that Xu Wei tomorrow!”

“Shelly you?”

Elma naturally knew what Shelly meant, so she wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t say anything.

What else can be done?

A crowd of girls went downstairs.

Now Shelly is very helpless, what he wants most is to go to his father’s side.

And Zyra and the others are also willing to go there, because there is an adult present, at least it will give them a sense of security. After all, adults are rich in experience, so why not be better than their young group.

Vern was not easy to refuse, so naturally he followed.

And Sheldon surprisingly did not retreat this time.

Followed silently at the back.

Today, I have encountered this incident no matter what, there is no reason to ignore it!

Chapter 68

Shelly’s home is an information company.

The annual profit is six or seven million.

Not high, but it’s pretty good.

The location of the hotel was chosen in a luxurious restaurant. After Sheldon and the others entered, they had indeed ordered a table of high-end wine and dishes.

Unfortunately, the person who really wanted to invite did not come.

“Shelly, you are here!”

Zhao Gang squeezed a smile and stood up. Now that my daughter has caused such a big trouble, the company has been frustrated. Just as the cruel words of the son Xu Wei, the company is likely to face bankruptcy within a month.

More than ten years of hard work was lost.

Now I can only force a smile.

“Good uncle, good aunt!”

Everyone greeted each other.

“Shelly, dad still wants to ask you today. Didn’t you say before that one of your classmates is very good? The relationship is very strong. Your classmate, did you come today?”

Zhao Gang remembered what his daughter had said a few days ago that a classmate actually had a relationship with the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Therefore, Zhao just asked this.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if he could help.

“Here, but Dad, things are different from what we thought. His personal connections are not what I said before…”

Shelly’s face was very indifferent.

Today, Sheldon did not follow, she did not make a clear statement.

“Huh, Shelly, what kind of face should I save with this person, yes, uncle, we used to think that Sheldon was very good and had a wide network of contacts, but now we know that he is just a little boy who is kept by others, so In order to get in and out of the villa freely, and more than just a woman can do it!”

“It looks great, but it’s a bit of a shock. People won’t help us for him!”

Zyra stood up and scolded.

In fact, I regretted it after scolding.

Not right!

I seem to have forgotten the piece of Sheldon. You should know that the previous Sheldon, Fredrick, who was able to make it, could apologize and bow to everyone.

It shows that Sheldon’s contacts are very good.

If he goes to find his lover, maybe this matter can really be solved!

Alas, Zyra also thought of this at the time.

But the main point is that Sheldon is not the rich second generation he imagined. The hope for him was too great before, and the disappointment was greater.

Zyra’s emotional ups and downs were violent, and she completely ignored this matter.

“That’s it!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Gang and his wife couldn’t help but flashed a touch of sadness.

They saw Sheldon for the first time today, and they didn’t expect this seemingly handsome young man to be so dirty.

I really don’t know how my beautiful daughter became friends with this kind of person?

Zhao Gang and his wife were a little unhappy.

Sheldon sat there without saying a word.

Turn the turntable to eat.

There are so many good dishes, Sheldon is really hungry.

Seeing this scene, the disgust in the eyes of Zhao Gang and his wife became even stronger.

“Since you are hungry, just order white rice and let’s eat it!”

Shelly’s mother is a tall and stunning beauty.

Although he is nearly forty years old, he will never be more than twenty-five years old.

The skin is extremely white.

At this moment, he held his shoulders and said coldly. White rice, to put it plainly, is white rice, deliberately run on Sheldon!

“Huh, that is, you can eat rice at all. I’m really drunk. I know how to eat it whenever I want!”

“What do you think he’s doing with him? I can’t help with a little bit of help. I know that he eats and drinks. Although he is covered, he still hasn’t gotten rid of the humble skin. If he can eat free meals, he will eat free meals! “

“I really don’t know what those women think, they will make this kind of people a little white!”

Several girls led by Zyra said mockingly.

Sheldon smiled wryly in his heart.

Scold, scold as much as you want, and sooner or later you will cry.


At this time, the door of the box suddenly opened.

A young man in a suit and leather shoes opened the door and walked in.

He looked twenty-seven or eighteen years old and dressed very well.

As soon as he entered, Zhao Gang and his wife immediately became respectful and stood up.

“Xiao Yan, what did Chief Zhao say about this?”

The man in front of him is the secretary of the Zhao Division, the son of Zhao Gang’s wife’s distant cousin.

Anyway, some relationship.

The relationship with Shelly is also a distant cousin.

Zhao Gang was the one who entrusted him. He wanted to clear the relationship through Zhao’s relationship, at least not to let the company go bankrupt.

Xiao Yan shook his head with a wry smile.

“Uncle Cousin, I’m really embarrassed. Chu Chu also came to this restaurant just now. I thought he would come down. But today Chu Chu also accompanies an important person in this restaurant. He is really busy. I told you already, don’t wait for him here!”

“I know that Chief Zhao will not come, but Xiao Yan, can we go up there, at least toast a glass of wine, and express our feelings!”

Zhao Gang grimaced.

He knew it would be impolite.

But there is really no way, if this relationship will not drag on.

Offended the Roston Giant Crocodile, and waited for it to be finished.

Therefore, Zhao Gang is doing a dying struggle.

“Yes, cousin Xiao Yan, if you can help, you will definitely help our family!”

Shelly has always been cold, and now he has to ask Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan just sighed, “Cousin, cousin, your nephew really understands your feelings, but it really doesn’t work! Otherwise, I will help you when I have time later.**”

Say so.

But this matter can’t be done today, there is no future.

Zhao Gang can see it.

It’s not that Chief Zhao is too busy, but that he refuses to help.

After all, the trouble this time is really too great, this is the Xu family.

Seeing the last glimmer of hope was dashed.

Everyone’s expressions became dim.

“The vast horizon is my love, the endless green hills are blooming, what kind of rhythm is the most swaying, what kind of singing is the most joyful!”

At this time, Sheldon’s phone rang the ringtone of “The Most Dazzling Ethnic Style”.


I don’t know when it was set.

How come this!

And this square dance divine tune also made the atmosphere of the whole box awkward.

The corners of Zhao Gang’s mouth twitched.

Shelly, Zyra and the others stared at Sheldon in disgust.

“Let me go, what kind of person is this? That’s too awkward!”

Zyra roared unceremoniously.

Over there, Sheldon has already answered the phone.

It’s a birth number.


“Is it Sheldon?”

There was a middle-aged man’s voice.

When you hear Sheldon, you know, isn’t this Huang Weimin’s voice?

Huang Weimin of the Chamber of Commerce!

“it’s me!”

“It’s a bit presumptuous to call you. It’s like Sheldon. Today, we have united the leaders of various regions to discuss the several casinos you have invested in, as well as the company’s landing issues, and then take the liberty to ask, you Do you have time? If you have plenty of time, we all hope you can come here in person!”

Huang Weimin said with a smile.

“Oao, yes!”

Sheldon almost wanted to eat, go and take a look.

“That’s great, Sheldon, we are in the Phoenix restaurant now, where are you, I will let the driver pick you up?”

“Huh? Phoenix Restaurant? I’m in Phoenix Restaurant now!”

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