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Chapter 69

“You are also eating at the Phoenix Restaurant. That’s great, Sheldon, it just so happens that I will toast you a glass of wine!”


In fact, if you want to toast, it should be Sheldon. Huang Weimin is also his elder no matter what.

However, since the Yellow Bureau said so, let’s come over for a drink.

How can I refute the face of this pornography? So he told Huang Weimin the room number.

Big deal in the future, invest more.

Sheldon hung up the phone.

And Zhao Gang still stared at Sheldon contemptuously.

“Unexpectedly, this kind of person has friends in Phoenix Restaurant!”

“Yes, pretending to be!”

The girls sneered.

Sheldon’s status in their hearts has plummeted now, yes, before you Sheldon was a low-key rich second-generation, or won the lottery.

You are really rich.

With you, you can get a lot of good things.

But now, you Sheldon is just a little white face being kept by others. You have money when you love you. When will someone get tired of playing, what is Sheldon?

What are you still? !

Therefore, everyone’s attitude is surprisingly consistent.

And this time.

The door of the box suddenly opened.

I saw a large number of pedestrians, 20 or 30 people, middle-aged or old men in suits and shoes.

They appeared outside the door with their wine glasses.

At this moment, Zhao Gang was directly dumbfounded.

Even Shelly and the others were nervous.

What’s the situation?

“Zhao…Chu Zhao?”

“This, this…yellow game?”

“Mr. Ma, Mr. Chapman, why are you?”

Zhao Gang trembled a little when he spoke.

Among the twenty-odd people in front of him, which one is not a famous figure in Roston.

Even Huang Weimin from the Chamber of Commerce is here.

As for the big man Zhao Chu in Zhao Gang’s eyes, he can only stand at the end of the crowd at the moment, holding a wine glass and laughing.

They all came here to toast to me?

Zhao Gang has a dreamlike illusion.

“Sit down, please sit down!”

Zhao Gang and his wife shouted excitedly.

“This gentleman, you are welcome, let’s have a toast, and we’ll leave!”

Huang Weimin showed respect to Zhao Gang who owed his body slightly.

This respect is naturally not because of Zhao Gang, but because of Sheldon.

“Sheldon, let’s come over to toast you!”

Holding the wine glass, Huang Weimin directly followed the group of people to Sheldon in the astonished eyes of the crowd.

Drink all the wine in the glass.

“Sheldon, we respect you too!”

Behind Huang Weimin, there are the bosses of this project development, and there are officials from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to toast and drink together.

Sheldon is now a little dazed.

Originally thought that Huang Weimin would come by himself, and then wanted him to help Shelly.

But Sheldon never expected that so many people would come all at once.

Sheldon dare not lose his courtesy points.

Also drinking in return.

And this scene.

Zhao Gang was dumbfounded.

Shelly’s body tightened and was startled.

Zyra could put an egg in with her mouth open.

Yes, they confirmed that Sheldon was a little white face.

But now, the police of the Roston Chamber of Commerce and the famous Huang Weimin have come to toast.

And one by one Sheldon.

What does this show?

Sheldon is not as simple as a little white face. You must know that Huang Weimin can be considered Roston’s great!

“Young Master Sheldon, when your banquet is over, please be sure to go up there. It’s the same thing I said!”

Huang Weimin shook hands with Sheldon cordially.

This young man waved his hand, wondering how many companies in Roston are about to rise overnight.

Roston’s economy has risen in many levels.

Just because Sheldon signed a few names.

It’s such a top wide young man, but he doesn’t have any pretensions from beginning to end, and treats everyone so politely.

Rare, rare!

After speaking, Huang Weimin left with someone.

In the box, the atmosphere was deadly silent, everyone did not speak, and they all looked at Sheldon in a daze.

Originally thought that Chief Zhao was very good, and he was also very arrogant.

But now it seems that the real power is the young man in front of him!

Zhao Gang and his wife thought.

“Sheldon, what did they call you? Call you Sheldon?”

Zyra swallowed hard.

Shelly also looked at Sheldon with white sweat.

“Just a title!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

He really didn’t want to pretend to be coercive, but Sheldon was also very embarrassed and sudden when this happened.

“Could it be that Sheldon is really Sheldon from the Roston Commercial Group?”

“Sheldon? The Sheldon in the entire Roston Business District? It seems that this is the only way to make Mr. Huang Weimin so respectful, right?”

“Impossible, how is it possible, how could Sheldon be so rich?”

Everyone was speculating, but Zyra felt unbelievable.

If it is true, she can really die!

“Thank you for the hospitality of Uncle Zhao and Aunt Zhao. This incident was also caused by my brother and girlfriend’s birthday party. Leave it to me to deal with it. I will go to the upstairs box if I am unaccompanied!”

If Sheldon stayed any longer, it would be uncomfortable to be stared at.

I took the opportunity to slip out.

As for what they said they were Sheldon from Roston Business District, Sheldon did not confirm or deny.

After going out, I called Chapman, hoping that he could come forward to be a peacemaker, and let this matter pass.

Chapman naturally followed suit.

“Shelly, you are not mistaken, are you? You said he is a little boy?”

Zhao Gang felt regretful.

If I knew it, he wouldn’t say so much mockery.

Don’t you know, when Huang Weimin bowed slightly to Zhao Gang just now, Zhao Gang was almost peeing!

“Impossible, there is definitely a hidden feeling in it. How could Sheldon be Young Master Sheldon in Roston Business District, and he offended the Xu family this time. How can he settle it with a word?”

Shelly was muttering.

Obviously, the impact of this fact is too strong.

At this moment, Zhao Gang’s cell phone rang.

When he saw the number, he was suddenly surprised.

“It’s me, it’s me, hello, okay! Ah? What did you say? Great, thank you, thank you very much!”

After speaking, Zhao Gang hung up the phone excitedly.

Everyone looked at.

Zhao Gang said, “Shelly, this time we really met a noble man, really, Sheldon, no, it is Sheldon, he is our noble man! Just now a senior from the Chamber of Commerce called and said that this matter was caused by a big man. It has been successfully resolved!”

After hearing this, Shelly slumped in a chair weakly.

Everything is really Sheldon, he really has a lot of energy!

But what is going on? Who is Sheldon?

The doubts in the hearts of everyone linger.

But he said Sheldon had already gone to the box. He called Chapman just now to help the people in Elma’s dorm. Shelly and Zyra’s family. As for what happened to Xu Chao and Dawson, Sheldon didn’t care and didn’t want to care. They had something with him. What does it matter?

Sheldon didn’t think about it. After entering the box, he drank with Huang Weimin and the others.

As for the important things Huang Weimin said, he hoped that Sheldon would go there that day after the major entertainment projects were opened.

This matter is naturally not a problem, and Sheldon should take it.

When I returned to school, it was almost eleven.

Lie on the bed, but can’t sleep tossing about.

“Ding Ding!”

Instagram sounded several reminders one after another.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, have you slept yet? See you in the school’s western cafeteria tomorrow morning. I have something important to tell you! No need to go back!”

At first glance, it was a message from Lilla.

Chapter 70

Early the next morning.

Because it was Saturday, Vern and the others had to wake up naturally and sleep soundly.

Sheldon didn’t bother them either, and came to the Western Canteen alone.

Lilla had already waited early.

And I have already bought two breakfasts.

Egg fried rice with ham!

“I’ll buy you all the rice, eat it!”

Lilla smiled.

Sheldon was not polite, and asked while eating, “Lilla, what are you looking for?”

Lilla wore a good look today, with her white legs exposed, making her heart rippling.

Sheldon couldn’t help but squint.

“Hey, today is my grandma’s birthday, I’m going back to celebrate her birthday!

Lilla blinked his eyes: “You know my relationship with Jasmine, don’t blame me for being so small, in fact I am not a person who likes comparisons, especially those boring comparisons, but you don’t know, I and Jasmine It’s very special, alas, we’ve been compared since we were born, we’ve compared everything, whose name is better, better than studying, better than wearing clothes, better than who gets more praise!”

“I don’t know if this comparison with her is innate, anyway I don’t want to lose to her!”

“Oh, can you understand that way?”

Lilla pouted.

Sheldon seemed to understand, “I don’t quite understand!”

I really don’t understand it. Maybe from a young age, Sheldon has come into contact with the biggest thought that people are better than people and should be thrown away.

Besides, Sheldon also wanted to compare, but before the New Year, the poor at home couldn’t even afford new clothes, compare? Than a ball!

So Sheldon was a little disgusted with those fighting for wealth, showing off their wealth.

Even the resistance from the heart.

In other words, the hatred of the rich is at work.

In short, Sheldon can’t understand the world of these rich people, even though he is very rich now!

“I’ll just say it straight, Sheldon, you know that she has a boyfriend. I heard Su Qi say that Jasmine will take her bitch to celebrate my grandma’s birthday this time, and that bitch is still preparing A special gift.”

“At this time, there will definitely be many people who praise Jasmine. Therefore, I am also going to take a boyfriend back!”

“You don’t want me to be your boyfriend, do you?”

Sheldon understood.

“Uh, yes, you continue to pretend to be my boyfriend, and you continue to pretend to be a rich second generation. I will go back to the dorm to clean up and go outside to buy you clothes.”

“Sheldon, good Sheldon, you can help others to the end!”

Lilla said coquettishly.

To be honest, this Nizi is really beautiful.

These beautiful eyes blinked and her lips opened, Sheldon really couldn’t refuse.

It’s just that this feeling makes Sheldon weird.

Alas, I was quite her real boyfriend, ha ha…

“Actually, I don’t have to pretend, I’m really the rich second generation!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly in his heart.

After agreeing to her, Lilla took Sheldon to buy clothes.

Sheldon dressed up is very handsome.

Just when the two were preparing to rush to her grandma’s birthday feast together.

Lilla’s phone rang at this time: “Ah? What did you say? Okay, okay, I’ll go there first!”

After hanging up the phone, Lilla sighed:

“Sheldon, I have to go first, because I ordered a gift for my grandma with Su Qi, but something went wrong with that gift. It’s really anxious. Let’s go, at 11 o’clock at noon, we are at Yulong Villa I’ll meet at the door, I’ll call you!”

“no problem!”

Sheldon nodded.

Lilla hurriedly took a taxi and left.

With a bitter smile, it’s only past nine o’clock now, what are you going to do?


driver license!

The driver’s license should be mailed!

I called and asked, as expected, the courier from the post has arrived.


Sheldon almost jumped up excitedly.

His biggest dream is to drive a car and drive a car that belongs to him and doesn’t need to be expensive.

Now, I can finally drive!

And it’s the Lamborghini sports car, it’s a lie to say it’s not excited!

After getting his driver’s license again, Sheldon came to the side of his car.


A brand new, black Passat rubbed Sheldon’s body.

Then a beautiful tail swing came over and drove over in the park square.

On the side of the park, there are already many girls and boys walking around.

This Passat also attracted the attention of many girls.

“Passatye, this is the latest model this year. It looks pretty good!”

“Does it cost more than 200,000 dollar?”

“In this case, it looks like a top-level configuration, at least it’s going three times!”

“I’ll go, more than 300,000 dollar, this is also a rich person!”

A group of girls Yingying Maggie pointed and pointed.

The location of this park now has a lot of popularity due to the Lamborghini.

Strange to say, a pattern has formed in the past few days, but everyone who has a car in school likes to drive around here to attract the attention of beautiful women.

Especially new cars.

The owner of this Passat obviously drove around with the crowd.

“Haha, isn’t this Sheldon? Such a coincidence!”

The car stopped suddenly, the window rolled down, and a handsome young man poked his head out.

Sheldon saw that this person knew him.

It is Jogray who is learning to drive in a driving school.

It was the one who mocked himself with Li Nian in his department.

At the beginning, she liked Lilla at the goddess level very much, but when I heard that the one who pursued Lilla was the person who had withered directly after Storenyang was young.

He and Sheldon participated in the third course, and after passing, he bought a car directly.

Obviously, he was here to wave around.

Sheldon didn’t like him much, and just nodded.

“The car I just bought, three hundred and fifty thousand, Sheldon, I got my driver’s license today. You can’t find the feeling in the whole car. If you don’t drive for a long time, you will forget it!”

Jogray smiled triumphantly.

Many girls looked over when they spoke very loudly.

Listening to Jogray’s mocking words.

The reason why Jogray would do this to Sheldon, who had nothing to do with him.

Come on, he looks down on Sheldon’s stubbornness in his heart. It’s fine to step on it a few times, and he feels very fulfilled.

Secondly, when I was practicing, I wanted to talk to Lilla, but Lilla only chatted with Sheldon.

This makes Jogray very upset.

Now that he ridiculed Sheldon, he felt more fulfilled.

“Bowen, where are you going? We want to go out for a stroll, can we take your car?”

Finally, a few girls came over shyly.

“Ok, Ok.”

Jogray laughed. Then looked at Cooper Family:

“Sheldon, would you like to drive my car and take some girls for a drive?”

Sheldon shook his head, “Forget it.”

“Oh, Young Bowen, you are so bad, who wants such a person to carry it!”

“That’s right, look at his poor appearance, it’s enough to see, it’s shameful to ride in a car like this!”

“Haha, besides, even if Bowen gave it to him, would he dare to open it? I can’t afford it if I sell him!”

The three girls smiled.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get into Jogray’s car.

Now the girls are bold and want to catch a rich boyfriend or be raised by a rich man during college.

You don’t need to spend money to go to school and you can buy a lot of nice clothes.

How great is this!

Sheldon listened to their ridicule and didn’t want to say anything.

I just took out my Lamborghini key and walked towards this sports car…

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