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Chapter 71-The Master of Lamborghini

“Hey, Bowen, look at it, the dick you were talking about actually walked towards Lamborghini!”

“Hmph, Lamborghini is so famous, this kind of dick is definitely going to see it, it will increase insights, and maybe even post to Moments to tell others that he is awesome, there are so many people like this!”

Several girls contemptuously.

“Perhaps, this kind of person can’t do anything!”

Jogray also smiled bitterly.

“By the way, Bowen, do you know who owns this car?”

“I really don’t know, but I know a lot about the configuration and interior of this car. They are all top-notch designs! Even a simple part is polished through rigorous data calculations. It was made under the supervision of a master of ten years!”

Jogray smiled.

“Ah? Bowen, what you said really aroused our interest. Could you go over and explain to us so that we can learn more!”

One of the girls suddenly looked surprised.

They say so, except that they really want to learn more about this luxury car.

Just want to delay time.

Think about it, it’s only nine o’clock, even if they say a location, Malcolmzhen sent it off, wouldn’t it be a momentary encounter.

If you postpone the time, it happens to be lunch, why should Malcolm have to treat him?

In this way, the relationship will not be deeper?

I have to say that a few girls have too many eyes.

Anyway, Jogray didn’t think much about it, and pulled the car aside, and he really led a group of people past.

He doesn’t take the jealousy of this Lamborghini, because he understands that even if he struggles for a lifetime, he will never reach this point.

However, Sheldon is also here.

“Um, lady, can you move it?”

Sheldon touched his nose and looked helplessly at a long-haired girl who was boldly sitting on the front cover of the Lamborghini.

“Why let me move, who are you? Get out of here!”

The long-haired beauty yelled.

The clothes on this man are quite new and good, but, my old lady has seen so many rich second-generation handsome guys, what kind of green onion are you?

You dare to let me move?

“That’s it, who are you! Depending on your virtue, why should we go away?”

“Hehe, I know we girls, maybe we love beauty, like taking selfies, and I am a little envious when seeing luxury cars. I didn’t expect this boy to be so disgusting and want to take selfies!”

“Yeah, don’t be ashamed here!”

The little girls around this long-haired beauty suddenly slapped Sheldon with dissatisfaction.

Sheldon was all scolded.

Damn, I just said one thing, and the result is so many mouths waiting for me?

“Brother Sheldon has a lot of ideas, why do you want to take a selfie? Would you like me to help?”

Jogray also walked up with a sneer at this time.

After glancing at Sheldon, he immediately turned his gaze on the beauty on the front cover.

“Beauty, you can sit as much as you want. The body structure of Lamborghini is not as strong as other sports cars. Not to mention the beautiful girl, your light weight!”

“Hahaha, thanks to the handsome guy, he is quite talkative, unlike some straight guys, which is really disgusting! By the way, handsome guy, can you take a picture for me? I want to have a long distance with this sports car. group photo!”

The long-haired beauty has a very good impression of Jogray.

Of course Jogray is willing. What did he do when he bought a Passat? Isn’t it just to pick up girls?

Nodded sharply now.

“I said Brother Sheldon, can you stop blocking the camera?”

Jogray looked at Sheldon who stood stupidly and reminded him.

“Damn, get out!”

The long-haired beauty waved impatiently.

“Hehe, I’m afraid it is you who are going to roll!” Sheldon said coldly.

What he originally thought was very simple, that is, let this beauty move a little, drive the car out by himself, and then take pictures if you want to take pictures.

As a result, he was ridiculed for no reason at first, and now he was scolded by this beauty directly.

Especially this Jogray, who has been yin and yang from just now, want to use himself as a green leaf to set off your red flower?

Want to use your humbleness to prove how strong you are?

Want to mock yourself to satisfy your vanity?

Sheldon felt that if he really kept a low profile like this, it would be over, completely over, and anyone could step on him.

In that case, what use is this low-key?

“Who are you going to get away? You dare to scold me?”

The long-haired beauty yelled in surprise.

As soon as the violent temper came up, he wanted to hit someone.

biubiu! !

However, at this time, the Lamborghini, who had been silent for more than a month, suddenly flashed four lights.

Immediately afterwards, there was a slight roar from the engine.

The front door opens automatically.

The gloss of the entire car body seems to become extremely bright at this moment.

It was like welcoming its owner who had been waiting for a long time.

Sheldon put down the car key in his hand.

Afterwards, he walked over slowly and sat in the main driving position.

Silence, even in the park, there are now dozens of girls standing nearby.

But suddenly there was silence, as if discussing with the whole world, this area was silent.

Everyone stared at the scene before them.

Jogray’s mouth and eyes can be opened as much as possible.

This… Sheldon turned out to be the owner of Lamborghini?

“Ah!!!” At this time, a harsh scream broke everyone’s silence.

“It’s him, the owner of the car turned out to be him! Ah!!!”

“Young man, you are so handsome, young man, what is your name?”

“Sir, can I add a Instagram?”

There were even more daring girls, as if they had met the biggest idol, they rushed directly in front of Sheldon’s car.

Lamborghini sports car, 18 million, an absolute luxury car!

The impact of this car on all girls is too great.

Hope for the stars and moon, and finally brought this young man to Pan!

Sheldon was in the car. Although the soundproofing was very good, he still heard the screams of the girls.

To tell the truth, Sheldon feels better now.

One is that I finally got into my own car.

The other is that he finally exhales.


Sheldon dropped the car window.

He smiled at Jogray who was already silly on the side, “Young Bowen, would you like to come up and try?”

In the same way, Sheldon retorted.

Jograytun spit, he didn’t dare to drive this car to death.

Not to mention, his face is almost green now.

People who I look down on are so rich.

And just now, he was playing tricks.

People are not cowardly and dare not fight back, but you, Jogray, are a clown in front of them.

My own Passat is 300,000, this car is 18 million. Damn, can I buy 60 of my own?

This is not the most horrible thing. The horror is, what kind of big brother did I offend?

The three girls who got into Jogray’s car were also dumbfounded.

It was even mentioned that she was a long-haired girl who was sitting in the front of Sheldon’s car just now.

In short, everyone was shocked when they saw this scene!

Sheldon drove away amid the howling of a pack of wolves.

This is Sheldon’s real public pretense, and it is really intolerable.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

Naturally, Lilla called.

Click to connect.

“Sheldon, where are you? Why haven’t you arrived yet, come hurry up, take a taxi if you can’t, I’m waiting for you at the gate of Yulong Villa!”

“Okay, we will be here soon.”

Sheldon replied.

Just when he hung up the phone, Sheldon seemed to hear Lilla nervously saying, “It’s over, I missed it!”

And there seemed to be a girl standing next to her, asking her, “Lilla, isn’t Sheldon your boyfriend? Isn’t he rich? Why does he even take a taxi?”

Chapter 72

Sheldonard the voice on the other side of the phone, but didn’t care about it.

Speed ​​up and rush to Yulong Villa.

This is a manor similar to a Heaven Brick Residencia.

Integrate entertainment and catering.

However, when it comes to hardware facilities, etc., it is more than a few grades worse than Heaven Brick Residencia.

Of course, despite this, this is also the best place for second- and third-tier family gatherings.

Today, Grandma Lilla’s birthday banquet is here.

After arriving, Sheldon first drove to the parking lot on the side.

“Ok…well, well…well!”

The uncle security guard was in his fifties, but he seemed to stammer.

Under his command, if it wasn’t for his own Lamborghini with an automatic parking system, it would surely be able to go down the ditch.

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

Still raised his hand and gave this uncle one hundred dollar.

Let him buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke it.

“Thank you…thank you!”

Behind him came an excited and slow voice of thanks.

at the same time.

The entrance of the villa.

“I’m going, Lilla, it’s almost eleven o’clock, why hasn’t your boyfriend Sheldon come yet?”

A young woman stood beside Lilla.

He must be twenty-four years old, wearing glasses, very cold, and of course very beautiful.

“Second cousin, don’t worry, Sheldon will be here soon!”

Lilla smiled bitterly.

The second cousin is the second daughter of her aunt, named Wade, who is very beautiful. The relationship with Lilla has been very good since childhood.

When I was still in school, it was an absolute school flower.

Now that I graduated and work in a company, there are many suitors.

However, Wade’s personality is too high and cold, and his vision is so high that ordinary boys simply don’t like it.

Therefore, it has been almost three years since she graduated.

I haven’t even talked about a serious boyfriend, but I am very interested in my cousin Lilla’s boyfriend.

The interest here refers to family affection.

The cousin is looking for a boyfriend. She is a cousin, shouldn’t she look at the gatekeeper?

“Lilla, let you wait a long time!”

At this moment, Sheldon’s voice came over.

Lilla originally thought Sheldon would take a taxi, so she had already figured out how to find excuses to deal with cousin Wade.

But Sheldon turned in the opposite direction, which made Lilla a little surprised.

“Sheldon, you are here! Come here, I will introduce my best, best and best sister to you!”

Lilla took Sheldon’s arm affectionately.

“This is my second cousin, Wade, four years older than us, how is she, pretty?”

Sheldon glanced at it and nodded.

This woman is indeed beautiful.

“Huh, you said that cousin is pretty, which means I’m not pretty anymore, right?”

Lilla said coquettishly.

Not to mention, the acting is really alike.

“No no, it’s Lilla, uh…all beautiful and beautiful!”

Sheldon wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Okay Lilla, don’t tease Sheldon!”

Seeing the young couple flirting and cursing in front of him, Wade actually felt uncomfortable. Maybe he had been single for a long time, and it was hard to see others show affection.

Including my cousin.

Wade hugged his shoulders and looked at Sheldon.

He is Lilla’s boyfriend!

The clothes match on her body is quite good, the appearance is more delicate, her eyes are firm, and she looks extremely confident.

The initial impression is barely nine points, if it is 100 points.

This is why Wade is so cold that he can’t find a boyfriend.

“Hello Sheldon, I heard from Lilla, your family is in business. What kind of business do you do?”

Wade asked, holding his shoulders.

“Oh, it seems that everyone is involved in all walks of life!”

To be honest, Sheldon really couldn’t answer this question.

I just listened to my sister telling me that my family has too many businesses. Almost half of the world has their family’s capital or industry.

And the family seems to be a big family that has been passed down for hundreds of years.

These Alicia did not elaborate.

So Sheldon only knows a general idea.

It can only be answered in general terms.

“There is no point in speaking! Confusion!”

Wade shook his head with a wry smile.

“I heard that you and Lilla met when you were learning to drive. You have already taken out your driver’s license! Have you bought a car?”

She asked again.

“The cousin I bought, the BMW 7 series I bought, his family said that he should practice his hands first! But Sheldon, I dare not drive now, so I let him take a taxi!”

In fact, there are some things Lilla also knows that it is not good to hide this from his dearest cousin, but in order not to put Sheldon under pressure.

She must hide it.

“Hehe, BMW 7 Series, our unit has a silly fork. It’s this kind of car when I drove, and I wanted to chase me, so I just said something!”

Wade shook his head slightly.

But if this is the case, Sheldon family’s property is barely good.

However, if you want to be your own boyfriend, it is obviously too far behind.

Wade looks really pretty.

So this is her capital.

Her dream is actually to marry a wealthy family and find a rich husband who can be compliant with herself.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if the husband is older than himself, it doesn’t matter if he is younger than himself.

Mainly worthy of the word rich!

Rich people, it’s not just those who start a company at home, but those who have assets of over 100 million dollar are rich people.

It’s a real big family industry.

Wade didn’t know when this kind of thought came into being, it was very strong anyway.

After shook his head and smiled bitterly at the moment, he said: “Okay, Lilla, grandma’s birthday banquet is about to begin, let’s go in!”

As of now, Wade has no interest in continuing to talk to Sheldon.

Lilla stuck out her tongue and said softly, “Sheldon, don’t blame it. My cousin is like this. I feel that no one can get into her eyes except for the son of the top richest man. Alas, my cousin won’t work like this. !”

What can Sheldon say, can you tell her that she is the son of the top richest man? Let your cousin marry yourself?

Obviously impossible.

But her cousin is also a little too arrogant.

Forget it! I helped Lilla by myself today, just acting on the scene, so I don’t have to be too serious!

At the moment, the three of them walked in.

For the grandma’s birthday feast, almost the entire family came.

Uncle, father, third uncle, aunt, second aunt, etc., as well as cousins ​​and other cousins, were also present.

In short, the entire former manor of Yulong Villa was reserved.

Dozens of people came eloquently, and it was almost time for the wedding banquet.

“Grandma, I wish you a long life, and everything will come true, hehe!”

In the center, a woman with gray hair and a festive dress smiled.

She even looked at the granddaughter Jasmine and said:

“Xiaoying, Grandma Wanshou Wujiang doesn’t dare to have any extravagant expectations. If you want to say that everything will come true, then grandma hopes that one day, you can all get married as soon as possible!”

After all, the elderly can’t compare with the young parents. What they are looking forward to is that the girl is 23 or 4 years old, and when she reaches her age, she should find a place to belong!

“Yes, grandma, let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend, Fringland!”

Jasmine smiled and pulled Fringland to her side.

And also with his appearance.

Many relatives and friends couldn’t help but laughed and said, “This young man, Li, is really a talent!”

“It is said that the family is also quite rich!”

“Grandma, this is my gift to you, please see!”

Fringland smiled slightly and took out something from his pocket.

As soon as such a thing was taken out, everyone on the scene exclaimed again…

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