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Chapter 73 Sheldon, What’s Your Gift

“Emerald pull finger!”

“This Young Bowen is really filial, and the value of this piece is at least seventy to eighty thousand dollar, tusk tusk tusk!”

Everyone couldn’t help but bursts of admiration.

You know, grandma’s birthday, as a boyfriend, gave a piece of jewelry of seventy to eighty thousand, which is already very filial.

“Okay, Xiaoying, hurry up and call David to sit down!”

After holding this finger, grandma can’t close her mouth happily, she can’t put it down!

Looking at Fringland, the more I look at it, the more I like it.

Even Jasmine’s father felt gleaming.

I need to mention here, don’t think everyone is here to congratulate the old lady, it is the manifestation of the family’s filial piety.

This is just one aspect.

Another aspect is that the old lady still holds a copy of the resources left by the old man when he left. Three sons and two daughters, who can get it in the end, depends entirely on what the old lady said.

Therefore, the old lady’s birthday is extraordinarily grand every time.

“Grandma, this is my girlfriend Xiaoyu, we also wish you a birthday…”

This time it was Su Qi who was speaking, and at the moment he smiled and offered his gift.

The old lady naturally laughed happier.

Next, it was a young man of 25 or 16 years old.

Wearing a blue suit, combing his back.

The heroic appearance, at first glance, is the dress of a successful person.

His name is Su Muyang, Lilla’s cousin and Jasmine’s own brother.

At the same time, his appearance also made everyone’s attention watch.

Because Su Muyang has a mature career and is the one with the strongest ability and the best grades among these descendants.

He is also the future heir of the Su family.

“Grandma, my grandson wishes you good luck in the East America Sea and longevity than Nanshan!”

“By the way, grandma, this is my new girlfriend, Du Qing!”

Su Muyang introduced.

“Good, good, you really gave me a big surprise today! I have to take a good look at my future grandson-in-law, Du Qing, what do you do now?”

Du Qing said: “Grandma, I am now working in a BMW 4S shop and I am now the deputy manager, thanks to Chad!”

“That’s good! We met Muyang because of buying a car?”

Su Muyang nodded and said, “Yes, grandma, didn’t I mention a BMW sports car some time ago, so I met Qinger!”

“Okay, Qinger, come by my side!”

Grandma beckoned.

“Brother, sister-in-law, sit down!”

Jasmine also greeted with a smile.

Today, the two brothers and sisters in their family really made a splash.

According to the truth, the birthday of the children has been completed, and now the grandchildren are almost there, the birthday banquet should officially begin.

However, today’s old lady, the protagonist, is still unfinished.

As if waiting for someone.

This person does not come to wish her birthday, it feels like the birthday banquet is boring.

Who is it?

Naturally, Lilla, the granddaughter of the old lady’s favorite!

“Second, where is my granddaughter, Lilla?”

The old lady asked at this time.

Lilla’s father Su Guoqiang and mother Greer were naturally there.

Some time ago, because of Su Guoqiang’s poor management, his company almost went bankrupt.

To be honest, the old lady was furious.

But unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, this crisis was actually solved by Roston Sheldonjii’s investment.

The company’s problems were solved easily, but they took it to the next level.

This made the old lady happy again.

So I love Lilla even more.

As soon as this remark came out, it also made the faces of Jasmine and Su Muyang not pretty.

But I can only do jealousy in my heart.

“Lilla, she said he was waiting for a friend and he will be here soon!”

“Oh? Did Lilla talk about boyfriends too?”

“It seems so…”

Su Guoqiang replied sloppily.

Because Lilla said hello to him, today he will bring her boyfriend.

But Greer asked, who is his daughter’s boyfriend?

But Lilla just didn’t say.

Just let them cooperate.

Su Guoqiang and Greer didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Mom, look, Lilla is here!”

At this time, Lilla brought Sheldon from the crowd.

Otherwise, I just came here, but Sheldon said he was going to the toilet, and he was delayed.

“Niece Lilla is really getting better and better!”

“Huh? Look, it’s her boyfriend who is holding Lilla’s hands?”

“Who is this kid? Whose son, why haven’t you heard of it?”

“But anyway, this kid is a blessing!”

A group of relatives and friends pointed and pointed.

“It’s him!”

When Greer saw Sheldon, his eyes widened in disbelief.

No wonder the daughter didn’t tell her boyfriend who she was alive and dead, it turned out to be this unbearable kid.

That’s right, if you tell yourself, it’s impossible to let two people together.

“Huh? Who is he?”

The old lady asked at this time.

Greer didn’t dare to answer. What would it be like to let the old lady know that her daughter had found such an unbearable guy?

“Grandma, let me introduce to you, he is my boyfriend Sheldon!”

Although Greer was winking, Lilla turned a deaf ear to Sheldon.

“Ao? Lilla, did you look for a boyfriend too?”

The old lady was suddenly overjoyed.

This is the granddaughter she loves most, and her granddaughter’s eyes are very clear, and the boyfriend she finds is definitely extraordinary.

“Yeah, Sheldon, why don’t you call grandma soon?”

Lilla took Sheldon’s hand very intimately.

Is it the first time Sheldon has seen such a big gathering?

But now, because I was pretending, I felt strange in my heart.

Just now, Sheldon has been wandering.

Because Su Guoqiang, Greer, Su Qi and Jasmine were extremely hostile to them.

After listening to Lilla’s words, he was about to speak.


At this time, I heard a cold drink.

Naturally Jasmine.

Last time, Lilla took Sheldon and hit her and Fringland hard in the face in front of Jiang Cheng.

Make yourself embarrassed in front of Lilla.

This hatred directly made Jasmine unable to sleep at night during this period.

She is very curious, who is this Sheldon?

After going to their school for some inquiries, I realized that this Sheldon is a shit rich second-generation, just won the lottery.

In the past, it was just a dick with no money and power!

Moreover, he was dumped by his girlfriend.

I really met Lilla when I was learning to drive, but there is no reason that Lilla would like this kind of person.

As for why Jiang Cheng knew him?

Haha, this matter is more funny when it comes to it, and it’s not hard to guess.

Since Sheldon won the prize, he has been spending money everywhere, buying a 360,000 dollar bag, and going to various hotels in Roston Business District to spend more money.

Maybe Shao Jiang encountered him, and thought he was awesome.

Because it made others think that Sheldon was very powerful, there was more than one case of Jiang Shao!

At the moment, seeing Lilla really dare to bring this Sheldon, Jasmine said with a cold face:

“Lilla, Sheldon, you are here, can’t you give grandma a gift?”

“Of course I will give it!”

Lilla said coldly.

“You gave it to you. I asked Sheldon. Since he is your boyfriend, and you said, isn’t Sheldon a rich second-generation? It’s much better than our family, David, so we also Want to see what Sheldon’s gift is?”

“That’s right, this is the first time we meet, should we have a gift?”

“Who is he? It seems that the family is quite capable?”

A group of relatives and friends suddenly all gathered here.

I want to see what kind of birthday gifts their granddaughter boyfriends bring…

Chapter 74-He Was The One Who Buys The Car

“I didn’t bring a gift!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile.

He originally wanted to buy one, but Lilla couldn’t agree, so he said that two people would use one, so naturally she would buy the gift!

So Sheldon came empty-handed.

Just attend a birthday banquet to make the old lady happy. Where did you think that Jasmine would deliberately find something!

“What? Didn’t bring a gift? I thought Lilla’s boyfriend could also come up with a valuable gift!”

“Didn’t it mean that Lilla’s boyfriend is a rich second-generation? Logically speaking, he should be quite knowledgeable about etiquette. This is the first time I entered the house, but I didn’t bring anything?”

“Hey, compared to Jasmine’s boyfriend Fringland, it’s too far behind!”

Many relatives and friends couldn’t help but mumble.

The sound is not too small, and everyone present can hear it.

So at the moment, the old lady’s face is a little unsustainable.

She is not the kind of person who likes gifts, but for the elderly, her face is the most important thing.

Therefore, the attitude towards Sheldon is not as affectionate to Fringland.

Just said dryly and it was all right, so Sheldon sat aside.

Then he asked indifferently, “Sheldon, I heard that your family’s conditions are good, what kind of business do you do?

“Oo, dabble in everything!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Although Sheldon was telling the truth, in the eyes of the old lady and everyone, there was a sense of disrespect.

Dabble in everything?

What kind of industry is it?

Answer a question so carelessly?

Lilla hurriedly smiled and said, “Grandma, it’s the first time someone comes here. You ask so many questions, be careful to scare them!”

“Well, grandma just leave it alone!”

The old lady stopped the conversation.

After all, she loved Lilla the most.

“Hmph, did asking so many questions scare him? Or is he afraid to ask these questions? Sister, tell me what Sheldonjia does? I think you know it better than anyone else! “

Jasmine said something strangely at this time.

What she can’t bear the most is that no matter what Lilla says or does in front of her grandma, it is right.

Grandma will spoil her.

But they are also grandchildren, and even if they make a little mistake, they will scold them in a humiliating manner.

Therefore, Jasmine, who didn’t want to have a complete fallout with Lilla, couldn’t stand it.

Today, I will see how proud Lilla is!

Sure enough, this sentence caught the attention of the old lady.

Reminiscent of the attitude of his daughter-in-law Greer just now.

The old lady frowned and asked, “Lilla, are you hiding something from grandma? What exactly does Sheldonjia do?”

Lilla’s face tightened.

At the same time, he looked at his younger brother Su Qi.

Jasmine knows some things, she must have her brother Su Qi’s share.

As she thought, Su Qi no longer dared to face her sister’s gaze.

“Grandma, I don’t…”

Lilla said nervously.

“Hehe, you are embarrassed to say yes, that’s okay, I’ll say it for you today, grandma! Do you know who this Sheldon is?”

“He used to be a well-known poor ghost from Roston University. He earned living expenses by running errands for people… Yes, indeed, Sheldon later got some money. It was because he took the Grand Canal and won the lottery. Guess what? Sheldon…”

Jasmine didn’t know where to collect this information.

In short, it’s quite skilled.

As if she had seen it with her own eyes, she told all the embarrassing things that Sheldon had had before.

Including squandering things after winning the lottery.

It is said in public.

“What? So Lilla found someone like this to be her boyfriend!”

“I also said that he is a rich second generation. I think this kid deliberately deceived Lilla, so he made up his own identity?”

“Oh, this is the case for people who have been poor for a long time. I don’t know what my last name is if I have a little money! I just won a lottery. As for?”

People are awesome.

Suddenly, strange voices blew in Sheldon’s ears.

Everyone’s gazes at Sheldon changed.

“Okay, you guys are lying to our family Lilla?”

Wade had a violent temper, and immediately stood up and asked Sheldon coldly.

Not to mention the old lady’s ugly face now.

Jasmine glanced at Fringland and smiled triumphantly.

This bad breath is so cool!

Wade asked Lilla on the side: “Lilla, didn’t you just buy a BMW 7 series? I just felt something was wrong. Sheldon should have driven here, but he didn’t. I asked you, his BMW. Have you seen the 7 series?”

Lilla stubbornly didn’t know what to say.

“BMW 7 Series, sister Wade, we have a total of three BMW branches in Roston City. During this time, there were no BMW 7 Series shots. If there were any, I wouldn’t know it!”

“Huh? Wait a minute! I remembered, I remembered who he is!”

Su Muyang’s girlfriend, Du Qing pointed at Sheldon at this time.

Since Sheldon came over just now, Du Qing had actually stared at Sheldon up and down.

This person is familiar, especially familiar.

Where do you always feel like you have seen it?

But Du Qing couldn’t remember exactly where it was.

Just now, Wade talked about the BMW 7 Series.

Du Qing suddenly remembered.

How could she have never seen this person, and she saw it in a BMW shop!

“Xiao Qing, do you know him?”

Su Muyang asked lightly.

To be honest, Lilla found such a strange flower, and it was also embarrassing for their family members in front of a group of relatives and friends.

Therefore, Su Muyang looked at Sheldon’s face also extremely ugly.

Not to mention that he had been fighting secretly with his second uncle’s house.

At the moment, he wanted to express his anger, but he had to let Xiaoyu tell what she knew.

“Yeah, of course I know him, Chad, do you remember what I told you the other day? Some time ago, a strange boy went to our BMW 4S shop to pick up the car. He had to pick the most expensive one when he came up. I recommended him all the most expensive cars in our store, but he actually said that these cars are too cheap to buy, and he left our store in pain!”

“Of course I remember, what? That weird fool, right?”

Su Muyang was really taken aback.

Du Qing nodded his head: “Yes, it was him. I remember he was wearing shabby clothes at the time, but now, he is dressed like this, so I won’t react for a while~”

At this moment, everyone looked at Sheldon again, and it became very lively.

“Who did Lilla find!”

“It’s just like crazy!”

Lilla said anxiously, “Don’t talk nonsense, Sheldon wouldn’t be like that!”

She is going to collapse, what’s wrong? One thing I thought was quite simple, and that was to make Sheldon pretend to be his boyfriend to make grandma happy.

Secondly, it is to compare with Jasmine.

After all, yesterday, Sheldon had already compared them.

But Lilla never dreamed that her cousin was so ruthless, she actually went to investigate Sheldon like this!

I didn’t expect that the new girlfriend of my cousin Su Muyang would actually know Sheldon?

And described Sheldon as a silly*.

It can be said that the whole incident is developing in the opposite direction that Lilla had expected.

“Sheldon wouldn’t be like that, Sister Lilla, how could my sister-in-law lie to you? If you don’t believe me, just ask your boyfriend Sheldon, is it true that what happened at the BMW 4S shop that day?”

Du Qing said.

Sheldon had been listening quietly from the side, including this one named Du Qing, he also recognized it.

After all, no matter how you say it, it’s just a one-sided relationship with Du Qing, and she was still wearing a black uniform that day. During the introduction of the car, she kept calling other customers and didn’t put herself in the eye, so there were not many intersections. .

And Sheldon still remembered that Du Qing seemed to scold herself when she walked out.

I didn’t care about it at the time.

But does Sheldon want to refute it? How to refute it? After all, what people say is the truth.

At the moment, under the eyes of everyone, Sheldon nodded: “Everything she said is true. Indeed, that day because I didn’t choose a very expensive car at the BMW 4S shop, it was very painful, because the cars there were really too It’s cheaper!”

Sheldon said lightly.

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