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Chapter 75 Traffic Accidents in Parking Lots

Just when everyone keeps talking.

Wade received a call.

He followed his face with joy: “What sister? You have arrived at the airport? Don’t you tell me about your grandma’s birthday present, can you not come back? Ah! Okay, I will pick you up right away!”

After putting down the phone, Wade said, “Grandma, my elder sister will be here later, and I came back from Country M. Now they are all at the airport!”

“Okay, Xiao Chu, I knew she would come back…” The old lady smiled immediately: “Then let Muyang, Muyang, you drive to pick up Xiao Chu! You go alone, I Du Qing must stay with me.”

“Good grandma!”

Su Muyang smiled, then waved the BMW sports car key in his hand and left directly.

Lilla looked a little sad.

Wade’s sister is Terra.

Since childhood, Lilla had the best relationship with their sisters.

Grandma knew it too.

In terms of reason, grandma should say that she let herself go, but she clearly named Su Muyang to go alone.

It shows that at this time, grandma is a little unhappy with herself.

And with Su Muyang’s departure.

Everyone’s topic fell on Sheldon again.

Yes, no one thought that Sheldon would be such a dick.

He appeared again as Lilla’s boyfriend. The topicality is naturally higher.

For these, Sheldon just listened quietly.

Sheldon was very angry at the slander and ridicule of others.

But after all, it was for Lilla’s face.

Sheldon couldn’t bear it.

Suddenly this time.

Du Qing’s cell phone rang.

“Chad called! Maybe you want me to accompany grandma!”

Du Qing smiled and connected.

Hmm, his face turned pale.

“Grandma, it’s okay, Chad crashed a car!”


“Just now when he was reversing from the garage, he accidentally ran into a car!”

“Ah, I thought it was a big deal, is Muyang’s car okay?” the old lady asked hurriedly.

“It’s not a big deal. If there is no major problem with Chad’s car, let him pick up his cousin first. I will take care of the rest for him!”

Su Qi smiled bitterly at this time.

Is there any difficulty in rear-end collision?

“Chad, let’s go first, Su Qi said he will handle it for you! What? Good, good!”

Du Qing just hung up the phone and looked at Su Muyang’s father, “Chad said that he was afraid to leave the car for half a step, and asked your uncle to hurry over and have a look. He might be in a big disaster!”

“Hi? What’s the situation!”

Everyone whispered.

Because of curiosity, they all followed.

Including the old lady went.

Su Muyang is usually quite stable, if it were ordinary things, he wouldn’t be like this.

“Sheldon, let’s go there too!”

Lilla asked.

Sheldon nodded and smiled.

When Sheldon walked over, the entire Su family was already surrounded here.

Just listen to Su Muyang explaining:

“Dad, I really didn’t mean it. I relied on this security guard. He kept letting me fall, but I crashed!”

“This car is the most expensive of Lamborghini. It costs at least 700,000 to 800,000 dollar for this collision, because the front lights are all broken!”

Some relatives and friends recognized the car and couldn’t help exclaiming.

“The identity of the person who drives this car is definitely not simple. He can afford to pay 700,000 to 800,000 dollar. However, he may offend this big man. Look, this is a new car that someone just bought!”

“Think about it, our Roston, whose son can drive this kind of sports car of 10 to 20 million?”

Everyone talks about you.

When Sheldon listened outside, his heart was already very nervous.

Damn, my car is parked in this position, shouldn’t it crash, is my Reventon?

When he squeezed in, Sheldon was almost crying.

It really is his own car.

The body was okay, I was hit like this and scratched some scratches, mainly because my right front light was smashed!

A right front headlight is neither expensive nor cheap, plus the scratches that have been scratched, about 1.8 million.

But as someone said, this is my new car.

The old lady was also very anxious: “Mu Yang, you said you were so careless. The security guard is obviously stuttering. You can’t hear it. It’s better now. Not only do we have to get in the small million, but we may also offend. A big and young!”

“Chad, grandma! We might have really gotten into trouble this time, the owner of the car, we can’t afford to offend!”

Du Qing pulled La Su Muyang’s hand from the side.

She understands the point.

“Du Qing, why do you say that? Do you know who owns this car?” The old lady asked hurriedly.

“Yeah!” Du Qing nodded heavily. “I just sent a photo of this car to the employees of our company, because some employees in our store used to work at Rambo. He said in the group that this car The car was sold a few days ago, and the transaction price was 18 million. It was bought by a young man. It is said that on the day he bought the car, the manager of the store was behind his ass and paid great attention to it. Even the manager was a little humble!”

“In addition, do you know who the manager of the Lamborghini Roston area is? It is Wang Qiang!”

Du Qing also spoke very respectfully.

“It’s really Mr. Wang Qiang, is he even so respectful to this car buyer?”

“The reason why Manager Wang Qiang is so good at Roston is that he relies on his contacts and his strength is extremely good!”

In this way, the old lady became even more nervous.

“Then let’s get out of here soon, or we will be in trouble when the young man arrives!” The old lady said in a panic.

She has been involved the most in the world, but she clearly knows what the consequences of offending a big family are, and it will affect her whole body!

“Grandma, absolutely can’t leave! Now there are surveillance!”

Jasmine and Wade are all persuading.

To be honest, Jasmine did not leave the luxury car for a moment, she was still fantasizing about the way she was sitting in this luxury car.

It would be great if his boyfriend Fringland could own this car!

But it will never be possible.

As for Wade, she is thinking too much now, that is, she actually wants to wait for the owner of the car to come.

A luxury car of 20 million shows that this man is undoubtedly a rich man.

Does this mean that you are one step closer to your expectations?

Even if there is a half-point intersection with that young man, it is a great improvement!

“Oh, find someone to pick up Xiao Chu first! Xiaoying was right to Xiaoran, we can’t leave, if we don’t leave, it’s okay. If we leave, it will really cause big trouble!”

The old lady said seriously. She felt like she was getting old and confused.

“Grandma, I want to pick it up too, but I dare not leave!” Su Muyang swallowed.

“It’s okay, you can pick it up first, grandma, you can also go back and continue your birthday banquet, this car, if you hit it, you will hit it, nothing is wrong!”

At this moment, a voice rang behind everyone.

Naturally it is Sheldon.

Chapter 76

After Sheldon said this, he went to the car and took a look.

To be honest, not feeling distressed is a lie.

But what can be done now, the matter has already happened, and it is still at Grandma Lilla’s birthday banquet.

If they want them to pay, Lilla will definitely not be able to survive.

Besides, I am not ashamed.

It can only be a dumb eating coptis, and there is no way to tell.

So Sheldon had to let them do whatever they should, and he was going to repair the car at the 4s shop.

“Who do you think you are? If you say it’s all right, it’s all right?”

“Those who don’t know thought you were Young Master Sheldon on Roston Street. When you get there, let’s talk about it again!”

“That is, if we go this way, it will be a hit-and-run, and if it is a hit-and-run with so much money, the responsibility is definitely not small, and there is no legal consciousness at all!”

Immediately, a group of Lilla’s cousins, seven aunts and eight aunts, began to mock Sheldon.

Especially Jasmine, coldly said: “A countryman who doesn’t know anything, do you talk to him about legal consciousness?”

“Okay, okay, don’t talk about him, he can’t help at all. With this effort, everyone is still dragging the relationship, what should I do?”

Wade glanced at Sheldon faintly, then pulled the topic back into the car weakly.

“Xiao Ran is right. Since it happened, escape is not a way. Oh, it’s really impossible. Let me contact Liang from the Chamber of Commerce. Back then, your grandfather was a little hypocritical with him. Maybe this son, he can know him. !”

The old lady said.

Many people have started to make relationship calls.

Fringland was not to be outdone, to see if he could start his relationship and understand the origin of the owner of the car.

Sheldon shook his head wryly.

If this continues, everyone will be embarrassed.


Sighing, Sheldon took out the car key.


Two beeps.

The lights flashed.


All the people were taken aback.

Afterwards, I saw Sheldon slowly walking past.

Pressed a button again.

Two buzzing sounds.

Lamborghini made a mechanical sound, and the whole sunroof opened automatically, folding into the kind of roadster.

From the driving chair, Sheldon picked up a half bottle of Jinmailang mineral water.

He was really thirsty.

After taking a few mouthfuls, he wiped his mouth and said, “I said, it’s nothing big, what should you do?”

However, no one answered Sheldon. What he got was the silence of death.


At this time, Fringland was about to dial the phone and fell to the ground without holding it firmly.


Su Qi and his little girlfriend on the side swallowed their saliva.

Jasmine’s chest fluctuated violently, and her mouth opened slightly, symbolizing the huge waves in her heart at this moment.

Wade was standing next to Sheldon. At this moment, with a complicated expression on his face, he looked at him in surprise.

The old lady was also stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

“This car… is Sheldon’s?”

I don’t know who broke the silence first.

To be precise, the person who did not know who was the representative told everyone’s inner consternation.

Lilla was also very surprised and said, “Sheldon, is this car yours?”

“Of course it’s mine. Didn’t I tell you earlier? I will drive you around these few days!”

Sheldon said.

Lilla remembered.

It was the test day when Sheldon sent herself back to the dorm, saying that she would drive her around in a luxury car during this time.

My answer at the time was, so I’m waiting!

And what else did Sheldon say? That is, he is actually a rich second generation.

My answer is, Sheldon, I am waiting for that day.

At that time, Lilla was just playing a joke, cooperating with Sheldon’s joke.

But now, when Sheldon opened the door of the Lamborghini sports car, Lilla felt like he was dreaming.

“Sheldon, is this car really yours? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!!!”

Jasmine came back to her senses, her cheek was sore that it made her hysterical.

Sheldon, you are just a poor dick, a dick who won a little prize.

How can you afford such an expensive car?

18 million!

What kind of value does this have?

impossible! ! !

She rushed over and unceremoniously flipped out the driving permits in the car.


After reading it, Jasmine’s whole body froze, and the certificate fell directly to the ground.

The whole person was dumbfounded.

“If you don’t see it, don’t watch it, why throw it away!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s because some people have no knowledge. Fathers and mothers are like this. They don’t have knowledge! Alicia, tell your aunt, when did you meet our Lilla?”

Greer ran over to pick up the driving permit and took a look. At the moment, it was a spring breeze that pulled Sheldon’s wrist.

Just as cordial as pulling his own son.

“Ao, Auntie, we met from learning to drive!”

Sheldon said.

“Haha, let me just say it. Our Lilla’s vision is naturally good. In fact, Sheldon, when I first saw you at first, I felt that your child is not simple. It is not comparable to those like Charlton and Storen. of!”


These words made Sheldon almost embarrassed.

I didn’t know who drove him out of the house!

“Yeah, Sheldon, ahem, I’m so embarrassed about this, you think Muyang crashed your car!”

The old lady is even more beautiful at the moment.

Walked to Sheldon and smiled.

The car crashed just now, which really frightened her.

But what? The owner of this luxury car is actually his grandson-in-law.

In short, apart from a few people who couldn’t accept the reality that Sheldon was a rich person, the others talked more with Sheldon.

But because he was rushing to repair the car, Sheldon did not wait until the birthday banquet was over, and he was about to leave.

“Sheldon, I will go to school in the afternoon. Otherwise, I will go with you to repair the car?”

Lilla said playfully.

Today she had surprises and surprises.

In short, very inexplicable excitement.

“Okay, it just so happened that I said to pull you around! Get in the car!”

Although it was a birthday banquet, Lilla’s ability to hang out with Sheldon can be said to be the best gift for the old lady.

After leaving, Sheldon drove on the road.

“Sheldon, are you really a rich second generation? Okay, you have been lying to me? By the way, you must not tell me that you are the top Young Master Sheldon in Roston Business District?”

Sitting in the car, Lilla asked curiously.

Sheldon didn’t know how to answer him.

He is the Sheldon they think.

But do you want to fully disclose your identity? There is only one result of that, and that is that I can no longer stay in this school.

Therefore, Sheldon decided not to admit it.

He shook his head and said, “Then you hope I am Sheldon? Or don’t you?”

“No! Because you are really Sheldon, you are not in the same world as us, I will lose such a good friend of you!”

“Hehe, I’m not, let’s talk about that, how could Sheldon drive such a car of 10 to 20 million dollar, and look at me, if you didn’t match clothes for me today, I wouldn’t wear such beautiful clothes!”

“I just won the lottery. I won a lot of money!”

Sheldon stalled.

“Puff, what I said is also right. In this way, you will still be my good friend Sheldon!”

Lilla said with a smile.

Sheldon discovered that although Lilla is very clever, he never thinks about the complexity.

If it is another girl, I am afraid it will definitely break the casserole and ask the end.

But after Lilla learned that Sheldon was not Sheldon, he didn’t ask any more questions.

It is estimated that in her eyes, whether Sheldon is rich or not, it is the same.

At the moment, Sheldon put the car in the 4S shop, and Wang Qiang naturally organized the most professional technician to repair it.

With this stall, Sheldon took Lilla out for a walk.

“I’m going to buy you a cup of milk tea!” After strolling around, I saw a milk tea shop on the side of the road.

Sheldon smiled.

“Haha, no need, remember, I still owe you a cup of milk tea, today I ask you, as if I let you pretend to be my boyfriend, I owe you!”

When Lilla thought of milk tea, he thought of when they first met.

Right now, he was walking towards the milk tea shop.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, so he just waited, but what you owe me is probably not enough!

At this moment, Sheldon, who was waiting on the side of the road, suddenly heard a cry for help.

“Help, help!”

Sheldon turned his head and saw that not far ahead was the moat of Roston City, and a woman was yelling like crazy.

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