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Chapter 77: Lilla’s Disappearance

Sheldonard a cry for help and couldn’t help feeling tight.

Hastily ran over.

The moat is quite desolate, after all, there is no park on this side.

The woman was crying and she was wet all over.

Seeing Sheldon, I was about to kneel down for Sheldon: “Hurry up, please, save my daughter!”

She has a very good face, and she seems to be wearing jewelry, and her identity is not simple.

She hurriedly pointed to the river, and Sheldon saw a little girl struggling in the water.

Obviously, her daughter fell into the water, and the woman ran to the rescue. As a result, she didn’t know the water at all, so she was embarrassed and asked for help.

Sheldon watched the girl gradually stiffen and sink.

Knowing that if you don’t save it, you’ll be over.

I didn’t think much about it now, and jumped into the river at an accelerated speed.

Sheldon’s house, I used to live in De Village, a small county town. There is a river in the village, and Sheldon can swim since he was a child.

Fortunately, in this moat area, the water is not too deep.

In addition, the little girl had obviously learned some simple swimming, so after all, Sheldon rescued the person.

When he carried her up, the child choked a few saliva and his face flushed.

Her mother was so distressed that she kept beating, and she did not forget to thank Sheldon!

“Call 120 first!”

“Yes, the child is too young. Oh, you can be a mother, too. How can you let the child come to the water by himself?”

Several citizens heard the sound and ran over.

I had to call, and several older sisters counted down the young mother.

“Don’t talk about mom, uncles and aunts, don’t talk about mom, it’s Sweetie who insists on coming to let the wish ship, no matter what happens to mom!”

When the little girl heard that her mother had been neglected, she hurriedly cried to explain.

“It’s so obedient child!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good, mom, you have to be optimistic about the child, if this young man rushed over, the consequences would be disastrous!”

“This young man is really good!”

Several citizens on the side looked at Sheldon like a chicken, all with admiration.

The mother also hurriedly took the weak Xiaotian to Sheldon.

“Little brother, thank you so much. What is your name? Where do you live?”

She asked for the address to thank Sheldon.

How can Sheldon not know that it is to save people? Sheldon believes that most people will be saved in this situation.

Just waved his hand at the moment.

“It’s all right, you should take your daughter to the hospital soon!”

Sheldon wanted to leave while talking.

“Big brother, shall we see you again?”

Xiao Tian said weakly at this time.

She felt she was going to die just now and was terrified.

But at this time, Sheldonfen jumped in spite of himself, and the little girl saw hope again.

At the moment, she asked softly.

“Yes!” Sheldon didn’t want to hit the little girl. After smiling, he ignored the shout of the young mother and left.

This incident is just an episode.

Besides, Sheldon ran back to the side of the road.

At this time, more than twenty minutes have passed.

Lilla should have bought it long ago.

But when I got to the side of the road, I saw that there was no shadow of Lilla.


Haven’t you finished buying it in so long?

I took out my phone and looked at it. It was soggy, so it was soaked in water and turned off.

Could it be that Lilla couldn’t find herself on the phone, and went back to the 4s store alone?

I went to the milk tea shop and found no one.

Sheldon had no choice but to go back to the 4s shop first.

At exactly this time, Wang Qiang had a call.

It was to tell Sheldon that the car had been repaired.

For more than 40 minutes, it was naturally not difficult to replace all the damaged parts of the car under the operation of a few experienced technicians.

“By the way, Manager Wang, who got the girl with me, did you go back?”

“Ah! No! After I went out with you, I didn’t come back again! What’s the matter, Sheldon, has something happened? If something happens, just ask!”

“Thank you, Manager Wang, it’s all right!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon was puzzled, strange, where did Lilla go?

It is impossible to go home, and she will never go back alone if she can’t wait for herself.

There is no here, nor is there a car shop.

Where else can she go?

Sheldon searched and searched nearby, but couldn’t find it at all.

It wasn’t until an hour later that Sheldon began to sweat.

Lilla came out with herself, could something happen? Because all the possibilities were ruled out by Sheldon, and Sheldon had been waiting nearby for so long.

Can’t see Lillade.

The more I thought about it, the more cold sweat on Sheldon’s head.

Sheldon simply went back to the 4s shop and tried his phone to see if it could be turned on.

Fiddled with it for a while, but it was opened anyway.

The above shows that Lilla did make a lot of phone calls and text messages to herself.

But by coincidence, my phone turned off.

Sheldon hurriedly called back, but found that Lilla had also shut down.

What the hell is this!

Sheldon is completely uncomfortable!

They called Lilla’s house one after another, but did not go home!

problem occurs!

Sheldon raised his head fiercely.

Things are getting wrong now.

“Manager Wang, do you know the manager at the milk tea shop? I want to watch the surveillance! Be fast!”

Sheldon stood up at once.

After Sheldon came back, Wang Qiang stayed with Sheldon.

When he saw that Sheldonde’s girlfriend might be in trouble, he was willing to neglect.

He nodded hurriedly to say acquaintance, and then hurriedly took Sheldon to the milk tea shop.

After turning on the monitoring, Sheldon saw the ins and outs of things.

Here might as well go back to two hours ago.

It was said that Lilla had bought milk tea and came out, only to find that Sheldon was gone.

She hurriedly called Sheldon.

It was discovered that Sheldon was shutting down.

Lilla was very anxious.

He squatted there alone and waited for ten minutes. Sheldon didn’t see him back either.

At this moment, a black Passat stopped beside Ke Lillade.

And a young man with a hat got out of the car.

“Are you Lilla?” The man asked with a smile.

Lilla nodded, “Are you?”

“Oh, I’m the DD driver called by Sheldon, Sheldon, and he said he would let me pick you up. If there is an emergency at home, he left early and let me send you back to the Yungui community!”

The man in the peaked cap smiled.

At the same time, there are no traces of the eyes, so I have to look carefully in the direction of the moat.

“Oh, thank you, I’ll call Sheldon again, how did his phone turn off?”

To be honest, when the man said Sheldonde’s name and then called her name, Lilla didn’t think much about it.

Lilla didn’t know what Sheldonjia was doing, but he must have been in such a hurry that something was going on. I didn’t worry about myself, so I called myself a car.

In addition, this man knew that his family was in the Yungui community, so it seemed that Sheldon had told him.

Lilla had no doubts about these.

However, being unable to contact Sheldon made Lilla feel uneasy.

As a result, several calls were made, but none were made.

“Ms. Lilla, are you leaving? I still have one order!”

The driver urged.

“Ou, walk around! You take me home first!”

Lilla couldn’t make people wait, so he got in the car.

I was a little angry at Sheldon, why? I just left without making a phone call.

Do you know how to take a taxi?

The car just drove away.

And just ten minutes after the car left.

Sheldon dragged his wet clothes before walking over.

“Stop! Rewind the screen! That driver’s face, zoom in!”

Seeing this, Sheldon yelled.

The little owner of the milk tea shop doesn’t know who this person is. In short, the tycoon manager Wang Qiang looks like a little brother in front of him. I dare not neglect.

According to Sheldon’s order, go back and zoom in.

Sheldon stared at the driver carefully.

Although he pressed the brim of his hat a little low, and his mouth was slightly stubble.

But Sheldon still recognized it.

It’s him! ?

Chapter 78 Sheldon’s Crazy


After Sheldon re-zoomed the screen and customized it, the person shown in the photo was Harold from the Everette family.

Because no matter how much Harold pretended to be, the smile on his mouth would not fool Sheldon.

At the beginning, Harold could be said to be the direct cause of Sheldon’s breakup with Marcella.

Moreover, at the beginning of Kristine’s birthday party, and then to the Emperor KTV, he was targeted by this Harold, and out of anger, he called Chapman and asked him to teach Harold.

As a result, my sister knew about this matter. In the end, where was the lesson, the entire Everette family was directly bankrupted.

Finally, Harold was taken away at the door of the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Since then, the Everette family has been destroyed, and the Taste Point has been handed over, which is now run by the dealer.

Harold can be said to have turned from a rich second generation to a pauper overnight.

Moreover, he didn’t know what was going on, it became like this.

But now… why did Harold kidnap Lilla?

Sheldon was surprised.

Is it just for kidnapping? So as to blackmail a sum of money?

Looking at this situation, it doesn’t seem like it.

Obviously, he said something to Lilla and convinced Lilla that Lilla finally got into his car.

And Sheldon also noticed a detail.

Those were Harold’s eyes, constantly looking in the direction where he left during the communication with Lilla.

As if worried about coming back suddenly.

That said, this Harold had planned for a long time? And is it kidnapping yourself?

If Harold later learned that it was because of himself that caused his family’s destruction, he would retaliate against him, it would make sense.

But anyway, Sheldon is almost certain that Lilla is very dangerous, very dangerous!

Sheldon is thinking hard about countermeasures.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

It was from an unfamiliar number.

Immediately, Sheldon immediately connected:

“Hehe, Sheldon, Ao, that’s not right, I should call you Sheldon, do you remember me?”

There was an indifferent and proud voice from inside.

“Harold, it really is you!”

As soon as Sheldonard this voice, he immediately recognized it.

“Yes, I don’t think I can still be remembered by a young man like you, hehe, it’s really a drama, Sheldon, everyone thought you were a poor man before, but what? You are a rich or young man, and you are the owner of Roston Business District. Or, I think my dad is a cow, but he is just the one who does things for you! If it weren’t for later when I wanted to retaliate against Chapman, I would have secretly heard him calling you, I would never have dreamed that a word would ruin my family. It’s actually you!”

“But Sheldon, since you are so rich, why do you care about me so much? Yes, I let Chad soak up your girlfriend. I was wrong, but you made my family ruined and left me with nothing! You are too cruel!”

Sheldon said lightly: “In fact, I felt a bit cruel at first, but now, I don’t feel cruel anymore!”

“Harold, anyway, this is the grievance between you and me. Lilla is innocent. You let her go, and I will see you in the past! I promise you no matter what the conditions are!”

“Huh, Sheldon, what a big tone! I did come at you. Originally, I wanted to drive to the end with you, but I think that would be too boring! Haha, let alone, I am right next to me now There is such a beautiful woman, it’s really worth it! Sheldon, she is your girlfriend, come and listen to her voice, right?”

“Sheldon, you must not come, he is a lunatic!”

“Don’t come! Ooh…”

Lilla’s cry came over.

Sheldon was nervous.

Although he and Lilla are fake boyfriends and girlfriends, Lilla came out with him.

Moreover, Harold kidnapped Lilla for revenge.

After all, it’s all because of myself.

“Sheldon, if you want to save your girlfriend, come to see me in the unfinished building in the south of the city. Don’t think about contacting ** and Chapman. It’s useless. When they come, it’s when I and your girlfriend will die together! Come and see me in an hour!”


Harold finished talking and hung up.

Sheldon was a little pale.

It seemed as if he had guessed that his identity was leaked, which attracted Harold’s attention, and then, who had been mentally abnormal, launched revenge against himself.

To be sure, this guy can do anything now.

However, one’s own strength is certainly not enough.

In this matter, you must find Chapman and let him think of a solution.

Then, Sheldon called directly to talk about this, and Chapman naturally attached great importance to it.

And thousands of admonitions urged him to talk about everything when he arrived.

Let Sheldon never act rashly, if Sheldon loses a hair on this matter today.

Then Chapman can resign, no, he can pass away!

But Sheldon didn’t wait for him to finish, so he hung up the phone.

He hurriedly returned to the 4S shop with Wang Qiang and told Wang Qiang to wait for Chapman to come here.

He has to take a trip first.

“Yeah! Isn’t this Sheldon?”

“I’m going, it’s really him! What is he doing in Lamborghini?”

“I heard that the store is going to recruit sales representatives. Isn’t this the one to apply for? Doesn’t he know that the store has very high requirements for sales representatives?”

“Yeah, look at him, even if he wins a lottery ticket, he has a poor temperament. It makes people sick to see it! Disgusting!”

Unexpectedly, Sheldon just came in.

A ridiculous voice fell into my ears.

Sheldon was in a very complicated mood now, just glanced at it.

It was Charlton, and his classmate Chandler, each with a beautiful girlfriend, was watching the car.

The most important ones who walked with them were Li Nian and Zheng Qianqian in their department.

“Haha, I really mean that Cao Cao is here. Cousin, just now you told me that Sheldon made you feel bad before. You told me that that person is him. I have to take his story well. Tell you about it!”

Li Nian smiled and said to Chandler.

“That’s it, don’t talk about you, cousin. By the way, I was fascinated by Sheldon some time ago!

Zheng Qianqian was already with Li Nian at this moment, and through Li Nian, he knew Chandler, and naturally got to know a young man like Charlton.

This vision is broad, but more than a little bit.

Some time ago, when I was eating with Storen and the others, I knew that Sheldon was very rich.

Really, Zheng Qianqian was tempted, took the initiative to show his favor, and was about to take Sheldon to open the room.

As a result, Sheldon’s love was ignored, and Zheng Qianqian was decadent for a while.

Until later, at a party invitation by Li Nian, Zheng Qianqian met Chandler and ZIvan, as if he had opened up a new world.

It turns out that this is the real rich second generation?

As for Sheldon who won the lottery, it was just like a ugly, disgusting thing!

Charlton also stared at Sheldon coldly.

Right now, he said, “Maybe people have already spent almost all their money. I am desperate to find a job. Haha, don’t worry about him. Let’s continue to talk about this Reventon!”

After that, I surrounded the Lamborghini with everyone, next to this newly repaired Reventon, and savoured it carefully.

However, Sheldon was nervous about Lilla at the moment, so how could he care for them.

Even less time to pay attention to their cynicism.

biubiu! !

Two beeps.

Sheldon pushed Zheng Qianqian away from the car door, and got directly into the car.

After the launch, the 4S shop sprang out like an arrow.

Charlton was stupid, and Zheng Qianqian was about to curse.

In short, all six of them stood stupidly.

This Sheldon, just drove the car away? This is Sheldon’s car?

what! ! !

how is this possible! ! !

Zheng Qianqian felt that he was slapped in the face in public: “Look, that man stole the car!”

Zheng Qianqian shouted.

“Order to go down immediately. Today our store is closed. All employees who have worked for less than five years will be on vacation and will be cleared immediately. Later, some important subordinates of Sheldon are here!”

Wang Qiang also didn’t bother to pay attention to Zheng Qianqian and Charlton, but eagerly said to the secretary.

The secretary went to do it at once.

And Charlton and the others are still standing stupidly unknown.


Suddenly, there were bursts of emergency braking sound from the external door.

More than a dozen Rolls-Royce Phantoms stopped at the door of the 4S shop.

Afterwards, Chapman slipped out of the car and walked directly into the shop…

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