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Chapter 81 Newcomer Star Anchor PK Battle

About a dozen pictures were posted in the group.

But it was these dozens of photos that directly caused a sensation in the group.

“Damn it, it’s definitely not true! It’s about to catch up with American blockbusters!”

“Yeah, this helicopter is almost no one!”

“Isn’t this the unfinished building in the south of the city? How come so many helicopters pass by and surround the whole building?”

There was a heated discussion in the group.

“I don’t know the specifics, but at that time, some of us were preparing to go to the picnic, and we happened to take this scene. Just looking at the photos is nothing, you should go to the scene to see! It was shocking!”

“666! Did you make a video?”

“I didn’t dare to take pictures, because there were a lot of people there at the time. I was afraid of being spotted, so I took a few photos and left!”

“that’s too regretful!”

Everyone discussed it.

At this time, the instructor Tenner, who has not spoken much, couldn’t help but say: “This must be true, because in the afternoon, many people photographed these helicopters and rushed to the south of the city in a team, but it took less than an hour. All these photos on the Internet are gone!”

“These are not * helicopters, they are more like private ones. There are some friends in the circle of friends, saying that they are going to meet a certain young and old!”

“I rely on me, rely on me!”

The group exploded even more: “Who is this big or young, this is too rich!”

Looking at these pictures in the car, Sheldon couldn’t help but a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. These helicopters were all going to save themselves. If you expose yourself, I don’t know what will happen to them?

Thinking about it, I feel a bit nasty, ha ha…

At this time.

Tenner: “Sweat…Don’t be idiots. By the way, in another hour, it will be time for Elsa’s PK popular star list in the same city. You are all classmates. There will be no money market at that time. Try to have a personal field. !”

“Look at Elsa. He has already earned over 10,000 dollar a month before graduating. I will broadcast PK in the afternoon. I will also go to watch Elsa live broadcast!”

“Good guide!”

“No problem! This man field must be on top!”

The students drank one after another.

“Thank you all, what! If I can win the PK ranking this time, I will definitely invite everyone to dinner! Love you guys, babies!”

Elsa made a voice directly in the group.

Suddenly a group of Diosi classmates wailed all over the place, the voice was too crisp!

Sheldon also secretly put the phone in his ear to listen to Elsa’s voice in the car.

At the same time, Elsa’s white skin and delicate face appeared in his mind. It’s so beautiful.

Although Elsa was extremely contemptuous of Sheldon, it is not true that Sheldon had no feeling for this beautiful girl.

Since you are all going to play, then go and play yourself.

Anyway, in the same city live broadcast, I still have a hundred thousand dollars, and I can’t get the money.

“@陈歌, are you there?”

The instructor Tenner called out Sheldon at this time.

Sheldon immediately returned the news.

“Well, anyway, Elsa will be broadcast live later, you can’t support it, so you call the poverty group of our class, come and move for me! I’ll wait for you at Ximen!”

Oh shit!

After reading this sentence, Sheldon really wanted to curse.

Tenner, only about twenty-five years old, belongs to the kind of new teacher who just graduated from university.

Usually, I also dislike the poor and love the rich. I play very well with those rich and young students, not like teachers and students, but more like friends.

But for Sheldon and the poor students, they were very serious, as serious as a teacher.

The poor group, as the name suggests, is a group of five or six poor students in the class.

Very helpless, Sheldon is the leader of the poverty group.

Because Sheldon is the poorest, relatively honest, and works the most!

So Tenner made him the team leader.

Even though Sheldon has won the lottery in Tenner’s mind and paid the tuition, but a person is used to being poor, no matter how rich you are, once in a while, he will think that you are still poor.

Now Tenner is like this, and Sheldon doesn’t look rich at all!

Although he was very angry, Sheldon finally agreed. If he didn’t agree, what could he say?

At the moment, Sheldon was in another poor group @ all members, saying that it was Ximen gathering.

He drove the car to a hidden place and stopped, then came to the west gate.

“Sheldon, why do the instructors always let us move things?”

“Yeah, let’s talk about Sheldon. Haven’t you won the lottery now? You have money. How can you be the leader of the poverty group?”

The group and Sheldon are only five people.

There are three boys and two girls.

The boy named Wang Yue is thin and weak, a little black, and he usually just studies with his head stuffed and doesn’t say a word.

There is also a girl, her name is Hao Lanlan, who also wears glasses, has white skin and is not tall.

But it feels very shrewd at first glance.

However, it is mostly because of the family’s sake that a feeling of inferiority arises, and I usually feel like being with my classmates and inferior to others.

They didn’t talk much.

Only when they were with Sheldon did they talk more.

Not to look down on Sheldon, but to feel that everyone is a person in the world.

Sheldon naturally knew that Wang Yue’s dissatisfaction and Hao Lanlan’s persuasion to him were both expressing his dissatisfaction that his self-esteem was hurt in the class group.

But Sheldon couldn’t say anything, after all, he was a little angry about this matter.

It seems, when will you find a chance to step on the instructor Tenner?

“Everyone is here, right? Hao Lanlan, you and Li Lan go to my new faculty and staff house first, and clean the mop Bushi, Sheldon, you and Wang Yue, the three of you are here to carry the furniture with the workers. , Listen to the worker’s instructions for everything, remember, be careful, don’t break my furniture!”

After Tenner finished speaking, she twisted her body and prepared to leave.

At this time, she suddenly received a call.

The connection that is very disgusting now:

“Jiang Menglian, what do you mean? I’ve said it many times. It’s not the report of me hitting you with the department head. You can go to whomever you like, why have to… you are a bitch! Clean it up for me! Your whole family are bitches! I still have a leg with your husband!”

Tenner said something inappropriate, so she sprayed it directly.

Obviously scolding on the phone.

Sheldon listened to the audience. The one named Jiang Menglian, who was one year earlier than Tenner, was also the instructor of a class in the department.

Jiang Menglian and Tenner are both beautiful teachers in the department.

The so-called one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, the two people usually have some quarrels.

What’s more, now, Jiang Menglian has found a rich husband, so in all aspects, some of Tenner is suppressed.

There are often things like this kind of quarrel.

After cursing, Tenner may not feel like it is enough, so she glanced at Sheldon coldly:

“Look at you! Get out of my work!”

After speaking, he shook his face and left.

An angry Sheldon really wanted to pull her skirt off, and then pressed her to the ground fifty times.

No way, I can only work for the time being.

There are a lot of things, and one hour has passed by the time I moved them.

At this time, it was also the time when the news in the group exploded.

“Hello babies, Marcella’s live broadcast is coming soon. From now until ten o’clock in the evening, whether you can become a new star anchor in the city depends on your support!”

Elsa is in the group @ got all members.

For a time, the group and Elsa’s live broadcast began to enter a small climax…

Sheldon is almost busy here too, watching Tenner sitting on the side of the bed and starting to swipe her phone.

Sheldon found a sofa and sat down directly, and entered Elsa’s live broadcast…

Chapter 82-Sheldon Was fu*ked In The Live Room

With Elsa’s win.

Suddenly, many classmates gathered in the live broadcast room with the two or three thousand fans she accumulated during this time.

Public-screen typing is rolling.

And after this period of signing live broadcast, Elsa can be said to have really learned a lot of live broadcast skills.

Chatting and chatting, acting talent, is already quite proficient.

“Baby, would you like a wave of gifts? What a mess!”

“Give the babies a big one, a song Meow Meow for the babies!”

Fans: “Oh oh oh, Marcella is the most beautiful, and I love hearing Marcella’s voice the most! “

“@平凡哥! Jiujiang brother! Two big rich persons are coming soon. Sister Fei Er will be vying in a later time. Big guys help!”

“Sing fast!”

Elsa smiled sweetly, turned on the special effects, and immediately became that kind of kitten.

“Let’s learn to cat meow together, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow in your arms…”

Jiujiang sent a rocket!

Jiujiang sent a rocket!

Jiujiang sent a rocket!

Jiujiang in the Elsa live broadcast room frantically put on gifts at this time.

Continuous interaction in the live broadcast room.

It’s not lively.

Sheldon was watching right now, and originally wanted to give some gifts.

But, Elsa’s performance style this time is very different from before. In general, it is more money-rich than before, and more purposeful.

No longer the feeling of letting the flow go.

If it is brushed, Sheldon feels like being pitted.

Keke, let’s wait a while.

Looking into the room, Tenner was watching the live broadcast seriously.

Hao Lanlan and the others also watched enviously together.

After all, vanity is the temptation that many girls don’t resist, of course they are envious.

As for Sheldon, I thought that Elsa’s live broadcast room might be too boring, so she jumped out and went to the room of other female anchors.

As a result, came into a room called Zuo Qiaoqiao.

This female anchor is almost ten thousand in popularity, I have to say, she looks pretty.

No wonder so many fans support it.

Now, Zuo Qiaoqiao’s live broadcast room has a lot of comments, but she is actually applying makeup to the camera at this moment, not talking, or interacting with fans.

Nearly 10,000 people watched Zuo Qiaoqiao put on makeup.

“When are you performing talent?”

Sheldon typed on the public screen at this time.

I want to see how this beauty is singing and dancing.

And because Sheldon is a member, he is very conspicuous on the public screen when he types, and the live broadcast window on Zuo Qiaoqiao’s side will shake slightly.

“Are you blind? That one is called ordinary!”

Unexpectedly, Zuo Qiaoqiao frowned directly and scolded Sheldon directly. His attitude was as bad as he was.

“Didn’t you see that I was putting on makeup? What are you urging? You can watch if you like, and get out of me if you don’t!

Zuo Qiaoqiao said coldly.

Haha, you must be thought that you rushed to a member and you are awesome. She Zuo Qiaoqiao has never seen a member. She is most uncomfortable with this kind of charging up and pretending to be forced.

What’s more, she, who has a lot of big brothers’ support, dismissed some small fans, small members and so on.

“Um, I just ask, you are not an anchor, you must perform some talents!”

Sheldon was really angry. He went online to have some fun, but he was scolded. Who could not be angry.

But as soon as Sheldon finished speaking, he had already been banned by the court.

“Damn, show your mother’s talent, this one is ordinary, what do you pretend to be when you charge up some money?”

The field control directly typed and cursed.

At this time, Zuo Qiaoqiao finished painting, and continued:

“There are some dicks on the Internet that are like this. They charge up some money and they just chuckle and pretend to be big brothers everywhere. This kind of thing is good for those newcomer anchors. If you are here with me, you can go as far as you can! “

“Hahaha! Sister Qiaoqiao is angry, this ordinary is really funny, don’t you know that Sister Qiaoqiao is almost the first sister of the same city live broadcast now?”

“That is, sister Qiaoqiao alone has more than a dozen big brothers. I heard that those are the big bosses of Roston City, just the top champion, she usually drives a Range Rover!”

A crowd of fans typed in one after another, licking the man named champion.

No. 1 Scholar: What’s the matter? Coincidentally, is there a shortage of gifts? I have charged one hundred thousand dollar. I will surely make you cool today! As for some poor dicks, kick them out if they should be kicked! “

“Ah! The champion champion is here!”

As soon as Zuo Qiaoqiao saw the number one scholar typing, he immediately threw the cosmetics away, jumping around, really loved it!

“Brother champion, people think you don’t care about others, you are not happy here!!”

Zuo Qiaoqiao has always been cute.

“How come! How could I not come!”


Zuo Qiaoqiao was talking, smiling at the screen and moving the mouse in his hand.


Sheldon flew out from the live broadcast room.


Sheldon couldn’t help but cursed, really mad at him.

It’s awkward + awkward.

I just want to watch a live broadcast. Why is it so difficult? Just said two sentences and was kicked out by a female anchor.

And it was kicked out after an insult.

I am afraid that I will be the first to charge hundreds of thousands of consumption in the live broadcast room.

It used to be like this, now, Sheldon uses another identity to be ordinary, but he is still like this, this is impossible to bear!

Just charge up and go back?

It’s too simple.

To be honest, Sheldon had some thoughts in his mind the last time he was an assistant to Elsa.

It is the idea of ​​developing problems by oneself in the future.

My elder sister had vaccinated herself a long time ago, and she will definitely need to do it alone.

Therefore, last time Sheldon wondered whether he should start investing some small assets to practice and accumulate experience.

Sheldon doesn’t understand things like real estate and Business Districts.

But many things on the Internet are very familiar to me.

At that time, I wanted to invest in a live broadcast platform to try.

But later, because of Lilla’s matter, he didn’t consider it in depth.

But now…

For myself, it’s not killing two birds with one stone!

Thinking of this, Sheldon secretly ran to the bathroom and called Chapman.

Said to use a fund to do a live broadcast or something.

In short, it means to invest.

Chapman naturally has no problems with these, and he directly assured that it will be done in an hour.

After Sheldon came out, I saw Wang Yue and all of them were watching!

“Sheldon, Sheldon, their PK has already begun. Elsa is really amazing. Her gift volume has exceeded 20,000, and she has already won two female anchors!”

Wang Yue said with some excitement.

Sheldon nodded, and then returned to Elsa’s live broadcast room to take a look.

Now, Elsa can be said to be very proud, winning streak in a row, and the number of gifts in the background has been soaring, making her die!

“Oh, I love the babies, stay with me for another round, and I will be able to advance directly!”

Elsa laughed.

“Sure to win!”

The fans shouted.

The so-called live PK is a bit similar to the kind of two people playing video. Two beautiful anchors are in the same frame, and they have a progress bar composed of the number of gifts. You can KO the opponent directly.

It is a big event designed by the live broadcast platform to pit gifts.

The connection activity continues.

Elsa had been waiting without fear, until this time, after the female anchor of the connection came out, Elsa’s face suddenly changed wildly.

Of course, Sheldon was also very surprised!

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