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Chapter 83

This woman is Zuo Qiaoqiao who kicked herself out just now.

This is a coincidence.

Sheldon thought.

In terms of reason, Zuo Qiaoqiao, a ten-thousand-person anchor, could not meet Elsa.

But, look at Elsa’s current live broadcast popularity, it’s almost 7,000.

In this way, the two barely had the ability to match.

It’s just that Elsa obviously knew Zuo Qiaoqiao’s skill.

After all, she is almost the sister of the same city live broadcast software.

I thought this time I encountered hard stubble.

But Elsa was not too scared, no matter what, she would definitely work hard this time.

“Damn, the newcomer is broadcast live, she looks pretty good, but how can she compare with the goddess Qiaoqiao? Brothers, kill her!”

Some fans typed.

Elsa was also unwilling to show weakness here, and tried her best to ask for gifts.

The two sides went to war, and the progress bar below began to bite.

Because the public screens of both sides are also displayed to the audience of both sides.

So those with low quality started to spray for their own fans.

But this is the case, Elsa is still too weak after all, and only two minutes later saw the progress bar directly suppressed.

“Hehe, the rookie anchor, don’t understand the rules at all!” If you are willing to come up and surrender like other anchors, maybe I will interact with you a few times to increase your fans, but I will die! “

Zuo Qiaoqiao sneered coldly.

Elsa flushed because she was about to lose.

However, she still has one last chance, that is Brother VeilBoy!

“Brother VeilBoy, are you here? Marcella is about to lose. I saw that you are online. If you are there, just say to support Marcella? VeilBoy that Marcella doesn’t want to lose!”

Elsa cried while talking.

There is a big gap in her heart now.

It was smooth sailing just now, but now, not only was Zuo Qiaoqiao given a second, but she was also mocked in front of her fans.

Let yourself look up in front of fans.

Jiujiang alone is definitely not their opponent.

Elsa still couldn’t refute.

Don’t mention how frustrated my heart is now.

Therefore, she thought of her own noble person ordinary! Someone who can surprise her every time!

On the other side of the public screen, it was directly exploded.

“Hahaha, Brother Ordinary? I went in and saw it, this Ordinary, seems to be the Ordinary that was raised by sister Qiaoqiao on our side!”

“Yes, yes, it’s him, fu*king, ran here to pretend to be big brother!”

“Bah, come, come, fake rich persons, some kind of come over to fight with our champion brother, let you see what a real rich person is!”

The fans on the opposite side clamored frantically.

“Hehe, newcomer, it’s useless if you are crying. I can tell you that your ordinary rich person was kicked out of the live broadcast room by me just now. Now he just ran to you! You ask Ask him, does he dare to speak in front of me now?”

Zuo Qiaoqiao looked contemptuous.

Elsa’s face was almost purple.

Today, she is really embarrassed.

“Who is ordinary?”

Sheldon is about to apply for open wheat curse!

However, Tenner walked out wearing slippers at this time and asked.

“Aoao, instructor, VeilBoy is one of Elsa’s earliest elder brothers. Elsa made over 10,000 dollar a month for the first time. In fact, VeilBoy gave her a lot of money!”

Wang Yue said.

“Hehe, is it rich if you pay 20,000? I’ve seen some big brothers on a larger live broadcast platform. Once they came up, there were more than a dozen Marriotts! That’s the real rich! Alas, I guess Filipino My son is planted this time, there is a real big brother over there!”

Tenner put down the phone.

In fact, she has always been concerned about the live broadcast.

Knowing that this is an industry that is more profitable as long as it is attractive.

Can also be famous.

Therefore, many girls cannot avoid the temptation of live broadcast.

She said lightly, and then glanced at Sheldon who was aside.

“Sheldon, who let you sit on my new sofa? You stand up for me!”

Only then did Tenner discover that everyone else was sitting on a stool, and only this Sheldon sat on her newly bought sofa happily.

This sofa is very expensive, more than 10,000 sets, she can’t bear to let someone like Sheldon sit on it!

And Tenner’s wailing voice shocked Sheldon.

Isn’t it just a sofa?

But knowing that Tenner despised herself from the bottom of her heart, Sheldon didn’t bother to argue with her.

Stand up, ready to sit aside.

“Hmph, Hao Lanlan, let’s go back with Wang Yue and the others first. Anyway, the next step is cleaning. I think Sheldon can do it alone!”

“Sheldon, don’t be convinced. Don’t think I’m targeting you. I’m actually doing this for your own good. Think about it. Now you have a lot of money in the lottery, but this little money will last you enough. Look at you now, you are not as hard as you used to study, and you are not as hard as before. Hao Lanlan and the others have been working hard, so I am worried that if you continue like this, you will be useless!”

“Do you know it’s abolished?”

Tenner said with a look of disgust.

She has always been like this, target you, always find a set of reasons for you.

Everyone knows that you Tenner dislikes the poor and loves the rich, but you hate Sheldon, who was originally poor but had good luck and won the lottery. I am jealous of why such good luck cannot fall on me. Instead, it will fall on a poor man who has never been taken seriously?

Although she didn’t say it, Tenner’s inner thoughts were self-evident.

Hao Lanlan and the others really wanted to help Sheldon, but they obviously saw that Tenner was not pleasing to Sheldon, and they could not intervene, so they left.

Tenner pointed at various places, asked Sheldon to clean it, and then returned to her room to sit.

“fuk, fuk your sister!”

Sheldon threw the mop.

You Tenner is not obviously bullying me!

Just about to show off directly with Tenner.

At this time, Elsa in the live broadcast room was crying more violently.

“Brother VeilBoy, just answer when you are here! No matter what others say about you, I believe you, do you really care about Marcella!”

“Yeah, Brother VeilBoy, if you want to be there, just say it, at least give Sister Fei Er some brushes, don’t let her die so miserably!”

There are crazy private chats about Sheldon with fans.

“Hahahaha! That scum, he dare not!”

The opposite Zuo Qiaoqiao smiled helplessly.

“Who said I dare not?”

At this time, Sheldon finally had the opportunity to speak.

Type directly on the public screen.

“Brother VeilBoy is here! Brother VeilBoy is here!”

Everyone shouted excitedly.

Brush up! …

Then, I saw the gifts from Elsa flying all over the sky.

In ten thousand.

With the power of one person, the lifeline that had been trampled directly pulled back.

Zuo Qiaoqiao was a little dumbfounded, what, is this ordinary really rich?

He also has one hundred thousand?

“Damn, he must have stolen money from the house!”

“Why is he rich? Isn’t he a fake rich person?”

“Hmph, this money must have been stolen. The top scholar is the rich person!”

“Yes, I advise everyone not to be deceived by some illusions. Some people, in order to catch the female anchor, are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of them out fishing. When that time, if he is considered a rich person, then the female anchor will be miserable and lost. What a shame for Cai! This ordinary, it should be this kind of fishing. Don’t be afraid of him, he will soon have no successor!”

This scene made Zuo Qiaoqiao’s self-esteem unbearable for the fans who mocked Sheldon just now. This was simply too embarrassing.

But in time, fans came out to persuade.

Zuo Qiaoqiao also nodded at this moment: “That’s right, I haven’t heard of it. There are ordinary rich persons in the live broadcast software of the same city!”

However, what made Zuo Qiaoqiao’s face tense for an instant is that at this moment, the whole live broadcast software in the same city suddenly scrolled a piece of news.

“Warm congratulations, this live broadcast platform has received Mr. Fan, one hundred million in financing!”

“Warm congratulations, this live broadcast platform has received Mr. Fan, one hundred million in financing!”


This news is rolling in turns, and I hope it can be seen by every audience, enough to witness the excitement of the current live broadcast company in the same city!

“fu*k you, one billion?” The entire live broadcast platform exploded.

“What! Pop!”

Sheldon was outside the room, and he heard the sound of the phone landing on Tenner’s side!

Chapter 84: This God Hao is in Our Department

One billion!

See the official scrolling news.


Everyone was blindfolded.

Zuo Qiaoqiao is comforting herself here, and is about to persuade the champion champion to help her again.

After all, in the crushing battle just now, the number one champion was only fifteen thousand.

The gifts here add up to no more than 30,000.

However, VeilBoy directly brushed a hundred thousand.

And at this time, Mr. VeilBoy first raised one billion on the live broadcast platform.

This Mr. Ordinary was also officially @. In addition to the ordinary who was kicked out of the live broadcast room, who else!

Zuo Qiaoqiao’s face was almost green, one hundred million, an absolute rich person with strength.

He came to his live broadcast room just now, and he must have taken a fancy to his appearance, so he asked himself very tactfully when he was performing talent.

But why?

Why do you want to say that you are blind? He only allowed himself to express his talents because of his fancy.

What is even more regrettable is that even if he scolded him, he didn’t leave, but did he actually kick him? An absolutely powerful rich person kicked it!

Zuo Qiaoqiao’s intestines are almost regretful!

And all the fans on her side stopped talking. Really, this wave of face slaps was like a sharp blade inserted into their hearts.

Still mocking others? Don’t look at your own virtue?

As for Tenner, she was shocked by the emergence of the one hundred million figure.

She didn’t expect that the one who had always supported Elsa was a billionaire. No, it was probably a trillionaire.

The shot is too generous.

To be honest, Tenner is even jealous of his students now.

I am so beautiful, more beautiful and feminine than Elsa, how can I not get the favor of these rich men?

Oops, when I think about it, my fate is unfair!

Sheldon looked at the message on the public screen, only smiled.

It doesn’t feel much.

To say that I feel it, it is also a bit of an accident. The accident made Chapman invest, how did he raise 100 million in?

Think about it and you will understand. Don’t say that your sister, I’m afraid that one hundred million is not a big money in the eyes of Chapman!

Forget it, just vote after you vote. In the future, this live broadcast platform will make a good rectification, maybe you can make a lot of money, from 100 million to 200 million!

Next, the same city live broadcast platform became very lively.

In the forums on the platform, Tieba, etc., news of a rich person raising 100 million on the spot spread.

Elsa is even more so, and the popularity of the live broadcast room has risen. It’s almost crowded.

In the original live broadcast in the same city, 10,000 people became the main anchor.

Now, Elsa’s popularity is approaching 50,000!

Happy Elsa was jumping and jumping in the live broadcast room.

It’s almost crazy.

My elder brother, Ordinary, has now become a big investment in the same city live broadcast platform. This face is too big!

“Brother VeilBoy, which class are you in the Department of Literature? Ask for a name!”

“Damn, I didn’t expect that our literature department has such a rich person. This is too local? Who can it be?”

Because Sheldon first said in the live broadcast room that he and Elsa belong to the same department, the Department of Literature.

At that time, Elsa had been guessing for a long time, and had not guessed.

But now, the heat is different.

Who is Ordinary? It has become a hot topic in the literature department and even the whole school.

He must be still in college, but he has 100 million dollar invested out, so bold.

“By the way, do you remember the 18 million Lamborghini at the school gate, do you think that car is ordinary?”

“Yes, yes, it must be!”

“Everyone was guessing at the beginning, but now it is almost certain that this person is from our literature department, and it is very likely that he is in our junior year!”

“Ah! Who is it?”

More girls are shouting in their dorm at the moment.

Most of these girls come from the literature department, and there are such tyrants in the department.

And maybe it’s hidden in someone’s class, it makes people excited just thinking about it!

Some girls even started calling their boyfriends, repeatedly questioning their boyfriend’s family background, wondering if he is this ordinary!

If so, can I be able to…

Unfortunately, no if!

On campus.

“Storen, Sister Nimra, have you heard of it? There is a big rich person in our literature department!”

“Just heard! But who would he be?” Nimra was also anxious about this.

You know, she is still single until now. It would be nice if she could meet each other or even fall in love before graduation!

Storen hugged his shoulders, looking like a young and mature: “This is really hard to say, but you can probably get some clues from his online name. He is named VeilBoy! It seems that he likes to be low-key, if that car The car really belongs to him. If it weren’t for the ordinary brother who likes ordinary life, he would definitely sway it. These clues are enough to show that this Lamborghini is really ordinary brother’s car!”

“It makes sense, Chad! Who in Roston can reach this step?”

The man asked again.

Storen sighed with a wry smile: “I don’t know this. In fact, there are many rich persons who haven’t made it public in Roston!”

Ugh! In short, after learning that the great god Hao VeilBoy was in the Department of Literature, everyone was a little uncomfortable.

Including Tenner is not immune.

Sheldon was listening. Tenner actually lied to Elsa, saying that this ordinary brother might know her and was about to come up with the new Instagram account she left to Elsa.

This made Sheldon a bitter smile.

Sure enough, the reality is so realistic, there is everything if you have money, nothing is nothing if you don’t have money!

But maybe he wanted to avenge Tenner.

Sheldon actually logged into the new account in a very disgusting way and agreed to add Tenner’s friends.

“Popular classmate, hello, I heard that you are in our department. I am Marcella’s instructor and teacher in our department. Have you met me? Naughty.”

As soon as she agreed, Tenner sent a message.

“Uh, I have seen you!”

“Really! Wow, I’m really a little excited, cough cough, which class are you in?”

Sheldon: “……???”

Tenner: “No, no, no, I forgot, you can’t just say it casually, alas, you don’t know, sometimes I even wonder, are you a student in my class? I haven’t thought about how There are such outstanding students!”

Sheldon: “Uh, Ms. Meng, I feel that the students in your class are all excellent. I just have money. It doesn’t mean that I am excellent!”

Although this is very horrible and interesting, Sheldon feels abnormally that this is a bit of a strange excitement.

“Really, I didn’t lie to you. In our class, there are really no ones who are too good. There are no ones who are so rich and low-key like you. There are a few who are poor, and there is one who is particularly poor! Haha…”

“I bother!”

Sheldon really wanted to scold her. She was very poor, so she must be talking about herself.

In Tenner’s heart, he is no longer as simply economically poor, but mentally poor, in short, he is poor!

To be honest, if you want to scold her, even if you scold her, maybe Tenner will be happy to go to heaven.

But Sheldon thought about it and let it go. He couldn’t be too much.


And I was thinking, suddenly, I slapped my head…

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