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Chapter 79 Harold Dumbfounded

“Chapman? Uncle Chapman!”

Seeing Chapman, Charlton was very surprised. You can see Chapman’s expression at this time, but he didn’t dare to go forward to say hello.

Moreover, now, Charlton has not yet walked out of the shock that Sheldon brought him just now.

“Mr. Chapman!”

Wang Qiang greeted him immediately.

“How is it? How about Sheldon?”

Chapman hurriedly said.

“Sheldon has already drove there, he is afraid that it will be too late!”

Wang Qiang said hurriedly.

“Oh, no! Come on, take me to the place where Sheldon goes. Today Sheldon, no matter what happens!”

As Chapman said, he had already greeted people and started to go out. At the same time, when going out, Chapman first sent a message to Sheldon’s editor’s newsletter, and then he carefully took out a red button machine and directly pressed it…

But Charlton and Zheng Qianqian were all stunned.

“What? Chen… Sheldon?”

Why can’t they hear it? The Sheldon called by Chapman seems to be Sheldon!

Sheldon is Sheldon? Sheldon is Sheldon?

Everyone was shocked. How could everyone have not heard of Sheldon’s name on Roston Business District? It has spread during this time.

However, no one thought that it would be…

Yes! When Sheldon walked in just now, he was very anxious. They kept taunting Sheldon, but Sheldon ignored them and drove away.

And it’s this Lamborghini Reventon.

This is his car!

Before thinking about it again, Sheldon hosted a banquet in the most expensive box of the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Big shots!

How can you still not understand, Sheldon is that Sheldon!

Charlton almost sat on the ground.

He couldn’t believe it and asked a sales consultant on the side:

“The Sheldon that Manager Wang and President Chapman talked about? Isn’t it called Sheldon? He owned the car just now?”

The sales consultant nodded in reverence: “Yes, don’t you know him?”

The last sentence is weird.

I thought I was surprised that you dared to talk to Sheldon like this, thinking that you were more powerful than Sheldon. As a result, you didn’t know the details of Sheldon!

“Oh my god!”

At this moment, Charlton stayed completely.

Zheng Qianqian is even more embarrassed. The person who is despised by him is someone who can’t even look up to his neck?

In short, Zheng Qianqian and his party have mixed feelings and desire to die!

“Otherwise, let’s go and see if there is a duplicate name?” Chandler and Li Nian almost said in the same way.

Although some self-deception, they really don’t want to face this reality.

“Okay, I agree!”

“I agree!”

“Then hurry, or else I can’t follow!” Charlton wiped off his cold sweat and hurried to drive with Chandler!

Besides Sheldon, he drove wildly all the way.

A dozen red lights ran through.

Finally, I came to the unfinished building mentioned by Harold.

It is already barren, with only a dozen floors built, and it was abandoned because of foundation problems.

Because behind this block of buildings is the intersection of the downstream branches of the Roston Moat.

The river is very urgent.

Originally, the foundation of this building was some distance away from the river surface, but due to soil erosion, the water bank was almost below the building.

So it became a dangerous building and had to stop!

Here, Sheldon has seen it in the news before.

“Sheldon! I didn’t expect you to come so soon!”

Suddenly, a voice rang from the top of the building. It was Harold, looking at Sheldon from a high level.

Sheldon was so angry that he didn’t answer, and ran to the top of the building.

Harold still wears a peaked cap, but at this moment, he looks a lot darker, and of course, he is also a lot stronger. He has a shaggy beard, and he looks more like a man in the market.

And beside him was Lilla, who was tightly bound by him and wrapped his mouth with duct tape.


Lilla shook her head frantically at Sheldon, saying, why are you so stupid, what are you doing! Hurry up!

“Let him go, I can give you as much money as you want!” Sheldon said coldly.

“Hahaha, money? Sheldon, do you really think money can solve anything? I tell you, I hate money now. Of course, you Sheldon is more hateful than money. I don’t want anything now, just want Your life!”

“Although this method is not glamorous, but I can be cool, Sheldon, Sheldon! Before I chatted with your girlfriend to find out, your girlfriend does not know your true identity!”

Sheldon felt that what he was facing now was a pervert that had lost his reason.

This Harold used to be rich, arrogant and domineering, trampling on others.

But the lack of money made him go to extremes.

“Lilla, I will tell you today. It is not someone standing in front of you, but Roston. No, even a rich man who can be counted across the country. The entire Roston Business District belongs to Sheldon!”

Lilla’s eyes widened after listening.

She had been guessing, but she didn’t expect it to be true.

That being said, Sheldon really has been helping his family!

“Harold, I advise you to let her go. If you let her go, I can give you a sum of money, otherwise you will regret it!”

“Regret? Hahaha, Sheldon, I used to think that money can do anything, but now, I will let you see that money is not everything! Let her go, it’s impossible! I let you watch her with your own eyes dead!”

After speaking, Harold’s emotions went out of control.

He immediately caught Lilla and wanted to throw Lilla down.


At this moment, a roar suddenly sounded in the sky.

Nervous and hurried.

After that, Harold, who was hysterical, opened his eyes even more.

Even Sheldon was a little startled.

Because just around this building, there were twenty to thirty black helicopters.

Expand quickly to surround the real estate.

Moreover, the helicopter quickly ejected large nets and condensed together.

The scene is extremely spectacular.

Looking at it now, if you jump from here, you will directly fall online.

“Sheldon! You…!”

After watching this scene, Harold almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood.

Money is not everything, now Harold really understands this sentence.

He just wanted to use these words to prove it to Sheldon, the top rich second generation.

Unexpectedly, this would work?

Two dozen helicopters? It has only been 20 minutes since Sheldon arrived, and it has only been forty minutes since I called.

Where did he mobilize so many helicopters?

Now let’s not say jumping down, this kind of net wraps around, you can’t die if you want to die!

And Sheldon was also shocked.

He did not expect that the Chapman newsletter he received on the road just now was so useful.

“Young Master Sheldon! Don’t be impulsive, you just need to delay for thirty minutes, just thirty minutes, it must be fine!”

Chapman has always worked steadily.

There was no need to lie to himself at this time, so Sheldon believed it.

Therefore, more than forty minutes have passed since Sheldon came to the present.

Sheldon is not too soft!

But he didn’t expect that what Chapman said was okay, he had sent 20 helicopters to himself?

Sheldon was shocked by such a big scene.


But at this moment, the dumbfounded Harold screamed, covered his neck and fell directly to the ground, trembling all over.

But his eyes were still red, and he looked at Sheldon unwillingly.

Then, a helicopter stopped on the roof.

Then Chapman hurriedly got off the helicopter.

“Sheldon, you are shocked!”

Chapman hurriedly said.

It was really frightened.

However, Sheldon still hurriedly untied Lilla.

Then came to Chapman’s face: “Brother Zhenguo, did you call these all?”

Sheldon was surprised.

“Yes, I used the family’s special support. I am afraid that you will have an accident today, Sheldon, but I think it is time to let Sheldon know what your family really is! Even if it is my last service for you! “

Chapman said with a wry smile.

Chapter 80

Sheldon and Lilla were finally shocked this time, but Harold was taken away and handed over.

And downstairs at this time.

Charlton and Chandler drove with them.

Seeing the scene in front of me, I was even more shocked.

All stood there blankly.

Is this Sheldonzhiwei?

More than twenty helicopters! ! !

“Brother Zhenguo, what do you mean by that? The last time you worked?”

However, at this time, Sheldon was very surprised by Chapman’s last words. Although he also wanted to know more about the family, Chapman’s rhythm was to say goodbye to him.

“Yeah, Sheldon, this instrument is a special family-supported instrument. Today, I am worried that something will happen to you, so I used it! Don’t look at these helicopters at that time, they were still some distance away from Harold, but in fact, as long as he does something , They will be subdued immediately. This group of team members have already formulated no less than ten solutions for your current situation!”

“However, once I use it, it means that I am seriously negligent, and I will resign!”

Chapman said dejectedly.

However, from his face, no regrets can be seen!

To be honest, this still made Sheldon a little worried about himself.

After all, the whole thing, in the final analysis, started because of myself.

What my elder sister said at the beginning was quite right, since she stepped on someone, she had to step on a person to the point where she couldn’t stand up.

I didn’t care about it at the time.

But now, it is the best proof.

Harold was not completely resolved, but after learning his identity, he began to retaliate hysterically!

Although Harold’s problem has been completely cleaned up, I feel scared after thinking about it. If I can’t delay the time, Lilla may have died because of his innocence!

This is the case, and Chapman is still involved and resigns.

“Brother Zhenguo, it’s okay, I’ll tell my sister about this!”

Sheldon said.

It’s a coincidence that at this moment, my sister Alicia called.

“Brother, how is it? You are not frightened?” Alicia’s concerned voice came from inside.

“Sister, did you know so soon?”

“Nonsense, the special support has been used, don’t I know? You will be more careful in your work in the future!”

“I see, by the way, Chapman, can you stay, after all, he is trying to save me?”

Sheldon hurriedly said.

“Impossible. He didn’t complete the task I gave him. According to the rules of the family, he has to resign and get out! He should save you with his life!”

Alicia said very arrogantly.

Chapman on the side obviously heard Sheldon’s conversation, and while grateful, he was not angry at Alicia’s words, but became more respectful.

Yes, everything was given to him by the Cooper Family, and his life was saved by the Cooper Family at that time, and he carried himself to this point.

Even the responsibility of protection has not been fully fulfilled.

Potential threats have not been eliminated.

This is a serious failure of his Chapman.

“Um, but, I can’t use Chapman, but you, if you are willing to take him in, that’s okay, the rules in the family don’t say that others cannot be hired!”

Alicia also seemed to feel that his younger brother might feel guilty for expelling Chapman in this way. He had an idea right now.


Sheldon is happy.

“Yeah, but, the premise is that you have to have your own business, otherwise he still can’t come back! After you set up the company, you can ask Chapman to stay and help you, that’s all!”

“it is good!”

Sheldon finally solved this self-blaming matter.

Don’t mention how much Chapman’s heart is grateful to Sheldon at this time.


Thousands of words, only two words were changed at the moment, and Chapman called it out from the heart!

Sheldon really didn’t need to be like this, nor was it necessary at all, but Sheldon pleaded for someone like himself.

Chapman really didn’t want to repay this love!

From then on, Sheldon will be Chapman’s direct owner!

Right now, Chapman is following Sheldon, about to talk about some family matters.

“Sheldon, there are a few sneaky people downstairs who have been controlled. What should I do?”

A man in black came over.

“Okay, then go take a look!”

Sheldon nodded.


“Let go of us, we are Sheldon’s classmates, you can’t kill us!”

Li Nian cried and shouted.

The scene just now was too big, and he was really afraid that this group of people would kill.

“Yeah, do you know, I almost became Sheldon’s woman, you dare to do this to me!”

Zheng Qianqian also shouted.

Just now, they all saw Sheldon on the top of the building like a moon held by the stars, and they were already shocked.

And Charlton and Chandler were all honest, and their faces paled in fright.

“Let them go…”

Sheldon walked down.

“Have you heard, let us go!”

Zheng Qianqian shouted.

Sheldon is really Roston Sheldon, Sheldon who owns Roston Business District, mother, that’s amazing!

The surprise is too big!

Zheng Qianqian is about to climax directly!

“Sheldon! Sheldon! I knew you were different from them. I was wrong before. I was really wrong. I always wanted to get your attention, so I used this way of mocking you often. Actually, this is all because I like you, but you don’t like me!”

Zheng Qianqian rushed in front of Sheldon and kept flattering.

Said Sheldon got goose bumps all over.

fu*k, this explanation is invincible, right? Are you taunting yourself for getting your attention?


At this moment, Charlton and Chandler, their new girlfriends, are also very respectful at this moment.

How respectful is it?

That is what Sheldon said now, what they ask them to do, they will do!

Just do whatever you want in a movie big shot.

However, some small evil thoughts just flashed through Sheldon’s mind.

After all, he is not the kind of domineering person from the bottom of his heart.

“Sheldon, what do you plan to do with them? When necessary, you can take necessary measures!”

Chapman hinted aside. After all, Sheldon’s current first identity has already been known by a few of them!

“No, no, no! Sheldon, ah, no, Sheldon, you are still the poor Sheldon, we don’t know you, what happened today, we forgot, and we did nothing!”

Among them, Charlton is the smartest.

I understood Chapman’s words.

He knelt down and said hurriedly.

“Yes, we didn’t know you were Sheldon!”

Chandler Li Nian also hurriedly shouted.

“It’s best to forget about today’s affairs, and I will have trouble in the future!” Sheldon said lightly, then turned and left.

These people are already like this, Sheldon can’t give them because of his identity.

This incident finally had a shocking past, and Chapman talked to Sheldon about some family matters in private.

It’s very general, but I know that the Cooper Family is a big family that has been passed down for hundreds of years and has countless industrial assets!

This resulted in the Cooper Family’s many rules, and the inheritance steps were even more cumbersome.

Like Sheldon’s more than ten years of poor education, it is the first test!

In the future, Sheldon will face more complicated tests, and Chapman urges Sheldon to make full psychological preparations.


Afterwards, Sheldon sent Lilla back, drove the car back to the school, and left the car to a stop not far from the school gate.

Many beauties cast their eyes.

Some even screamed.

Sheldon has become accustomed to these.

To be honest, Sheldon felt that he was so scumbag, and he was indeed rich now, but showing off in front of everyone like this always made him feel uncomfortable.

To put it bluntly, no matter how much Sheldon changes, he can’t change his low-key and ordinary character.

It’s not the case to drive this luxury car around all day long.

It seems that I have to buy myself a house in Roston.

In this way, the car can be parked in the house, which is very convenient whether you are starting your own company or doing something in the future.

And most importantly, you can also go to class, rest, and live the campus life you like every day!

Sheldon sat in the driving seat and couldn’t help thinking.

At this time, a piece of news suddenly exploded in the class group.

“Boom! Look! It’s so buzzing!”




A student in the class posted all the photos he took!

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