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Chapter 85

It was Tenner who beat people naturally.

She didn’t know when she came over, and stared at Sheldon angrily:

“Sheldon, you asked me to say what is good about you, you are really getting more and more useless now, let you clean up, you are secretly playing on your mobile phone here, alas, do you know that, you just won the lottery? That’s it, and those people who are really rich are working low-key and working hard at this moment. I tell you Sheldon, you don’t have the capital to compare with others, and your thinking is still a habit. These will lead you to mediocrity forever. !”

After being slapped, Tenner’s series of mouth shots followed.

Your sister!

If it weren’t for Tenner’s personal Instagram account, Sheldon would want to go crazy now.

But, when I think of Tenner treating herself like this in reality, but on Instagram, she treats herself like this.

Sheldon felt as good as evil in his heart.

Really, a bit perverted, but it feels really good.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, and hurriedly cleaned the room for Tenner.

Then I went back to the dorm.

on the way.

Tenner sent Sheldon again: “Oh, ordinary classmates, do you think some students are destined to be mediocre in this life? Alas, there is a Sheldon in our class. I don’t know if you recognize it. Know him, he is the kind of poor dick who makes people disgusting at first sight!”

“But, God was really blind and let him win the lottery. You don’t know how to slap him, but his various behaviors show that he has absolutely nothing to do, even if he studies very hard! Anxious death, How could I bring such a student!”

Tenner posted two successive expressions of her dissatisfaction.

Although it’s kind of nasty and refreshing, at first glance, Sheldon was angry.

Tenner, Tenner, I’m your student anyway, for so many years, I won’t do what you told me to do.

In the end, in your heart, I am a student who makes you disgusting enough to no longer be disgusting?

“You bitch!”

Sheldon replied directly by typing.

“Ah? What’s the matter? Ordinary classmate, ah, I know, as his instructor, I shouldn’t say that to a student, but you know when you see him occasionally, just look more handsome, really Apart from these, he is useless!”

Tenner didn’t dare to curse after being scolded.

Instead, she kept explaining, for fear of creating a bad impression of her ordinary classmates.

Haha, if you let her know, the one who chatted with her is the student who has always made her sick. I don’t know what her expression will be?

Sheldon smiled faintly.

He replied a few words like a prevarication, and then returned to the dorm.

Today is Friday and there are no classes.

According to common sense, Vern should go to Internet cafes.

But, because Elsa is going to broadcast live this afternoon, and it’s the kind of hard work.

So everyone stayed in the dorm to watch the live broadcast.

“Elsa will definitely win the star list this time. I’m going to earn more than 100,000 dollar a month. VeilBoy is too 6, and she made a female anchor popular with her hands!”

“Ah! Elsa will become a real internet celebrity in the future, earning money, and then look at us, I still don’t know where to intern! Alas…”

As soon as I returned to the dorm, I heard Vern talking with Liyan.

How should I put it, there is a hint of jealousy in envy.

A man, it’s not as good as a girl to make money.

Sheldon guessed this result.

Elsa was promoted by various official public screens because of her own financing.

It is equivalent to indirect promotion to Elsa.

When she left her live broadcast room, her popularity had almost broken the 70,000 mark.

In this way, only other fans and other attracted big brothers can use it, enough for her to pass through all the way and become the uncrowned sister of the same city live broadcast platform.

In the PK battle tonight, she won the top spot and there is no suspense.

“Sheldon, you are back! By the way, when we went to pick up the courier this afternoon, there was one of your couriers, which seemed to be a piece of paper. Take a look!”

Vern said, and handed over a small express.

Sheldon was wondering, took it immediately, and lay on the bed to take it apart.

It turned out that it was not something else, but a ticket to the Yungang Golden Beach Oil Tanker Gala.

The sender is Danna.

Sheldon just remembered that the dance party Danna had said before was starting tomorrow Saturday and ending at the end of the weekend. There were two days in total.

The location is Yungang City!

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Danna calling.

“Sheldon, have you received the admission ticket?”

“I got it, so are you. If you have a chance, it’s good for you to give me directly, why do you have to post it to me!”

“Hey, Sheldon, that’s it. I came to Yungang City yesterday to visit my cousin. I also remembered suddenly last night that you don’t have an admission ticket yet, so I mailed it to you overnight! “

Since knowing the identity of Sheldon, Danna has been very respectful to Sheldon.

In fact, Danna was forced by his parents to please Sheldon at the beginning.

But after a few days of getting along briefly, Danna discovered that Sheldon had a special charm.

He is the rich second generation, but he does not have the domineering style of the rich second generation, and he is very ordinary and low-key.

It made Danna want to get closer to Sheldon’s heart, so it was her heart that invited Sheldon!

“Are there any fun places in Yungang, except Golden Beach?”

“There are many more. In short, you just need to come, Sheldon. After you go to the place, you only need to show the admission ticket, and the people over there will arrange the hotel for you. After you settle down, I will go to you!”

“That’s OK!”

After the discussion, Sheldon hung up the phone.

To be honest, since childhood, Sheldon has been nestled in a small town in his own small county. It was only when he was admitted to Roston University that he had the opportunity to open his eyes in a metropolis like Roston.

But Sheldon is too poor. Apart from that, Sheldon has never been to almost any other city.

“Do you want to call Lilla this time?”

Sheldon thought.

The relationship between the two is already somewhat ambiguous.

But after thinking about it, let’s forget it, Lilla was so scared by Harold no matter what, she didn’t come to school today, and rested at home, so let her rest!

That night, Sheldon fell asleep early.

The next day, Sheldon woke up early.

Bren and the others arrived a day earlier.

In addition, Sheldon was not very familiar with the road, so he did not drive at all, but took a train to go there.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the gate of the golden sand beach was here.

“Hello sir, please show me your admission ticket!”

As soon as he arrived at the door, Sheldon was stopped by a very beautiful female receptionist.

Raised his hand to ask him for admission tickets.

Moreover, the gaze of the beauty reception was staring at Sheldon up and down.

Because now Sheldon is wearing his old clothes, just changed and washed, so no matter how you look at it, the beauty receptionist feels that this is a dick to meet the world?

At the moment, although the tone is kind, but the eyes already have the meaning of driving people.

It’s like saying: Go in if you have one, and get out if you don’t!

How could Sheldon fail to see the contempt of female receptionists? I really don’t know what qualities these receptionists have, how come they have the same virtue?

Ha ha.

Sheldon didn’t persuade him this time. He took out the admission ticket while taking out his mobile phone, ready to call Bren who was already playing inside!

On one side, he strode towards the inside.


Sheldon’s ignorance of the beauty reception was very angry, but if you look at the admission ticket, there is no problem at all. Although she suspects that this is a rude, there is no evidence.

At this time, the receptionist was anxious and stood up again.

Because at this time, luxury cars stopped at the door, and then a group of young men and women got out of the car…

“Haha, a lot of rich and young have been here in the past two days, so I can make more friends, and a lot of beautiful rich women have also come!”

“Virtue, you know that you are looking for Bai Fumei. Don’t your family have more than a billion dollars? You still remember Bai Fumei, hum!”

A few people walked up jokingly and took out their tickets.

Suddenly, the boy clamoring for a rich woman jumped up:

“Damn, who of you saw my ticket? Why did you lose it?”

Chapter 86

“What are you kidding? Didn’t you see you holding it just now?”

Several people have already arrived at the door, and some rich and young persuaded him.

“Yeah, but wasn’t I urinating just now? I stopped to pee in the woods on the side of the road and it broke. I was still holding the admission ticket in my hand, but I didn’t seem to remember my hand after I finished urinating. I took something, it should have been lost at that time!”

It can be seen that although everyone is teasing him, they are all good friends.

So everyone was a little anxious.

“Look again, it won’t work, just go back and get it…”

“That’s pretty far!”

Everyone discussed it and wanted to talk to the female receptionist about the admission ticket, but if it was lost, can I go in?

But it was directly rejected by the female receptionist.

“What’s the matter?”

At this time, a middle-aged man in a suit came over and looked at the group of men and women.

“Yeah, you are Zhou Yu Zhou Shao?”

The middle-aged man was still indifferent, but when he saw the person who had lost the vote, he suddenly smiled.

“Do you remember me? At that time, I ate with your dad, Mr. Zhou Tianhao, in a restaurant in Stilfest, and you were there!”

The middle-aged manager said with a smile.

“O’ao, I remember, you are the Manager Chapman Tian of the travel company?”

“Yes, yes, I am me, what is your situation now?”

Li Tian asked with a smile.

Affection Zhou Ze is usually an easygoing personality. Everyone loves to joke with him, but his family’s billions of assets are considered to be big in Stilfest.

And obviously, Zhou Ze is the core of this group of men and women.

So no matter how troublesome, when they heard that Zhou Ze had something to do, none of them wanted to leave.

Especially those girls.

“Hahaha, that would be easy, Manager Chapman, I lost my admission ticket, but it’s not easy to find when I go back, I want to ask if I can just let me in!”

Zhou Ze smiled and said, in his eyes, this is all right.

She was sloppy and wanted to lift her leg in.

“Not Zhou Shao!” Li Tian stopped him, “If you are usually Zhou Shao, you can do anything, but this time, the occasion is different. I will give you a direct answer. This cruise party is on the surface of the rich in Stilfest. Young Master Huang organized a group of rich and young people to play together, but in fact, Young Master Huang wanted to invite Master Sheldon from Roston!”


Zhou Ze and others looked at each other.

“Ahem, just say that you may not know Sheldon, but you always know the Business District in Roston?”

“Nonsense, there is the gold on paper known as Roston. The water there is almost going against the sky. I used to want to go to the villa to play, but I almost didn’t consume it!”

Zhou Ze couldn’t help but say.

“Ahem, let alone the Heaven Brick Residencia, in fact, the entire Roston Business District is owned by one person, and that’s this Young Master Sheldon!”


Zhou Ze was shocked.

The beautiful girls beside him were all taken aback.

Some rich second generations are indeed rich, but they are all their Laozi’s money, but like Sheldon who has his own industry and is still such a big industry, that is too awesome. Standing behind him is even more impressive. Who are these people?

Everyone was shocked.

“So Zhou Shao, the admission this time is really too strict, I’m afraid that some people with bad intentions will come in, or the paparazzi may take pictures!”

Li Tian explained patiently.

“Okay, okay, let’s go back and find it again!”

After driving for a long time, I couldn’t find it.

“Damn, can’t I get in?”

Zhou Ze pressed hard.

There is only one admission ticket per person, this is not a commodity, you can buy it.

At this moment, the face of the female receptionist who had been silent on the side was flushed.

She did want to say something just now, but she didn’t dare, because what Manager Chapman Tian said was too scary.

Because just now, I ran into a very suspicious person in.

Say or not?

I said I was afraid of being fired, but if I don’t say it, think about it, this party is very solemn.

I can’t afford to kill her.

At last……


The female receptionist immediately said: “Manager Chapman, Shao Zhou, don’t worry, you can’t find your ticket. He should have been picked up!”

“What? By whom?”

Zhou Ze asked hurriedly.

The female receptionist was named Zhang Hong. At the moment, she immediately said all the doubts she had seen.

“You, you, why didn’t you call me at the time? If something goes wrong, we will all be in trouble, don’t you know!”

Li Tian slapped his thigh abruptly.

He also hated the dick-like person Zhang Hong described.

Right now, let Zhang Hong take it and look for it.

And Zhou Ze and the others also mixed in…

But now Sheldon didn’t know what happened.

I just think this golden sand beach is really big and beautiful.

The sound of the sea is roaring, it should be so cool to hold a party here at night.

Next to it is a sea view bungalow hotel.

With the admission ticket, Sheldon had already been led by another male receptionist to the hotel.

Bren called Sheldon just now.

They were still in the hotel outside, and they hadn’t gotten up from bed. They didn’t expect Sheldon to come so early.

Immediately prepare to come to Sheldon.

“Stop, let him stop!”

Suddenly at this moment, Li Tian ran all the way, seeing Sheldon about to enter the elevator, he immediately shouted.

Sheldon saw a group of people running towards him.

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