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Chapter 87

You don’t need to think about Sheldon to know what Danna means!

It must be because she wanted to pretend to be her boyfriend, she used it to deal with her cousin.

Pretending to be someone else’s boyfriend, Sheldon really has enough.

“Sheldon, just feel wronged and pretend to be my boyfriend. Please, Bren and the others. I feel that the riffraff on my body is too heavy to be as stable as you. Therefore, you are the best candidate. If you don’t help me, my cousin will definitely let me meet that guy. I really don’t want to see you!”

Danna begged.

Although Sheldon wanted to refuse, he couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

After all, Danna has helped herself several times. She asked herself to help her a second time, and it was not too difficult. If she refused, she would be embarrassed.


Sheldon nodded and agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon didn’t go upstairs, so Bren and the others went up first. Instead, he took a taxi and came to the house of her cousin that Danna said.

Her cousin’s family is also quite rich and has a villa in Yungang City.

When he came by himself, Danna was already waiting at the door.

And beside Danna, there was a girl about her age.

No matter how you look at this scene, Sheldon reminded Sheldon of the last time he went to Lilla’s house. Could it be that he would encounter it by pretending to be someone else’s boyfriend?

Ahem, Sheldon got out of the car and greeted Danna.

“Ah! My goodness, cousin, this is your boyfriend Sheldon? How did he get a taxi?”

The girl next to her was quite white and pretty, but looking at Sheldon at the moment, she really looked contemptuous and disappointed.

It seems that Danna did not reveal the identity of Sheldon.

Therefore, Bai Fu Meisheng did not know at all.

Looking at Sheldon’s clothes, he looks like a poor cock, and he hits him, isn’t it shabby?

She was extremely disappointed.

“What do you know, Xiaomei, Sheldon is very good to people! What’s wrong with being my boyfriend!”

Danna ran over and took Sheldon’s arm, smiling sweetly.

Alas, it would be great if Sheldon was really his boyfriend at this time.

Danna thought to himself.

“Okay, okay, I hope that my parents and cousins ​​will not say anything when they see you!”

Su Mei curled his mouth, really too lazy to look at Sheldon.

Turn around and go in first.

Sheldon was stunned: “Damn, didn’t you just come to see your cousin and uncle? Why are there so many people?”

Danna stuck out her tongue: “They all came after I called you. I’m sorry, Sheldon, you can help me this time!”

Sheldon was helpless: “Well, just this time!”

Actually, what Sheldon thought was quite simple before he came. When they met Danna’s cousin’s family, they would definitely compare themselves with the boy Danna introduced.

When the time comes, I just put out some capital, and I should be able to compare it.

It’s that simple.

But now, Danna’s seven aunts and eight aunts are there, which really makes Sheldon a big head.

It turned out that when I heard that Danna was here today, because Danna’s family and her cousin are very close at ordinary times.

And there are business contacts.

What’s more, I heard that Danna is looking for a boyfriend.

So, they all came.

“Sister Danna, is he your boyfriend?”

After entering, the adults hadn’t spoken yet, and a group of young men and women, who were all about the same size, leaned forward and said.

All of them looked at Sheldon.

Not long after, these people showed suspicion.

Damn, sister Danna is so beautiful, what kind of taste is this? Obviously, the brother-in-law of Danna is too far behind!

“Sister Danna, we originally wanted to ask you to go to the cruise party. You always say that you have something to do, hum, it turns out that you are here with your boyfriend!”

Said a girl.

“Yes, but just right, we can go together later!” Danna smiled, holding Sheldon’s hand without letting go.

As for her cousins, none of them greeted Sheldon.

Danna also knew that they despised Sheldon.

However, Danna did not dare to expose Sheldon’s identity rashly without Sheldon’s consent.

Seeing that Sheldon was not too angry, Danna felt relieved.

But Sheldon is not angry, but has become numb. He has experience. To participate in this kind of occasion is to hold his breath and keep silent!

“Okay, Danna, sit down!”

At this time a middle-aged woman stood up. She was Danna’s cousin, named Yvonne.

I own a beauty chain company with an annual profit of tens of millions.

So her skin is very well maintained, but because there are too many rich people who have seen her, she is extremely unaccustomed to seeing Sheldon as ordinary.

“Your name is Sheldon, right? Where is your home? What does your home do?”

Yvonne asked lightly.

The young rich second generations all looked at Sheldon with a sneer.

“Should he answer, the family is in the countryside, and the family grows the land?”

“Hey, I really don’t know, how could Sister Danna find such a humble one with such good conditions? If he were my boyfriend, I would have jumped out of here long ago!”

“Look at him. Since I came in, I didn’t dare to say a word. Obviously, I have never seen this kind of house to make him nervous. I feel like an old lady enters the Grand View Garden. It’s a far cry from Lawrance. Up!”

“I’m going, what are you talking about, just him? Still want to compare with Lawrance?”

On the side, several men and women had already started talking about Sheldon with their shoulders.

And Su Mei, when he heard that someone would compare him to Lawrance, he said with disdain.

Who is Lawrance? It is the boy who Yvonne wants to introduce to Danna, who is a hotel chain at home, and he himself is studying at Carolina University in Roston, or the chairman of the student union of the Department of Economics and Management!

People may have trouble, where is this kind of person comparable?

The voices of several people were not low, and Sheldonard them all.

He is not angry, but depressed.

Is it really important to be rich or not? When is the criterion for describing a person’s good or bad, it is no longer his character, but that he has money but no money.

If you have money, it’s right to say and do everything, it’s uncle, you don’t have money, it’s nothing!

Sheldon thought of all the past and said with emotion.

Then she looked at Yvonne and said, “My family is now in a small town in the county seat, and my parents do some business!”

Sheldon said truthfully.

“Puff, it’s a small rural village. My parents should open a small shop in the town, my God!”

Su Mei and the others despised even more.

As for Yvonne, she never said anything to let Sheldon sit down. Hearing this at the moment, she was even more angry and cursed:

“Then what capital do you have to fall in love with our family Danna, why are you? Your face?”

Chapter 88

“Cousin, don’t you say that!”

Danna’s eyes widened from the side.

She really didn’t expect her cousin to say such harsh words.

Do you know who is standing in front of you? A real rich man.

The great backer of their entire Lin family!

Danna was a little frightened.

But Sheldon was scolded so much, that is, a little angry, facing these contemptuous voices, he was already numb.

Yvonne was about to denounce Sheldon again, let him retreat.

At this time, her mobile phone rang and picked it up to answer.

“Ah? Lawrance, ah, didn’t I say I’ll let you come next time! What! You’re already at the door? Okay, okay, I’ll go out and pick you up!”

The call was made by Lawrance, and Yvonne had already told him that she would not use it today.

But unexpectedly, Lawrance also came.

Because of what, Yvonne thought, after all, it was Danna’s boyfriend who was coming over, although she liked Lawrance even more, and wanted Danna to meet Lawrance, and the best combination would be.

But what if Danna’s boyfriend is even better and handsome than Lawrance?

What if Danna’s boyfriend is richer than Lawrance’s family?

just in case……

In short, Yvonne thought about countless cases, but she didn’t expect this result.

I don’t want to say anymore.

Danna and this Sheldon must break up, and when they turn around, he will tell his cousin, that is, Danna’s father, to make it clear, what are you doing!

“Wow, brother Lawrance is here, Sister Danna, Brother Lawrance will also go to the cruise party, can you know more about Brother Lawrance?”

Su Mei and the others had long put Sheldon aside as air, and now they wanted to match Lawrance and Danna.

At exactly this time, Lawrance followed Yvonne in.

“Brother Lawrance, you are handsome again!”

Su Mei smiled sweetly when she saw it.

Lawrance in front of him is tall and handsome, and he wears gold and silver on his hands.

“Ha, Xiaomei is really talking more and more!”

Lawrance shook his watch and said with a smile.

Suddenly, his eyes moved slightly, and finally fell on Danna, who was a fairy.

“Let me guess, this one should be from Roston. Aunt Lin, your cousin, the beautiful Danna, right?”

In fact, Lawrance had seen Danna a long time ago, both at Carolina University. Danna was a beautiful woman, so how could she not see him.

How to put it, just a glance, a simple glance, Lawrance found that he fell in love with this girl.

It’s so beautiful, so beautiful that it makes people palpitate!

Therefore, Lawrance was really happy when I heard about the meeting today and was intentionally matched by Aunt Lin. But then they were not allowed to see each other.

Lawrance, who is like a human being, asked what the situation was. The more he was not allowed to come, he had to come!

“Oh hello!”

Danna said politely, but after finishing speaking, she immediately stood beside Sheldon.

Is he so unattractive?

Lawrance’s heart was dim.

It turned his gaze to Sheldon.

“Are you the boyfriend of the goddess Danna?” Lawrance smiled, feeling quite generous and capable.


“So, you also belong to our Carolina University? But, I haven’t seen you!”

Lawrance always smiled at the corners of his mouth. That kind of smile made people uncomfortable.

“I am not from Carolina University, but from Roston University!”

However, Sheldon had already practiced it a long time ago. No matter how the opposite party releases his aura, Sheldon can remain calm and calm.

“Roston University, that’s okay. By the way, brother, what does your family do? Can you actually chase Goddess Danna?”

“Brother Lawrance, let me tell you. He is a countryman, and he runs a small shop in town! You see what he wears, don’t you understand?”

Su Mei snapped back.

What is the highest state of ignoring a person? That is, this person is clearly in front of you, but you treat him as if he does not exist.

This kind of heart-wrenching words, but no normal person would say it in person.

But now Su Mei is not shy about it, one can imagine how much she despise Sheldon.

“O’ao, it turned out to be from the countryside. It is really not easy to study in Roston. By the way, brother, if you have any difficulties at Roston University, you can tell me, my dad knows your principal, so he can do everything in a word. Yes! If you want to apply for a bursary, you can also contact me, haha, don’t look at my Carolina University, it all matters! By the way, have you applied for a bursary before?”

When Lawrance saw that Su Mei ignored him so much, he had long been contemptuous, so when he spoke, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I have applied, and I have applied for three years in a row. I used to rely on bursaries to pay tuition fees!”

Sheldon originally wanted to come and slap Danna’s cousin in the face today, but now, Sheldon decided to keep a low profile.

There are three reasons.

First, Sheldon did apply for bursaries, and indeed used them to pay tuition fees. This is the truth and there is no need to deceive.

Second, Sheldon thought for a while. Even if he helped Danna, he didn’t have to help so thoroughly. Sheldon could see that Danna didn’t just want to pretend to be her boyfriend, but wanted to develop another relationship. .

It’s not narcissism, but it can be felt.

Although Sheldon likes beautiful girls, he basically likes them when they see them. This is because of their character, but Sheldon is not that scumbag.

He has always wanted to find a girl who can really collide with each other as his girlfriend.

Go on one piece.

But Danna is definitely not, that is, when the two people met for the first time, Danna broke his face, and there was a physical collision.

Therefore, Sheldon did not want to be so resolute.

As for the third, Sheldon doesn’t want to reveal his identity anymore. This feeling of being watched by everyone does not know what others think, but Sheldon is quite uncomfortable.

“If I go, I have to pay the tuition on the bursary, and I have to pay for three years, my mother, how poor is this?”

“I rely on me! It’s unheard of to be so poor, and what kind of face can make a person contact and apply for a subsidy for three years? If I only apply once, I feel embarrassed. I will die!”

Su Mei discussed with the girls in surprise.

Yvonne frowned at this moment, Danna is crazy, is this!

Why do you find such a person!

“Hehe, it is said that children from poor families are early in their homes. Brother, you are really good. But if you are short of money in the future, I can lend you some. After all, Danna and I are alumni, and everyone will be friends from now on!”

Lawrance said with a smile.

But even though he was small, he couldn’t hide the contempt in his words.

He is obviously very good at killing people without seeing the blood. Every sentence is ridiculing Sheldon in public, but he can’t fault it.

He is also the chairman of the student union, and he has very good language skills.

“Thank you, but no need!”

Sheldon just smiled faintly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, by the way, brother, did you go to school in Roston City, did you go to the major attractions? Roston Business District, these places have to go around, and the Heaven Brick Residencia, come to Roston, don’t go to see How can I do it? Or else, when you come back to me, I will take you there. I will let my dad know the boss of a restaurant in your Business District. If you go, I will have a relationship!”

“Ah, Brother Lawrance, have you forgotten what my sister Danna does? Even if Sheldon is going to go, isn’t it just a word from sister Danna!”

Su Mei smiled.

“It’s also true. You see how I forgot this. I just thought this brother Sheldon had a poor house and had never been anywhere. It seems that after he dated the goddess Danna, Roston Business District would not be less. Go!”

“Oh damn it, I forgot, forgot! Hahaha!” Lawrance patted his head and laughed.

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