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Chapter 91-You Are Here

Ivan is named Shannon, really the son of Stilfest Giant Crocodile.

It is also the leader of the rich and young in State.

I don’t even know how many idols are favored by girls. Girls are almost thinking, if one day, I can have a perfect encounter with Ivan.

What if Ivan liked him because of his beauty.

But the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, how can ordinary people see Shannon’s existence?


There was a roar.

The luxury cruise ship has docked.

The deck slowly opened, Shannon hugged left and right, and slowly walked off the boat.

This figure is neither tall nor handsome, and a little fat.

But all the beauties are yelling, so handsome, so handsome!

Su Mei also shouted loudest on this side.

I hope my shouts can attract Ivan’s attention, even if it’s just a glance.

Lawrance even showed a look of envy and jealousy.

If at any time, I can do this.

Even if it is impossible to become a person like Ivan, you can be like Bren and become a friend of Ivan’s magnate.

Lawrance is just a representative of a group of boys, all boys actually think so.

Shannon took off his Armani sunglasses and tens of thousands of glasses, and threw them on the beach like garbage.

Afterwards, he walked towards Li Xuenuo.

Because he discovered that Li Xuenuo is extraordinarily s*xy and extraordinarily beautiful today.

“Snow, you are so beautiful today!”

Shannon smiled faintly.

The glasses are almost narrowed into a line.

But still let a lot of beautiful women worship bad!

“Brother Hao, you are also very handsome today!”

Li Xuenuo adjusted her hair and returned to the image of a lady.

The reason she wore so boldly today has only one purpose, and that is to attract Shannon’s high attention again.

After all, everyone is now in their junior year and is facing an internship right away.

During the three years in school, Shannon pursued himself, but after the internship, it is hard to guarantee that this will continue.

So Li Xuenuo decided to confirm the relationship with Shannon in advance.

Smart women are like this, knowing when to collect and when to release.

“Hehe, Xuenuo, come! Come to me, today, I will show you an important guest!”

“Huh? An important guest?”

Li Xuenuo was slightly surprised. She had been ambiguous with Shannon for three years and had never said the word “guest” from his mouth.

In Shannon’s eyes, are there any distinguished guests?

Shannon nodded, and at the same time swept to the rich second-generation daughters onlookers:

“Everyone, I trouble everyone to come here today. In addition to Huang wants to make friends with everyone, I also want to introduce an important friend to everyone on this happy day!”

“You may all know how our Ivan family established a foothold in Stilfest back then because of my god sister’s help. Now, my god sister’s own brother, that is, my god brother, Sheldon is here too!”

Shannon is full of spirits.

Today, he wants to achieve such an effect, giving his god brother, that is, Sheldon, and Sheldon the biggest surprise!

In this way, their Ivan family will go further in the future and they will have the biggest barrier.

“What what? Sheldon? What is the origin? Recently, I have heard my dad mention these two words!”

“Hehe, Sheldon doesn’t know? Roston Business District always knows, right? That is the industry under Sheldon’s name, not the family’s industry, but the industry under Sheldon’s name, understand?”

“Puff? The whole Business District belongs to Young Master Sheldon? I rely on me, rely on me!”

Everyone was amazed. Then, in this way, Ivan’s father, the richest man, is of the same grade as Sheldon’s property?

“Brother Lawrance, is Sheldon really so good?”

Su Mei was also surprised.

“I’ve just heard that Sheldon is particularly capable, and you think, the Ivan family got up from this Sheldon’s sister, what concept do you think this is!” Lawrance hugged his shoulders with a serious face. Explain to everyone.

“Wow! Can you see Sheldon today?”

Su Mei jumped up happily.

Shannon glanced at Bren at this time, and asked with a smile, “Brother Bren, where is Sheldon?”

Shannon used to call Bren Bren directly, but now it’s different. According to some information he knows, Bren and Sheldon play quite well, much earlier than he knew him.

So it was upgraded from Bren to Bren brother.

But no matter how you call it, the difference in strength between Bren and Shannon is huge.

“Already here, but maybe not here, Sheldon went out this afternoon!”

Bren is also looking around.

“Shannon, otherwise let’s go to the hotel to find Sheldon. After all, he is so noble. How can people wait to see you first?”

Li Xuenuo shook Shannon’s arm and said.

Now Li Xuenuo’s face was flushing. He thought that Shannon was already heaven, but he didn’t expect that there is a heaven outside the heaven!

And this Sheldon has already arrived.

She really wanted to meet.

Anyway, right now, I haven’t completely determined the relationship with Shannon. What if I will be taken by Sheldon?

What if?

After all, feelings, who can be sure!

“Yes, Shao Huang, I think we should go to Sheldon personally!”

There are also a lot of rich second-generation daughters who come up and take the initiative to say, as if they are very good at trouble.

“Hi, I really ignored this!”

Shannon’s face changed slightly at this moment.

He thought this way, Sheldon would definitely come to Golden Beach, and then he would show up at this time, and respectfully invite Sheldon, Sheldon would definitely be very happy.

But never expected that Sheldon was not at the Golden Beach at all.

If this is the case, on the contrary, it would be a bad thing to wait for Brother Gan to see him!

“That’s right, let’s go over and ask me to be a brother, so we don’t have to go too many people!”

Shannon said.

“Ivan Ivan, take us with you?”

At this moment, several girls sitting on Sheldon’s shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs shouted loudly.

“Shao Huang, we have been beating wretched men just now, now, take us to see Sheldon, okay?”

The eyes of several beauties are almost running water, it is exciting.

“Okay, just take you with you! Brother Bren, Xue Nuo, let’s go and find my god brother!”

Shannon said something.

“keep the change!”

At this time, Sheldon raised his head, spit out a mouthful of sand from his mouth, and said.

Sheldon could take a sigh of relief when the ass of these girls left.

“I have been here!”

Sheldon lay on the ground and said something very hard.


Everyone was startled, and was obviously shocked by Sheldon’s words.

And Bren saw the scene before him, especially after seeing the person who was surrounded by a group of girls.

The hair is almost standing up:

“Young Master Sheldon! So you are here!”

Chapter 92 Genting Villa

“What what? He is Sheldon?”

After hearing Bren’s words, everyone looked over in shock and astonishment.

And Lawrance’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Su Mei’s mouth widened.

“fu*k brother, is that you? Are you my brother Sheldon?”

Shannon didn’t expect Sheldon to appear in this way, and the cold sweat was all down.

“It’s me!” Sheldon said difficultly, and wanted to get up, hiss, and take a breath.

The whole body was numb by these beauties.

“Who will help me!”

“Ah! Shao Sheldon Chen!”

The few beauties in front were all shocked. The screams drowned Sheldon’s voice.

Danna ran over and helped Sheldon up.

In fact, Danna was almost dumbfounded just now, mainly because of fear.

Last time, I offended Sheldon. For the sake of his father’s face, Sheldon just punished him simply.

But this time it was too serious. She didn’t know how Sheldon would get angry next, so she stood on the side and didn’t dare to say a word, mainly because she didn’t react at all, and her brain was short-circuited instantly!

“Young Master Sheldon! Who beat you like this?”

Shannon immediately jumped over and helped Sheldon up.

In this scene, Li Xuenuo was stunned, and the beauties in bikinis were also stunned.

It turns out that today’s distinguished guest is him, and that absolute hero Sheldon is him!

God, what did you do just now?

Sheldon liked them before looking at them. As for himself, he insulted Sheldon.

For nothing, I missed the opportunity to meet Sheldon.


Including Li Xuenuo, regret’s intestines are almost blue.

Those who regret it most at this moment are Lawrance and Su Mei.

Lawrance suppressed Sheldon for a day today, showing off his personal connections and family strength in front of him in order to compare him.

Then, during the whole process of Sheldon, he smiled and didn’t talk about showing off.

I thought it was his own ridicule that was so hard that Sheldon could hardly see a word.

fu*k, it turns out that people are laughing at you stupid!

Su Mei just couldn’t relax, staring at Sheldon blankly.

She wanted to talk, but now, there are all kinds of explosions on the scene, there is no place for her to speak.

“Sheldon! Sheldon!” The beauties began to shout loudly.

“Have you noticed that Young Master Sheldon is so handsome and handsome!”

“Yes, look at Sheldon. The low-grade clothes he wears have such a handsome effect. How can ordinary people compare?”

“I don’t know if Sheldon has a girlfriend? Oh my god, Sheldon is too restrained. There are really fewer boys like this. They seem to be his girlfriend!”

Many girls discuss similar content aloud.

Express your admiration for Sheldon.

To be honest, Sheldon feels quite refreshed now.

Watched by so many beauties with favored eyes.

It’s really the first time.

“Sorry Sheldon!”

At this moment, Li Xuenuo and other girls bowed respectfully to Sheldon.

Especially Li Xuenuo, at this moment, actually squeezed two of his own snow white slightly, hoping to attract Sheldon’s attention.

“Sheldon, how can they punish them for being so disrespectful just now?”

Shannon asked actively at this moment.

Nothing is clearer than Shannon.

And just about Li Xuenuo’s tricks, is it true that Shannon can’t see it?

He was thinking that since childhood, all the girls took the initiative to post themselves, and finally there was a restrained Li Xuenuo pestering him.

Shannon also wants to try the taste of pursuing girls.

But that’s it.

But now this stupid woman actually beat Sheldon, and his good plan to meet Sheldon for the first time collapsed. Shannon had the heart to kill Li Xuenuo!

So he asked actively.

Sheldon glanced at Li Xuenuo and the others.

To be honest, these ladies really took Sheldon’s anger.

It is impossible not to be punished!

“Easy, penalize them to play volleyball in bikinis!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Huh? Is it that simple?”

Li Xuenuo was exasperated, could it be said that Sheldon was actively throwing an olive branch to herself, and was feeling sorry for herself?

After all, he is so beautiful, how could a boy not be moved?

At this moment, Li Xuenuo thought a lot.

However, the next moment Sheldon’s cold water poured over:

“Of course, not here, but to play a volleyball match in a bikini on the most popular street in Yungang City!”


Li Xuenuo was shocked.

That’s ashamed!

“Huh, please, thank you, Sheldon, for punishing you like this. Now it’s dark and there are few people. At noon tomorrow, there will be the most people on the streets of Yungang Street. Then, I will arrange a game for you!”

Shannon shook his arm.

It was to invite Sheldon into the cruise ship.

“Young Master Sheldon, I love you! Ah!”

Several girls followed Sheldon into the cruise ship, clutching their hair and shouting frantically.

There are also a few big beauties in bikinis, lovingly holding Sheldon’s arm.

The protagonist of tonight, turned out to be Sheldon Sheldon!

“Sister Danna Sister Danna!”

Su Mei jumped anxiously. Originally, Danna was going to follow Sheldon into the cruise ship. Hearing the voice of his cousin, he walked back.

“Sheldon is Sheldon in Roston Business District. Why didn’t you tell me earlier, too handsome, Sheldon is really too handsome, I was wrong, it was all my fault, cousin, you must explain to Sheldon what!”

“Oh, Xiaomei, didn’t I remind you many times that you should leave some room for your speech, but don’t worry, it seems that Sheldon won’t blame you! For specific things, I’ll talk about it later, yes, Sheldon is You must not tell anyone about Sheldon casually. Today’s things are rotten in your stomach. As long as Sheldon is unwilling to reveal his identity, you can never tell it from us!”

“Ah? But Sister Danna, so many people have seen Sheldon today!”

Danna shook her head and pointed to the side: “Did you see those black bodyguards going back and forth?”

Su Mei looked at it and saw dozens of cold-blooded bodyguards in black, who were telling all the rich second generations present, those rich second generation daughters and others nodded after listening.

Obviously he dared not refuse.

“Is this the real big and young?”

Su Mei was completely shocked.

Next, the cruise party started at sea.

This is the first time for Sheldon to take a cruise to see the seascape at night and listen to the howling of the sea breeze. It is really cool.

As for his identity, Sheldon didn’t have much to worry about.

That is the ordinary life as usual, after all, Shannon’s luxurious life, Sheldon really can’t stand it.

This is like a fish that soars freely in the water. It swims well. You have to let it go ashore, and not only do it go ashore, but also let it climb trees.

Is this possible in a short time?


In short, the current Sheldon will at least not be that way.

So just now, Bren was arranged to do this.

At this evening’s dinner, Sheldon played with Shannon and Bren almost all night, and only went to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning.

The other rich second generations are also doing the same on cruise ships.

The next day they went to sea with Shannon and others.

Until the afternoon, the cruise dinner is over.

“Brother, I have to go to Roston in three days. I’ll see you again! I have to go anyway!”

On the way back from the sea, Shannon said kindly.

“Is there anything going to Roston?”

“Are you going to participate in the Genting Villa exhibition?”

Bren smiled.

Shannon nodded: “My dad must let me see!”

Sheldon can hear it, but Genting Villa sounds pretty good, because Sheldon really wants to buy a house now.

Just ask:

“Genting Villa, why I have never heard of it, is it luxurious?”

Shannon swallowed his saliva and said in shock, “Brother, Genting Villa, it’s more than luxurious and simple!”

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