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Chapter 93 Elsa Becomes a Net Red Sister

Sheldon is really interested, so let Shannon elaborate.

“Ahem, brother, let me tell you this, Genting Villa is no longer as simple as a simple residence, it also represents a noble identity, as the name suggests, this villa stands on the top of Roston Yunwu Mountain. The surrounding area has been built into a manor, and you can see the mountains and rivers of Roston City on it, like in the clouds!”

As Shannon said, he also yearned for it.

Is it so amazing?

Sheldon asked, “Then this house is quite expensive, right?”

Sheldon intends to buy a house, and this time Sheldon is cruel and decided to spend thousands of dollars to buy a villa, so that it is convenient to put a car and everything.

So, I want to ask about the price of this Genting Villa.


Shannon spit out a sip of wine and widened his eyes and said, “I’m going, brother, this house is more than expensive. Do you know how much it is? It’s 700 million!”

If you want to say 700 million, Shannon’s father dare to spend it for investment in business or something.

However, spending 700 million to buy a villa that has no effect on business.

It is equivalent to pure consumption, and the average rich man dare not do this.

Unless there is so much money that it can’t be spent.

Therefore, Shannon is still quite afraid of this housing price.

You must know that even though Shannon is so bold and entertained so many rich second generations today, it only cost six to seven hundred thousand dollar.

“Of course, brother, this little money is definitely not a big deal to you. I remember the god sister also spent one or two billion to buy a custom car and drive it!”

Shannon has the idea of ​​letting Sheldon try.

After all, he knew that this little money was really nothing to Sheldon.

But Sheldon really hurts.

Seven hundred million! It’s too extravagant to buy a house to live in!

Sheldon shook his head, and decided to be honest and look at buying a ten to twenty million villa.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it, brother, after three days, let’s go and take a look at the head office?” Shannon said unwillingly.

If Sheldon really bought it and could live in it by himself, then he would be really proud!

“Well, if we have time, let’s go and play together!”

Sheldon saw that Shannon carefully prepared such a big stage for himself today. Although he knew that he wanted to get close to himself and was very purposeful, the feeling of being valued like this made Sheldon hate and not hate it.

It is not easy to refuse Shannon and agree.

Then, a group of wealthy second generations played surfing on the sea. In short, it was a pleasure.

Of course, almost all girls have never left a circle, that is, the circle with Sheldon as the core.

Wherever Sheldon goes, there are many girls.

They all used their utmost ability to secretly send Qiubo to Sheldon, trying to attract Sheldon’s attention.

But Sheldon, tired, and no time to continue playing with these beautiful young ladies.

The afternoon arrived soon.

The cruise party is over this time.

Originally, Shannon invited Sheldon to visit other places, but Sheldon declined. After all, Sheldon is not like Shannon. It does not matter whether he has university credits or not.

Tomorrow Monday, I still have to go to class!

Bren was in charge of driving and drove Sheldon back to school.

After returning to the dorm, Vern and the others seemed to have gone online again, and there was no one.

After being tired for two days, Sheldon fell asleep until he was awakened by the chirping door opening.

“Vern, isn’t Sheldoncoming back!”

“Huh? Come back? Why is the phone turned off again?”

It was Vern and Liyan who came back.

The brothers looked at Sheldon, who had just woke up, and laughed.

“Oh, my phone turned off a long time ago. I was too tired and didn’t charge it. Yeah, I slept until six o’clock in the evening. Have you been online for so long?”

Sheldon looked at his watch and slept for more than three hours.

“Damn, you still surf the Internet? Sheldon, I suspect you have gone on a trip these past few days, or have gone out to find a gentle hometown, don’t you read the news of our class?”

Liyan said a little excitedly.

Before, Sheldon just told them to go out with a friend, but didn’t tell them exactly what to do.

So Liyan and Vern didn’t know what Sheldon did in the past two days.

As for Liyan’s gentle township, hehe, Sheldon really went.

Those all are big beauties!

At the moment Sheldon smiled and said, “Where to go to a gentle town, let’s talk about it, what happened to our class?”

“Before you left, wasn’t Faye Han’s star anchor’s PK battle? Hey, as expected, in the end Faye Han won the championship directly and became the absolute sister of the same city broadcast software, the star anchor, that day Elsa Han has earned more than 200,000 rewards! I rely on it!”

Liyan is really envious and hated. I envy people who earn so much in one day. Why is he not a woman if I hate myself?

“Well, so since yesterday, newspapers have come to interview Elsa, and the headline is even more domineering: A girl from Roston University, who broadcasts live for a few hours a day, earns more than 200,000 dollar!”

“Oh, in short, all kinds of related reports have been launched. This is not because of the propaganda of the newspaper. From this afternoon, our Roston TV station has come to interview Elsa on a video interview. We were just classmates. Identity, I also recorded a video, hehe, I still showed my face!”

Vern finished the next thing.

This Sheldon understands.

Elsa was on fire. After being interviewed, he naturally had to conduct some peripheral interviews, which were similar to the interview column of the TV station. After the interview, I interviewed his classmates, family and friends.

They are usually arranged in advance.

Haha, I didn’t expect to use my ordinary identity to give Elsa some gifts and raise funds for the same city live broadcast.

Indirectly, Elsa became popular.

This made Sheldon a little bit dumbfounded.

“Sheldon, hurry up and get dressed. Elsa invites dinner tonight, or the home kitchen you invited last time. It’s all booked! All classmates go!”

Vern patted Sheldon’s bed and went to change clothes.

“it is good!”

This time Sheldon promised quite happy.

As soon as he came, he was almost resting, a little hungry.

Secondly, this Elsa is a favorite of her own. What happened to her celebration feast?

How arrogant this is!

Sheldon quickly changed his clothes and ran downstairs like a wolf like Vern and the others.

School gate.

A large group of Sheldon students were waiting.

Elsa is not what it used to be. She used to be just a small anchor, earning a little money, but now she is a real internet celebrity, making a lot of money.

Nature is the core of everyone.

“Sister Marcella, let’s call it DD?”

Gerard followed his butt front and back at this time. Since the last time Dawson had beaten the son of a wealthy Roston man with his brother Xu Chao, he had been miserable, and he had never dared to come to school. Now only the yellow hairs are left in the class.

“DD, I have contacted a service company and asked them to send ten Audis. Let’s go by car. By the way, Gerard, you can count the number of people and see who else hasn’t arrived?”

“Come on!” Gerard went away happily, as attentive as he was doing his own housework, and shouted, “Stop talking, I’ll call it by name!”

It was finished very quickly.

Gerard ran over and said, “Sister Elsa, only Vern and their dorm are left and Hao Lanlan hasn’t come. Hao Lanlan said she was very uncomfortable and she was lying alone in the dorm!”

“Okay, I see, what about Vern and the others? Why are they so inked with a change of clothes!” Elsa put on a brand-name wine-red glasses and said coldly, holding his shoulders. After all, it’s an internet celebrity, so there must be a fan.

“Come here, here Vern is here!”

At this time a girl shouted.

Vern and their six dormitories are jogging over.

“Huh? Didn’t Sheldon go out to play? Why did he come back again?”

“Yeah, I went, maybe as soon as he heard eating, he hurried back. Who knows if he has spent all his lottery money, saying it’s a travel, in case he goes out to work!”

Sheldon has not yet arrived, and the ridicule has sounded…

Chapter 94 Roston Is Changing the Sky

“Sheldon, do you still know how to come? It came during dinner, and in the afternoon, why did you go when our class was recording a show for Marcella? Ha ha, the attributes of poor have never changed!”

A girl who is very close to Elsa couldn’t help but scolded.

Many girls also began to gradually change their views on Sheldon, and now they looked at Sheldon with a faint smile.

how to say.

Some time ago, Sheldon suddenly became rich, the rich kind.

It really attracted the favor of many girls.

I feel that if I can be with Sheldon, that would be great. You can buy a good-looking bag, especially this Sheldon is not ugly and pretty.

But, now Elsa has changed from a chicken to a phoenix.

Become an internet celebrity who attracts money.

This gave almost all the girls in the class a booster, making everyone think, what happened to the girls? If a girl is willing to work hard and find the right direction, she can also become rich, famous and rich.

Therefore, many girls in the class now almost all have an idea, that is to try the live broadcast in the same city. It would be better to be able to sign!

“Forget it, take him, one more is not more, one less is a lot!”

Elsa took care of her own spectacle frames. When she used to say something similar to contempt, Elsa would have glanced at Sheldon. Now, she can’t even look at it.

At exactly this time, Tenner and everything arrived, and all ten Audis also drove.

The ten Audis lined up are really spectacular.

Many students looked here enviously.

Even the owners of Audi took out their phones to take pictures of Elsa.

“Instructor, you take a car with me, and students, let’s get in the car!”

Elsa said with great emphasis on image.

One after another, everyone got on the bus.

Several of Vern’s dorm sat down.

As soon as Sheldon saw that there was no one in the Audi at the end, he was about to open the door of the co-pilot and sit in the back.

“Stop, what are you doing Sheldon?”

From a long distance, Elsa’s cold voice came over.

“I got in the car!”

Sheldon said.

“Hehe, that car is not to pick up students. Later, he has to pick up some good sisters from my live broadcast guild. You take something else!” Elsa is really drunk. Why is this dick getting trouble every time?

“Nothing else, but I see no one is on the co-pilot in the car you’re in, I’ll go there!”

Sheldon asked again, I can’t let myself go.

“I’m pooh, what do you think Sheldon? You still want to take a car with me?”

Elsa really wanted to slap Sheldon a few words, what status is she now, can she still walk with you in the future?

“Marcella, what’s the matter? Still not leaving?”

At this time, Tenner also got out of the car.

“Hmph, it’s all Sheldon, hey, call the car this time. I didn’t count him, so I called ten. Now it’s fine. I still have to use a car to pick up my sister. He didn’t ride! “

Elsa said coldly.

Tenner glanced at Sheldon in disgust, really superfluous!

Right now, he said impatiently: “Sheldon, otherwise, you can take a taxi by yourself. In a big deal, I will reimburse you for the fare of Didi. Alright, alright, Marcella, let’s go!”

Tenner yelled Elsa and left in a hurry.

Why yell Elsa to leave in a hurry?

Because Tenner just thought of a stalker who had a topic with someone, she wanted to chat with her.

Sheldon didn’t let Vern and the others accompany him, so he said that he could just fight and brought Vern’s power bank.

Wait for the convoy to leave.

Sheldon turned on the phone.

A little bit of Instagram, it’s my new Instagram account.

The news that Elsa sent to herself above is almost full.

There are some photos of Elsa.

“Brother VeilBoy, May May show you the best picture of herself, okay?”

“Brother VeilBoy, are you there, do you think Marcella is not beautiful? I’m wronged!”


There are too many, here is the photo of Elsa.

There are a few more shots of her beautiful legs. To be honest, they are quite large.

Sheldon’s heart was pounding.

“Brother MeimeiVeilBoy!”

“It’s okay, the photos are average, not too exciting! Haha!”

Sheldon might be a little angry with Elsa, and directly sent such a hint message.

Unexpectedly, Elsa, who had already left, replied in seconds: “Oh, I hate it, Brother VeilBoy! If you have time, I will make you satisfied!”

The reply of this passage made Sheldon feel itchy.

At this time, Tenner sent another new message to herself.

“Brother Ordinary, what are you doing? Today our whole class went to your dear Marcella’s celebration banquet, hum, you made Marcella popular, today you should be the protagonist! By the way, do you like it? Marcella? Why don’t you chase her?”

Tenner secretly sent this passage to Sheldon.

To be honest, the jealousy inside is very strong, and I don’t know what’s wrong, Tenner sketched the image of her boyfriend in her heart, just like ordinary, even though she had never seen ordinary.

“Can’t catch up, the car hasn’t come yet!”

Paralyzed, why do I have to be targeted every time?

Sheldon replied angrily. The taxi he taxied has indeed not come yet.

“Hahaha, with ordinary little brother’s financial resources, isn’t it easy to buy a car!”

Tenner replied again.

Obviously she would be wrong. I thought the car didn’t come, but didn’t buy a car yet.

At this time, the DD car had arrived, and Sheldon had a few random conversations with the two of them, and then ended the topic. If I was a little interested, it was the standard photos that Elsa wanted to take.

Have a good look when you have time.

While talking, Sheldon came to the home kitchen.

At this moment, Audis stopped at the door of the kitchen in their home, waiting, showing how proud Elsa was this time.

“You, why are you so clumsy, just do what you can, and you can’t do it as soon as possible. Look at you, I have seen so many part-time jobs, but I have never seen you like this, you fu*k me, besides, Compensate for the loss of this bowl of Buddha jumping over the wall, leaving a thousand dollars!”

Sheldon was about to go upstairs when he saw a woman grabbing a girl dressed as a waiter and pulling it out.

“Sorry manager, I’m really sorry, I have a wound on my arm! So I didn’t hold it!”

“Huh, I care if you are injured or not. Do you know who the Miss Elsa who went in just now is? She is the most honored guest in the kitchen of our entire home. Fortunately, you threw the Buddha over the wall and fell down. Miss Elsa, otherwise, you can’t afford to strip you alive!”

The female manager poked the girl’s forehead hard.

The girl just lowered her head to listen, but didn’t dare to hide.

Maybe it’s something wrong with Sheldon’s perspective. Looking at it from his perspective, the girl’s skin is bright and white, and strands of hair hang down. At first glance, it gives a new feeling of pity.

As for this female manager, she has obviously changed.

And Sheldon still knows the person who changed this time.

“Carla, what are you yelling for?”

Sheldon did not expect that Carla had become the manager of the home kitchen.


Carla’s body shook suddenly when he heard the sound behind him.

It was like a fish that had been stranded for a long time and saw the torrent rolling in.

It’s better like farmland that has been dry for a long time, welcoming the joy before the dark clouds.


Carla was so excited that he almost cried.

“I shout so loudly, I’m afraid that others won’t hear it, right?” Sheldon said lightly.

“Ah! I don’t dare anymore Sheldon, I am excited to see you!” Since the last time, Carla made Xu Chao misunderstand that Sheldon is her boyfriend. This incident reached Chapman’s ears. Here, Carla was warned. If Sheldon disagrees, she can never contact Sheldon again! Break his peaceful life.

Of course Carla obeyed honestly.

In fact, Sheldon has no resistance to Carla’s senior sister. On the contrary, she has shown her favor to Sheldon several times, and Sheldon regards her as half a friend.

He smiled bitterly at the moment: “By the way, Carla, why have you become the manager of the home kitchen? The villa is not waiting?”

“Ah? Sheldon, you don’t know, now Roston Business District has changed. It seems that something big has happened. President Chapman has been replaced, and the Business District will also face a reshuffle!”

Carla was surprised.

“Want to reshuffle the cards?”

Sheldon was also taken aback, without thinking about it, it must be his sister’s idea.

What is this for?

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