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Chapter 89

In the following chat, Lawrance has been showing off his relationship in Roston.

Of course, he kept talking with Sheldon.

To say that you are not angry at all is false.

Sheldon really wanted to smash this Lawrance.

But afterwards, when he thought about it, he would show off, and ridicule would be ridiculed. Besides these, what else did he have?

Therefore, the family dinner at noon is not tasteless, and after the meal, it is chatting and chatting, and the afternoon is about to pass.

Because Sheldon got up early this morning and spent nearly a day here, he was a little sleepy!

But Su Mei’s wailing voice shocked Sheldon.

“Ah, Brother Lawrance, Sister Danna, it’s almost five o’clock, and today’s cruise party is about to begin! Let’s go quickly! It’s not good to be late!”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

“After all, Shao Huang initiated the organization. We must give enough face to this!”

Lawrance said.

“Okay, then you go quickly, by the way, Lawrance, take good care of Su Mei and Danna!”

Yvonne said hurriedly.

This sentence naturally excluded Sheldon.

“no problem!”

He responded, and several people drove to drive. As for Sheldon, with Danna’s insistence, he got into the BMW 7 Series driven by Su Mei.

Otherwise, according to their wishes, it is estimated that Sheldon would not be allowed to get in the car.

During this period, Danna has also been holding Sheldon’s hand tightly, very hard.

It means like saying:

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Sheldon, I really didn’t expect them to be like this. I’m really sorry for making you so wronged today!

And Sheldon just shook his head and gave a bitter smile, which was a response.

While talking and laughing, everyone has come to the door of Golden Beach again.

“By the way, Brother Sheldon, do you have a ticket to enter?” Lawrance wanted to ask this question a long time ago, but he had to wait until Sheldon came.

Just to embarrass Sheldon.

“Oh, I have it!”

Sheldon nodded and carefully took out the admission ticket from his pocket.

“Hehe, Sister Danna must have given it to him. Really, Sister Danna, why do you want to be so good to him! Do you know that you are like this, but it hurt him? He and us are not in the same world, why not Wouldn’t it be bad to let him enter our world and let him live a plain life?”

Although Su Mei is usually not like an adult.

But now she speaks directly and unceremoniously.

It’s really sophisticated.

She usually respects Danna.

But today, until now, she really couldn’t help it.

What is the occasion today? It was Ivan who assembled a lot of rich second-generation wealthy daughters to come and have a party together.

Those who came were all characters with faces and faces.

She understood very well that her sister might like this Sheldon very much, so she wanted to show him to the world.

However, after entering, seeing so many rich second-generation daughters, can his self-esteem not be harmed?

“Okay, Xiaomei, don’t overstate some things, you need some leeway!”

Danna stomped anxiously.

“Okay, stop quarreling with your sisters. I think we’d better go in and let Sheldon follow us. There are some things that he dare not say. If anyone asks, I will just say for him!” Lawrance said righteously.

“Hmph, it’s better for Brother Lawrance, he has the ability!”

Su Mei praised him.

Sheldon rolled his eyes again.

Everyone then formed a group to enter.

It’s five o’clock in the afternoon, and the shore of Golden Sand Beach is really crowded, and it’s more lively than during the day.

“The strong son is here!”

“Xiaomei, you are here too, why are you here? Our barbecue buffet!”

As soon as Lawrance came, several rich second generations waved at Lawrance and them.

Obviously they all know each other.

“Hey, so many friends, Sister Danna, let’s go, I will introduce them to you!”

The rich second generations each played with their best friends, drank and had fun, they were very happy!

As for Sheldon, he really doesn’t want to know any more friends. He is really tired for a day now, his head is about to explode!

Just want to find a place to be quiet.

By the way, ask Bren where they are.

Just say, “You play, I’ll go to the bathroom, don’t worry about me!”

After speaking, Sheldon turned and left.

“Hehe, do you want to go to the bathroom? It’s probably because I’m afraid that others will know that a poor second generation has also mixed in. It feels ashamed!”

“That’s right, it’s obviously poor, some self-knowledge is good, this kind of occasion, can not participate if you don’t participate, look, after you come in, regret it!”

Everyone talks to you.

Danna wanted to follow Sheldon.

But when I thought about it, Sheldon really had too much trouble today, and she didn’t dare to bother Sheldon anymore.

“Who is that person? Leave without saying hello?”

A rich second generation here is a little unhappy.

“Don’t worry about him, it’s just a dick!”

Su Mei said unceremoniously.

But she said that Sheldon, who had become a poor by her, had already come to the other side of the beach.

Sheldon liked this feeling, and walked around by himself.

Some waiters passed by with red wine, Sheldon also took a glass and sat on a recliner to drink leisurely.

So comfortable, the ears are also clean!

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Chapman calling.

“Sheldon, how did you attend the party?”

Sheldon told Chapman about the party tonight, and he naturally knew it.

“It’s okay!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, that Ivan should satisfy you. I don’t know that some things should be said improperly. Alas, let’s talk about it. Ivan, who organized the party this time, actually has a lot of connections with your sister, and this time His purpose of organizing the party is obviously for you!”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Sheldon was taken aback. If he came for himself, how could Danna even get the admission ticket for himself.

Also, what is the relationship between Ivan, the son of the richest man in Stilfest, and his sister?

“Ahem, this is the case. The Ivan family has risen because of your sister Alicia’s strong support. Because this Ivan’s mother recognized your sister as a goddaughter in the early years, so you should understand. Right?”

Sheldon didn’t expect to have this kind of relationship. It seems that after her sister ended poorly, she was in Roston. No, it was the development of the whole State. He only knew one or two of them.

“As for why I told you this information, it’s because the Ivan family is very good at greet. Just like at the beginning, they treated your sister well. After knowing your sister’s true identity, they tried to curry favor, but they pretended to be When you are poor, I will help you. When you are rich, I will not step aside and look elegant. Your sister is moved because of this and supports them!”

“Of course, they have always been loyal to President Alicia!”

“This time, Shao Huang must be repeating the old trick. What kind of party he organizes is actually looking forward to your coming and showing it in front of you, ahem, since you told me about the party, I want to go, if If I don’t tell you everything I know, I will feel sorry for it!”

“Oh, I know Brother Jinguk! Please trouble you!”

“Sheldon, don’t say that, I want to do more for you!”

After chatting for a few words, Sheldon hung up.

During this conversation, Sheldonard a lot of information, but he also saw something interesting.

That’s why Chapman seemed to be at odds with this Ivan family, and was a bit suggesting to himself that this Ivan family had some petty behaviors.

Are they fighting secretly?

To be honest, Sheldon encountered this situation for the first time, but anyway, Sheldon was not as embarrassed as it cooled Chapman’s heart.

Sheldon was drinking wine, thinking about these things in his mind.

“Hey, look, that guy has watched us playing volleyball for a long time. Did he see us wearing bikinis? He has been yelling at us here?”

“Ah? No? Is there such a wretched person in this world?”

At this moment, the voices of beautiful women reached Sheldon’s ears.

After looking back, on the beach, a group of beauties in bikinis are looking at themselves coldly, muttering what they are…

Chapter 90

On the golden beach, these beauties in bikinis are playing volleyball.

Because Sheldon was too tired just now, he didn’t go to see it. He lay down and rested for a while.

But just now, Sheldon was thinking about something. Maybe when people were in a daze, he didn’t know where they looked, but he was obviously misunderstood by these volleyball beauties.

I thought Sheldon was peeking at them and yelling about nasty things.

Originally, everyone came out to play today, and their group of beauties were exposed to some boys. It was nothing.

However, this boy looks too ugly.

Moreover, staring at others, and fascinated, these girls are regarded as people who come by, don’t understand, so this is very disgusting!

“It’s disgusting, look at him, the more he talks about him, the more energy he gets, and he still looks at us!”

“You must be peeking at Sister Xue Nuo. Today Sister Xue Nuo is indeed bolder than before. Just now there was a rich second-generation who wanted to take pictures. When she heard that Sister Xue Nuo had a very good relationship with Shao Huang, she scared away. Up!”

“Yes, I don’t think this person knows life or death. Maybe he’s already taken our photos. Then at night, he took the pictures of us back to the hotel and did that kind of thing. My mother, it’s too much. Disgusting!”

“Sister Xuenuo, what do you think?”

All the beauties cast their eyes on a tall, white and hot girl with long hair and waist.

She is indeed beautiful, so to speak, she is directly the focus of the entire volleyball court.

Because there are the most boys gathered here.

Many boys obviously knew that Xue Nuo had a good relationship with Ivan, so they didn’t dare to look at it blatantly, but secretly glanced at it.

In this way, Sheldon looked very different.

Li Xuenuo cut the haircut and said coldly, “Huh! I think there are too many such nasty men. Sisters, go, let’s go over and check his mobile phone. If he really takes pictures of us. , Today we will kill him!”

Li Xuenuo said coldly.

“That’s right, if you are caught by Young Master Huang, even if it’s a rich young man like Young Master Bai, it’s fine to look at it, but it’s a shame to be so shameless!”

As everyone said, they walked towards Sheldon.

Sheldon is too late even if he wants to run now.

“You! Have you been peeking at us just now, thinking about something nasty?”

A girl with a huge breast said two trembling giant flesh.

“I… I don’t have one!”

Sheldon said innocently, heaven and earth conscience, just now Sheldon really didn’t pay attention to them.

Not to mention that among these beauties who play volleyball, there is actually such a beautiful one.

Otherwise, Sheldon would really stare at it.

“Huh, I didn’t say no. Who are you lied to? You’ve been in a halazi. You’ve never seen such a disgusting dick like you. Take out your phone and let us see!”

“Yes, take it out, disgusting man, dirty cock, tell you, it’s best to be obedient, otherwise Ivan will come later, you will feel better!”

The crowd scolded.

Li Xuenuo held his shoulders coldly at the moment, looking very proud.

This is the case. Although Ivan is very famous and has a very good relationship with him, so far, Li Xuenuo has not established a clear relationship with Ivan.

She is really a female fairy, knowing that the easier things are, the less valuable the rule.

Therefore, in the face of Ivan’s indiscriminate pursuit over the years, Li Xuenuo has been reserved.

In fact, she was already tempted.

Shao Huang, that is the son of the richest man in Stilfest, a real rich man.

Just as she thought, the more reserved she was, the more Ivan chased after her.

So now, Li Xuenuo’s status is simply too high, and many girls are dominated by her.

“I said, I really didn’t shoot you!”

Sheldon smiled helplessly. Although these girls are beautiful, they are too unreasonable.

As for Harazi, you think, a large group of beauties in bikinis stand in front of you at close range. Normal people are not tempted!

It was precisely because Sheldon was afraid of embarrassment if he stayed any longer.

Just want to slip away!

“You still want to run, sisters, come on, catch him!”

When it was said that it was too late, a few beauties surrounded Sheldon, scratching his head and tearing clothes.

In short, the combined strength of a large group of girls is not small.

It didn’t take long for Sheldon to be pressed to the ground.

Even more girls were very bold and sat directly on Sheldon’s body, almost full.

He pressed Sheldon tightly on the beach.

“Hmph, tell you, dare to offend me, Li Xuenuo, when Shao Huang comes, you can just wait to be cleaned up!”

Li Xuenuo sneered coldly.

At the same time, some girls ran over and put a towel around Li Xuenuo to cover her body.

“I rely on big news, big news, over there, a group of girls beat a boy!”

“Ah? Because of what?”

“Haha, that boy is quite a bit silky. He peeked at someone playing volleyball in a bikini, and then the group of beauties didn’t like him to watch. Anyway, because of this conflict, they started fighting!”

“Go, let’s go and see!”

The movement over there has already spread to the other side of the beach.

Lawrance, Su Mei, Danna and the others are grilling on their own here.

Upon hearing this, I immediately became interested.

“Danna Xiaomei, let’s go over and take a look, haha, see what kind of buddies are so sad?”

Danna didn’t want to go, but she was about to leave here, so she went to find Sheldon again to see if he had returned to the hotel.

So he nodded and agreed.

Everyone trot over all the way.

When they saw the boy who was still struggling with a few girls sitting under his hips on the beach.

Lawrance, Su Mei, Danna and the others were all stunned.


Danna didn’t seem to believe that the scene before him was true, and felt like she was dreaming. Such noble Sheldon was actually beaten by these beauties sitting under her ass?

Su Mei swallowed.

“Lawrance Su Mei, isn’t he the one you brought with him?”

A friend of Lawrance contempted.

“No, no, we don’t know him, my god, he is really disgusting, it’s too shameful!”

Su Mei called out loudly.

He almost blocked his face.

You Sheldonqian, you Sheldonhu, these are not serious problems, really, they are just annoying, but you are still so dirty, your girlfriend Danna is still here.

This simply made Su Mei unable to accept it.

“Xiaomei, maybe something has happened to him? Maybe it’s the first time I saw someone wearing a bikini. I haven’t seen it before, so I just watched it! Hahaha!” Lawrance grinned from the side, seeing Danna’s face look ugly, thinking Danna also felt ashamed and disappointed.

So he was super crazy and even better.

“Huh, you dick, I really don’t know how you came in. Come on, did you shoot it?” Li Xuenuo hugged his shoulders, like a proud peacock.

With a kick, he stepped on Sheldon’s head.

Oh shit!

Such insults have not been seen in a thousand years!

Sheldon was angry. He was really angry. He swears that there will not be a second time in this situation. No, it is wrong. The last time he was beaten by a girl was beaten by Danna and others.

There won’t be a third time!

Just when Sheldon was angry and wanted to hit someone.

Suddenly someone yelled, “God, look at the sea, the luxury cruise ship is here, and Shao Huang is here!”

After hearing the sound, everyone looked towards the sea.

Just look, a luxurious cruise ship is fast approaching towards the port of Golden Sands.

On the deck of the cruise ship, there was a young, fat man, wearing a bathrobe, sunglasses, and a bathrobe flying in the wind.

And beside him, standing all the beauties in bikinis and foreign beauties, nestled in his arms, feeding him red wine!

On the very edge, there are a few Kuo Shao, it is Bren and the others.

After all, in the final analysis, they all belong to Alicia’s forces, and their relationship is very good.

“Young Master Huang!”

“Young Master Huang!”

“Young Master Huang!”


As the cruise ship drove in, both boys and girls screamed on the field, rich man, this is the real rich man!

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