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Chapter 95-A Woman’s Jealousy Is Terrible

It turned out that what Carla said was about to change. It was her sister Alicia who had handed over the power of Roston Business District to someone else after Chapman left.

As for who to send, Sheldon did not ask, nor did his sister Alicia say about it.

Just wait to ask.

And Carla, because of this reason, did a good job in the villa, and was transferred to the home kitchen as the manager here.

It looked like it was promoted, but it was actually demoted.

Speaking of it, this has something to do with Sheldon.

At this time, Sheldon turned his gaze to the girl who was aside again. To be honest, it was not just pity and sympathy for Sheldon. He saw this girl and made Sheldon think of himself.

At that time, I was so poor that I couldn’t afford to eat. On weekends, I had to do several kinds of work alone. It was a common thing to be beaten and scolded.

“Carla, go and do something else, isn’t it just smashing a bowl of Buddha jumping over the wall, and not hurting anyone, just let the kitchen make another bowl!”

Sheldon ordered.

Carla didn’t dare to listen. After taking a glance at this girl, he went to the kitchen.

Carla naturally knew that Elsa was Sheldon’s favorite anchor, so she regarded her as a distinguished guest among the distinguished guests. Otherwise, how could Sheldon use a 100 million dollar financing to please that Elsa.

This is exactly the scene that made Carla jealous, holding a breath in her heart.

“Thank you…thank you!”

The girl lowered her head and bowed to Sheldon.

“You’re welcome!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

I really want this girl to raise her face. Sheldon can see her whole picture clearly, because from the side, this girl is really beautiful, a beauty that has been overlooked.

But seeing her very cautious look, Sheldon is not interested in teasing others.

After speaking, he went upstairs.

Upstairs, Elsa and the others have already started serving food.

There is no doubt that Sheldon was placed on the most inconspicuous table and sat with the most inconspicuous classmates.

On the main table, there are Tenner and Elsa’s sister Wang Xiaoya from the guild.

I met each other last time.

The four-table banquet is all in one big box, which is naturally very lively.

“Hello, hello, classmate, can the phone charge me up?”

Sheldon didn’t speak at the table, chicken braised pork ribs and so on, so Jinzhao, almost starving to death.

Because he was leaning on the socket, at this moment, a girl came over and wanted Sheldon to help.

“Hehe, it’s you!”

Only when Sheldon raised her head, the girl suddenly sneered.

She is the anchor Wang Xiaoti. She was seen in the park last time. To say that this girl looks very quiet and beautiful, she loves to see people wearing colored glasses.

Originally, she came to Elsa’s celebration banquet, she has always been a lady, and she is also very lady when talking to Elsa’s classmates.

Because she already knew that the big rich person VeilBoy came from Elsa’s department. How she asked before, Elsa didn’t tell the truth. Now it has been exposed.

So, she thought, if you can get to know more handsome guys in the literature department of Roston University, so that you will have a reason to go to the literature department to play frequently in the future, in case she is occasionally encountered by ordinary brothers, Is he favored again?

After all, Wang Xiaoti always felt that he was not any worse than Elsa.

Unexpectedly, when he looked up, he saw Sheldon who was full of mouthfuls.

It really made her a little disgusting and disappointed.

After all, how stupid this dick is, I have seen it last time.

“Yeah, it’s you! Come on, I’ll help you charge!”

Sheldon had seen her a long time ago, so he didn’t say hello, and immediately wiped his hands with a tissue, ready to take it over.

“Haha, no, classmate, please help me!”

Wang Xiaoti said to the student next to Sheldon.

After rushing forward, Wang Xiaoti glanced at Sheldon and immediately returned to the main table.

Obviously, she despised Sheldon very much, and now she despised it even less.

For this, Sheldon just smiled indifferently. After all, he is used to it. He seems to be born with attributes that make beautiful women contemptuous, alas~

“Classmates, today is a very important day for me. Here, in addition to thanking my classmates for taking care of me, there is also thanks to the ordinary brother who has made me, even though he has not come, he does not want to show Own identity, but it can be said that without him, there would be no Marcella!”

“I have three drinks here!”

Holding the red wine, Elsa drank it all in one go.

In the box, there was a warm applause.

“I suspect that Brother VeilBoy should like Marcella, and he likes it very much!”

Elsa’s roommate said at this time.

This sentence was quite attractive and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Go go, Xiaomei, don’t talk nonsense! If VeilBoy really liked me, he would have seen me!” Elsa said with a chill in her heart.

She has asked herself such a question countless times.

Why is Brother VeilBoy so good to himself?

Like yourself?

If he liked it, he would have revealed his identity a long time ago. Although her Elsa’s eyes are extremely high, even if she is tall, wealthy and handsome, she rarely sees it, but Brother Ordinary, do you know that in Elsa’s heart, you are not like that. The usual tall, rich and handsome can be compared!

If you have the slightest liking for Elsa, even if you are pursuing you yourself and waiting for you, Elsa is willing to her.

I have never met, but the usual chat with VeilBoy’s brother, and the rescue in times of crisis, Elsa’s cold heart, has long been melted and can’t be melted anymore.

So this question really made Elsa unpredictable, and her heart was beating.

“What I said is true. If he didn’t really like Elsa, how could he have paid so much for Elsa, so this is almost certain, but everyone knows that VeilBoy is very low-key. I don’t like being disturbed. I guess his idea is to first express his heart to Marcella and suggest that Marcella. Someone has always liked you. Then when the time is right, he will show his identity to Marcella, and then two people Together!”

“I went to Xiaomei. It’s a pity that you went to write a mystery, but your analysis is really reasonable. It may be that when we graduated, it was the day when VeilBoy officially confessed to Faye. During this period, Faye Although you have started your career, you must not get too close to other boys!”

The other girl also said.

“I know!” Elsa nodded. In fact, she can’t hold any other boys in her heart except Brother VeilBoy, even if she finally finds out that you are richer than Brother VeilBoy!

“I’ll get my phone!”

With a bang, Wang Xiaoti put down the wine glass, saying that VeilBoy liked Elsa, which made her feel jealous and uncomfortable.

Everyone can’t imagine the extent of Wang Xiaoti’s jealousy when VeilBoy raised a platform for Elsa for 100 million that day.

It was as if Elsa had robbed her boyfriend with jealousy.

l came to Sheldon’s side.

“Get out of me!” Wang Xiaoti rudely tore Sheldon’s clothes aside.

Sheldon wondered if this woman was sick.

Then I wanted to give her the phone and let her leave.

But I didn’t expect Sheldon’s hand to touch, it was like gunpowder.

“Who are you, just touch my phone and see how cheap you are! Do you deserve to touch my phone too!!!”

Wang Xiaoti slapped Sheldon’s hand severely.

“What’s so great about you, aren’t you just a dick? What are you doing when you touch my things! I don’t want this phone!”


Wang Xiaoti went crazy, picked up the phone abruptly, and slammed it to the ground.

He also picked up the red wine in front of Sheldon and directly splashed Sheldon’s face.

In the box, quiet down.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Sheldon, who was full of red wine, was also dumbfounded…

Chapter 96

Wang Xiao mentioned a glass of red wine and directly splashed Sheldon.

Madman, this woman is absolutely crazy.

“Little mention, what’s wrong with you?”

Elsa didn’t know that Wang Xiaoti was completely jealous of her, so she asked nervously.

“I’m fine, Marcella, I am really uncomfortable today, I will go back first!”

Wang Xiaoti didn’t want his cell phone either, and left with his bag.

She couldn’t answer what was wrong with herself?

VeilBoy’s brother is very powerful, but he doesn’t know himself, why would he be so jealous for VeilBoy’s brother.

No one knows at all.

Just now everyone was talking about how uncomfortable Wang Xiaoti felt when VeilBoy had a crush on Elsa.

Women are born to be a jealous animal.

What’s more, a beautiful woman is facing another beautiful woman.

So she especially wanted to get angry, and couldn’t be angry with Elsa, so she happened to vent her anger with poor Sheldon.

As if she had never seen Sheldon before, she ignored Sheldon and left.

“Hmph, Sheldon blames you! Let’s leave Xiao Qiqiang away, I really regret it, why did you come here!”

Elsa looked at Sheldon even colder.

Sheldon didn’t have the time to pay attention to Elsa, he was looking for Wang Xiaoti for revenge now.

Right now, he also followed directly.

Ao, poured red wine on his face and scolded himself like this, just want to leave?

Sheldon is no longer Sheldon before.

He decided to punch Wang Xiaoti in the face once.

But when he chased him out, where he could see Wang Xiaoti’s figure, Sheldon was very angry.

At this moment, a QQ message came on Sheldon’s mobile phone.

At first glance, it was sent by classmate Hao Lanlan.

She seemed to be very sick today, so she didn’t come to Elsa’s celebration party.

But when I look at the content, Sheldon’s eyelids just twitched:

“Sheldon, why do you say that people often feel very painful? I will only drag my family, I can’t help the family at all. I have struggled for a lifetime, and I can’t compare to others. I am too useless. I let my dad carry it forever. I don’t want to stop, so that my sister can’t even buy new clothes. Now my sister is sick. My sister can’t do anything. She can’t even go to the hospital, and the family provides money for me. I haven’t paid anything back!”

“Sheldon, you say, how can I be free from this kind of pain?”

Hao Lanlan sent a long paragraph to herself.

Sheldon understood. Hao Lanlan had an accident at home. She couldn’t help much, she kept blaming herself, and even in the last sentence, Sheldonard something else.

Let Sheldon’s heart jump.

Hao Lanlan is a member of her poverty group. Usually, she speaks less and less, but Sheldon has observed her secretly. Although she is inferior on the surface, she is very competitive in her heart.

Everything is better than others.

Moreover, it can be seen that besides wanting others to have a carefree life, she has greater pursuits.

This is much better than myself.

But reality is often very cruel. The more you think about things, it tends to develop in the opposite direction.

Therefore, the problem of depression in Hao Lanlan’s heart has not existed for a day or two. This time her sister was sick, she must have no money, and she had no money again.

I’m afraid it will seriously hurt her self-esteem.

Sheldon quite understands this feeling.

Worried that she would not want to do stupid things, Sheldon hurriedly said:

“Hao Lanlan, where are you? Are you in the dorm?”

“Well, here it is!”

Hao Lanlan responded quickly. There are too few people in the class who can chat. She is the one who talks to Sheldon the most.

Sheldon thought to himself that the anchor Wang Xiaoti didn’t know where he went, and now go back by himself, he must face the ridicule of Elsa and others.

Sheldon didn’t want to expose his identity.

Although the relationship with Hao Lanlan is not very good, they have been working in a poor group for three years. Sheldon can’t bear to let Hao Lanlan go on like this.

I didn’t go back at all and took a taxi directly to the girls’ dorm. After signing the sign by the aunt downstairs.

Arrived at the door of Hao Lanlan’s dorm.


Hao Lanlan, whose eyelids were almost swollen from crying, opened the door and saw Sheldon, she was obviously surprised.

“Hao Lanlan, are you okay, let me see you!”

Sheldon said something.

“I’m fine, don’t bother you, anyway, I now feel that living in this world is redundant and will drag many people!”

Hao Lanlan sat on the edge of the bed, covering her eyes and crying again.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Hao Lanlan, I used to be just like you. Since I was young, my dad told me that our family owes a lot of money and is very poor. My sister did not study in high school for me, so she went out to work. My sister is doing very well, but she gave up the high school entrance exam!”

Sheldon wanted to persuade Hao Lanlan, maybe because the two of them were very poor, he thought of his own past.

And it was really effective. Hao Lanlan stopped crying and looked at Sheldon and said.

Sheldon continued:

“Do you know how much my psychological pressure was at the time, how much responsibility I had and the hope of my family, so I studied desperately, and I desperately wanted to stand out and not be looked down upon!”

“Then what can I do? I am still often bullied and insulted by others. When I see others, I feel inferior. I am inferior to others. When I see girls, I dare not speak. I think they will look down on them. I!”

“In fact, they really look down on me and often talk about me, but I still tell myself that I have to live a good life. The day of humiliation will eventually pass, and I understand a truth!”

Sheldon was very emotional.

Hao Lanlan hurriedly asked, “What is the reason?”

“That’s a person. At what stage you must think about things and do things. Only in this way will you not get pain. You are studying and accumulating learning, but you are thinking about how to earn money and how to earn more. Money, is this realistic?”

“Yeah, I do want to make a lot of money! But I can’t do it. But now of course you will say that, you won the lottery, you are better luck than others!”

Hao Lanlan said lost.

“I have good luck, but you have to believe that you will have that day too! In short, things will pass, sooner or later, don’t be held down by this thing. What you think now should be the solution. !”

Sheldon advised.

Hao Lanlan lowered her head and just said, “Um, I know, Sheldon, thank you, let me think about it!”

Sheldon did not persuade anyone, nor did he know how to persuade him.

But since he knows Hao Lanlan’s problem now, and is a pretty good classmate, he encountered this incident himself, and he must help.

Boom boom boom!

At this time, there was a loud slamming at the door of the dorm.

It’s like shooting the door of the room from the outside.

Later, Hao Lanlan went over and opened the door.

It was as if a chubby middle-aged woman rushed in, with a horizontal face and eyebrow tattooed, as if two caterpillars were lying on it.

“Why didn’t I open the door, you little bitch, there was a man in the dorm, and your dad also said how hard you study in school, I bah, you little bitch!”

“Mom! Don’t say that, Sheldon is my classmate, he came to see me!”

Hao Lanlan cried.

“Don’t call my mother! I’m not your mother! Who are you looking at here? Do you want to force my daughter, believe it or not, I will call the police right now!”

The middle-aged woman took out her mobile phone.

Hao Lanlan panicked and immediately said: “Sheldon, you go first, thank you today!”


Sheldon wanted to scold this crazy lady, but when she thought it was Hao Lanlan’s mother, she couldn’t say anything.

“Why are you a mother like this!”

After murmured, Sheldon left.

I don’t know if this mother Hao Lanlan is a real mother or not, one bite of a little bitch.

Today, one after another was sprayed by crazy women, Sheldon was in a bad mood.

I’m ready to walk around in the park to relax.

At this time, the phone rang, and it was from my sister Alicia.

Sheldon connected immediately and wanted to ask about Roston Business District.

Unexpectedly, when I connected, my sister’s nervous voice came:

“Brother, the big event is not good, your sister, I have a big event!!!”

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