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Chapter 97

“Ah? Sister, what else can happen to you?”

Sheldon felt tight.

The relationship between the two sisters is too deep. The sister Sheldon said earlier did not lie to Hao Lanlan for not taking the high school entrance examination for him to study.

Both sisters were still poor at that time.

My sister dropped out of the high school entrance examination directly.

There are countless unforgettable things that the raptured sister has done for herself.

“Don’t mention brother, now you know some of the strict and perverted rules of our family. One thing is that no matter how much money you make or spend, you must keep a record of it!”

“Even if you spend billions of small amounts of money, it must be reflected in the family records. You must not deviate from the family! Just like you, including the bank card you use now, are all recorded in our family!”

“O’ao, I know this!”

This is a rule of the Cooper Family. As much money as you have, you can spend whatever you want, and the family’s money can be moved at will. However, you must never hide the helm of the family, that is, your father.

Saving money in another name or something.

“Do you have any unrecorded money? Old sister?”

Sheldon asked.

“Yes, I rely on! I only found out today. When I was just ending up poorly, I took the 100 million that my mother gave me for various consumption. Then, I drank a lot a day and wanted to eat a chain Brand items, let my assistant buy one for me!”

“Damn, do you know this stupid? I just bought this brand for 60 million. It was not popular at that time, but after so many years, this shop has become popular and it has earned me more than 2 billion. I didn’t care about this at all, who would have thought that idiot would just buy the store!”

“Then, I wanted to spend the two billion secretly. Only half of it was spent. My dad was a little aware that I bought so many things, why the money in the family didn’t move? So I was scared and broke. Family rules, my brother, I will be poorly raised for a month! Our dad is an old-fashioned, it’s useless for our mother to intercede!”

“What’s wrong with me, don’t you just raise it poorly for a month? It will pass soon!”

Sheldon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, his sister loved such a fuss.

“No! Brother, let alone being poor for a month, I can’t stand it for a day. I don’t care. You have to help sister, you must help!”

The old lady on the phone was almost crying.

“Okay, okay, how can you help?”

“Hey, you helped me spend the remaining billion for me within seven days, don’t keep a single point! You are not in the family, and Dad can’t supervise you so much!”


Sheldon’s blood almost came out.

“Spent a billion in seven days?”

To be honest, Sheldon hasn’t seen money. After all, Roston Business District still has industries invested by her former sister in her own name. Every month, more than one billion dollar of water enters her account.

So Sheldon is really not short of money.

Ready to invest this money or something.

However, it would be extravagant to spend a billion consumption!

The investment is okay. If you spend it for fun, isn’t it a waste. After all, I am not like my sister, who is like money and consumes several hundred million a month.

“Just a billion, can’t you still spend it? How about it, brother, buy a transportation tool, I will introduce a German company to you, and you will order a plane!”

Sheldon: “…”

“I don’t care about me! I don’t want to be poor for a month. In short, within seven days you will spend all of it, and the money will be transferred to you immediately!”

After speaking with a snap, Alicia hung up.

Raising poor for a month and raising me poorly for a month makes me waste a billion. It’s really hard for me!

Sheldon tore his hair in pain.

Buying a plane is fast, but it’s not needed now!

Moreover, until now, I have held a piece of Sheldon that was used as a hundred, and I really love the money.


Soon my bank card newsletter came, indicating that the money had arrived.

Sister is really numb.

But how does this cost?


If you invest, the family must know it, and buy something, maybe Dad won’t notice it.

One billion, how much do you have to buy?

Too sad!

Sheldon patted his head, and had no intention of strolling around, so he simply returned to the dorm to lie down.

Three days passed, and Sheldon didn’t think of a good way.

In the past three days, three things worth mentioning happened.

One is that Hao Lanlan asked for leave and was forced to take away from school by her mother.

Sheldon was very angry about this and wanted to help Hao Lanlan, but Hao Lanlan was not online and could not be contacted.

I was planning to start inquiring in these two days and give her a sum of money.

Another thing is that Elsa has completely become a man of the school, and he went to participate in the live broadcast of the same city. The endorsement of the live broadcast cover is really a small hit.

The third thing is that Chapman intends to upgrade the same city live broadcast to a software that looks like netizens across the country. He also plans to continue to invest an additional 200 million and fight a pre-platform diversion war!

Sheldon got it right, and made money quickly. After all, it was his first investment in the industry, and Sheldon wanted to make it famous!

And that day, Sheldon was eating breakfast alone in the cafeteria!

I heard the people next to me chattering non-stop.

“Hey! Do you know? Today is the day when Genting Villa is on sale! The original price was 700 million, but now it has risen to 800 million!”

“It’s the day of the exhibition. Who will buy a house worth 800 million? This is not an investment!”

“But Genting Villa is really worth 800 million dollar. Some photos have been exposed on the Internet. Damn it. It is simply gorgeous. Living on it is like living in a heavenly palace!”

“Well, people say it’s a villa. Actually, it’s just a tourist attraction. I think, because I’m going to participate in the exhibition this time, there will be more than 100,000 tickets, and the number of people is limited!”

“Damn! Too ruthless!”

Listening to the person eating next to you, you kept talking about each other.

Sheldon also remembered that the exhibition at Genting Villa today had been agreed with Shannon to go play together.

Also at this time.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang again.

Naturally Shannon.

“Brother, I am going to pick you up and participate in the Genting Villa exhibition. I will show you the ticket!”

Shannon said with a smile.

“Uh, it’s not used to pick me up. I know the address of Genting Villa. I can go by myself. Then I will go. Just give me the ticket!”

“Oo, the VIP seat is the VIP seat, I don’t care, trouble you!”

“Okay, if you buy it, let me take a look. If it’s really good, I’m going to buy Genting Villa again, hehe, that’s OK, let’s make it so, I’ll go there after I eat!”

Sheldon reluctantly finished the call with Shannon.

This kid still encourages himself to buy.

It’s not good to keep people waiting.

Therefore, Sheldon first called Vern and said to ask for leave, then quickly pulled the egg fried rice on the plate and got up.

Only then did he realize that it seemed that the entire cafeteria had stopped moving, and all looked at him in astonishment!

Chapter 98-An Acquaintance Met at the Exhibition Gate

As soon as Sheldon stood up, he found that many people in the cafeteria were all looking at him in astonishment.

Especially the men and women who discussed Genting Villa just now.

The feeling is that Sheldon was too involved in the call just now, and directly chatted with Shannon, forgetting where he was.

These words naturally dazzled the crowd.


I don’t know who broke the silence first and burst into laughter.

“Damn, this guy is stupid, go to Genting Villa to visit?”

“Hahaha, is it possible that the employment pressure is too great, making people crazy?”

“What a special guest, kneel to welcome you, hahaha!”


The audience laughed.

Some people ridiculed Sheldon without evasiveness.

Sheldon wiped his mouth and shook his head with a wry smile. There is no way to explain this situation!

After leaving the school gate, Sheldon drove a car and arrived at the foot of the Yunding Mountain Villa, in front of an exhibition hall.


Surrounded by luxury cars.

There is constant access to the inside and outside world.

Standing at the door, Sheldon saw that there were obviously two passages going in.

One is the VIP channel and the other is the ordinary customer channel.

Of course, the ordinary customers here are all unusual, just relatively speaking.

“Huh? What about Shannon? Didn’t you say that you are waiting for yourself at the door of the VIP passage?”

Where did Sheldon see the figure?

Is there still an entrance in the VIP passage?

Sheldon thought for a while, raising his foot to walk in.


Suddenly at this time, a female voice came from behind, with a sense of surprise.

Sheldon turned around and saw that she was wearing a black uniform with a hot body and a stunning appearance.

Can not help but froze.

“Cousin Wade?”

Isn’t this Lilla’s second cousin, Wade who made things difficult for herself at Grandma Lilla’s birthday party?

Later, after learning that the Lamborghini was his own, I remember that Wade’s expression was quite complicated.

Originally, after the incident, Sheldon thought that he would not meet Wade in a short time.

What happened to Lilla in the end is still unconclusive, it’s just that they occasionally come out to eat in the past two days.

But I didn’t expect to see you here again after only a few days.

And there was a sign hanging on Wade’s chest: Design Director, Wade!

Damn, she designed this Genting Villa?

Knowing that Wade is very powerful, very academic, and very cold, I didn’t expect Wade to be so powerful.

How old she is.


Appearing to be very satisfied with Sheldon’s expression, Wade smiled faintly: “Hehe, today is the day of the Genting Mountain Villa exhibition, what are you doing?”

“I come……”

“Don’t tell me you are here to participate in the exhibition. Just take a look. Tell you clearly that you can’t afford this villa! I know you won tens of millions of lottery tickets and bought a luxury car. But for this house, don’t even think about it. I don’t know how much money you have left. If you want to buy a house, I can give you a few sets of normal prices!”

Before Sheldon finished speaking, Wade held up his glasses frame and said coldly.

Yes, the last time Wade saw that 20 million luxury car, he was really shocked.

Even always wondered whether Sheldon would be it?

The result is not, Sheldon is a lottery rich dick.

Fortunately, I was so sorry that my intestines turned green for him that day.

Thinking about it now, I was really ridiculous at the beginning, and I had the idea of ​​competing with my cousin for Sheldon!

Vomit vomit!

I’m going to throw up!

“I just want to see!”

Sheldon knew the contempt in Wade’s words, and really didn’t want to entangle her too much, so he could only say that.

“Hehe, it’s okay to see this kind of thinking. Besides, Sheldon, you are my sister’s boyfriend after all. I have to remind you, don’t compare you with those rich second-generation generations. The industry is much better than you don’t know. You are just sitting and eating. The money will be spent sooner or later. To be honest, according to your ability, I can hardly believe that you can support my sister!”

Wade was proud as a peacock.

Yes, you Sheldon is amazing. You got tens of millions in Lamborghini. But after finding out some things, Wade just felt that Sheldon was brainless and stupid!

There are no more emotions!

Therefore, when they met, he unceremoniously gave Sheldon a mouthful.

Take revenge on the face that was beaten last time.

“Of course, is this the brother-in-law who bought Rambo in the lottery you mentioned? He looks pretty handsome! But how do you do things like this?”

“But he is quite cautious. I’m afraid he has never been to such a big scene and met so many people, right? Alas, it’s no wonder that this kind of people who have been poor for a long time came out of the village and didn’t have much knowledge. With so much money, it is inevitable that you can’t help the upstart mentality!”

“Well, he won’t regret it until he spends all his money. It’s too late at that time. Hey, I don’t want to improve myself, but he spends hundreds of thousands of tickets to participate in such a high-end event. Huh?”

Behind Wade, there were two women and one man.

The two women are really pretty, and they are on par with Wade, and the man is also very handsome, looking like a rich second generation.

Several of them are the same age, about 25 or 16 years old.

When several people saw that Wade was so contemptuous of Sheldon, they also habitually contemptuously speak of Sheldon without any scruples.

It made Wade quite shameless.

“Sheldon, did you spend hundreds of thousands on buying tickets again? Where’s Lilla? Does she know?”

Wade said coldly.

“I know, we ate together last night, but it is not convenient for her to come! As for the ticket, I haven’t bought it yet!”

This is the truth, Sheldon often eats with Lilla these past two days, and wants Lilla to come and have fun, but she has come to my aunt. It’s so uncomfortable that she can’t come!

The tickets were arranged by Huang Yonghong. Of course, Sheldon didn’t need to buy them.

“Oh my god, people like you are really anxious!”

To be honest, Wade really wanted to scold Sheldon out.

However, Sheldon is also Lilla’s boyfriend, so he has to look at the owner when he hits the dog, right?

So Wade forced it to endure, and seeing Sheldon still insisted on going in to see the world.

Now is the way:

“You have to meet me today. Well, how many places do I have in my hand? Except for my friend, I will give you one more. You can go in with my friend. Remember, after you go in, don’t talk nonsense!”

Wade exhorted and threw a ticket to Sheldon impatiently. As the director, she naturally had a spot in her hand.

“Joe, Blanca, Neal, I’ll be responsible for introducing Genting Villa when I go in later. Please help me take him with him! He doesn’t understand anything!”

Wade said.

“But I have a few friends from the business community to see later, take him… well, let him find a place to sit down in a while!”

Neal was embarrassed.

I had already bought the tickets by myself. Hundreds of thousands was a trivial matter to me, but because of Wade’s relationship, why bother to spend more money.

But now with such a ugly force, it is very cheap!

But still agreed.

“Neal, who do you want to see later, take us with you, let us get to know you too?”

Joe Blanca is really a beautiful woman, but now she is willing to stay next to Neal and take the initiative to approach.

“Okay, okay, let’s take him in first, alas!”

After sighing, everyone was ready to go in.

Sheldon didn’t expect that he would make a mistake when he visited.

But, since Wade said he was with Joe and the others, Sheldon couldn’t clearly refuse.

I took the ticket and walked towards the VIP entrance.

“Damn! Are you sick? Get me back!”

When Wade saw Sheldon walking towards the VIP entrance, he burst into foul language with anger.

“That is the VIP entrance, which is specially prepared for the richest man in every city in State. Do you have a brainstorm!”

Joe was also anxious, and cursed directly at Sheldon.

“Oh, so you don’t go here!”

Sheldonlplessly shook his head…

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