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Chapter 989

Since we want to cooperate, then of course we must choose the largest project for cooperation. Otherwise, what is the meaning of cooperation?

Hearing what Sheldon said, Ke Zhongtian also reacted immediately.

“Dong Chen, I do have a very good project now, which is the development and construction of the Huanhai District of Tianhai City.”

Ke Zhongtian told Sheldon about his project.

When Sheldon heard it, he immediately became interested.

“Are you talking about the development of the commercial area around the sea area?”

Sheldon was suspicious, and then asked Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian nodded irresponsibly.

“Yes, Dong Chen, right there, it seems that you know Dong Chen too.”

Ke Zhongtian smiled and looked at Sheldon and said.

“Well, I do have concerns about that place, Dong Ke, let it be, if that is the case, then I, Yaojiang Group, will be involved in the construction of this area with you Zhongtian Group, but the construction All situations and designs must be handled by our Yaojiang Group.”

After a pause, Sheldon looked at Ke Zhongtian’s proposal.

After Ke Zhongtian heard this, he was also taken aback for a while, and then immediately agreed.

“No problem, Dong Chen, you are willing to work with me. This is already my greatest honor. Everything is left to your Yaojiang Group.”

Ke Zhongtian did not dare to have any opinions on this situation. of.

It is a very unexpected thing for him to know that Sheldon can take the initiative to propose to cooperate with him.

If he still proposes various conditions, then he will lose the opportunity to cooperate at that time, I am afraid that Ke Zhongnai will really regret it. Up.

Doing business is to seize a good time and opportunity.

If you don’t grasp it well, you will miss success.

At this moment, Zhou Nuo walked in with tea.

“Zhou Nuo, go and draft a cooperation contract, and you will bring it to me later.”

Sheldon ordered Zhou Nuo.

“Yes, Dong Chen!”

Zhou Nuo responded, and then walked out.

“Dong Chen, you are so interested in this area, how are you going to build it?”

Ke Zhongtian looked at Sheldon curiously at this time.

The commercial area in the Huanhai District of Tianhai City covers a huge area, and it is all brand new, and it is completely under construction, so how to build it is also a big problem.

Although Zhongtian Group has contracted such a large project, Ke Zhongtian has always had a headache on how to proceed with this project.

No, just when he was clueless and extremely distressed, Sheldon’s cooperation fell on him, which made Ke Zhongtian happy.

This project requires nearly tens of billions of funds. Even if the Zhongtian Group is rich, it is impossible for one person to undertake such a large project alone. The follow-up also needs to cooperate with all parties and share it.

But now with the addition of Yaojiang Group, this project belongs only to Yaojiang Group and Zhongtian Group, and only these two groups can divide the project.

For Sheldon, tens of billions of funds were just a matter of flicks.

Soon, after about an hour or so, Zhou Nuo walked in with the contract.

“Dong Chen, I have drawn up the contract you want, please have a look!”

Zhou Nuo handed the contract to Sheldon and told.

“Okay, thank you, Zhou Nuo for your hard work.”

Sheldon also thanked Zhou Nuo very considerately.

Zhou Nuo also smiled knowingly, then turned around and walked out.

After Zhou Nuo left, Sheldon glanced at the contract and handed it to Ke Zhongtian.

“Dong Ke, you can take a look at this contract. If you have any questions, you can tell me, or you can put forward any conditions and requirements. Since we are a cooperative relationship, it will be mutually beneficial.”

Sheldon looked at Ke Zhongtian spoke word by word.

Sheldon did not put on a strong identity, because he felt that it was unnecessary. Since it is all cooperation, of course it must be sincere and respect others.

In other words, Zhongtian Group is not small. Ke Zhongtian is still the chairman of the board, and of course he still wants to give him face.

Ke Zhongtian immediately stood up and took the contract from Sheldon, and then sat down again to check it.

After looking at it carefully for a while, Ke Zhongtian closed the contract.

“Dong Chen, I took a closer look at the contract and there is no problem.”

Ke Zhongtian responded to Sheldon.

“Okay, let’s sign it!”

Sheldon nodded, and then proposed to Ke Zhongtian.

After speaking, the two took up pens and signed their names.

After the contract is signed, it represents that Zhongtian Group and Yaojiang Group have now officially started cooperation.

“Dong Chen, I wish us a happy cooperation!”

Ke Zhongtian respectfully extended his hand and gestured towards Sheldon.

Sheldon also politely reached out and shook Ke Zhongtian’s hand and responded: “Of course, Dong Ke, happy cooperation!”

“Okay, then I will leave Chen Dong first. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time. “

Ke Zhongtian said to Sheldon again, then turned and left.

After Ke Zhongtian left, Zhou Nuo walked into Sheldon’s office from outside.

“Dong Chen, why do you actively choose to cooperate with Zhongtian Group?”

Zhou Nuo looked at Sheldon in surprise and asked.

In Zhou Nuo’s view, in fact, even if Zhongtian Group is not needed for this project, Yaojiang Group can easily take it down, but now they still have to share a piece with Zhongtian Group, which really makes Zhou Nuo not understand Sheldon. Mind and practice.

“Zhou Nuo, I know you must be thinking that we can actually win this project easily. Why do we share a piece with Zhongtian Group?”

Sheldon also immediately saw Zhou Nuo’s thoughts and asked.

Zhou Nuo nodded his head without denying.

Sheldon did not blame Zhou Nuo, but looked at Zhou Nuo with a smile.

“Zhou Nuo, think about it. If our Yaojiang Group is enemies everywhere, it will be counterproductive in the end. It is not a good thing to have too many enemies.”

Sheldonyu explained Zhou Nuo earnestly.

“Also, what happened yesterday is not about Ke Zhongtian’s business. His wife was too much, and Ke Zhongtian did not make any excessive actions. By doing so, I would be regarded as repaying grievances with virtue, and it was able to buy people’s hearts. It can also allow Ke Zhongtian to cooperate wholeheartedly with me in the future, so that the benefits will last.”

“Zhou Nuo, we can’t be attached to some of the benefits in front of us. Although some benefits come quickly, we will lose more.”

Sheldon detailed a series of these principles to Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo nodded clearly after listening.

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