His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 113 – 114

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Chapter 113

Elbert only felt that the blood in his whole body seemed to be frozen.

He suddenly felt strange when he looked at the woman in front of him. Between him and Lisa, there has been such a big ditch since when Elbert stood up, and the Lisa in front of him gave him an illusion that he didn’t dare to face it.

He almost escaped from Lisa’s ward like an escape.

He stayed for two days and nights without falling asleep, but he lost the moment she woke up.

Lisa closed her eyes as the door to the ward was closed, and she fell back on the bed hard, tears flowing freely along her cheeks. Elbert stood outside the door, clearly tens of meters apart, but he felt that they were separated by a whole world.

A whole world that made him feel unreachable.

Lisa took the initiative to ask to be discharged after two days of hospitalization. Elbert couldn’t persuade him. Tonny Jiang also came.

They said that a miscarriage is equivalent to a confinement.

Are you trying to get the root of the disease? Lisa paled and smiled.

The vice body, what about the root of the disease? Anyway, it is already incomplete, and it is better to break the jar a little more. Tonny Jiang frowned, the injury was given by others, but the body is your own.

Lisa did not speak, and insisted on asking to be discharged from the hospital.

The two of them couldn’t force her to keep her, so Elbert loaned Lisa out.

He originally thought that even if he was discharged from the hospital, he would ask someone to take care of her at home, but he didn’t expect it.

Lisa wants to go back to his home. Elbert turned her head in the car and looked at her.

The woman’s face was sick, but her eyes were so cold.

I said I want to go back by myself. Where can you go now like this? Elbert yelled unbearably, insisting on ruining herself.

Is it reconciled to you? Lisa is sitting in the back row, you want a son, I will give it to you, you said I was pregnant and forced me to stay at Bo’s house, and I was also locked up by you. Now I have no children on my body, you still have What is threatening me Elbert feels that my heart has been dug out, Lisa, do you have to think that I am threatening you to you? He just wants her to take care of her at his house. Unexpectedly Lisa listened to it, but suddenly laughed Sound.

Treat me well you are not telling me a joke, are you

Chapter 114

At that moment in Lisa, the heart counted down, Elbert loosed the steering wheel uncontrollably, and went back to catch her, are you crazy, do you want your life? But the next second, the woman turned her head and glanced at Elbert, that look , With despair, then she jumped out of the carriage without any scruples.

The swift car with strong inertia caused Lisa to roll over on the road, her knees smashed and a blood stain was rubbed.

They were all spinning, hitting the flowerbed on the roadside, Elbert slammed on the brake, and the car still slid out for several meters before stopping at the side of the road, enough to see how fast the car was when she jumped outside.

Lisa fell to the side of the road, and then grabbed the pole of the road to stand up.

She had a piece of skin on her leg and blood was dripping down, but the woman ran to the side of the road as if she could not notice the pain, and the night was behind her.

Lisa knew that he couldn’t chase Elbert like this, so he could only stop. When she stopped, she turned around and yelled at him, don’t come over.

That glance made Elbert’s heart cold.

The Lisa man called her with a trembling voice, why do you have to come back like this? I ran to the road and slammed to death. When the hoarse voice reached Elbert’s ears, his whole body was shaken by the words. .

Looking up at Lisa, the woman’s eyes had a desperate determination.

I said to do Elbert, even if you try him, she hates him, hates everything about Bo’s family, even more than fear of death, Elbert’s eyes are red Now, Lisa, do you hate me so much.

The answer was that Lisa hated her without hesitation until he would rather die than return to him. Elbert had to admit that he lost.

He lost to the shocking hatred in her eyes. Elbert shivered and stretched out his hand at her, Lisa, you are still suffering from relapsed depression, please calm down first, let’s go home and then Lisa smiled at him. My house is gone. Elbert, are you disappointed, Tang The family was destroyed five years ago.

She was no longer the Lisa that year.

There is no turning back. Elbert dialed a number secretly, blindly typed a string of characters and sent it to her men.

She didn’t know if his men could read it, and then shouted again to the Lisa. Dao, go back to Bo’s house Lisa of the Bo family shook his head, that is your home, not mine.

That was our home once. But Elbert choked with these words, and Lisa’s expression had already stated that he did not want to be entangled with him anymore.

He couldn’t see her standing on the side of the road all over her body, how proud and precious she was once, why is she now like this, who forced her to be like this, trying to delay time, waiting for his people to come Now, there must be a way to take her back, then she disagrees, she must be taken back forcibly.

He didn’t even want to let her leave his sight again. Elbert is cruel, don’t forget, your son is still in our house. Your son Lisa was in a daze by Elbert’s words.

Her eyes drifted away for a long time before she slowly focused, looking at Elbert , Word by word, Elbert, how many methods do you use to force me? Human hearts are made of flesh. When you threaten me with Weiwei, you will not feel guilty. Elbert is frightened.

The woman continues to say, yes, you will have to wait until someday even Christian also dies, so that you will be completely in pain.

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