His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 115 – 116

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Chapter 115

Elbert’s face changed in an instant, Lisa smiled at his heart, laughing at his absurdity. Elbert, you can’t understand the pain I endure, and you won’t even feel it.

If you could understand one ten thousandth of my pain, you wouldn’t be cruel and cruel to force me to be like this.

Lisa turned around and wanted to continue walking.

At this time, Elbert used his peripheral vision to look at his person who was driving over and yelled. Don’t move Lisa Just about to take a step forward, she heard a man’s voice coming to her ears along with the wind, like a knife splitting her body. Don’t let her run. Grab her Lisa was surprised, looked up and looked around. Knowing when the black business car was surrounded, she backed up a few steps, but escaped without a way. When did these people come and Lisa was held by Elbert’s men again, and this time, they quickly pinched A rag was stuffed into her mouth to prevent her from biting them, or biting her tongue to self-harm.

Lisa’s hands and feet were all grasped, hot tears fell, and her whole body was trembling, feeling that she would once again return to the kind of darkness that was shut in and isolated in the world.

She was carried into the car.

This time, there were men on her left and right. Elbert got off the original car and threw the key to the driver.

She sat in the passenger seat of the van where Lisa was.

Lisa was in tears and saw Elbert’s delicate face in the dim eyes of tears, as cold as Shura in hell.

He sneered at her.

It would be better to be obedient earlier and save so much unnecessary trouble.

He was mocking her for her weakness and weakness.

Lisa closed her eyes and was stuffed with cloth.

She couldn’t make a sound to call for help, letting the car drive her closer and closer to Bo’s house.

Twenty minutes later, Lisa returned to Bo’s house.

This time, Elbert didn’t keep her in the small black room, but instead carried her to the bed.

The rag from Lisa’s mouth was taken away, and she gasped for breath, what do you want, her voice even brought a plea. Elbert lowered his eyes, his eyes fell on the wound on her leg unconsciously, and he slapped a finger, and someone came in with something.

Since you can’t resist, obey obediently, this is the idea that smart people have.

And now, what can you win me with only by instinct and impulse? Yeah, harder than the heart, she can’t beat the thin night.

Some things can be done with enthusiasm and impulse, but some things, even with the idea of dying, can’t beat the man in front of him.

Lisa only felt a cold on her legs, she shivered subconsciously, but her thigh was held down.

The man used tweezers to hold a piece of cotton moistened with disinfectant alcohol and wiped her wound, and helped her treat the wound back and forth, and finally put a bandage and adhesive tape on her wound.

The tenderness he showed at this moment was like a cruel poison pouring into Lisa’s throat.

Her eyes were red. You pretend to be a good person and sneer at night, looking up at her.

I have never been a good person, just watching It’s just dazzling.

Lisa was hurt by his eyes, Elbert, what do I owe you? Elbert did not speak.

I have given you everything, I have nothing, what do you want me to do? Elbert remained silent.

Lisa desperately laughed silently, let me go, Elbert.

If this continues, I am afraid I will lose my life.

Chapter 116

When Elbert heard the Lisa, let me go, as if being stimulated, the whole person’s aura was suddenly suppressed.

He squeezed Lisa’s chin, word by word, with all his strength, Lisa, before I said it was over, you are not qualified to stop at all, it’s not enough, he wants her to lose enough for Lisa to laugh silently and ridicule him.

The cruelty, thin night, sooner or later, one day, I have nothing to thank you for.

At that time, the world really couldn’t hold her anymore. Elbert didn’t speak, and went straight out, and this time he didn’t lock the door, probably because he knew that Lisa would not dare to disobey him anymore.

After all, Christian was still in Elbert’s hands.

He wanted to pinch her to death easily. But in the evening, something that caught them off guard happened.

Bialla Anis here. Elbert was shocked, who on earth called An Ru, and who passed it out that Lisa was at home. Because Bialla Anwent to the door of Elbert’s house, he went straight to the room where Lisa was, and pushed the door straight. Elbert couldn’t even stop him. bar. When Bialla Ansaw the Lisas in Elbert’s house, his entire face was pale.

She murmured, he didn’t lie to me, he really didn’t lie to me who he was, Elbert had a lot of doubts in her heart, Bialla Anstepped forward, and slapped Lisa’s face with a heavy slap. But the next second, when she was about to fall, her hand was grabbed by Lisa.

The woman stared at her with sharp eyes and sneered at her. You want to hit me Anru a few steps backwards, and her eyes are red. Obviously, she was the one who beat people in the first place, but she was the one who pretended to be wronged immediately.

She pointed to Lisa, and she was shaking all over. Why would you be at Brother Ye’s house, Elbert’s house, and she can’t even get in? Occasionally, he would let her sit back in the living room when he was in a good mood, and there were very few women who could enter Elbert’s bedroom, but this Lisa, how could she have the ability to lie down in Elbert’s house like this? On the bed, Lisa looked at the panic-stricken Bialla Anin front of her, and she only found it ridiculous.

She said, ask him to go and ask me what I did.

She also wanted to know why Elbert had to trap her in Bo’s house.

His face was pale, Elbert came forward behind him, An Ru, don’t Bialla An threw directly into Elbert’s arms with tears in his eyes, Brother Ye, why are there women in your family? Elbert had a headache and didn’t know how to explain it to An Ru, but Bialla Ankept holding him like this.

The two were as close as a couple.

Lisa looked a bit funny.

She looked like an outsider, so she had time to watch and hug him.

Bialla Anand Elbert together.

There is no wave in the eyes. Elbert was irritated by Lisa’s indifferent eyes, and he reached out and put Bialla Anaside, and then said that she was only living here temporarily.

I didn’t even want to mention the reason.

Lisa sneered. Can’t you see the ferocious Elbert in An Ru’s eyes? She looked at her, but her heart trembled.

Such a cruel woman, isn’t Elbert a fool who doesn’t know her mind? It’s a pity Bialla Anhas a simple and innocent picture She seemed pitiful when she was wronged.

Lisat tsk shook her head.

If An Ru’s sister Sarah An knew, probably the dead would be pissed off by her own little sister, who is pregnant with ghosts.

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