His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 121 – 122

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Chapter 121

The damn man was bitten by Lisa and screamed.

He slapped Lisa’s face with a backhand. You can think of you for help.

Lisa’s phone was stolen by him, and he smashed it on the toilet floor. , The woman blushed fragilely, you let me go for the next second, the man slammed her face against the wall when the pain struck, the tears and blood mixed together and overflowed from her facial features and mouth It is blood, there is blood in the nose, and every breath is blood.

Lisa trembled, and immediately lost the strength to struggle.

She fainted in the arms of the man, and her nosebleeds dropped drop by drop on the entire tile floor. Damn, it’s really tough.

The man carried her up with one hand, and then made a call. We caught the lady and we will take her to you now. We also took the child with us.

The man got into the last compartment of the toilet.

There was a ventilation window on the wall.

He put the Lisa on it, and he stretched out his hands on the opposite side to respond.

Several people transported the unconscious Lisa out through the ventilation window of the men’s toilet. Ground from the vent. Elbert waited at home for a day, but Lisa did not come back until dark.

He was faintly disturbed.

Lisa couldn’t just run away like this.

She should have no guts to challenge him again, but why there was no answer after so long. Elbert called Lisa but the phone was turned off.

He panicked, Lisa wouldn’t really run away, he didn’t think much, he dialed the number again, this time it was to Messy Lin, the opposite was quickly connected, Elbert, you can say something. Check where the Lisa is now. Elbert’s eyes sank.

The bold woman actually dared to escape like this. But the news from Messy Lin an hour later made Elbert confused.

Messy Lin said, Elbert, we found Lisa’s mobile phone IP address, which was in a shopping mall.

Realizing that he hadn’t finished speaking, Elbert narrowed his eyes and let out his murderous intent, and continued.

It is a men’s toilet.

Messy Lin himself was very skeptical, but this result is impossible to go wrong.

He checked it back and forth three times, I am not joking, Elbert, the positioning is indeed there, and there is no moving change.

That is to say, the mobile phone was placed there, so Messy Lin found out such a result, Elbert’s face suddenly changed. Now let me check Lisa himself and watch the surveillance video of Lisa in the shopping mall.

She actually She knows how to deliberately use her mobile phone to create suspicions, but Elbert found that his fingers were trembling faintly.

I don’t know why, he always had a bad premonition.

If Lisa didn’t deliberately avoid Elbert’s investigation, then what is her phone? Why did Elbert appear in the men’s toilet in the mall I didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

He immediately dialed another number.

Hey Marven Su is me.

I need your family’s help.

Marven Su didn’t expect that Elbert would ask their family to search for a woman, and that woman was the Lisa he initially dismissed. But the anxiety in Elbert’s eyes can’t deceive people.

Marven Su’s family has something to do with the central government, so it is a trivial matter to issue a search warrant and use police forces to investigate together.

Marven Su didn’t care at all, but his subordinates sent a message, which immediately tightened the hearts of the two men.

Marven Su, we watched the surveillance video and found that Lisa entered the men’s bathroom and did not come out.

Later, a man followed her in and never came out again. We suspected that Lisa was kidnapped.

Chapter 122

When the kidnapped words fell into Elbert and Marven Su’s ears, both men were shocked. When he recovered, Elbert grabbed Marven Su’s phone and shouted at his subordinates.

Show me where Lisa was kidnapped. Who else wants to kidnap her? Elbert’s heart is unprovoked panic.

He feels that this incident is not accidental at all.

I don’t know why, but he always feels that someone has arranged everything, including Lisa’s.

His fingers were trembling slightly when he was missing. When this reaction fell into Marven Su’s eyes, the man narrowed his eyes slightly.

Lisa woke up on the cold concrete floor.

As soon as she woke up, she faced a grinning smile.

The man who beat her in the toilet earlier was smiling at her.

Lisa took a breath, her lungs were burning like fire. Usually it hurts, there are bloodshots at the corners of her mouth, and she slides down, which is really distressing. Oh, wake up.

The man with yellow hair smiled fiercely.

He went up to pick up Lisa’s face with the toe of his shoes.

Lisa’s hands and feet were all tied up, unable to resist, so they could only let them get closer, with his big hands on her. Groping around. With the nausea she almost disgusted.

The young lady really didn’t lie to me.

The yellow-haired man laughed fiercely.

Although it was a torn shoe that had given birth to a child, she looked really good, and the brothers could barely pass it.

Lisa’s eyes were red, and she wanted to shrink helplessly, but she was restrained because her hands and feet could not move freely.

She struggled in pain, but it aroused the desire of men even more.

The yellow-haired man pinched her chin.

The rough fingers wiped the blood off Lisa’s face fiercely.

He stared at her and smiled.

Her face was also good, but it was a bit smelly.

Lisa trembled all over, with a hoarse voice. Don’t come over, but the voice she yelled was extremely low.

She didn’t have much strength anymore, and being taken to this place made her panic.

Those dark memories in prison before. When it struck again, Lisa’s face was pale, making her eyes red as if blood was spilling. What’s the name? When the time comes, some of your cool yellow-haired men will drag her up from the ground.

If you resist, I can’t tell the death of your precious son.

Lisa’s body trembled fiercely, but where is it, what did you do to him? Such a treasure, he thinks that little son is your life, if this life dies, you say, would you despair hahahahahahaha The man threw her into a messy little bed, all of which was like locking her in a prison where there was no way to help.

Lisa was pressed down on the quilt with his face, and then he touched a big hand on his back. , As if to rob her of everything.

Lisa shed tears indiscriminately, let me go, let me go, our eldest lady, but I wish you could die, I said my little lady, what did you do to sorry eldest lady, who is the eldest lady Lisa screams, I don’t know what you call Missy, don’t touch me, don’t touch me.

He tore her clothes, happily watched Lisa’s desperate and helpless look like crazy, and a name burst out of his teeth viciously.

I might as well tell when I die. You, Miss An is Miss An, this person, do you know Miss Bialla AnLisa hates red eyes, you dare to touch me, I will die now to show you that it turned out to be An Ru, it turned out to be Bialla AnHeartbroken, not only to get rid of her, but also to get rid of her son Christian is so innocent, what are you arrogant, now you have no right to threaten us, how much money Anju gave you to make you so lawless Hemorrhage, if it hurts my child, you will have retribution, and you will definitely have retribution, and keep retribution.

The yellow-haired man tore her jacket to pieces, you know, in this world, the most boring thing is retribution, because that is a tool for self-comforting you poor worms, I still live a long life in this world.

Shang Lisa spewed out a bloody mist with hatred, she felt that her life was gradually approaching the edge of collapse, little by little, reason withdrew away when she was most helpless.

Her pupils began to diminish slowly, as if she was unconscious because of too many injuries.

The man engraved her appearance on the bottom of his eyes, and then reached out and fumbled on her smooth skin.

I hate her, I hate Anru, I hate Elbert who was thrown into hell five years ago, but after five years he will experience a life worse than Death Elbert, everything arises from you, you are the original sin, you are incurable Lisa, the original sin of medicine, shuddered under the man, and the fragile bed shook and screamed.

The man seemed to slap Lisa with a cruel slap on the face.

She was already numb to the pain.

This slap was like hitting cotton.

Lisa did not utter a syllable.

She straightened her body tightly. When the man grabbed her leg, she squeezed it hard, causing the man to roar. , Damn, pretending to be a woman who has not been able to sleep in this life, but at this time, there was a slight knock on the door. Who, this place is deep in the mountains and forests, and the surrounding area is surrounded by farmers who are farming. Who will find the door? Hello, I live near you. My family made a pot of dishes and I will bring you some.

The simple voices of the villagers sounded, and the yellow-haired man sneered and murmured.

The gang of hillbillies were honest.

Lisa felt that her chance was coming, so she let out a few fragile calls for help, and was severely punched in the stomach by the man.

The moment the door opened, she felt hope was right in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t make any more calls for help.

I beg you to beg you to find me in the room Lisa feels that her consciousness is fading away.

She seems to have seen the yellow-haired man who had originally opened the door fell to the ground in an instant, and then a figure rushed towards her.

She gradually couldn’t support her consciousness. One second before she passed out, she seemed to see a pair of eyes that were as dark as night.

In the next second, she closed her eyes hollowly, as if she was dying, and her whole person lost life.

If everything can be done again, I will choose other arrangements and never love it.

This world has tortured me into an out-and-out monster, taking everything from me, destroying everything I have, and finally, finally, destroying my last relative in this world. No one is qualified to be innocent of this sin, and no one can escape the blame.

Lisa felt that she was falling into an abyss, and the surrounding was dark and silent.

Her body was falling and falling until she lost her strength.

Lisa was in a coma for five days. Elbert stayed by her bed with bloodshot eyes.

He felt he hadn’t reacted from the initial shock. When he saw the woman on the messy bed, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The bloody woman lay there dead, like a corpse, her fingers clenched tightly together, and he couldn’t even loosen them when she was unconscious. Elbert felt like his heart had been dug out, a bloody hole was cut in the middle of his chest, and his hands were shaking when he held her.

He didn’t know what was wrong, he started to panic, who caused her to be like this, who killed her again and again Lisa, you wake up, OK we go to the hospital now, don’t sleep, he followed in the ambulance , Holding her blood-stained hand, the man’s body was trembling like a spasm.

At that moment, the seven-foot man was helpless like a child. Open your eyes, OK you don’t scare me Lisa, you don’t play for real this time Marven Su sat aside, although his expression was indifferent, but his face was pale.

He never thought that Lisa would be destroyed like this, and there would be no more vitality like death.

He only knew that she was walking among men, only that she was quite scheming, but he had never thought about how he would face her if such a lively woman lost her life one day.

He had to admit one fact, that is, Lisa was really too tragic.

The innocent has endured the hatred of so many people, the innocent has lost his favorite relatives, and even the innocent has been hurt by Elbert over and over again.

Although Marven Su sat calmly, his heart trembled.

He also wanted to go forward to see how the woman was and how deeply injured he was, but he unexpectedly lost his courage.

He was afraid, afraid that there would be no her in this world from now on.

He hated her, but why when he saw this scene, his heart felt like a needle stick. When Lisa was sent to the hospital, two men stood outside the operating room. When facing each other in the aisle of the corridor, I saw anxiety and panic in each other’s eyes. Elbert seemed to have finally lost strength, and he slid down against the wall and collapsed on a chair.

He murmured, who is who Marven Su stood up, suddenly walked back, Elbert called to stop him, where are you going, Marven Su’s calm expression finally cracked, he squeezed his fingers tightly, you wait here As a result of her, I went to see her son.

At the moment when they were running in opposite directions, their eyes were full of distinct emotions.

Marven Su pulled away and walked into the elevator.

He pressed the down button and then came to the children’s ward and saw Christian sleeping quietly inside. .

Realizing that someone came in, Christian opened his eyes.

He didn’t hurt much, only a few scratches on his body.

It seemed that those people didn’t dare to attack the child, or regarded him as the last bargaining chip, so he didn’t treat Lisa like that. Generally hurt Christian wantonly.

The little boy looked at the man in front of him and yelled softly, hello, uncle.

Marven Su’s heart trembled like this, his voice was hoarse, hello.

Christian raised his head. Where’s my mother? Marven Su sat down beside him, trying to keep his voice steady. Your mother is fine, don’t worry.

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