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Chapter 201

“Uncle Jiang Hanping is the head of a county. Who can make him wait at the bus station?”

Liu Min couldn’t help being surprised.

Is it the police in the city?

No, the police in the city will definitely not come by their own cars.

“Xiao Min, wait, I’ll say hello!” Liu Min’s boyfriend tidyed up his suit and hairstyle.

Just prepare to go.

“But Jia Qiang, can this work? Can County Magistrate Jiang take care of you?” Liu Min couldn’t help but worry.

“It should be possible. After all, he and my dad also know each other. I ate with him twice!”

Li Jiaqiang vowed and walked over.

And Liu Min didn’t dare to go there. There were all big bosses, and it seemed that several leaders of the Education Bureau were all there.

As a subordinate of Liu Min, of course, he did not have the courage to show up.

As for Li Jiaqiang, he went quickly and returned quickly.

When I went there, Chunfeng was proud of it, thinking it would show his face or something to say hello on this occasion.

But when he came back, his head was downcast and his face became eggplant-colored.

“Ah? What’s wrong with Jia Qiang? Did County Magistrate Jiang ignore you? Well, I just said, so many big people are there, so don’t go there!”

“Yeah, County Magistrate Jiang and they are indeed picking up others, and they are for ugly people. It seems that they are talking about Sheldon, but this time Sheldon who is going to make a big change in Ping An County, this big boss! But I I don’t think it’s right. If it’s Sheldon, how can he make a car?”

Li Jiaqiang doubted.

“Hey, maybe County Magistrate Jiang doesn’t want to tell you the truth, let’s go. Several leaders of the Education Bureau are here!”

Liu Min said quickly.

Li Jiaqiang nodded.

It urged Sheldon to speed up.

Sheldon followed. When they heard what they said about Sheldon, Sheldon thought to himself, is it possible that he came to pick him up?

But I already told Chapman, I don’t need to do any rituals, I go home and handle my affairs first, telling him to leave it alone.

But at the moment, Sheldon can’t ask himself in the past.

It didn’t take it seriously.

They came to the exit with Liu Min and their luggage, and Liu Min’s driver also came.

“It’s so hot, it’s so hot! Xiao Li, hurry up and drive away your luggage!”

Liu Min said to the driver in a bad tone.

After placing the luggage, the driver drove Liu Min and the others away.

Only Sheldon was a little dumbfounded with his luggage on the side, fu*king!

Even if you think of yourself as a worker, you have to say hello, right?

In the car, Li Jiaqiang looked at Sheldon standing stupidly in the rearview mirror, and asked Liu Min embarrassedly:

“Xiaomin, I forgot to say hello to your student just now, and ask him where he is going, can you just pick him up?”

“What are you going to do with him? You are not afraid of getting our car dirty, just push it for a while, don’t worry about him!”


Let’s talk about Sheldon. After he scolded Liu Min in his heart, he made a call to go home.

On the way, I didn’t forget to call Uncle Wu’s house.

Tell them not to cook, and when they go back, buy some food and drink with Uncle Wu.

Unexpectedly, the phone at home rang for a long time and no one answered it.

After three consecutive beatings, a faint voice sounded.

“Hello? Who are you looking for?”

“Aunt Wu, I am Sheldon, where is my uncle?”

“Ah? It’s Sheldon, you came back from the holiday?”

Aunt Wu said in surprise.

When Alicia and Sheldon were young, they were mostly taken by Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu.

Therefore, the sisters have a deep affection for this old couple.

Think of it as your grandparents.

In recent years, my sister got up first, but because she still needs to be poor, she can’t directly let Aunt Wu enjoy the blessing, she can only help in secret.

So basically, Uncle Wu’s family still kept their original appearance.

No, I heard that I was about to take a holiday, my sister was thinking about the placement of Uncle Wu’s family for the first time.

This Sheldon will naturally not forget.

“Ahem, your uncle was hospitalized at noon today, and I just came home to pick up things and only heard your call!”

“What? Hospitalized? Where?”

Listening to Aunt Wu said that her speech was very bad, Sheldon’s heart was also mentioned, and immediately asked.

Aunt Wu said the address.

It happened to be in a hospital in the county.

When Sheldon arrived, Aunt Wu also happened to be in a van in town.

Sheldon assisted Aunt Wu and went to the emergency room in the emergency room of the hospital.

Aunt Wu said that the uncle was the cause of the heart. She was eating at noon and suddenly passed out.

She was terrified at the moment, and hurriedly called an ambulance, and she was still rescued.

“Why should we pay in advance, brother, aren’t you bullying? The old guy is our dad, not your dad?”

At the door of the rescue room, a caterpillar-like woman with eyebrows was talking to another couple.

On the other side, there were several couples and young people.

Sheldon saw that it was Uncle Wu’s two sons and two daughters, as well as Uncle Wu’s granddaughters.

Obviously I heard that the accident has arrived.

“I said younger brothers and sisters, it’s not right for you to say that. My dad always lives with you. I usually do business outside, and I let you pay in advance for this money, and I don’t want you to pay all of it, you What’s the hurry! At the end, our four brothers and sisters will share the money equally!”

The boss who has been doing business outside all the year round, at this time he is holding his shoulder and smoking a flue.

“Why do the four brothers and sisters share it equally, eldest brother and second elder brother, you have to take the big head for the money, and the two of our sisters take the small head, besides, my daughter graduated from college this year, and she will be internship soon, so she can’t arrange for a job? Sell ​​it?”

The third sister is also not convinced.

In short, Sheldon understood it, it was because of who was paying for the medical bills.

When Aunt Wu saw this scene, she almost passed out with anger.

“Can you stop arguing, you don’t need to pay this money, I pay it myself, if I don’t have the money, I will sell the kidney, and I won’t use your penny!”

Aunt Wu stomped angrily.

“Oh, mom, don’t be angry. This isn’t about arranging enterprises and institutions for your grandson, so there is not much money left!”

The second child also said.

“How much medical expenses?”

At this time, Sheldon asked suddenly.

“Huh? Sheldon is back!”

Everyone saw Sheldon.

“Hmph, as if you can afford the medical bills, I asked it on purpose!”

A young girl named Wu Qian, who was the same age as Sheldon, said something contemptuously at this time.

Because Uncle Wu always loves Sheldon and makes Wu Qian dissatisfied since she was a child, what do you mean? My granddaughter doesn’t hurt, go to hurt a poor child?

“Pretending to be forced, it shows that he can endure it!”

Another young boy, Wu Chao, who was assigned to an enterprise and institution, also said coldly.

Same as Wu Qian, Sheldon is not pleasing to the eye.

The main reason is that Sheldon has studied well since he was a child. He is often compared with them by his grandparents. Those who compare with each other have become jealous.

Sheldon also knows that Wu Qian and Wu Chao have always been at odds with them.

I didn’t say anything.

Just then a nurse came over.

“When will your surgery fee be paid? A total of 130,000 dollar, is it enough?”

The nurse said lightly.

The boss said at this time: “Just listen to me, second child, you can advance the money first, and then give you the money back!”



After a while, Ji Li Gulu started to quarrel again.

The second daughter-in-law and the third sister also talked about Chen Zhima’s rotten millet, saying that Wu Auntie secretly gave the third child money or something.

Then it tore up.

The chaos became a pot of porridge.

The little nurse made no secret of contempt.

“I’ll go and pay you some money!”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly, and at this moment said softly to the nurse.


Chapter 202

The little nurse led Sheldon to the toll booth downstairs in a doubtful manner.

Why is it dubious.

At first glance, Sheldon’s clothes were the kind of moneyless.

This 130,000 is not a small sum for an average family, how can he pay it?

But Sheldon quickly slapped her in the face. Sheldon not only paid 130,000 dollar for the operation, but also paid for the next hospital bed.

A total of two hundred thousand!

You don’t even blink your eyelids.

The little nurse was shocked.

And Sheldon ignored her and walked straight up again.

They are still arguing.

“Big Brother, 2nd Brother, 3rd Sister and 4th Sister, please stop arguing, I have already paid the money!”

Sheldon said.


The scene quieted down.

The siblings were all dumbfounded.

Even Wu Qian and Wu Chao stared at Sheldon in disbelief.

“It’s over? Sheldon, what about 130,000? Where did you get the money?”

The boss asked in surprise.

“Huh, it’s not 130,000, this handsome guy paid 200,000, and he even paid for the hospitalization!”

The little nurse didn’t know when she followed, and said immediately.

“Two hundred thousand?”

Everyone was even more surprised.

Wu Qian and Wu Chao have even more fiery faces. They just mocked Sheldon a few moments ago. Now Sheldon is really paying for it. Isn’t this a face slap?

The face was dissatisfied, “Is this money stolen, right?”

“Yes, I was watching the news on the Internet a few days ago, and some people said that they lost money. Sheldon, did you pick up the money and didn’t return it to others?”

“I think it’s like this! Be careful of people calling the police. These two hundred thousand will catch you and sentence you to death!”

Wu Chao warned viciously.

After all, he is an enterprise and he knows a lot.

It was these words that scared Aunt Wu: “Alicia, how did this money come from?”

“O’ao, I won the lottery, and I won some money. Don’t worry, Aunt Wu!”

Sheldon said with a faint smile.

There is nothing to hide from Aunt Wu, but in this situation, I don’t know how to tell Aunt Wu.

Can only talk casually.

But when Wu Qian and Wu Chao listened, her eyes widened.

Especially Wu Qian.

Hurriedly asked: “How many did you hit?”

Such words, adults like the boss and the second child are embarrassed to ask directly, but the film of a little girl like Wu Qian can’t contain the inner surprise.

You know, grandpa used to nag, saying that Sheldon is a nice young man, and he wants to marry him to Sheldon.

But who would like Sheldon’s poor dick.

So Wu Qian directly refused.

When Sheldon said that he had won the lottery, she was shocked.

fu*k, if you really become a rich man, don’t you have to regret it?

“Come on, Sheldon, how many have you gotten?”

Wu Qian jumped her feet.

Sheldon just smiled, and then stretched out five fingers.

“Ah? Five hundred thousand?” Wu Qian’s eyes widened in surprise.

Aunt Wu was delighted: “Huh? Sheldon, you really won half a million dollars?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly: “Mother, don’t worry about the amount of money, you can rest assured, this time I will pay no matter how much you spend!”

Waiting for Aunt Wu to sit down.

As for Wu Qian, she felt as anxious as an ant crawling.

What should I do?

Listening to Sheldon’s tone, he seemed to have won more than 500,000 dollar?

Could it be five million?

God! ! !

Wu Qian became more anxious as she thought about it, but Sheldon was also ridiculing, and she didn’t say the specific value, let them guess!

In the past two days, Sheldon didn’t go back, and stayed with Uncle Wu in the hospital. Fortunately, there was nothing serious about his illness, and he only needed to stay in the hospital for a while.

At noon that day, Sheldon first served Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu after eating.

I was hungry, so I was going to eat in the cafeteria of the hospital.

“Isn’t this Sheldon! You really came back!”

Suddenly he was patted on the shoulder when he was beating at the stall.

Sheldon looked back and saw that she was a pretty girl with a ponytail, wearing makeup.

But even with makeup, Sheldon recognized it.

“Are you Li Mingxue?”

Sheldon was a little surprised.

Of course, this girl, Sheldon, knew her, she was a high school classmate, she was in the same class, she seemed to be the representative of the English class at the time, named Li Mingxue.

At that time, she was only pretty pretty.

But I haven’t seen each other for three or four years. After putting on makeup, it was really s*xy and beautiful.

The changes are quite big.

In fact, Sheldon was already mentally prepared when he met high school classmates after returning to his hometown.

After all, the one who should be at work is already at work.

“I saw your photo in our English class representative group today. It was taken by Teacher Liu Min. You carried a duffel bag and I knew you were back! I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence!”

Li Mingxue straightened out her hair.

Although they have graduated, some teachers will keep some of the contact information of the representatives of the better relations. This is very common.

Damn it! But Sheldon was taken aback.

When did Liu Min shoot herself, why don’t I know?

She probably took it when she got off the car.

After all, when she called herself to carry her luggage, she held her mobile phone and shook it at her. It is probably that time!

fu*k! This girl…

Sheldon cursed in his heart, wicked enough!

“By the way, you are in the hospital, are there any patients here?”

At this time, Li Mingxue briefly talked to Sheldon. She used to talk very little with herself, but now, she has been baptized by society at first glance, and it will come.

“Well, my uncle is hospitalized here! How about you? Do you have any patients?” Sheldon asked.

“Hehe, I have too many patients. When you turn back, you can say hello to your uncle. Some procedures should be avoided!”

Li Mingxue smiled faintly.

“O’ao, I understand, are you a doctor here?”

Sheldon asked.

“Yeah, the clinicians who are doing internships here will be able to become full members after a while!”

Li Mingxue said with a touch of arrogance.

“That’s very good!”

It seems that Li Mingxue’s family has something to do with it, but this is also normal. When graduation is approaching, these things are indispensable.

The ones that are related rely on relationships, the ones that are okay rely on miracles.

Isn’t that just something!

It was Sheldon’s turn to have dinner.

“You don’t need to fight, I will treat you, auntie, for this meal today, and serve me two meals!”

Li Mingxue put up the sign in her hand, and Auntie Dafan gave it to Sheldon and Li Mingxue in full.

They are all good dishes.

“How can I say that we are all high school classmates. We haven’t seen each other for several years. Would you like to give me a meal?”

Li Mingxue covered her mouth with a chuckle.

Sheldon shook his head, “Why, thank you so much, this is great!”

The two sat down.

Li Mingxue opened the chatterbox and introduced her situation in the past two years, saying that it was an introduction, but in fact it was a show. She was better than ordinary classmates.

Sheldon just listened and occasionally praised a few words.

At this time, a young male doctor in a white coat walked towards Li Mingxue.

“Ming Xue, who is this?”

“Aoao, this is my high school classmate. Didn’t you meet him, just invite him to dinner! Hey Sheldon, let me introduce to you, this is my boyfriend Li Gang I just told you, his father is a vice Dean Ao!”

Li Mingxue smiled.

“Oh, your high school classmate, why did you eat dinner in the cafeteria? No matter how you have to arrange a restaurant, you can also relive the past!”

Li Gang said with a smile.

“Ahem, don’t I have to go to work this afternoon? How can I have time? Besides, Sheldon, don’t you dislike it?”

“Very good, very good!” Sheldon nodded repeatedly, and took a few bites of rice in his mouth.

In fact, I really think this is good.

The rest is to listen to Li Gang and the others talk.

“By the way, don’t you still have a few high school classmates coming tonight, Li Chao and the others, they are all coming back from vacation, I took a look, you seem to be on duty tonight!”

Li Gang said.

“Ah? Then you can give me a shift. Li Chao and the others were good buddies in my high school. They come back from vacation, so I have to invite them, even if they ask for leave. I haven’t seen them in three or four years. By the way, have I booked your hotel reservation?”

Li Mingxue asked.

“It’s booked, Jin Ruyi!”

“No, that grade is too low. Go to Baosheng Hotel. After all, you are a high school classmate you haven’t seen in three or four years. You can’t let me be so shabby in front of them, right?”

“Okay, then change it! By the way, please ask your director anytime, you have to solve this problem? You must know that your director is the dean, and my dad can’t do anything!”

Li Gang gave a wry smile.

“Huh! I get angry when I mention him, and I’m so annoying if I don’t eat it!”

Li Ming threw his chopsticks angrily.

And Sheldon also heard it, Li Mingxue seems to have something…

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