His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 13 – 15

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Chapter 13 K!$$es on the opposite side, burning heart.

Five years ago, Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo were still nervous and cautious when they were alone, but now five years later, time has changed and things are different.

There was nothing left except numbness in her heart. When the elevator slowly went up, Elbert Bo looked at Lisa Tang’s profile like this.

The man had a beautiful and picturesque face. When she stared at Lisa Tang, she noticed Elbert Bo’s hot eyes.

If it were changed to five years ago, he would never show this expression, even wishing Lisa Tang to be far away, it would be best not to appear in front of him in this life.

And now, he stared at her with this hot gaze, like the leader of the wolf pack staring at the prey, making Lisa Tang feel that there is nowhere to escape. With a ding sound, the elevator door opened and Lisa Tang took the lead to go out.

She looked at her slender body behind him.

After a long silence, she stepped forward to keep up.

Lisa Tang finally stopped at the door of the v2 box. Elbert Bo smiled at her, why didn’t he go in? Lisa Tang gritted his teeth and stretched out the door to the box.

The moment she entered, she seemed to hear someone blowing a whistle around her, and the smell of alcohol mixed with smoke was blowing towards her face.

Although Lisa Tang was not happy in her heart, she did not show it, but frowned slightly.

Then I heard someone yelling on the sofa, this girl is on the point, who brought in Elbert Bo laughing behind her, why, Roven Fu, when you want Lisa Tang to look up, you also saw Fredric Xie along the way. People were nestled on the sofa, surrounded by princesses who accompanied the wine, all wearing miniskirts with fragrant shoulders, the scene was extremely gorgeous.

Lisa Tang stood there, really out of place. Roven Fu poured a glass of wine on it, and said to Lisa Tang, “Is it Elbert Bo who brought it here? Hello, Miss Sister, are you here for a drink? Hey, Roven Fu, don’t die. Fredric Xie reminded him behind Roven Fu, unexpectedly this ancestor drank too much as if he hadn’t heard, sat down with his arms around Lisa Tang, and then smiled at Elbert Bo and squinted.

Elbert Bo, you are like my little one. Padded jacket, how do you know that I like this Elbert Bo’s eyes are gloomy, but did not speak, Roven Fu continued to drink, and put a piece of watermelon in Lisa Tang and brought it to her mouth.

Lisa Tang hesitated with her eyebrows for a long time or opened her mouth to eat, and a group of people screamed.

Hahaha Roven Fu is really shameless and actually went up to feed people to eat. Didn’t you still eat it? Roven Fu, you have a show tonight. Roven Fu smiled with her arms around Lisa Tang, and leaned her head on his shoulder, and said to her, Miss Sister, are you playing games? Elbert Bo watched as she unconsciously tightened her fingers holding the wine glass, and Fredric Xie whispered beside her. Night, or I’ll talk to Roven Fu about it. Elbert Bo’s voice was as cold as water, and seemed to have no waves.

It’s just a woman, why should he care so much? Lisa Tang smiled at Roven Fu.

Are you the one who wants to talk business with Elbert Bo? Ms.

Sister, don’t talk about business when you come out to play. Roven Fu pulled his face, turned his head to look at Elbert Bo, Elbert Bo, did you say something to others? When she opened her mouth, she wanted to discuss business with me, which was really disappointing.

It seems that this person is no doubt.

Lisa Tang picked up the wine glass.

Since Elbert Bo brought her to accompany the customer, she only needs to accompany Roven Fu, so she smiled at everyone, and I was late.

I will punish myself for a glass. Games, don’t target me. Roven Fu smiled when she saw it, put her arms around her and let her sit down, why are you so cute.

Lisa Tangshu smiled at him in his arms, his red lips were shiny with alcohol, don’t I think Roven Fu is also very cute.

She is no stranger to the name Roven Fu. When she was not in jail five years ago, Lisa Tang was also a well-known daughter in the upper class.

She often heard the names of several famous elder brothers in circles, and Roven Fu was one of them.

It is said to be in the next city, but the family property is huge, so there are not a few people in this city who want to make friends with him. Elbert Bo watched Lisa Tang smile like a flower at others, and suddenly became angry with an unknown fire.

At the beginning, I called her to accompany the wine to humiliate her, but I didn’t expect to be irritated first. Fredric Xie watched cautiously, Elbert Bo, are you okay? Even if you are an ex-wife, no one will let your ex-wife go to drink with other men, so there is really no friendship left. But Elbert Bo clenched his teeth, staring sharply at Lisa Tang, but said in his mouth, “It doesn’t matter, let her go.”

Yes, as long as she can help him get Roven Fu, what’s the matter with the wine, even if she and Roven Fu sleep The chaotic thoughts in the mind half thought of it, and there was another cheering around.

They suddenly looked up and just saw the separation of Roven Fu and Lisa Tang’s lips.

The next second, countless bloody storms passed by someone clapping beside them, Xiao Sister said that she can admire and admire me to buy it. You can afford to lose and you can play like you. Do you want another round? Fredric Xie looked at Elbert Bo’s face.

The rising murderous intent can scare people to death.

Hurry up and shouted over there, what truth or dare you are playing, if you can’t say it or can’t do it, you will be appointed to K!$$.

Someone smiled and replied, “Would you like to be K!$$ed and looked at Lisa Tang suddenly? Seeing that her slightly opened red lips are s*xy and enchanting, she hooked Roven Fu’s neck and leaned in his arms, looking like a fairy, all The man’s eyes are always looking at her from time to time.

The anger rushed from the bottom of his heart without restraint, Elbert Bo didn’t even think about what happened to him.

At that second, all kinds of crazy thoughts in his mind took Lisa Tangs home and shut them up.

Let her not be touched by other men forever.

That was his possession. No matter who touched it, when he looked at Lisa Tang in anger, he saw that she was smiling at herself. When she laughed, Lisa Tang had a beautiful face, five years ago. Just know. But at that time he disliked her and never even put her in his eyes.

I just feel that this enchanting woman will be a vase when she marries home, she is very hypocritical, not as peaceful as Serenity. Yeah, it’s not as good as Sarah An. Why should such a woman find that she can’t restrain her anger at all? The moment she saw her K!$$ing Roven Fu, he even wanted to pinch Lisa Tang’s neck, this bitch woman, she She even dared to let another man K!$$ her Roven Fu, as if she hadn’t seen Elbert Bo’s expression, still holding Lisa Tang, Lisa Tang lifted her chin slightly, pulled out a slender and beautiful neckline, and put it on her collarbone.

The clavicle chain, the picture is very beautiful, but it is pitiful.

She is so thin, she must be very light in her arms.

So Roven Fu did the same, and simply pulled Lisa Tang directly on his lap.

Lisa Tang exclaimed, resisting the shame in his heart, and his beautiful face was red and white. Roven Fu wrapped her waist from behind and asked softly, will you go back with me at night? Lisa Tang pretended to be calm and curled her hair behind her ears, facing Roven Fu and didn’t know how to pretend to understand. Master Fu was kidding me? Roven Fu buried her face deep in her hair and took a hard sip. Where would I be willing? You might as well tell me what the name is Lisa Tang’s whole body stiffened, and suddenly there was no idea how to react. What’s wrong? Seeing her face pale, Roven Fu joked that she wouldn’t be a terrible person, Miss Sister, don’t scare me.

Lisa Tang quickly reduced his smile, stood up swayingly, and said, I was a little dizzy, went to the toilet, and came back to tell you. Roven Fu blew his whistle, do you want me to accompany you? Don’t care about this time.

Lisa Tang smiled beautifully, so Fu Shao would just wait for me here. Oh, tusk tusk, it’s the hardest thing to accept the grace of beauty.

Tonight, Mr. Gillian Fust be so beautiful. You deserve to be a beautiful woman.

Lisa Tangs are so beautiful.

He walked into the toilet, stood by the sink, stood firm, stretched out his hand to support his face, cruel Take a deep breath.

She was a little anxious to drink when she first came up, and now she is dizzy and drunk with flushes on her face.

She is resting on the sink, inhaling and exhaling constantly. Roven Fu asked how his name would answer. My name is Lisa Tang.

There is only one Lisa Tang in this city a, that is, Miss Tang family five years ago.

How would she face everyone in the private room and what kind of eyes would they look at her. Five years later, Miss Tang’s family was reduced to drinking and laughing, to please men, how ridiculous, she pretended to be noble and strong Will become a joke.

Lisa Tang stood there, countless thoughts flashed through her mind, and even thought of leaving them behind and running away, but when she thought of Tang Christian, she resisted it. When Elbert Bo approached her, Lisa Tang didn’t even react.

The next second she was pulled directly into the last room of the women’s bathroom.

After the door was slammed, she fell into Elbert Bo’s arms. When he raised his head, the man’s face was with the usual ridicule, just staring at her.

He had the ability to seduce others, but he didn’t have the ability to tell him who you were.

Lisa Tang smiled pale, thin, this is the women’s bathroom. . Elbert Bo stood there, as if these words didn’t move him, he locked the door of the women’s toilet cubicle, forced Lisa Tang to the corner, stretched out his hand, and rubbed her red lips viciously.

The lipstick opened a red plum on his fingertips, Elbert Bo said with a cold voice, and K!$$ed Roven Fu Lisa Tang bowed his head, the rules of the game, I had to obey.

It’s just a game, you just rushed to make love to him and didn’t let her lower her face, and raised her chin severely, Lisa Tang, five years away, you really got worse Lisa Tang laughed, laughed absurdly, laughed She burst into tears, why do you accuse me Elbert Bo like that? Isn’t you yourself who brought me here? You let me accompany the wine, you see, I’m there, Elbert Bo stretched out and grabbed her neck.

Then I’ll let you go to bed with him, then go, anyway, isn’t I just a toy in your eyes? Lisa Tang smiled at him with red eyes, you don’t care, what I care about

Chapter 14 Humiliated on the spot, killing her!

Lisa Tang, I didn’t expect you to be so mean. Elbert Bo seemed to be anxious. Pressing Lisa Tang, pressing her against the wall of the women’s bathroom, breathing intensely, he was angry with countless bloody storms in his eyes. You called me to drink, didn’t you think that I would be troubled by others? Lisa Tang smiled and squinted his eyes. Don’t you want to see me being humiliated? Why, I didn’t see it, is it particularly unpleasant, Elbert Bojiang She leaned against the wall, approached her, and looked at her with those thick and colorful eyes. For a long time, a passionate K!$$ fell on her lips.

Lisa Tang was struggling violently.

At this moment, someone came in at the door, Elbert Bo laughed, screamed, screamed, let everyone see this look good.

The bastard Lisa Tang looked at Elbert Bo viciously, his eyes were red, why are you so thin to me? Elbert Bo did not speak, and bowed her head again and K!$$ed her fiercely.

She tasted surprisingly good. When she was his wife five years ago, Elbert Bo had $3x with her like a routine.

Although she didn’t like this woman, she had quite good Elbert Bo didn’t think Lisa Tang was boring, but she never thought that she would become pregnant and give birth to her own child. Memory was in a trance, and he suddenly had a problem. Five years ago, when Sarah An died, was Lisa Tang also pregnant, but she didn’t say at that time, he didn’t know, he kicked her in front of Sarah An’s grave, sent her to prison, and turned her into The lunatic Elbert Bo trembled fiercely.

It was really not easy for this child to survive.

At that time, I was afraid that Lisa Tang did not even have the will to survive.

He was pregnant in prison.

How desperate should Lisa Tang push him away.

A group of people outside had already left. No one found that the last room of the women’s toilet was closed.

Two people, her eyes were red, and she choked at Elbert Bo. Why did you treat me like this? Treat me like a toy.

If you want it, you can get in there.

If you don’t want it, you will insult Elbert Bo at will.

It hurt me five years ago. , Isn’t that enough? I’ve already paid such a tragic price. Why can’t I escape from your hands? Elbert Bo didn’t say anything, but his pupils shrank.

Seeing Lisa Tang’s painful look, the man seemed to be aware of her sadness.

Lisa Tang pushed him away, her shoulders trembling.

She cleaned her clothes physically and wiped her lips vigorously.

The lipstick had long disappeared in the strong K!$$, but she wiped it with her hand, but she gave birth to a bit of bright red. . Elbert Bo felt that he must be crazy, he must be drunk. Why did Lisa Tang come back five years later, he would miss her again.

Lisa Tang covered his face and walked out of the toilet.

He seemed to hear that she was taking it with him when she left. With a sobbing nasal sound, Elbert Bo stood alone in the women’s bathroom for a long time, and then walked out with a bad face.

As soon as I walked out, I ran into a group of women coming in. Damn, this is the women’s bathroom.

The women who drink too much look back at the sign, and then glanced at Elbert Bo. Come out, fu(k!ng, handsome man, but why don’t you say it in the women’s bathroom, maybe it’s that It’s a pervert, I can’t tell, I’m so white, I actually like to sneak to the women’s bathroom.

A group of women look at Elbert Bo with their eyes, but their aura is mysterious, and I dare not say too much. When Lisa Tang returned, Roven Fu seemed to have been waiting for her in the private room for a long time.

Seeing her coming, he smiled and embraced her in his arms, acting skillfully as if he were an old lover. When the belated Elbert Bo saw this scene, he narrowed his eyes calmly. What’s the matter, he couldn’t control his irritability the moment he saw his own thing being touched by another man.

I suppressed my heart throbbing, and when Elbert Bo returned, his expression was as usual. Roven Fu had already leaned against Lisa Tang’s shoulder with a smile, the beauty was in his arms, and the spring breeze was full. Roven Fu leaned closer and asked Lisa Tang’s name, and smiled in her ear.

The relationship between you and Elbert Bo looked unusual.

Lisa Tang trembled all over, but she didn’t recognize it, almost instantly. Putting on a smiling face, how could it be possible? Why did Young Master Fu think so? Roven Fu hugged her and said, because I saw you go out, Elbert Bo also went out.

This observation seems that everyone is not a fool. Follow Elbert Bo, so much Shao would guess her relationship with Elbert Bo, and going to the bathroom one after the other with Elbert Bo, it is no wonder that Roven Fu would be suspicious.

Lisa Tang didn’t speak much, just lowered his eyes, and said after a long time, Lord Fu, do you really want to know who I am? Roven Fu was taken aback when she saw her deep expression, um, what’s wrong with you Lisa Tang smiled, laughing so much that the world is full of color. Five years ago, she was the dream lover of a man in city a.

She had a pair of amazingly beautiful eyes and a proud and proud temperament. Five years later, this pearl fell into the world and became the heart of all men.

A thorny Lisa Tang leaned in his ear, saying in a tone like a lover’s intimate, Roven Fu, my name is Lisa Tang.

There is only one Lisa Tang since the opening of the city of a, that is, the face of the Tang family’s daughter Roven Fu suddenly changed, as if she couldn’t believe it, his eyes widened, and his face was filled with unbelievable astonishment, staring at him.

Living in Lisa Tang, it seems that you want to see her soul through her face.

It’s a pity that Lisa Tang has no soul anymore.

She smiled and lay on his shoulder, don’t you think she couldn’t believe it? That’s right, I am Lisa Tang, and the Tang family eldest, whom you recognized as the murderer five years ago, is Elbert Bo’s ex-wife.

The moment he learned the truth, shock engulfed him. Roven Fu even started to tremble with her hands.

Are you kidding me? Lisa Tang suddenly became cold, and left him, poured himself a glass of wine, smiled beautifully, and didn’t know me. , Don’t you know my face like Roven Fu? When I was in the circle five years ago, I often heard your name.

She spent five years in jail five years ago. Roven Fu’s breathing started to speed up, changing to someone else, a woman who had been divorced and had been in jail would never have half interest in him like this. Who would want such a bad woman but the person in front of him is Lisa Tang It was Roven Fu, the famous lady who shocked the upper class five years ago, looking at her, thirsty inexplicably in his throat, even he himself didn’t know why. Why did Elbert Bo want you to come to accompany you? If it is true, then Lisa Tang is Elbert Bo’s ex-wife, why Elbert Bo would call her ex-wife to do this kind of thing Lisa Tang smiled at him, and then blinked at Roven Fu. Now that we are divorced, you don’t need to think of me as the one of Elbert Bo. Yes, she has never belonged to Elbert Bo. Whether it was five years ago or now, Elbert Bo will never have her place in her heart. Only halfway through the conversation, Elbert Bo suddenly stepped forward, and under the exclamation of everyone, he directly carried Lisa Tang on his shoulders.

Lisa Tang was shocked by his sudden movements, and then he slammed his back hard, put me down and sneered at Elbert Bo, put you down and continued to watch you and others eyebrows. Everyone was shocked by Elbert Bo’s action. Roven Fu sat on the sofa, watching Elbert Bo just carry the Lisa Tangs up like this, stammering, big, big brothers have, if you have something to say, please say Roven Fu, I am sorry, she is mine today, change tomorrow You Yue Roven Fu is holding a wine glass and howling, Elbert Bo, you are not a man who brought me a girl, but you want to monopolize Lisa Tang and blush.

Such behavior is undoubtedly humiliating her under everyone’s attention.

The trembling in the voice, Elbert Bo, if you let me go, if I refuse you drink too much, I will drink too much Elbert Bo, regardless of everyone watching a good show in his eyes, went directly out carrying Lisa Tang, Lisa Tang was dizzy , Let go of my bastard and scumbag. Good scolding.

The language talent is quite high.

The vocabulary from Ivy League University is quite rich.

I want me to accompany the wine, and now I regret that Lisa Tang yelled loudly, I have the ability to let others take me away, ah, trash, three scumbags, my old lady has been in jail for you for five years, how the hell are you still thinking about me, everyone His face has changed.

The sentence from Lisa Tang had been in jail for five years and it pierced everyone’s ears. Everyone stopped to look at them.

At that moment, everyone finally remembered who she was.

The talented Miss Tang family, Lisa Tang The murderer arrested in five years, Lisa Tang Lisa Tang suddenly laughed to herself, and then tears fell, constantly blurring her vision.

She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t stop it. Destiny is so terrible. When you think you can escape completely, she will give you a severe blow, and then tell you that you can’t escape this shadow at all. Elbert Bo put Lisa Tang down and held her in his arms, pressed her against the wall, and pinched her chin under the gaze of everyone, feeling wronged, um, Lisa Tang smiled so that her eyes were narrowed, her voice was sharp, as if with hatred Extremely decisive, what can I do to grievance? I deserve it.

I deserve to be too late to listen to Lisa Tang’s tone, pinch her neck severely, someone screaming behind her, don’t let Roven Fu get caught Shocked, I yelled from behind, old night, calm down Fredric Xie started calling and shouting, and Elbert Bo drank too much and brought people over. Under his control, Lisa Tang lost less air in his lungs, and finally closed his eyes and fainted in his hands. Oh my god, it’s dead, Elbert Bo’s hands trembled fiercely, and he took back his actions.

How could it be possible that he strangled her to death.

She couldn’t be him.

He was just anxious, so he didn’t care about everyone being there to humiliate her.

He never wanted her Before the death of Ming coma, his vision turned around, and finally fell into the darkness.

Lisa Tang heard someone screaming noisily in his ear, and all of this gradually moved away from her.

Chapter 15 Love has become a devil, not mad or alive.

In the silent ward, Lisa Tang opened his eyes, into an obscure light, and then his vision gradually became normal.

She looked around, until someone pushed in from outside, she suddenly recovered. Elbert Bo stood at the door with a gloomy expression on his face.

The moment he saw Lisa Tang’s face, countless emotions flashed in his eyes, and finally they were all extinguished in the dark pupils.

Lisa Tang looked at him numbly and said nothing.

I have imagined many ways for old lovers to meet.

The world is too small. People I love will eventually meet one day, but Lisa Tang really never thought that Elbert Bo would treat her like this.

In an extremely cruel and decisive way, she once again sent her into the abyss of despair.

Looking at Lisa Tang’s silence, Elbert Bo realized that she didn’t want to talk to herself, so she stood at the door and cleared her throat, saying that you are awake.

Lisa Tang glanced at him indifferently, without speaking. Elbert Bo stepped forward and lifted her chin.

Seeing her hateful eyes, her heart stabbed inexplicably. Why, be angry with me.

He smiled, like a cowardly smile on the face of an evildoer, Lisa Tang, I should have strangled you five years ago, and you should feel lucky that you have kept your fate until now. When Lisa Tang heard what he said, it was like hearing a joke. Chong Elbert Bo laughed a few times clearly. Yes, I also want to thank your subordinates for being merciful. You are very wronged for leaving my dog life.

Sneer, more ironic than Lisa Tang. Why did Lisa Tang squint his eyes, and his face is still sickly and weak, but those eyes are as sharp as a poisoned blade, and they are astonishingly bright. Under the gaze of that gaze, Elbert Bo felt that she could not breathe.

Lisa Tang smiled beautifully at him.

At that moment, the world faded, Elbert Bo, shouldn’t I thank you so much? I ruined my life five years ago, and I wanted my life five years later.

I must have done it in my last life. You’ll be ruined in this life.

I heard Lisa Tang’s words at night, and pinched her chin even harder. You still want to quibble for yourself what peaceful death is peaceful death and it has nothing to do with me.

Lisa Tang laughed madly, as if there was nothing in this world to leave her nostalgic for, as if she could not retreat, she yelled at him, Elbert Bo, I will ask you a word, if you die peacefully It has nothing to do with me, you owe me, do you still have to be clear in this life If the peaceful death has nothing to do with me, you owe me, do you have to be clear in this life Control loosened her, took two steps backwards, looked at Lisa Tang incredulously, what you said Lisa Tang’s voice suddenly fell, as if the counterattack just now had exhausted all her strength, she said, Elbert Bo, I don’t hate you anymore, because I think you are so pitiful, and it doesn’t matter whether I hate you or not. When she looked up, the eyes that were full of love for him in the past were empty and numb so that no friendship was left, and all of them were swallowed up by the hatred five years ago. Elbert Bo was so angry that he smiled, and when he was angry, his face was even more beautiful and compelling.

A man has the capital to make women in the city crazy. Five years ago, she had moths to the fire, and desperately rushed to him, and eventually destroyed Even if it was sympathy, he stingy gave him nothing.

Lisa Tang shook her head, as if she laughed at herself, she said, I don’t regret it, I don’t hate you, it’s just five years in prison.

After coming out, I still live well, without you, I am still alive. Feel free to check it, turn over the old account as you like, Elbert Bo, I’ll tell you.

The moment she raised her head, her eyes were sharp and bitter, and Elbert Bo was in a trance as if she had seen Miss Tang Family, who was so stunning and proud that year, even if the family fell, she still had an indelible lofty and conceited body.

Lisa Tang’s lips closed together, facing Elbert Bo.

I tell you that five years ago, I overturned the ashes of Tranquility in front of everyone, and I don’t regret it at all. Because of her, my family was ruined; because of her, I was guilty; because of her, a dead person, I was tortured and humiliated.

I was not as good as dead in prison for five years. Fortunately, she died and I broke her.

I’m telling you that if she is alive, I’m going to thrash her ashes. You dare to furious in the night, slap Lisa Tang’s face with a slap, and the voice is trembling, Lisa Tang, how dare you dare The pain of saying this did not force her to tears, but made her smile even more, like a gorgeous poppy, her smile was shockingly beautiful.

To me is to dare to be a dead person, let me bear this unfair life, Elbert Bo, if you stand in my position and think about it a little bit, you won’t let me become like this I tell you, I am right I never regret what she did.

I’m afraid that you will know the truth about it and find that Sarah An’s death has nothing to do with me. You will hate yourself for being shaken by Lisa Tang’s remarks, but Sarah An was trembling at the time.

He was there when he pushed it down.

How could he be mistaken, because Lisa Tang moved his hands to pretend to be innocent here.

If you want to say, you should have said five years ago. Did you give me a chance? Lisa Tang finally burst into tears.

Ah yes, you never believed what I said.

I have been your wife for five years, just like a dog, you never gave me a look of charity, even a thin night, you don’t love me, why do you marry me? Are you worthy of me? I’m worthy of Anmi? I only love Anmi. Marrying you is only because you climbed onto my bed. Xiaoye finally didn’t hold back his anger, and yelled.

At the beginning, you climbed onto my bed, didn’t you? Are you serious about me? Forgot to forget Lisa Tang laughed, trembling all over, laughed so that the voice was broken, there is a saying that is really true, it is useless, it is love, disdain is lovesickness, just as I was for you All of her efforts are all a joke.

If she starts again, I will definitely not choose to meet you and she regrets it.

She regrets it completely. Elbert Bo Elbert Bo, I only hope that one day you will regret it.

I am not afraid that you will do this to me, I am afraid you will regret it one day.

After Lisa Tang said these words, he pointed to the door of the ward, shouted at Elbert Bo, and got out.

The hatred in her eyes was so obvious.

It doesn’t matter if you say you don’t hate, but it doesn’t matter if you say it, but in fact it is just because it is too hate So she felt that there was no difference between forgiving or not forgiving.

Her hatred for him had deepened into her bones. From the moment she was sent to prison five years ago, she personally killed all the love and expectation for him.

The end of the road, the destruction you sent me created my endless painful struggle in the abyss. Elbert Bo, I don’t want to redeem, I just want to curse you. May you never beg your love in this life.

Lisa Tang laughed loudly.

A nurse outside heard the voice rushing in.

Seeing Lisa Tang like this, he went up and pressed her hard, Lisa Tang was all over Shivering, knocked the nurse to the ground.

The nurse screamed, and suddenly a group of people ran outside the corridor, and some even shouted tranquilizers.

There were patients in the tranquilizer v02 ward.

The condition was abnormally fast. Medical staff and security guards all came up. Don’t bump and roll. Once someone came forward, Lisa Tang took things Smashing it, cups, vases, stools, everything has become her tools, hurting others and protecting herself.

She cried and laughed, and went out and went out and shouted Elbert Bo, Lisa Tang, you are crazy.

This sentence is like a sharp sword piercing Lisa Tang’s body, penetrating her lungs, and the pain spread from her chest to her body. Every hair in every corner, inch by inch, swallowed her breath.

The woman reddened her eyes in madness, and suddenly knelt down at Elbert Bo and knocked her head severely. Elbert Bo, let me go, I beg you please let me go.

I’ve been in jail for five years.

I’m not a man or a ghost anymore.

Look at me, open your eyes and see what I am now.

Suddenly an indescribable soreness spread from the apex of his heart, and Elbert Bo’s whole body trembled, staring blankly at the woman in front of him. Five years ago, the arrogant and conceited Tang family eldest, five years later, a crazy criminal woman.

He was trembling all over, his handsome face was full of pain from the depths of his soul, and his eyebrows were wrinkled in the pain, Lisa Tang, what happened to you, he suddenly thought of the mottled scar on Lisa Tang’s right hand, a People, how desperate it is to start Lisa Tang with her most precious right hand is the designer, who fancy these hands more than anyone else, this is her arrogance and lofty.

However, she would choose to destroy her most important right hand.

How big a huge wave has it gone through before she could not bear the weight of reality and went to extinction. Everyone was shocked. Why did Lisa Tang become like this? Fragile, so sensitive, so crazy. What happened to her in prison for five years? Who ruined her into this appearance? Suddenly she didn’t dare to ask the answer.

He was afraid that he was the culprit who turned her into a monster. . No, how can Lisa Tang love yourself so much? Professional medical staff rushed in and held down Lisa Tang one after another.

The security guard stood aside to maintain order.

Someone helped the injured nurse up.

The ward was extremely noisy for a while, and some people were squeezing their heads to go inside.

Look. Elbert Bo was squeezed aside by the crowd, and watched in shock as Lisa Tang was pressed on the hospital bed, and a tranquilizer-filled needle pierced her arm severely.

Then her pupils dilated, closed her eyelids, and fell into a coma again.

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