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Chapter 16 was stimulated five years ago.

When Elbert Bo came to the hospital the next day, Lisa Tang’s attending physician had already changed a group. When he saw him, he called out, handed over some report materials, sighed and said, Elbert Bo, your wife’s condition is not very good. Ye didn’t know why he didn’t explain the true relationship between the two of them, but let the doctor go on.

She has severe depression.

She must have encountered great stimulation before. What happened to you and your wife before? Looking at the report sheet in his hand, Elbert Bo’s fingers were hurt by the thin paper.

His throat was sour, like a ball of cotton, he said after a long time, no.

That’s it, alas.

The attending doctor took off the lens and wiped it off.

Her disease cannot be cured by taking medicine alone. We checked it and she has a record of treatment, but every time she takes the medicine, she just has a reaction. Just take medicine and restraint.

This is impossible to cure, and she herself did not cooperate with the treatment of Bo Sha.

It may take a while. Do you know what Madam likes best? Elbert Bo was stunned by the last words of the doctor. What Lisa Tang likes the most, he has no way of knowing. Elbert Bo felt that he could no longer communicate with the doctor, so he just said a few words and left. When he left, the doctor’s words were still in his mind. Mrs.

Should have experienced some bad things. Elbert Bo, if there is a situation, I hope you don’t hide it from me and tell us that we can customize the treatment plan. Mrs.

This situation is really not good, you know, the scar on her hand is not a day or two, but new injuries and old injuries are staggered. Yes, the last one was two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, days were so close to the scar on her arm.

After all, after several injuries, she has always had the habit of self-harm. Whenever the pressure was too great for her to bear, she would raise a knife and stab her wrist in the middle of the night.

The Lisa Tang disguised under the appearance of pride and loftyness is no longer the eldest lady five years ago.

Her soul has long been shattered, and what is left is just some obsession. Elbert Bo didn’t dare to think any more, returned to the door of Lisa Tang’s ward, tossing and turning, for the first time he had the idea of escape.

He didn’t even dare to face a woman whose ex-wife was a murderer who was sent to prison by himself five years ago.

Lisa Tang killed Sarah An, but now he is living such a life, Elbert Bo felt that he should be happy. But when I saw her, I couldn’t be happy, I always felt like the executioner, who killed her in such a field. Elbert Bo stood at the door for a long time, his face pale, and he lingered and did not enter after all.

He turned and walked to the other end of the hallway and took out his phone.

It’s me.

The man’s other hand was in his pocket, his tall and straight body was like a silhouette, even in the hospital, it caused countless little nurses to secretly look and guess his identity. Check for me what happened during the five years of Lisa Tang in jail.

As if making up his mind, Elbert Bo finally said that sentence, and at the same time it involved intense pain.

He didn’t want to doubt, but had to verify one thing.

I suspect that someone was in prison under the guise of My name was violent to her.

Tang Christian was picked up by Elbert Bo from the kindergarten that afternoon.

After getting in the car for a moment, Tang Christian sighed.

He said, Elbert Bo, don’t shut me up.

I don’t know how to run, at best I will go back to Mommy.

If you really want to visit me once a month, I would be very grateful to you. Elbert Bo was so angry that he wanted to hit the flowerbed when he drove.

Hearing what the bastard said, did he still have his father in his eyes? Is this his own son? If it weren’t the result of dna, the two people were identified.

The relationship between father and son, he felt that this was picked up by himself. Elbert Bo resisted the urge to step on the accelerator, drove the car on the elevated highway, drove to the hospital, and then said, brat, is this your attitude of talking to dad Tang Christian sighed, not knowing whether he was sighing for himself or Sigh for Elbert Bo.

Elbert Bo, call me Dad.

Elbert Bo, please listen to me first. Call Dad. Dad and Dad Tang Christian stammered on this title.

He was a little uncomfortable and his face turned red. Don’t force me to yell and get used to it. Elbert Bo felt that his mood improved all of a sudden.

Hearing the word father yelling out from the stinky boy, his chest was finally relieved.

He said, I am your father.

If you call my father, what’s wrong with Tang Christian, but I was born After five years, you never cared about me. Elbert Bo took a deep breath and said, your mother hid you so well, I only recently learned of your existence. When my mom was pregnant Tang Christian asked quickly, you wouldn’t even know the news of my mommy’s pregnancy. Elbert Bo grasped the steering wheel, his hands trembling a little.

The question of the five-year-old kid actually made him unable to answer.

If he knew that if he knew that Lisa Tang was pregnant, maybe he would not shut her in at that time.

There were countless emotions in Elbert Bo’s eyes, but he didn’t express it.

Almost soon, he flashed by, blinking his eyes again and again. When he opened, he was still the ruthless Bo family, and he acted boldly and resolutely.

It seemed that there had never been anything in his life that could make him regret it.

Tang Christian sat obediently in the back seat, looking at the scenery flashing through the window, and suddenly asked, this is not the old Lu Elbert Bo secretly praised this kid for his cleverness, only a few days back and forth, he remembered the way. , So he cleared his throat and said, on his way to the hospital.

Tang Christian in the hospital was young but bright in his mind, and asked carefully if something happened to my mommy.

How can this little bastard be so smart and the pressure to be a father is also great, but Elbert Bo turned to think about it. Because of his good genes, it is his ability to give birth to such a smart son, and he feels happily that his son is a genius. When he arrived at the hospital, Elbert Bo squatted down and took care of Tang Christian’s clothes.

This was the only time when Tang Christian felt that Elbert Bo was his father, but he did everything for the sake of face. When Elbert Bo approached him, Tang Christian couldn’t help but look more.

After all, the five-year-old child was still sweet in his heart when facing his biological father.

It’s just that his father disappointed him too much. Maybe he will do well in the future and he can help Elbert Bo chase Mommy. Elbert Bo said, your mommy has depression. Did you know that he didn’t want to bring up these heavy topics in front of Tang Christian.

He just remembered that the child was young and mature, so he opened the skylight to speak up, her The state is not very good, I hope you can comfort her. Did you irritate my mommy? Tang Christian looked up, and as expected, the little boy opened his eyes, not surprisingly.

It seems that he knew that his mom was depressed.

At such a young age, I can accept such cruel things.

I never thought about the excitement. Elbert Bo always felt very weak when facing Tang Christian.

He had a pair of eyes that saw through everything, clear and pure, which always made him feel that a dirty adult like himself would not dare to face him.

I see, Tang Christian seemed to sigh.

I don’t blame you, Mommy’s depression is indeed very serious. Normally, it doesn’t matter. Once you encounter someone related to you, it will be like this. Once you encounter something related to you.

Suddenly Elbert Bo’s heart was stung like this, she had become a scourge for Lisa Tang, she wanted to be so afraid of contacting everything related to him.

Tang Christian handed the small schoolbag on his shoulder to Elbert Bo, daddy, can you help me get it, I’ll go up and see my mommy. When he changed his name to Daddy Elbert Bo, Elbert Bo felt that he was comforted a little bit. Perhaps slowly, Tang Christian would accept that he might change to the past. Elbert Bo never thought about it.

A child will have so much tolerance and patience, even if his mother is a murderer he hates, she can still tolerate the child between them.

Adults committed crimes, but children were innocent Tang Christian’s eyes were too innocent, and he couldn’t bear to hurt him. Elbert Bo took him to the door of Lisa Tang’s ward, and then two people, one large and one small, looked at each other, and the two extremely similar faces looked at each other and nodded together.

At this time, the action purpose of the father and son was highly consistent, Tang Christian pushed the door in and saw Lisa Tang resting on the hospital bed. Mommy, he tentatively yelled, and saw Lisa Tang turn his face, his pale face was full of sickness, but the moment he saw Tang Christian, his eyes showed an astonishing light. Weiwei Lisa Tang’s eyes are red, why are you here? Tang Christian’s voice is also a little choked, Mom, are you unhappy again? Unhappy, it refers to the recurrence of depression.

Lisa Tang smiled reluctantly.

I’m sorry if my mother scared you again.

Tang Christian went up, took off his shoes and climbed onto the hospital bed, and withdrew into Lisa Tang’s arms.

His mother is very thin, but she still hugs him with her hands that are not warm. Mom won’t do it next time, but only if you come back, I’ll be fine. Mommy, daddy picked me up. Did you quarrel?

Chapter 17 The heart has a magic debt, until the death.

Elbert Bo couldn’t imagine how Lisa Tang had come over the past few years.

Seeing her crying on Tang Christian’s shoulder, she suddenly felt some strange tingling sensations in her heart.

Tang Christian’s napkin wiped away Lisa Tang’s tears, and said to Lisa Tang, Mommy, let’s go home, so don’t be unhappy.

Lisa Tang tremblingly hugged Tang Christian.

It’s good if you have you. Mommy can live with you.

Tang Christian raised his head and glanced at the fragile Lisa Tang, then raised his head to see Elbert Bo standing outside the door, and sighed, mother, I told you before, in fact, my father picked me up today.

I know you hate him, but he is indeed my father.

Tang Christian raised his head and looked directly into Lisa Tang’s eyes.

The little boy had a pair of clear and beautiful eyes.

Staring at him seemed to have a soothing power.

His voice is very immature, but with unquestionable firmness.

Although I don’t like him, I still feel that the feeling of having daddy is very reliable.

It’s just that if Mommy doesn’t want to return to Daddy, I won’t intervene more, your choice is my choice. Your choice is my choice.

Lisa Tang’s tears came out again, she said, but only, mother is not afraid, we go back and live with uncle, okay, as if you and Elbert Bo have never met before, as if you never had him as a father.

After Tang Christian coaxed Lisa Tang to sleep, he came out of the ward.

The little adult looked at Elbert Bo, who was looking at him anxiously.

How is the situation? Okay, now she is not as excited as before.

Tang Christian stood there with a face that looked like Elbert Bo.

A person with a discerning eye could tell that they were father and son.

Sometimes, destiny loves to joke with you so much.

The woman Elbert Bo hates the most, even gave birth to such a smart and mature son for him.

It’s just that the child is so precocious, is it luck or misfortune? Hey, Dad, if my mother is better, I have one condition.

Tang Christian stood on tiptoe, facing Bo Elbert Bo, you have to send us together.

Reunion Boye’s eyebrows frowned, and he sent you back to the so-called home. Why do you still want to wander away? He doesn’t like his son wandering outside.

Tang Christian’s eyes are obviously darkened. Daddy, if I were not there, Do you care about my mom’s life and death In a word, Elbert Bo was pricked again, leaving him stunned, unable to answer for a while. You see, you don’t love each other, even if you live together, it is unfortunate.

Tang Christian took a deep breath, and then looked towards Elbert Bo.

Therefore, I live very well with my mother. You can visit me anytime and anywhere.

I can communicate with my mother.

I promise that we will not go to your house and make trouble. Our mother and son are fine outside.

This means I don’t want to go home anymore.

Looking at Tang Christian’s face, Elbert Bo suddenly felt dull pain in his chest.

How can a five-year-old child have such a transparent mind? It is so mature that it is distressing. But Tang Christian’s son, Elbert Bo couldn’t let go. Just kidding, my son, there is no reason for the Bo family to endure hardships outside.

The Bo family must raise Lisa Tang by themselves and recuperate in the hospital. Elbert Bo brought Tang Christian from kindergarten to see her every day.

She quickly became gloomy. Coming out of the middle, although when I saw Elbert Bo, there was still a bright hatred in his eyes. Elbert Bo thought to himself, hate it, hate is better than madness. When Lisa Tang was discharged from the hospital, Tang Christian followed her and held hands.

The woman was slender and tall.

She seemed to have lost weight after recuperating in the past few days.

She walked through the crowded hospital hall and looked very thin, as if she was in the next second. Will fall to the ground. Elbert Bo resisted her desire to go up and help, thinking about what such a woman deserves her attention over and over again.

She was a murderer who killed An Quiet and watched Tang Christian jump along with her, Elbert Bo unexpectedly followed to the door unconsciously, and saw someone coming to pick them up and pull the car door.

It was Tang Braden, a handsome and handsome man.

He held Tang Christian’s hand so close, it seemed that they were a family. Elbert Bo gave a cold snort and didn’t say a word.

As the bodyguard returned to his car, Lisa Tang realized that the gaze that had been following him disappeared, and then sighed.

Tang Braden just came back from a business trip, and his tone was worried.

It’s okay.

Lisa Tang said, it’s okay.

Tang Braden frowned slightly, Shi Shi, tell me the truth, have you not taken any medicine recently? Lisa Tang buried his face in his palm and his body slightly hair Trembling, I was cured without illness.

Tang Christian said distressedly, Mom, take a few more courses and it will be completely healed.

Lisa Tang raised his head and saw Tang Christian smiling at him in his teary eyes, his face was very similar to Elbert Bo.

She cried and touched his face. Okay, mother tried to be strong.

After returning home, Tang Christian and Lisa Tang stayed together to watch TV.

Tang Braden found the pills in the drawer of her room.

As soon as she saw that there was a big can, she knew that she hadn’t taken it seriously in the past six months. You can’t feel uncomfortable and just take one pill.

This is not a cold, one pill is effective.

Tang Braden sits beside her and speaks earnestly, not to mention the cold medicine may have to be taken for four or five days before it is good.

How can you act like this in Lisa Tang and act like a baby with your brother. Brother, you see that I am good now.

I am also good at ordinary times. . What if you met Elbert Bo again? Tang Braden was surprised to ask her straightforwardly. When Elbert Bo meets, she will panic, mess up, and feel helpless.

This man hurt her too deeply.

She has already fallen into that shadow and is dying.

Lisa Tang took a deep breath, brother, some medicines can’t cure me.

I can only rely on myself.

The impression of Fear of Elbert Bo and hatred of Elbert Bo has penetrated deep into her heart, so no matter when she is infected with Elbert Bo, she will lose her mind.

The medicine will never be saved. Either she is dead, or Elbert Bo is dead to stop all this.

I really want to survive, and only by making herself stronger can she not be stabbed by this man.

Lisa Tang raised her head, the light in her eyes was amazing, she said, brother, I don’t want to live in the shadow of Elbert Bo again.

I need a new life and a new beginning. Even if I am sick, I will try my best to overcome my fear.

Tang Braden clings to her hand, it’s all too useless for me to protect you no, brother, it’s not your fault , I am the original sin.

Lisa Tang laughed sadly.

If I hadn’t wrongly believed him five years ago, the Tang family wouldn’t be what it is now.

In the end, she made such a devastating mispayment.

She is a sinner and her sin is unforgivable.

The next day I woke up and changed Lisa Tang to send Tang Christian to the kindergarten. When he entered, he was proud of his face.

Today, my mother came to see me off. Wow, Tang Christian, you really didn’t lie. Your mother is so beautiful. Pretty aunty, can you be my mother too? This is my mother Elbert Bo hurriedly drove away a bunch of small classmates around Lisa Tang, not allowed to snatch, stingy and pretty aunt, I really want to be your daughter.

That’s Tang Christian’s mother.

It’s so beautiful and envious.

Lisa Tang smiled and bent down and touched the heads of these children one by one. Yes, I am Tang Christian’s mother.

Is our family Tang Christian a little self-willed in school? I hope everyone can take good care of him in the future.

The beautiful aunt said that, we must be good friends with Tang Christian.

Tang Christian was originally our good friend. Yes, Tang Christian is still the deputy monitor.

The teacher likes him.

It seems that Tang Christian’s interpersonal relationship in the kindergarten is not bad. , Lisa Tang was finally relieved.

She has rarely sent her son to kindergarten once in thousands of years, and Tang Braden is usually responsible for sending it.

If he is on a business trip, Tang Christian will go to school by himself.

Sometimes, she feels that her child is too sensible.

Tang Christian reluctantly let go of Lisa Tang’s hand, and said softly, Mommy, remember to pick me up at night.

This sentence made Lisa Tang’s nose sore, but she smiled hard, rest assured, Mommy won’t let you be taken away by bad guys.

Tang Christian also smiled at Lisa Tang.

I will always be with Mommy. Goodbye, Mommy Tang Christian waved with her and Lisa Tang left the kindergarten with peace of mind. Not far away, in a black Maybach, the man wears sunglasses with his lips curled, his aura is strong and his thin lips are charming, and he looks enchanting.

Staring at Lisa Tang walking away, Elbert Bo narrowed his eyes unconsciously.

Today, Lisa Tang still has a task to complete.

A foreign jewelry design company asked their studio to collaborate on a limited edition ring.

She wanted to go back to help her brother and draw the sketch before the agreed date.

After getting in the car, Lisa Tang quickly drove to the studio, but he didn’t know that there was a Maybach behind him and started slowly.

The man pulled down his sunglasses slightly and blew a whistle.

There was also a handsome man sitting in the back row. Gillian Fu finally smiled at Elbert Bo’s perverted trailing behavior. You are following his ex-wife, can you fu(k!ng speak? Elbert Bo laughed and cursed, and then forced to throw you off the car.

I’m your partner, you are so cruel to me.

The same good man curls his lips and smiles, you are very interested in her recently Elbert Bo’s slender fingers are resting on the steering wheel, why do you say that you are following people like this, just like some celebrity fans. Gillian Fu finally said meaningfully. Finally, he had an idea about his ex-wife.

The idea was not that Elbert Bo made a long tone.

It was just a lot of things.

Recently, we both had a quarrel because of our children. Gillian Fu finally made up the knife, the two of you have not been stiff since the beginning of the marriage. Damn, Elbert Bo got an angry laugh again, Fu Laosan, say another word, I really put you on the road.

Chapter 18 refuses to help, I don’t need it.

You followed him to his studio. Gillian Fu finally watched Elbert Bo driving the car, and said with a smile, if you need help, I can help you. What do you mean? Elbert Bo smiled and looked back at him from the rearview mirror.

The man has a pair of enchanting peach eyes. When he is not smiling, he is glamorous and s*xy. When he laughs, he is peach blossom, but his temperament is not to be profaned. No wonder there are so many women in this city.

After all, Elbert Bo’s skin is quite first-class.

Looking at Elbert Bo’s smile, Gillian Fu finally curled his lips, didn’t you understand it already.

She probably won’t accept it. Elbert Bo thought for a while.

After seeing Lisa Tang enter the studio, he stopped the car by the side of the road, took out a pack of cigarettes, and handed it to Gillian Fu in the back row.

Then, he said, he needs a reason, yes.

Let her accept it, justifiably.

It’s simple. Gillian Fu finally said meaningfully, shouldn’t it be enough to let me go. Elbert Bo squinted at him, I’m worried about you. Gillian Fu was finally happy, what can I do not worry about? I looked at your ex-wife, but what Elbert Bo gave him a fierce look.

If you dare to do anything to Lisa Tang, you can wait to die. Ouch, hello. Gillian Fu finally seemed to have heard some joke. You are not willing to let go after a divorce.

If someone likes me, then I can’t stop it. Elbert Bo gritted his teeth. People who were divorced would never want to touch her. You want to be beautiful. Gillian Fu finally lit the cigarette with a smile, and said nothing.

Then the two of them finished smoking by themselves and threw the cigarette butt in the trash can in the car.

Inside, they all took a deep breath. Gillian Fu finally adjusted his collar and said, then I will get out of the car. Elbert Bo said to him, pay attention to yourself. Gillian Fu finally squinted his eyes, knowingly. When Gillian Fu finally walked into the Lisa Tang Studio, Tang Braden and Lisa Tang were both stunned.

At that time, Lisa Tang was leaning on the desk to rush the manuscript, wearing a pair of plain glasses, her hair was half down, and her face was beautiful and gentle. Gillian Fu finally wondered whether such a person would actually kill someone in the incident five years ago, which made her bear the charge for no reason.

Tang Braden recognized Gillian Fu at a glance and stepped forward.

Hear, Peter Fu, I am here to see you when you are here today. Gillian Fu finally said lightly, with a calm aura, and smiled at Lisa Tang who was surprised. Miss Tang, met again. Good, Peter Fu Fu.

Lisa Tang cleaned up the drawings and came up to pour him a cup of coffee.

The studio is simple and simple, so sit down. No, it’s well decorated. Gillian Fu finally took a sip of coffee and tasted it all at once.

It was water drop coffee. You can filter coffee drop by drop with filter paper in the afternoon.

He glanced around the studio, the decoration was quite personal, and the space structure was also quite beautiful, which could be called creative.

The table on which Lisa Tang had been lying before was a big semicircle, and half a circle was three computer screens. , There is a pile of manuscripts not far away, thinking it is their daily work. Gillian Fu finally sat on a round sofa, crossed his legs, and smiled at Lisa Tang. Miss Tang, did Lisa Tang be surprised when he lied last time, but still pretended not to understand, Peter Fu, you today Why are we here for what we need your help, dawn. Gillian Fu put down the cup in his hand and gently put it back on the coffee table, then put his hand away, and took a look at Tang Braden, who hadn’t figured it out.

Last time you denied that dawn is your stage name.

I understand your mood. , But Miss Tang, we hope you can participate in this new product design.

So I took the liberty to visit the door today, I hope you can give us a chance to cooperate.

The words were neither humble nor overbearing.

Lisa Tang pursed his lips.

Tang Braden next to him finally recovered. You need my sister to participate in the design. Gillian Fu nodded at the end and the company will launch a new wedding dress for early spring next year.

Lisa Tang shrunk his fingers subconsciously, only to hear Tang Bradendao, thank Peter Fu for his love, and sorry for letting you go for nothing, my sister, no longer designing wedding dresses. Gillian Fu’s expression changed, probably not expecting such a result, and subconsciously asked, why the Lisa Tang at that time raised her head, her eyes were like black holes, swallowing all her emotions, and then she said, I am already in love This kind of thing is not expected, so I can’t design a wedding dress.

The kind of wedding dress that would make people feel happy, the kind of wedding dress that witnessed the blooming and fruiting of love, had long been shattered in her heart, and it was so broken, not to mention it.

A failed and tragic love destroyed her ability to feel happiness. Gillian Fu finally had a shocked expression, his lips opened, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he swallowed.

After a long silence, he said lightly, I understand, but Miss Tang, I hope you can think about it. Even if you have been injured, you should let the wound shine in the sun. Your abilities are always yours and cannot be destroyed by others.

I believe you.

Lisa Tang’s whole body was shaken, and he looked up at Gillian Fu in disbelief.

The man’s brows were indifferent.

After speaking, he got up and nodded slightly at them.

Then I’ll go first.

If you change your mind, you can call at any time. We The company design team is very sincerely waiting for you to join.

Also, thank you for your coffee, it’s delicious.

The man pushed the door out, and a postcard of his was pressed under the coffee cup, Lisa Tang’s heart throbbed, and it took a long time to recover. When Gillian Fu got into Elbert Bo’s car, Elbert Bo turned his head and asked him what was going on. Gillian Fu shook his head and did not agree.

I also guessed that Elbert Bo murmured to himself, turned his head back to start the car, and then Maybach slowly drove away from the studio. When driving on the elevated highway, Gillian Fu finally asked, why don’t you help her yourself, you want to go around from me, and the fingers holding the steering wheel tightly, I guess she wouldn’t accept me. Cooperation.

That’s also true. Gillian Fu finally smiled recklessly, she welcomed me more than you. Elbert Bo was so angry that he slapped his horn fiercely. Do you want to die? Hey, you are crossing the river to demolish the bridge.

I helped your ex-wife cooperate to make money, and you want me to die now. Gillian Fu finally shook his head, and then asked again, but in other words, since you care about her so much, why did you send her in five years ago? Yes, she is the woman she hates the most, why should she do so much to help She stared forward with thoughtful eyes in Elbert Bo, before she said a word for a long time, because she killed Sarah And the child. But you see, she was obviously also pregnant at the time, you didn’t know.

The implication is that you sent your pregnant wife into prison for a minor. Gillian Fu finally sat in the back row and watched the scenery passing by the window.

He noticed that the speed of the car was speeding up.

He said that after stepping on his aching feet and grinding his teeth at night, I must be too kind to you. Your father, you are playing tender mold outside.

Relying on Gillian Fu finally yelled, Elbert Bo, you fu(k!ng shameless, just treat your brother like that. Who the fu*k treats you like a brother, you will get me out of the car now, Elbert Bo sends Gillian Fu back Home, and then came back by himself.

At this time, someone called him.

He saw that it was a strange number. When he was still wondering who this number was, he dropped in, and a voice on the other side said crisply, Daddy, it was me. Oops, when his son heard this voice, Elbert Bo even softened his tone of voice. Wei Wei, are you looking for me, Tang Christian said quite a little adult over there, daddy, are you going today? I’ve found Mommy. Why is this stinky boy so smart while walking back to the room and asked why I said that Mommy told me that someone recognized her as dawn and wanted to find her to pick up business.

Tang Christian sighed maturely over there and said, Daddy, I know you sent someone, right? Elbert Bo felt that he was able to give birth to such a brilliant son.

He definitely won the prize.

I didn’t even think about it and agreed to it casually. Yes, I want to help your mommy. Why do you want to help now? Tang Christian’s voice seemed to be past his mobile phone and put it in his ear. Daddy, if you are sorry for the events of the past five years, Mommy and I will accept your kindness. But if it’s just sympathy, we don’t need it. Elbert Bo’s heart shuddered, and he grabbed his cell phone and asked, what your mother taught you, why does he always judge so selfishly? Tang Christian shook his head in a place invisible to Elbert Bo and said, “This is what I meant. My mom didn’t know that I called you.”

In fact, your phone number was also written down when I grabbed a postcard from the car last time.

This bastard’s IQ is almost catching up with his laozi. Elbert Bo endured it and took a deep breath, but, five years ago, you were not the party involved and had not experienced it, so you will not understand my mood. But now, since I helped you, why not accept it.

I just want to make your living conditions better.

I don’t want much good living conditions.

Tang Christian’s eyelids drooped, daddy, I don’t understand everything you do to my mom, and you won’t understand our feelings.

If you really don’t mean to my mom, don’t bother us again.

Thank you for your kindness.

After speaking, the child hung up the phone there, and Elbert Bo looked at the screen of the phone in a daze.

He couldn’t recover for a while.

He has an illusion that he has become increasingly unable to grasp Lisa Tang.

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