His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 137 – 138

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Chapter 137

Seeing Yu Xiao, Lisa’s first reaction was to drive him away. What are you trying to make? Go out from her house. Yu Xiao stepped forward and pressed her shoulders and told me where she was.

Lisa sneered.

I won’t tell you. Xiao started to beat her, but stopped again. You tell me Jia Qi’s address, otherwise I have ten thousand ways to make you worse than dead.

Lisa laughs.

She wants to see how cruel Yu Xiao can be.

This innocent man opened Yu Xiao and called Jia Qi in front of Lisa.

I tell you, let me get back in ten minutes, or your friend will suffer assault. Jia Qi on the other side of the bastard yells, what a man you are, Don’t move Lisa, Yu Xiao snapped his fingers, several people in black who were guarding Jia Qi’s house rushed in, pressed Lisa’s body heavily, and pressed her whole person on the blanket, Lisa struggled, Yu Xiao pinched her Chin.

He sneered, Jia Qi, your friend looks very pleasing to the eye, why don’t you try to dare to touch her, I killed you Jia Qi yelled at the other end, Yu Xiao, what’s the matter you come to me and you do it to Lisa, Are you still a person? Lisa was pressed to the ground by the man in black, Yu Xiao sneered at the phone, now, roll over, otherwise your good girlfriend will bear everything for you, I said you can die, Jia Qi He smashed the phone directly, the opposite Daniel Ye looked at Jia Qi so angry, but smiled, why, Yu Xiao has reached the point where he desperately wants you to go back, Jia Qi’s eyes are red, and Mr. Daniel, I really can’t today.

Staying, Lisa is now in my house, he cannot do anything to Lisa. Daniel Ye supported his chin and squinted his eyes.

Although Yu Xiao is a scumbag, he still has the bottom line that a man should have. Jia Qi, it is you who wants to sleep, so he uses Lisa to coerce you. Jia Qi squeezed one side of the bag to leave, Daniel Ye’s voice suddenly fell cold, Jia Qi, you are violating me, Jia Qi’s voice is trembling, even if Yu Xiao can’t really do anything to Lisa, but Lisa is my weakness.

He held a knife against my weakness.

I can’t be indifferent.

So Daniel Ye sneered and sent him to the door to sleep. Jia Qi’s face turned pale. You didn’t want me to seduce Daniel Ye on the side.

I quickly picked up the conversation.

There is a wine bureau in the evening. You have to go with me and put your bag down.

I went out from here today, and I won’t be back again. Jia Qi’s eyes were red, and he looked back at Daniel Ye. Daniel Ye, do you have to force me? Daniel Ye smiled cruelly and forced Jia Qi. You look at you too high, and I treat you with disdain and force.

He just treats her as his dog. Jia Qi’s body was trembling, and the straps on her shoulders had been deformed by her. Daniel Ye, I am a person, a living person, and I also have things I care about. Don’t force me to remove them together with Lisa. Daniel Ye raised his chin, sat down, put on makeup and changed clothes. Departing on time at eleven o’clock, I don’t want to talk nonsense a second time.

The bag on Jia Qi’s shoulder finally fell to the ground.

Her face was pale and her eyes were blank, as if she had completely collapsed.

She said, OK, President Ye. On the other side, Yu Xiao and Lisa waited in Jia Qi’s house until 11 o’clock in the evening.

Lisa broke free from the suppression of the man in black, stood up, retreated to the corner, she smiled, Jia Qi could not come back again, Yu Xiao, you failed. Yu Xiao’s eyes were painful, but his tone was extremely harsh, it was impossible that Jia Qi could not come unless Daniel Ye pressed her.

Thinking of this, Yu Xiao was even more angry.

He stepped forward and pinched Lisa’s chin. Your good friend abandoned you. Don’t you feel sad? Lisa laughed. What’s the sadness? I am happy for my good friend.

If I can’t be threatened by you, I should be so decisive. You should be sad. Between me and you, you have always been abandoned by Jia Qi Unless Daniel Ye pressed her down.

Thinking of this, Yu Xiao was even more angry.

He stepped forward and pinched Lisa’s chin. Your good friend abandoned you. Don’t you feel sad? Lisa laughed. What’s the sadness? I am happy for my good friend.

If I can’t be threatened by you, I should be so decisive. You should be sad. Between me and you, you have always been abandoned by Jia Qi Unless Daniel Ye pressed her down.

Thinking of this, Yu Xiao was even more angry.

He stepped forward and pinched Lisa’s chin. Your good friend abandoned you. Don’t you feel sad? Lisa laughed. What’s the sadness? I am happy for my good friend.

If I can’t be threatened by you, I should be so decisive. You should be sad. Between me and you, you have always been abandoned by Jia Qi

Chapter 138

Yu Xiao stared at the smile on Lisa’s face, wishing to tear the smile to pieces.

He called for someone to hold her down, regardless of Lisa’s fierce struggle, and forced her into the car.

The man’s brows were indifferent, with a look of wind and rain on his face. Daniel Ye has a wine game in go tonight, give me a This woman took Lisa to go and was pressed into go by Yu Xiao 20 minutes later.

A group of people went straight to v2.

Lisa originally suspected how Yu Xiao knew about it, but then I thought about such a big power in Yu’s family.

It is impossible not to know where Daniel Ye and Jia Qi are. When they entered, she and Yu Xiao saw Jia Qizheng accompany the man with a toast to Daniel Ye with a smile, her expression was just right, she had already habitually assumed this posture if she wanted to be so smooth. Everyone says that there is a Jia Qi beside Daniel Ye who can not even kill him for his sake.

She is Daniel Ye’s most vicious dog biting people. Countless men pass by her, beat her, scold her, and insult her.

How miserable, as long as Daniel Ye said a word, Jia Qi could stand up with a smile and shout in a charming voice, good boss.

She doesn’t seem to hurt, or that she has already abandoned her senses.

Lisa also noticed Yu Xiao’s mood changes at this time. When Jia Qi saw Yu Xiao coming with Lisa, his toasting hand stiffened, and the whole smile stopped.

Seeing this unexpected development, Daniel Ye squinted his eyes, and raised his glass to Yu Xiao at the door. Yu Shao, there are friends here, it is better to sit down and drink a cup of Jia Qi’s pale face, Mr. Daniel , Don’t leave her with some dignity, leave her with some dignity, but Daniel Ye seems to have not heard her begging, he still wants to look at Lisa with a smile, Miss Tang also came, Lisa was both hands People are obviously not coming voluntarily if they press behind them.

As soon as the people inside saw this development, they thought it was a good show.

The eldest son of the Yu family came to the door. What was it for? Yu Xiao, you let go of the Lisa Yu Xiao sneered, Jia Qi. Your dog is also worthy to order me Jia Qi’s voice is trembling, who allowed you to move her like this, do I need your permission to do things? Yu Xiao took the cigarette from his mouth and threw it on the ground, stamped it out with his toes, with both hands Putting it in his pocket and walking in, the people behind him entered according to Lisa.

The man was well-dressed, only had a pair of eyes, smiled extremely hard, and said to Daniel Ye meaningfully, Mr. Daniel, I need to borrow your secretary for a use. You saw my secretary, Daniel Ye smiled indifferently, then I can send her to you. Jia Qi’s eyes were red.

In order to take care of the overall situation and protect Lisa, she stood up and took a glass of wine directly. Don’t scare me, Shao Yu, I don’t know where I did something that offended you. Now I am sorry for you, please Shao Yu Be merciful and let go of my good sister. Yu Xiao hates Jia Qi’s mouth the most in her life.

She speaks eloquently and looks exquisitely, and she can respond to anyone who wants to belittle her. Yu Xiao smiled, drank a whole bottle, and let you go. Jia Qi’s hand holding the wine glass was trembling, Daniel Ye obviously noticed her fear, but the man did not speak, and the audience was lonely and silent.

At this time, only a cold voice came in. Drink a bottle. Yu Shao didn’t designate someone.

Then I came to Lisa. When everyone didn’t notice, he grabbed the Hennessy that had just been opened and sealed the bottle. Jia Qi aimed hard at his mouth and couldn’t hold back, covering his mouth and crying. Daniel Ye’s pupils shrank in shock.

He always thought that someone like Jia Qi who had no dignity would never have a true friend, but he never thought that when all of them made things difficult for a weak woman, When only Lisa, a thin woman, stood up to help her, everyone in the audience seemed to be greatly stimulated, and no one came out to stop her.

In five minutes, Lisa finished a bottle of wine for only five minutes. Everyone opened their mouths, and some even faintly trembled. Originally thought Yu Xiao was just scaring them, but I didn’t expect someone to do this.

Life-saving drinking method would cause stomach bleeding.

The hot alcohol burned her mouthpiece, and her stomach quickly rose with a burning sensation with cramps.

She felt that she was about to vomit it out in the next second, so she forcibly held it back.

Lisa screamed, she came to Jia Qi’s side, grabbed her hand, and slammed the wine bottle in her hand to the ground regardless of her.

A loud and clear sound shocked everyone’s heart.

Today I can see clearly the true colors of your group of beasts and beasts in Lisas, protecting Jia Qi behind yourself. Didn’t you see her shaking? Do you like to force a woman so much? Does Jia Qi owe you or what? Is it murdering and arson or destroying your family? I’ll leave it here. Who would dare to make Jia Qi suffer a little bit of grievance? I went to jail for murder five years ago in Lisas, and I don’t mind sitting back in five years and saying it again.

Lisa grabbed Jia Qi’s hand with red eyes and directly dragged her out.

The woman spilled a word from her throat, and no one who walked the audience dared to come up and stop her.

They actually lost to the courage of a woman. Jia Qi started crying when he was pulled outside by Lisa, crying and said, Jia, I’m sorry, let’s go to gastric lavage, you will have stomach bleeding like this, but Lisa didn’t say anything, she just felt that she was starting to gradually Unconscious, she immediately spit out a mouthful of blood while leaning on the wall. Jia Qi was holding her hand trembling, Lisa, don’t scare me, don’t scare me, help, someone here is vomiting blood due to alcohol poisoning, help Marven Su when he hugged the little girl and walked out, he heard a voice of help Come, he didn’t take it seriously, and the little girl next to him said that it was probably the accompaniment lady inside.

There was nothing so pitiful to drink alcohol poisoning for money.

Marven Su did not reply, but did not deny either. Until Jia Qi’s trembling voice pierced his eardrums again, his whole body was shocked, Lisa, wake up and I will take you to the hospital, Lisa, don’t you pass out. Will anyone help me take her into the taxi? Ah, help, Jia Qi’s voice was worse than another.

Marven Su turned back as soon as his face changed, and saw Jia Qi awkwardly carrying a woman who had passed out at the gate.

His pace was faster than ever, and he charged.

He went up to hug her and yelled.

Lisa Lisang Qi was shocked when he saw Young Master Su, and tears came out again.

She is the cold and powerful female secretary in everyone’s eyes.

She has never been so flustered, Marven Su, please Please help me, she just blew a whole bottle of Hennessy, Marven Su who was going to die like this did not speak, Jia Qi was weak, but he directly hugged Lisa, the woman’s eyes closed tightly, her face Defeated, faintly green. Jia Qi was walking unsteadily, but he stumbled and followed, all to blame, all to me Don’t say so much, get in the car.

Marven Su opened his car door and put Lisa in the back row.

Then Jia Qi got in too.

The man ignoring his drunk driving and drove to the hospital directly.

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