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Chapter 217

“Huh, Sheldon, you don’t know if you find a seat to wait for us at the door!”

When Zhao Tongtong and Myla came to Sheldon’s side, they complained.

Sheldon put down his phone and smiled faintly. Just now, he was only busy reading some investment reports in Ping’an County that Chapman had just sent to himself.

Su Li and the others were dumbfounded.

“What what? These people are actually Sheldon’s friends?”

Especially Li Chao, standing aside with his mobile phone, his face almost green.

These people just ignored themselves. I didn’t expect people to be so kind to Sheldon. Damn, this indirect slap in the face really made Li Chao a little unbearable.

“Huh? Sheldon, do you know the person next to this table?”

Myla naturally sat next to Sheldon. At this moment, Myla looked at the table next to them all staring at Sheldon in surprise, and couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Hehe, Sheldon, why didn’t you tell us about your friends when you came here, so I just went to strike up a conversation, and several beauties ignored me!”

Li Chao came here with a cold smile.

Only then did he realize that it was Sheldon who deliberately ignored them just now to make himself embarrassed?

At the moment he said angrily: “How are you beautiful women, we are Sheldon’s high school classmates! It happened today that I was able to be next to some beautiful women, haha, Sheldon, this is your fault, you see that the most beautiful women have arrived. Why don’t you order food? Don’t you make the beauties hungry?”

In order to get his face back, Li Chao immediately leaned to the side of Sheldon’s table.

Deliberately made him look like something will happen, wanting to behave in front of beautiful women.

“Yeah, they are my high school classmates. Today is a coincidence!”

Sheldon just gave a wry smile.

“That’s pretty good. Since it’s your classmate, you have to introduce me to it. As your girlfriend, you don’t even know your high school classmates, how bad it is!”

Myla smiled.

She thought very simple, Sheldon’s classmate is her classmate.

Although the relationship with Sheldon was fake, Myla took it seriously.

And Myla said this sentence.

The person next to him was taken aback again.

what? What? This big beauty is actually Sheldon’s girlfriend?

There was a flame of jealousy in the eyes of several boys.

Who am I?

They are all owned by municipal enterprises, with five social insurances and one housing fund, with cars and houses.

And what about Sheldon?

It’s just a poor dick.

Some of their girlfriends have not yet arrived.

As a result, Sheldon actually has such a beautiful girlfriend.

May I ask who is not jealous.

Especially Li Chao, his face is almost jealous.

“It turned out to be Sheldon’s girlfriend, hello, my name is Li Chao, and my parents are from the Health Bureau. I am working in the hospital now, haha!”

Li Chao stretched out his hand to shake hands with Myla.

He also made clear his own super advantages.

With a flick of his wrist, a watch that needed more than nine thousand to buy appeared.

As for Myla, it seems that this person is a bit stupid, so just introduce him, and what do his parents do?

So I think he is a little weird.

There is no handshake.

Sheldon was also afraid of Li Chao’s embarrassment, so he shook his hand so as not to slap him too much.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect it. When we were in high school, Sheldon was a well-known poor man in our school. Wherever he went, he was not rejected by others, but I did not expect to find such a beautiful girlfriend!”

Li Chao said again.

At the same time, he took a look at his little brother next to him.

A boy immediately slapped the table and shouted:

“Yes, Sheldon is really blessed. Do you remember that Sheldon once did not pay enough tuition fees. It was six dollar or a few dollar. My mother was blasted out by our teacher. Haha, it seemed that day It’s still raining heavily!”

Su Li also contemptuously said: “Of course I remember, Sheldon braved the rain to pick up the bottle, and only sold it for six dollar, the tuition paid, haha, no one in the class helped him at that time. It’s not what it used to be. Now that I can have money to come to the rice to have dinners, and such a beautiful girlfriend, it’s amazing!”

A crowd of yin and yang are weird.

All the embarrassing things that Sheldon had said before.

It was deliberately told to Myla and the others.

Sure enough, Zhao Tongtong’s little cousin, and a few of Zhao Tongtong’s friends, all looked at Sheldon with a little contempt.

I wonder what kind of person this is!

“It’s okay Sheldon, this is the first time your girlfriend has come to Ping’an County for this meal. Why should you set a standard of 388?”

A boy smiled.

Li Chao frowned, “What nonsense are you talking about, these two big beauties are worth the standard of 388? Sheldon, if you don’t set the highest standard of 688 today, you are sorry for the two beauties!”

“Haha, but you can rest assured Sheldon, if you don’t have any money, I will lend it to you. This face can be supported!”

At this time, the waiter just came over and asked for food.

“Sir, what standard do you order?”

People at both tables are looking at Sheldon at this moment.

“Then the highest standard is 688!”

It was nothing, Sheldon just wanted to order 688.


Li Chao laughed directly.

I thought this fool, 688, plus drinks, five or six thousand dollar will be settled later!

Of course, Zhao Tongtong and the others were speechless, and they felt that Sheldon was too brainless.

Obviously, that person was malicious and deliberately aroused you!

In the end you were really fooled.


Zhao Tongtong knew that Sheldon’s economic conditions were very bad, so Zhao Tongtong discussed with Myla for this meal, and did not plan to actually let Sheldon settle the bill.

As a result, Sheldon set such an expensive standard without thinking.

Oh, I’m so anxious!

“Sorry, we don’t want to be so expensive, just give us an ordinary standard!”

Myla said hurriedly at this time.

“Forget it, it’s 688, go ahead!”

Sheldon was also helpless.

Some brains that were mocked by Li Chao and the others were about to explode.

“Hmph, let him order it, what should I do when I see him check out?”

The little cousin said coldly at this time.

In this way, 688 standard dishes per person came up, and Li Chao and the others were eating very slowly on purpose.

In the end, when Sheldon and the others were about to check out, they also went to check out.

“Brother Chao Chao, have you finished eating so soon?”

When the waiter saw Li Chao, he immediately greeted with a smile.

Li Chao shook the watch in his hand and pointed at Li Mingxue, “Well, my good friend, give me a discount!”

“No problem, Brother Chao, I will give you a 30% discount, and I will also give you a set of exquisite tea sets, worth more than one hundred sets. Our shop is engaged in activities!”

The cashier who was obviously bigger than Li Chao smiled at the moment.

“Wipe, follow Brother Chao is to have face!”

A boy started to flatter.

Li Mingxue has settled the bill here.

But Li Chao didn’t leave, watching Sheldon who was waiting behind to settle the bill.

“Brother Chao, is this your friend too!?”

The cashiers can see what they know, and if they do, they will naturally have to take care of them.

Li Chao pretended not to hear, and checked his watch.

And the cashier immediately understood.

“Hello sir, I have spent 5911 dollar in total. Do you use your card or cash?”

The cashier said lightly.

“Did you wipe out the fraction of RMB 11!?” Sheldon smiled, Li Chao pretended not to know him if he didn’t know him, and it was just a meal, it wouldn’t be true.

“Sorry sir, the price in our store is fixed, not to mention 11 dollar, 1 dollar can’t be erased!”

The cashier said listlessly while holding his cheek.

She had seen it at the counter just now. It was Li Chao who deliberately inspired this kid to set such a high standard, and this person, at first glance, is a poor kid, so it is inevitable to look down on it in her heart.

“Hey! Why do you give them a 30% discount for meals, and you can’t even give us a dollar?”

Myla was really furious when they saw that they were bullying Sheldon.

“Forget it, Myla, let’s go back after closing the bill!” Sheldon shook his head.

“Huh, you can always bring us a set of tableware? After all, we consumed almost 6,000!”

Myla said with a cold face.

“It is indeed possible, but I’m really sorry, Miss. There is a rule in our store. We send 50 sets every day. The set just now was the 50th set. It has already been given to Mr. Chapman Chao, or you can come and eat tomorrow, I Keep it for you!”

The cashier smiled faintly.

Indeed, with such a one-time customer, of course, it is better to make good friends with Li Chao.

Moreover, her sister is studying in the health school, she is not stupid. Afterwards, won’t her sister have a job?

“Boss! Checked out!”

At this moment, a voice rang roughly.

Go directly to the counter and pat the table.

Is a young man.

And seeing this young man, the cashier and even Li Chao’s faces changed…

Chapter 218

Lilla’s Call


Li Chao on the side couldn’t help but murmur. Just now he was shaking the watch in his hand to pretend, but now, he stood upright.

It was as if a naughty student suddenly saw the teacher.

“Brother Chao, which Young Bowenu are you talking about?”

At this time, the girl next to Li Chao asked curiously.

“Who else can it be, Liu Li, the son of Liu Mining in Ping’an County, the son of a real giant crocodile!”

“So it’s him!”

“Unexpectedly, I am really handsome!”

At this moment, Li Mingxue and Su Li and the other girls are all looking at this man of action, Young Bowenu Li, with their faces in admiration.

The rest of the boys are all too big and afraid to breathe.

I was even raised as a cashier. I stood at attention and squeezed out a professional smile as much as possible.

Liu Li took four or five people, swaying and not looking at Sheldon and the others, and jumped directly to the counter.

“Check out!”

Liu Li said coldly.

“Okay, Bowenu, this time I spent 7,888 in total. This shop gives you a 30% discount, Bowenu!”

The cashier smiled slightly.

While speaking, I didn’t forget to reveal my career line.

What if his proud appearance can attract Liu Shao’s attention?

“Hehe, a discount, check out the original price!”

After Liu Li finished speaking, he threw a dozen banknotes on the counter.

“Yes, Bowenu, what kind of welfare gift do you want, we can give it to you!”

The cashier respectfully said.

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up, open an invoice!”

“I’m going, this is Bowenu, so domineering!”

The eyes of the girl Li Chao narrated almost straightened.

Even Li Mingxue and Su Li both look sideways.

I sighed in my heart, when my boyfriend can be so domineering, hey!

“Hey, hey, I said you have to have a first come first, then come later. We are still waiting for the checkout. Why do you checkout first!?”

Zhao Tongtong was originally upset by Sheldon and Sheldon’s high school classmates.

Seeing someone coming directly to jump in the queue at the moment, I was extremely unhappy.

“Yeah, brother, there must be someone who comes first, you see, I have been waiting here for a long time!”

Sheldon did not expect to meet Liu Li here, and it can be seen that the scars on his face are still there.

It was not easy to be hammered that day.

But after only a day or two, I dared to come out to drink again.

Now smiled bitterly.

“Hmph, shut up, what do you care about? Young Bowenu is here, let me go and wait!”

The cashier’s violent temper came up at this time.

Sheldon gave Sheldon a glance at the moment.

“Damn, don’t you know Bowenu for this one who doesn’t open his eyes? And Liu Shao feels wrong when he sees it, Sheldon, isn’t this bad news!”

Li Chao sneered at the side.

As for Sheldon, he saw the cashier mocking himself, and this Liu Li seemed to have not heard himself.

The anger was also coming up right now.

He lifted his leg and kicked Liu Li’s ass with a bang!


Liu Li screamed, and the injury on his body immediately hurt again.

“fu*k, looking for death!”

Liu Li patted the table.

As for Li Chao and the others, they were all dumbfounded. How dare Sheldon hit Bowenu?

Just when Li Chao thought Sheldon would be disabled.

Unexpectedly, Liu Li, who was about to do it, suddenly stopped his fist in the air.

“Chen… Brother Sheldon?”

Liu Li was stunned.

Isn’t the person in front of him the same as Sheldon and Sheldon who had beaten himself in KTV the day before yesterday.

And the group of people are very skillful.

The stuff I smashed was almost useless, but there were not many injuries on his body.

Moreover, I was beaten, and the matter was not over. That night, my father was taken out to talk by a group of people.

I thought my father would retaliate.

As a result, my father was like a good boy, jumping and jumping happily after talking.

He also said that his fight was too worthwhile.

And told myself that it was not someone else who beat me, it was the very low-key second generation of super rich, Roston Sheldon Sheldon!

After Liu Li listened, he took a breath.

I almost got into trouble.

I thought that the fight was really worth it, after all, the company got part of the investment.

So at the moment, seeing Sheldon, of course he was surprised, happy and scared!

“Brother Sheldon, so you are eating here too!”

Liu Li clutched his butt and smiled.


Li Chao, who was about to watch the excitement, were instantly stunned.

what? Liu Li actually knew Sheldon, and he took a bite of Sheldon’s. He looked familiar?

how can that be!

“Yeah, I didn’t eat here, how come I jumped into the queue when I met you!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

I thought I was beaten too lightly that night.

“Where! It’s mainly because my dad has a small investment in this store, so I am used to it. Haha! Don’t worry, I will treat you to this meal, I will treat it! And you will come to eat in the future without any money. I’m all inclusive!”

Liu Li rubbed his hands and said.

“I think it’s better to forget, this lady won’t even give you a dollar price, and she won’t give some special gifts, this store, I guess I will come this time!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“What? Okay, Brother Sheldon wait a minute!”

Liu Li glanced fiercely at the cashier who had already been trapped.

Where he couldn’t tell, it was the cashier who offended Sheldon.

“Bowenu, is he your friend?”

Only then did the cashier realize that he was afraid, yes, just now Li Chao signaled that he made things difficult for Sheldon, so he did it himself.

Because Li Chao’s family belongs to the Health Bureau.

And that kid is a dick at first glance, so he has no scruples at all.

But now, this person actually knows Liu Shao!


And when Liu Li raised his hand, a mouth was drawn on the cashier’s face: “Dogs look at things that are low on people. If Brother Sheldon comes to eat, he is not a guest? How dare to cheat! Go straight to resign with your manager!”


The cashier held his flushed face and glanced at Li Chao.

Li Chao immediately panicked, pretending to be a okay person and hurried out of the shop.

I had to break my teeth and swallow in my stomach.

The regret is incredible.

As for Sheldon, he had just a few words with Liu Li and left with Myla and the others.

After all, Liu Li is a dude and not a good person, and Sheldon doesn’t want to get too close to him.

After coming out, Li Chao and the others were still standing not far away.

Originally wanted to watch Sheldon’s lively scene, but was beaten in the face.

Especially Li Chao, his face is extremely ugly.

“Sheldon actually met Liu Li!”

Su Li was a little surprised.

Suddenly took a look.

“Hmph, they just gave him a little face, you see, didn’t Sheldon just paid all the money? That’s a matter of face, who is Bowenu? How can he be regarded as such a person! “

Li Chao is very jealous.

Let’s go back to Sheldon, after prevarication with Myla and others about Liu Li.

The group also went back.

“Let me go, Sheldon actually lives in such a good hotel?”

Since Zhao Tongtong and the others did not enter the hotel before, the little cousin was immediately surprised when they came back.

And just now, Sheldon used so much money to invite dinner and knew many people, which surprised Zhao Tongtong’s distant cousins.

Originally, a few boys tried to pursue Myla.

But in comparison, I seem to be inferior to Sheldon!

Sheldon put down the phone and went to wash some fruits for them.

“Wow Sister Tongtong, look at this phone that Sheldon uses!”

The little cousin took Sheldon’s mobile phone from the coffee table and looked at it in amazement.

Zhao Tongtong was also really surprised. fu*k, this phone is ten to twenty thousand. Sheldon uses this?

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“My favorite Lilla? Who is she?” The little cousin looked blindfolded at the electric display.

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