His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 143 – 144

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Chapter 143

Do you know, maybe you think of me too much as a kid, so you lost. Many times when you called people to prepare at Bo’s house, I heard it all.

Christian laughed.

I don’t bother to expose you, because I think this is just an opportunity. One, a chance for my mommy and Elbert to break completely.

After thinking about it, he told Lisa, Mommy, we will get better soon.

At that time, Lisa also saw the unusual emotions in his eyes.

He has always pretended to be very good, pretending to be an innocent child.

She was taken advantage of her cleverness instead of being mistaken for her cleverness. Behind the fact that she was taken advantage of by a five-year-old child turned out to be a child.

Bialla Anremembered everything that Christian deliberately induced her in the Bo’s house before, she remembered, Every time the little boy looked at her, his eyes were trembling with that weird luster, and his whole body trembled. Who on earth are you is impossible, you just pretend to be a ghost, brother Ye will not believe you, Christian chuckled and said nothing. , Went straight upstairs, his small body still looked so immature, but he, but his thoughts had long been beyond the scope of a normal child, as he clenched his fingers one by one, watching the figure of Christian walking upstairs.

The killing intent in his eyes gradually rose up.

That being the case, the child couldn’t keep a fierce sight behind him.

Christian leaned against the door and grinned slowly when he closed the door. Yes, for Anru, all I need is your hatred to let me die.

The little boy held the phone in his hand and never let go.

He whispered, Mommy, wait for me, wait for me, I can come out to find you.

Lisa didn’t expect Estelle to come and look for her.

This charming young lady must have helped her brother as a lobbyist again.

As expected, as soon as she sat down in the coffee shop, Estelle stared at Lisa’s face and said, My brother said to call you to work in his company.

Looking for a job? Lisa didn’t even think about it.

I remember that I had refused this request once.

Estella Fei is angry, don’t know good or bad, my brother is pitying you, oh, I don’t need him to be pitiful.

Lisa ordered a cup of coffee and asked him to take back his self-righteous sympathy.

I didn’t leave him or die. You Estella’s words have been thinking for a long time, a woman who doesn’t eat hard or soft Lisa did not speak, nor denied it.

I don’t think you need to resist my brother to help you so much.

Anyway, you are not idle now.

The Su family is also a big company. What happened to you coming to work in the company and still making money. What are you going to do with money? Estella can’t figure it out.

Her brother is so handsome, and he hints at Lisa again and again, why can’t Lisa feel it? No, it should be said that she feels it as if she doesn’t know it.

I can’t afford it with money.

Lisa speaks straightforwardly, I just hate your brother.

Estella got stuck. No, her brother Marven Su said that he tricked Lisa into Su’s work, so he bought her a new sports car.

Estelle endured the impulse to leave and tried to tempt Lisa.

Anyway, my brother is just a boss. You usually do Invisible, you will not lose a piece of meat when you come to work.

I beg you to come to work, her sports car will read Lisa.

Chapter 144

Lisa didn’t even think about it and refused.

She generously bought the order and said to Estella.

It’s a pity, please don’t bother me any more, and tell him to trouble me less in the future.

After speaking, Estella walked away happily.

Estella was sitting alone in the mess in the wind. Damn, why is this Lisa so cold? Estella told Marven Su after returning.

Marven Su was playing games at the time.

I heard Estella. Failed, sighed, it’s useless to lie to anyone, I won’t lie to you.

If you have the ability to chase after others, ask me for help.

Estella beat Marven Su’s back with a middle finger, trash really persuades who said he wants to chase her.

As soon as Marven Su heard what his sister said, she turned over and got off the sofa. Which one of your eyes can tell, I am interested in her.

Estella thinks that her brother is really awkward, so she just doesn’t say anything.

She climbed upstairs.

I went to bed. Good night. .

Marven Su, who was playing the game, almost squeezed his handle.

The man sat in the living room and was silent for a while facing the TV screen.

Then, as if thinking of something, he gradually raised his lips. Jia Qi went back to the studio where love nurtured games, and helped Lisa find a job. When Lisa went there, it was said that people there were very welcome.

I heard that it was dawn. Can you cooperate with us? There will be hype.


Lisa happily went, signed a confidentiality agreement with the other party, and began to join the studio with Jia Qi.

Although this game is a love development game invested by Daniel Ye, he is only responsible for paying and collecting money, regardless of other processes. Jia Qi secretly used his contacts to escape his ban, and the two women went to work first.

The sky was extremely enthusiastic.

The person in charge of the studio came out to greet them. When he saw Lisa, he immediately wanted to pounce on it. Goddess, goddess, you finally came.

Lisa laughed and couldn’t bear it.

Thank you for coming out to pick us up.

Alas, our studio is a bit busy lately, so it’s messy inside, but we sorted out the positions for you two yesterday. Jia Qi, go to the marketing department.

Anyway, you have a lot of connections, and the goddess, can you come to the design department and join us? can.

Lisa smiled and nodded, first went to the marketing department to help Jia Qi arrange everything, and then she was taken to the design department alone.

The man who came out to greet her was a long-haired man, and everyone called him the next door Lao Wang. Pharaoh, did you bring a beautiful woman to our studio? I rely on Pharaoh, you are simply our savior The decoration in the game studio is quite creative.

Several people are sitting in a circle in front of the big round table. Everyone has a lot of LCD screens in front of their screens.

An it guy in a little green dinosaur pajamas came over and threw a cup of instant coffee to Lisa. , You are welcome to join our singles club. Didn’t we change our name a while ago, it’s called a death club if you don’t fall in love.

A short-haired girl raised her head from the computer desktop.

There was a sketch on her screen with rows of data written next to it, the plot development level of the character, and the various values of iqeq’s height and occupation. You are too curse.

The green dinosaur said, Little Moon, you have to relax a little bit.

If you go down like this, maybe you will die.

The location of Lisa is also on the circle. Everyone sorted out three computers for her to put there, as well as a hand-painted board, and a printer.

There were also a lot of design drafts beside it.

The mess on the desktop was comparable to the original Lisa.


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